From the Griswold-Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914

Compiled by B. J. Griswold


DR. ELBRIDGE GERRY WHEELOCK, one of the pioneers of Allen county, both in its settlement and in the upbuilding of the medical profession, was born in Burlington, Vermont, November 25, 1914.   Of notable ancestry, his own career reflected great credit upon those from whom he inherited descent, and came to Massachusetts during the wars of Cromwell or about the time of the rebellion of the Duke of Monmouth.   The American ancestors were three brothers of considerable estates. 


Dr. Wheelock’s grandfather, THOMAS, was first cousin of ELEAZER WHEELOCK, first president of Dartmouth College, and his wife, whose maiden name was DODGE, was first cousin of the mother of DANIEL WEBSTER.  PHINEAS, son of THOMAS, was born at Winchester or Surry, New Hampshire, February 21, 1781.   He became a silversmith at Boston, and was there twice married, first to MARGARET HENNESSY, by whom he had three children:  JOHN, MARGARET, and WILLIAM.    His second marriage was to ELIZABETH HENNESSY, by whom he had the following children:  LOUISA (MRS. MURPHY), ELBRIDGE GERRY,  SARAH (MRS. BACON),  CATHERINE (MRS. DELONG), and ELIZABETH, WHO DIED AT 5 YEARS OF AGE.   MRS. ELIZABETH WHEELOCK died at Plattsburg, N. Y., October 1823 at the age of 38 years.   She was born at Boston;  her father was a native of Londonderry, Ireland and her mother was of Puritan extraction.  PHINEAS WHEELOCK died in Perry township, August 1, 1848.  


DR. E. G. WHEELOCK obtained his early education at the Plattsburgh Academy, being a schoolfellow with A. P. and J. K. EDGERTON.   Coming to Cleveland he taught school and read medicine, but never graduated, the urgent demand for doctors in the new settlements not permitting time.   He began practice on the Wabash and Erie Canal while it was in construction, and settled at Woodburn, in Maumee township.   Afterward he removed to Huntertown, and in 1849 he bought a farm in that vicinity of 160 acres.   In 1861 he removed to Leo, now his residence.  


At Huntertown he married ESTHER HATCH, by whom he had several children, and the only one  who grew to manhood was ELBRIDGE GERRY.   “Gerry” as he was called, was a man of brilliant talent and unusual culture.   He studied medicine at the university of Michigan and graduated at Cleveland medical college.   As an extemporaneous orator on any subject called for, he was a peer in the county, and his retentive memory was stored with the classics of literature.   He practiced at Huntertown until April 1877 and then took his father’s practice at Leo, at which place he practiced, except a brief period at Fort Wayne, until his death, November 1883.  


 DR. E. G. WHEELOCK was married subsequent to the death of his first wife, to HANNAH, daughter of DANIEL MOODY of DeKalb county, and they have had these children:    THOMAS PHINEAS (deceased),  JOHN DAVIS, ELISHA KENT KANE.  





The Griswold-Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana for 1913-1914

Compiled by B. J. Griswold


KENT K. WHEELOCK, M.D., the youngest of the above (family of E. G. Wheelock) was born in Perry township, June 9, 1857.   At the age of 14 he entered the dental office of Loag & Brown, of Fort Wayne, where he remained two years.   In the fall of 1874, he entered the preparatory department of the University of Michigan, and completed the course, then entering the medical department of the institution, and pursued his studies there two years.


In 1879 he matriculated at the Bellevue Hospital Medical College of New York, and graduated in 1880.   He began his practice of medicine at Huntertown that spring, but in November came to Fort Wayne, and here has successfully practiced to the present.   In 1883-84 he was a student and assistant surgeon in the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.   He is a member of the county and state medical societies and the Academy of Medicine of Fort Wayne, and is professor of ophthalmology and otology in the Fort Wayne College of Medicine.  


January 19, 1881, he was married to MATILDA HENDERSON, and they have three children:    GEORGE H., GERRA C., and MARGARET.   Dr. Wheelock is a Mason and past chancellor of the K. of P.    Politically he is an active democrat, and held the office of coroner of Allen county from April 1882 to November 1884.  






