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Mrs. Frances Fitch, 80, died at her home 14 miles north of the city on the Coldwater Road, Saturday morning at 9 o'clock, following an illness of four months from a complication of diseases.  Mrs. Fitch had been a life-long resident of Allen County and lived for many years on the farm where she died. 


Surviving are the husbnd, Mathias, two sons, Schuyler Fitch of Seattle, Washington, and John Fitch of Huntertown;  three daughters, Mrs. Bessie Kell, and Miss Altha Fitch, both of Huntertown, and Mrs. Beatrice Leaycraft of Los Angeles, California, and one brother, James Vandolah, living on the Auburn Road.


Funeral services will be held Monday morning at 10 o'clock at the residence, and at 10:30 o'clock at the Huntertown Cemetery Chapel.  Burial in Huntertown Cemetery.


            Born February 19, 1843

            Died May 26, 1923   



Obituary of John Fitch




John Byron Fitch, 74, of Allen county, who lived six miles south of Garrett near the DeKalb county line died of paralysis at his home Thursday at 2:30 p.m.  He had suffered a stroke of paralysis two and a half years ago, and had suffered three other strokes since that time.


The body was taken to the George W. Iler Mortuary in Garrett and it will be returned to the residence Saturday morning.  Final rites will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at Cedar Chapel Methodist Church, the Rev. Harley Davis of Fort Wayne officiating.  Burial will follow in Cedar Chapel Cemetery.


Mr. Fitch was born June 23, 1872 in Allen County, Perry township near his present home.  He was a farmer all his life.  He and Belle Hollopeter of Allen County were married March 17, 1898.


Surviving besides the widow are two sons, Morris of Huntertown and Otis, who lives two miles west of the parental home in DeKalb County, a daughter Mrs. Grace Caple of Kimmell, one brother, Schuyler of Seattle, Washington,  a sister, Mrs. Beatrice Leaycraft of Los Angeles, California, and seven grandchildren. 




Mathias Fitch 80, a well-known farmer of Allen County, living in Perry Township, died of paralysis yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at home near the north county line, northeast of Huntertown.  Relatives include three daughters, Mrs. Fred Kell, Miss Alethea Fitch and Mrs. Beatrice Leaycraft of Los Angeles, California;  two sons, Schuyler of Seattle, Washington, and John Fitch of Huntertown;  Five brothers, Charles and Allen of Minnesota;  Amos and Harvey of Huntertown, and D.N. of Auburn.


            Born January 16, 1843

            Died December 10, 1923



Obituary of Belle Fitch:




Final rites were held Sunday at 2 pm at the Cedar Chapel Methodist Church, southeast of Garrett, for Mrs. Belle Fitch, 78 who resided just south of the DeKalb-Allen County line on U.S. Highway 27.  Rev. Everett McLeland officiated and burial followed in the church cemetery.  The body was at the Zimmerman Funeral Home in Garrett until noon Sunday, when it was removed to the church to lie in state until the services.


Mrs. Fitch, who lived alone, had been in fair health.  Thursday morning at 8 o'clock, Cecil Myers, the tenant farmer who lives nearby, went to see if Mrs. Fitch was all right.  He was unable to gain entrance to the house or arouse anyone.  He summoned a cousin, Miss Gladys Fitch, who lives nearby, and together with his wife and daughter, Marilyn, they returned to Mrs. Fitch's home.  They cut a hole in the screen and Marilyn crawled through and unlocked the door.  They found Mrs. Fitch dead in bed, a victim of a heart attack.


Mrs. Fitch was born May 19, 1874, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Hollopeter.  She was a life-long resident of Allen County and when a young lady taught in the DeKalb and Allen County schools.  She and John Fitch were married March 17, 1898, and he died in February 1947.  Surviving are two sons, Otis Fitch of southwest of Garrett, and Maurice Fitch of Huntertown;  one daughter, Mrs. Charles Caple of Cromwell;  one sister, Mrs. Grace Rundles of Hudson;  seven grandchildren.  Mrs. Harry Wert and Mrs. A.G. Houser of Garrett were cousins of the deceased woman.  (cousins-in-law)


Mrs. Fitch was a member of the Cedar Chapel Methodist Church, Woman's Society of Christian Service, Ladies Aid and was a teacher for many years of the Adult Sunday School class.


Obituary of Sarah Fitch from the Auburn Courier, Sept. 2, 1908:


Death of Mrs. Sarah E. Fitch, at an Advanced Age........The mother of Dr. D.N. Fitch of this city.


Mrs. Sarah E. Fitch, the mother of D. N. Fitch of this city, died Wednesday morning at 6 o'clock at home in Perry township, Allen County, near Huntertown, aged 90 years, of the infirmities due to her advanced age.  Mrs. Fitch was a lady of many noble traits of character and was highly esteemed by a wide circle of friends.  She was a Christian lady, a devoted wife and a loving mother.  The funeral will occur Friday forenoon at 9:30 from the residence, the services being at 10 o'clock at the Cemetery Church in Huntertown. 


The following are the children:  Nancy and John died in infancy;  Perry, the elder died 8 years ago; Josiah M. Fitch of Huntertown;  Mrs. J. F. Beers of Colorado;  Charles and Allen Fitch, both of South St. Paul, Minnesota;  Amos Fitch of DeKalb County, Indiana;  Mrs. Francelia Fair of Alden, Kansas;  Fipelia (sic) Gloyd of Fort Wayne;  Harvey Fitch of Huntertown;  Mrs. Sarah E. Stratton of Fort Wayne;  Mrs. Ida S. Mason of Fort Wayne;  Mrs. Emma Hartzell of New Haven;  and Dr. D. N. Fitch of Auburn.


The following sketch of her life has been furnished the Courier by relatives:  Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Fitch, widow of Nathaniel Fitch, and pioneer of Allen County, Ind., was born in Miami County, Bethel township, Ohio, May 29, 1819, the daughter of George and Sarah Statler DeLong  (She was Elizabeth, not Sarah).

She came to DeKalb county, Ind., to the home of her sister, Mrs. Abram Fair, where she met Mr. Fitch, to whom she was married June 4, 1840.  They located in Perry township, Allen county, Ind., which place became her permanent home the remainder of her life.


She was left a widow by the death of her husband, January 1, 1877.  A large number of immediate relatives survive her.  She was the mother of 15 children, twelve of whom are living, 46 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren.


Mrs. Fitch was christened in infancy in the German Reformed church.  She united with the Methodist Episcopal Church of which she was a consistent member up to the time of her death.  She was of a religious, charitable nature and her life was full of good deeds, for she gave with an open hand to the poor and the needy.  The call of the sick and suffering was answered by her presence as often as both physician and nurse.  Her influence and help has been far reaching through her long life and it can be said of her "She did what she could" and when in her 90th year the summons came, she was ready to go.



Obituary of Sarah Fitch:  This was written from the viewpoint of her daughter, Mrs. Allen Hartzell


The venerable mother of Mrs. Allen Hartzell passed away at Huntertown, Wednesday morning.  At the last Fitch reunion held two months ago it could be seen that Grandma Fitch could not long survive.  Past the age of 90, she had reached the time when any minute might bring the summons.  She had always been strong, but age overcomes strength.  While sitting in bed receiving attention from members of the family, the aged head bent forward, a sigh escaped the lips and the spirit was gone.


Mrs. Fitch was born in 1818 in Miami County, Ohio.  In 1840 she was married to Nathaniel Fitch and they settled in Perry Township where she resided ever since.  The husband died in 1877.  Fourteen children were born to them, twelve of whom still live.  She was a member of the M.E. Church at Huntertown and the funeral will be held from that place Friday.  Rev. E. A. Bunner will conduct the service.  She was a good woman, universally loved.  Her passing away was in compliance with the law of nature, but the influence of Christian spirit will live eternally.


The surviving children are Mathias Fitch of Huntertown, Mrs. J. F. Beers, of Holly, Colorado, Charles and Allen Fitch of St. Paul, Amos Fitch of New Era, Indiana, Mrs. Christian Fair of Alden, Kansas, Mrs. A. M. Hartzell of New Haven, Harvey Fitch of Huntertown, Dr. David Fitch of Auburn, Mrs. Dr. M. A. Mason, Mrs. J. D. Gloyd and Mrs. Sarah E. Stratton of Fort Wayne.  There are 46 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren.


Obituary of Emma (Kruse) Garman




Mrs. Emma Kruse Garman, 72, mother of Lester E. Garman, Allen County Recorder, died about 10:30 a.m. today at her home in Perry Township, Allen County.  She had been ill since suffering a stroke of paralysis seven weeks ago.


Surviving are the husband, Eli Garman, to whom the deceased was married December 1, 1887;  the son;  a daughter, Mrs. Blanche Wright, of DeKalb County;  a brother, Charles Kruse, of Huntertown, and two grandchildren.


Mrs. Garman was a member of the Dutch Ridge Evangelical and Reformed Church.  She was born July 16, 1868, in Jackson Township, DeKalb County, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Kruse.  She assisted her husband in operating a grocery store in Perry Township for many years.  She had resided in that township since their marriage. 


If birthdate is correct then her year of death would be about 1940



Obituary of Eli Garman




Eli H. Garman, 83, died early this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Blanche Wright, six miles south of Auburn.  He had been ill a year.  A life resident of Allen County, he operated Garman’s Store, south of Auburn, from 1885 to 1940 and for many years was active as a wool buyer.  He was a member of the Salem Reformed Church at Dutch Ridge.


Surviving besides the daughter, Mrs. Wright, are:  a son, Lester E. Garman, former Allen County recorder;  two brothers, Joe and Jerry Garman, both of R. R. 2, Auburn and two grandchildren. 


The body was taken to the Gerig Funeral Home, Auburn, where friends may call.  Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at the Dutch Ridge Church.  Burial will be in Dutch Ridge Cemetery


Article dated December 23, 1947.  

Obituary of Emma (Lochner) Garman


Dated June 15, 1938


Mrs. Emma Garman, aged 69, died Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. at her farm home in Perry Township.  Mrs. Garman, a lifelong resident of Allen County, was a member of the Dutch Ridge Church.  Surviving are the husband, Joseph E. Garman;  a daughter, Mrs. Belle Tonkel of Chicago;  three sons, Roscoe, of Spencerville;  Jay, of near this city, and Glenn, of Lafayette;  two brothers, Albert Lochner, of this city, and William Lochner, of Los Angeles;  seven grandchildren and a great-grandson. 


Funeral services will be held Friday at 1:30 p.m. (C.D.T.) at the residence, and at 2 p.m. at the Dutch Ridge Church with the Rev. Charles Hollopeter officiating.  Burial in the Leo Cemetery.   

Obituary of MRS. EMMA GARMAN


Obituary of Emma (Lochner) Garman


Dated June 15, 1938


Mrs. Emma Garman, aged 69, died Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. at her farm home in Perry Township.  Mrs. Garman, a lifelong resident of Allen County, was a member of the Dutch Ridge Church.  Surviving are the husband, Joseph E. Garman;  a daughter, Mrs. Belle Tonkel of Chicago;  three sons, Roscoe, of Spencerville;  Jay, of near this city, and Glenn, of Lafayette;  two brothers, Albert Lochner, of this city, and William Lochner, of Los Angeles;  seven grandchildren and a great-grandson. 


Funeral services will be held Friday at 1:30 p.m. (C.D.T.) at the residence, and at 2 p.m. at the Dutch Ridge Church with the Rev. Charles Hollopeter officiating.  Burial in the Leo Cemetery.    


Obituary of Mrs. Mary Garman


Mrs. Mary Garman of Perry township, died Friday night at 11 o’clock of heart trouble at the age of seventy-four years.  She was a native of Pennsylvania and removed to Ohio with her parents in 1833.  In 1842 she moved to Perry township, where she remained ever since.  Her husband, Enoch Garman, died in 1895.


The surviving relatives include, children, two of whom John W.  and Delbert Garman, reside in this town.  Other children are:  Mrs. Mary Meyers and William, Frank, Eli, and Joseph Garman, of Perry township and Jerry Garman, residing in DeKalb County.


The funeral services will be Monday morning at 10 o’clock at the Salem Reformed Church in Perry township, ten miles north of Fort Wayne, the Rev. A. K. Zartman officiating.



Mary E. (Warner) Garman died October 5, 1905

Obituary E. G. GLOYD




E. G. Gloyd, Miller in Early Days of Community, Dies at Kendallville


Kendallville, February 19, Edwin G. Gloyd, died here early today on the 72nd anniversary of his birth after an illness of several months.  Born in Allen county, just north of Fort Wayne, he spent his boyhood days there and learned the miller’s trade.  Following the death of his father, he took over the management of the Cedar Creek mill, and successfully operated it for many years.  Twenty-two years ago he sold his interest and moved to Avilla, where he operated the Avilla mills for 5 years.  Seventeen years ago he moved to Kendallville, where he has lived since.  His wife preceded him in death 11 years ago.  Surviving are 3 daughters, all of this city:


Mrs. Isaac Henry

Mrs. Tracy McMarrell, with whom he made his home

Mrs. Thurlow Berhalter

One son, Charles Gloyd, of Okanigan, Washington


The funeral will be held Monday with short services at the McMarrell home at 11 o’clock and the funeral proper at the Union church, Huntington, Rev. F. A. LeMaster, of this city, conducting the services.  Burial at the Union Cemetery.



The Gloyd family was prominent in the early days of the county and Gloyd mills is one of the beautiful spots in the Cedar Creek district, near the county line, where it is hoped some day to establish a state park.   (possibly from a Ft. Wayne newspaper)           …………………………………………………………………………


From the burial records of Perry Township Cemetery near Huntertown, IN, we find:


Edwin G. Gloyd,  1850-1920, wife Percila

Percila Gloyd, 1852-1910, wife of Edwin

DR. FRANKLIN GREENWELL, Obituary from the Journal Gazette




Funeral Services for DR. FRANKLIN GREENWELL, the oldest practicing physician in Allen County, who died at his home in Huntertown Saturday morning, will be held in Huntertown Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  The services will be in charge of the Huntertown Masonic Lodge and REV. ARTHUR J. FOLSOM, pastor of the Plymouth Congregational Church, and REV. ROBERT LITTLE, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will officiate.  Interment will be made in the Huntertown Cemetery


The services were delayed because of the uncertainty of the arrival of L. C. HUNTER, formerly of Fort Wayne, now a resident of Los Angeles, who is returning to Huntertown to attend the funeral services of his uncle.  Word was received last evening from Mr. Hunter, stating that he will arrive in Huntertown this evening.


Dr. Greenwell’s widow, MRS. MARY JANE GREENWELL, was a daughter of MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM HUNTER, the settlement now known as Huntertown having been named after her father.  Besides the widow, one daughter, one granddaughter and the nephew L. C. Hunter, two brothers, L. C. GREENWELL and G. W. GREEN-WELL, both residing in Perry Township also survive.


Dr. Greenwell was the first president of the Allen County Fair Association and was a member of that enterprise his entire life.  He was also president of the Huntertown Bank for many years.   






ALANSON C. GRIFFIN, oldest voter in Allen County, succumbs in this city.


Funeral services for ALANSON C. GRIFFIN, aged 99, Allen County’s oldest regis-tered voter, who died of arterio sclerosis Sunday at 6:30 a.m. at the home of his daughter, Celia Pepple, 1918 Crescent Avenue, will be held Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Pepple home, and at 2 p.m. at the Cedar Chapel with the REV. CHARLES HOLLO-PETER officiating.  Burial in the church cemetery.


Had Mr. Griffin lived until June 29, he would have been 100 years old.  He was active until injured in a recent fall.  He was a member and past worshipful master of the Masonic Lodge at Huntertown.




Born in East Hamburg, New York, June 29, 1836, the deceased came to Indiana in 1864 and was a pioneer resident of Perry Township, Allen County.  He was a carpen-ter and joiner when he came to this State, having entered that work when 17 years of age.  He owned a farm in Perry Township for many years. 


Surviving are four daughters, MRS. VIOLA TIMBERLIN, of Auburn;  MISS EFFIE GRIFFIN of Pierceton;  MRS. ANNA RUGGMAN of Garrett, and MRS. CELIA PEPPLE  of this city;  two sons, JOHN of Huntertown and JESSE of Garrett;  a brother DUDLEY, of West Falls, New York;  16 grandchildren;  30 great grandchild-ren and a great great grandchild.  The body was returned to the Pepple home at 2 p.m. today from D. O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home. 


(The date written on this obituary was June 1936, and it was from one of the Fort Wayne newspapers)



The death of George W. Hand, August 7, 1901, which occurred at his home in Eel River Township, Wednesday morning, removes from Allen County one of its oldest and best known citizens, who throughout his residence of 65 years in Eel River Township enjoyed to the fullest extent the confidence and esteem of all who knew him. 


Mr. Hand had been in failing health for some months and his death was due to the infirmities of age.  He was born in Greene County, Ohio, 82 years ago, and at the age of 17 came to Allen County in 1838, settling in Eel River Township upon the land which is now a part of the Hand homestead.  Through the years of his long and vig-orous life Mr. Hand was industrious, frugal and upright.  He became well-to-do and occupied a prominent place in business, social and political circles. 


Perhaps no other citizen of the county was more familiar with pioneer conditions as they existed 65 years ago, and with the growth and development of the county through the closing half of the century just ended.  He was strong in character, lofty in principle and unfailingly honest.  Early in life, Mr. Hand began taking an active interest in politics, and he became a recognized democratic leader.  It is believed that to him belonged the distinction of having presided over more political gatherings than any other one resident of Allen County


He was several years assessor of his township, and during several campaigns was chairman of the county democratic central committee.  He also served as jury commissioner.  But once did he enter the race for a county office, permitting his name to go before the democratic convention as a candidate for sheriff, but was defeated by Isaac Campbell by one vote.  For many years Mr. Hand was the recognized leader of the Eel River township delegation in the democratic conventions. 


During the pioneer days he was widely known as a trapper and as a successful deer hunter;  in fact, there was no phase of the life of the early settler with which he was not fully familiar.


He was a member of the Huntertown Lodge of Masons, and was one of the best in-formed members of the Masonic fraternity.  Mr. Hand’s wife died 7 years ago, and he leaves 3 children and 13 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.  The children are William E. Hand and Mrs. Lucetta Golden, who reside in Eel River township, and Mrs. Jane Sickler, of Wessington Springs, South Dakota.


The funeral services were held from the Huntertown M. E. Church, Friday morning at 11 o’clock.  Rev. McCall officiated. 



Obituary of Milton Myers




Milton Myers of Perry township, Allen Co., Indiana, died at his home near Collingwood, July 8, 1914, at 4:30 p.m. after a severe suffering of less than one hour.  He was born in Allentown, PA., August 31, 1847, closing life’s journey at the age of 66 years, 10 months and 7 days.


He was a son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Myers, his parents having both died when he was quite young, and he was left to the mercy of neighbors and relatives for his youthful guidance.


At a youthful age he found his way to the state of Ohio where he resided until September 21, 1863, when he enlisted as a private in Co. G, 8th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, in which he served three years until the close of the war in 1865.  He was in service in the battles of the Wilderness, at Spottsylvania Court House and Cold Harbor, and was also before the fortification at Petersburg.  He was honorably dis-charged from the service, July 12, 1865.


At Jeffersonville he was visited by his elder brother, Hiram, who insisted on him coming to Perry township, Allen County, where they and a younger brother, Amandis, made their home with their uncle, Solomon Myers until 1873, when he was united in marriage to Mary Ann Garman.  To this union were born four children, Clarence and Eli, at home, Perry, and Mrs. Laura Boren of Cedar Creek township, whom together with their mother and six grandchildren are left to mourn their deep sorrow.  Four brothers have preceded the deceased to the beyond.


Many years ago, he and wife united with the Salem Reformed Church and some years later, they became members of the Mt. Olivet M.E. Church, in which he remained faithful until called to his reward, which is promised to the faithful.


There were about 400 people in attendance at the funeral, about half that number being relatives.  The choir consisting of Eli Gerig, Howard Hilkey, Mesdames David Grosh, of near Hopewell, J. E. Lochner and Miss Ina Warner, furnished the music and singing for the occasion.  The pallbearers were O. H. Widney, and Mr. Simpson of Auburn, W. H. Bender of Viberg Corners, Benwell Schwartz of Leo, Jacob Miller and James Hollopeter.


The funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Mt. Olivet M. E. Church, conducted by Revs. Edwin Diedson, of Etna-Green, Ind., and E. J. Maupin, of Leo, the former delivering the sermon.  Interment in the Dutch Ridge Cemetery





Mrs. Frances Myers, wife of Henry Tilmon Myers, died at the residence, 1635 Franklin Avenue, Sunday morning at the age of 28 years of pneumonia.  Mrs. Myers came to this city about a year ago from Dutch Ridge, Perry township, Ind.  She was born in Allen county and was a member of Grace Reformed church, of Dutch Ridge.  She is survived by her husband and 5 children.  The children are as follows:


Nora, Herbert J., Rutherford, Maria and Jennie Myers


The funeral will be held Tuesday morning at 8 o’clock from the residence and at 10:30 o’clock from Grace Reformed church at Dutch Ridge, on the Auburn Road





Stephen Pequignot, one of the oldest farmers in Allen county, passed away Sunday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Warner, on the Auburn Road near Gloyd’s Mill, 11 miles north of the city.  Mr. Pequignot had been ill but 3 weeks, succumbing suddenly to the infirmities of old age.  Prior to that time he had enjoyed rugged health all his life.


The deceased was born in France, November 27, 1821, and in 1849 came to America.  He settled in Allen county shortly after his arrival, and after working on the canal for some time, took up land in the northern part of the county.  He cleared it and lived on the old farm until a few years ago, when he sold it off and went to live with his daughter.


His wife died 28 years ago.  Surviving him are 4 sons and 1 daughter.


Joseph lives in Iowa.


James, August, and Randolph reside near the old home.


The daughter is Mrs. George Warner, with who the old gentleman passed his declining years.  Mr. Pequignot was widely known and universally esteemed.



Notes on this obituary.  Stephen is no doubt Francis S. Pequignot who is buried in the Perry Township Cemetery near Huntertown.  Date of his birth and death from his cemetery records  are 1821-1901.  His wife Mary Viron, also buried there 1834-1873, and his son August, 1857-1905.  

Obituary of George Rinehold




One of DeKalb County’s Oldest Residents Passes Away at Home of Son, Clay, a Few Days After Birthday.


One of DeKalb county’s oldest residents, George Rinehold, 94, died at 2:45 p.m. Thursday at the home of his son, Leroy Clay Rinehold, six miles southeast of Auburn.


Mr. Rinehold, a resident of the county since 1889, had been in failing health since the first of the year and had been bedfast for the past five weeks.  He reached his 94th birthday on March 1. 


He was born and reared in the Dutch Ridge neighborhood in Allen county.  In his early years he was a carpenter by trade and later he engaged in farming.  About 35 years ago he retired.


He married the former Ellen Elizabeth Burtzner in the German Reform Church in Auburn, now the site of the Church of the Nazarene, in December of 1873.  Mrs. Rinehold died in 1926 and since that time he had lived with his children.


Surviving are two sons, Clay Rinehold of near Auburn and John Clair Rinehold of Rives Junction, Michigan;  two daughters, Mrs. Anne Wyatt of 316 West Nineteenth Street, Auburn, and Mrs. Agnes Watson, who resides on the home place in Jackson township;  one sister, Mrs. Sarah Carnahan of New Boston, Michigan;  and a brother, Henry Rinehold, who lives on the old homestead at Dutch Ridge in Allen county. 



The newspaper article was dated March 14, 1947 so assume his death was March 1, 1947





Columbia City, Ind., Sept. 9……Herbert Van Dolah of Churubusco, for 35 years an employe of the Gandy boys, dropped dead in the Pennsylvania depot in Chicago Thursday noon.  He was on his way to Churubusco, where he intended to rest for several weeks prior to going back to his duties with the Hogtone Medical Company.  Death was due to heart trouble.  He is survived by his wife:


Mrs. Rena Van Dolah, of this city

And one son, Frank, of Indianapolis

And a brother, James, of Wallen

And one sister, Mrs. Tom Van Dolah, of Allen county


He was born in Allen county 65 years ago.  The funeral occurred Sunday.


Obituary of George Warner




Death of a Pioneer………George Warner was born December 11, 1828, and died November 28, 1898, aged 69 years, 11 months and 17 days.  Deceased was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Four years later he moved with his parents to Richland County, Ohio, living at that place ten years, and then moved to Dutch Ridge, Perry township, Allen County, Indiana, where he resided until his death.


November 21, 1858, he was untied in marriage to Miss Elizabeth aaron.  To this union eight children were born…… six sons and two daughters……one daughter having preceeded him to the better world years ago.  Seven children, with their mother, remain to mourn the loss of a dear father and a loving husband.  The deceased was baptized in infancy and lived a pur and honorable life, and was respected by all who knew him.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. A. K. Zartman, of Fort Wayne, and the remains laid to rest in Dutch Ridge Cemetery.


Obituary of Josephine Warner


Funeral services for Mrs. Josephine Warner, 85, widow of George Warner, who died at 7:30 o’clock Friday night at her home in Perry Township, four miles east of Huntertown, will be held Monday morning at 10:30 o’clock at the Salem Reformed Church at Dutch Ridge, of which she was a member.  The Rev. L. W. Hiffley will officiate.  Burial will be in the Huntertown Cemetery.


Death was due to the infirmities of old age.  She was a lifelong resident of Perry Township and the daughter of Stephen and Mary Pequignot.  Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Clara Sevits and Miss Elsie Warner, both at home;  a brother, Randolph Pequignot, of Clarksville, Iowa, and a grandson. 


Article dated December 2, 1939



Obituary of Mrs. Margaret Warner


Mrs. Margaret Warner, widow of James Warner, a well-known resident of Perry Township, died last evening at five o’clock at the St. Rochus Hospital at the age of 63 years.  Death was due to apoplexy and followed an illness of several months.  She had been confined to the local hospital for the past two months.


Mrs. Warner was born in Ernolshelm, Germany, but came to America 58 years ago, when a mere child, with her parents.  The family located at once on a farm in Perry township where Mrs. Warner had resided ever since.  She was married to James Warner in 1861.  Surviving are five sons as follows: 


Edward, of this city

Perry, of Cedar Creek township

William, of Perry township

Herbert, of Cedar Creek township

Burlin, of Detroit


There are also 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  The husband, one son, and a daughter preceded Mrs. Warner in death.  She was a woman of excellent character, one loved by all who knew her.


Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at one o’clock at the residence in Perry township and at 2 o’clock at the German Reform Church at Dutch Ridge.  Interment at Dutch Ridge Cemetery.

Misc. WARNER Obituaries




Amos Warner, a pioneer farmer of Cedar Creek township, died quite suddenly on Sunday from paralysis at the age of 68 years.  He was well known and high respected.  Surviving relatives include the widow and seven children



FOUND DEAD IN BARN, Aged Resident of Leo Passes Away Very Suddenly 


James Warner, aged 77 years, residing in Allen county near Leo, was found dead in his barn about 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon.  Coroner Kesler was notified and appointed Dr. E. D. Smith of Leo to act in the capacity of coroner and through no verdict has been given out, Coroner Kesler stated that death was probably due to apoplexy.  The aged man had been in the barn doing his chores when stricken.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday.



MRS. CATHERINE ELIZABETH BENDER, wife of S. F. BENDER, died yesterday at the family residence, 2003 Gay Street, following an illness of one year.  The deceased was born in Perry Township and was a member of the Emanuel Baptist Church.  Surviving besides the husband are 3 sons:


GEORGE BENDER of Cadillac, Michigan

VINCINT and OTIS of this city

The mother, MRS. GEORGE WARNER, of Perry Township

2 grandchildren

5 brothers





          MAHLON WARNER      , all of this city


Her husband is a Pennsylvania yard brakeman.  Funeral services Tuesday, 1 p.m. at the residence, 2 p.m. Dutch Ridge Church, Rev. Watson officiating.