1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN    #2691-2703


George G. Wheelock                        34 M                Physician       born VT

Hannah Wheelock                20 F                                         born Ohio


George Wheelock                  7  M                                        born IN


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN   212 A


Elbridge Wheelock               married          male, 66          born VT          Physician

            Father born NH,  Mother born MA

Hannah Wheelock                wife                 female, 50      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born CT


John D. Wheelock                son, single      male, 27          born IN           Druggist

            Father born VT,  Mother born Ohio


Englebert Muller                  other, single male, 24          born IN     Fire Ins. Agent

            Both parents born Hanover


It appears that George G. (1850 census) and Elbridge (1880 census) are the same.


We find Kent Wheelock at the Hunter Hotel in Huntertown in the 1880 Census.

He is listed as 23, a physician, Father born VT,  Mother born Ohio.






            CATHERINE                        Dau. of Phineas and Elizabeth, born Plattsburg,

                                                            Clinton Co., NY


WHEELOCK, ELLEN ELIZAB.    April 7, 1842-Feb. 25, 1848

                                                            Dau. of E. G. & Esther


WHEELOCK, ESTHER HATCH   July 27, 1823, Erie, PA-Jan. 12, 1850

                                                            26Y  5M  15D             Wife of Elbridge Wheelock

                                                            Dau. of Jason & Joanna Hatch


WHEELOCK, GERTRUDE                        Oct. 21, 1845-Dec. 25, 1848              3Y  2M  4D

                                                            Dau. E. G. & Esther



            LOUISA                                 April 1811, Winchester, NH-May 4, 1849

                                                            Wife of John Murphy, Dau. Phineas & Elizabeth


WHEELOCK, CAPT. PHENEAS   An officer in the 4th Regt. “S” Infantry, War 1812

                                                            Born Winchester, NH, 1781-Aug. 1, 1848


WHEELOCK, THOMAS HATCH Jan. 23, 1847-Oct. 12, 1849              2Y  8M  19D

                                                            Son of E. G. & Esther



            PHINEAS                              March 2, 1851-Sept. 3, 1858             7Y  6M

                                                            Son of E. G. & Hannah




WHEELOCK, DR. E. G.                  1843-1883       E. G. & M.


WHEELOCK, DR. ELBRIDGE G. 1814, Burlington, VT-Aug. 5, 1892            

                                                            77Y  8M  11D             E. G. & M.


WHEELOCK, GEORGE H.                        1881-April 21, 1971


WHEELOCK, HANNAH                Feb. 5, 1909                78Y  10M  18D


WHEELOCK, JOHN DAVIS          1853-Dec. 11, 1921    68Y  5M  28D

                                                            Wife Rachel, M.J.


WHEELOCK, DR. KENT KANE   1857-Dec. 28, 1928    71Y  6M  19D             Anna


WHEELOCK, MARGARET                        1888-May 18, 1889    Dau. of K.K. & M.H.

                                                            1Y  3M  16D  


WHEELOCK, MATILDA                1858-Jan. 22, 1958     Henderson



            JOHNSON                             Jan. 18, 1888-May 15, 1938              J.D. & R.


WHEELOCK, RACHEL                  1864-Feb. 8, 1952      Wife of John;  M.J.



            SARA                                      1884-Sept. 3, 1952     Katharine


Parents of Phineas were probably Thomas Phineas Wheelock and Prudence Dodge  




1.  Phineas Wheelock  b: 1781 in Winchester, NH  d: Aug. 1, 1848 in Huntertown, Allen, IN

            +  Margaret Hennessy  - married in Boston


                        2.  John Wheelock

                        2.  Margaret Wheelock

                        2.  William Wheelock


            +  Elizabeth Hennessy  d: Oct 1823 at the age of 38


                        2.  Louisa Wheelock  b: April 1811 in NH  d: May 4, 1849

                                    +  John Murphy

                        2.  Catherine Wheelock  b: abt 1818  d:  poss. between 1850-1855

                                    +  Amos P. DeLong b: abt 1819  remarried in May 1855 in Ohio


                                                3.  Elbridge DeLong

                                                3.  Mary Geraldine DeLong  b: April 11, 1840  d: May 27, 1906

                                                            +  Sidney Hunter  b: 1840  d: 1898


                                                                        4.  Zella Izora Hunter  b: July 1864  d: 1938

                                                                               married Oct. 25, 1883 

                                                                                    +  Elmer Lewis Dunten  b: abt. 1864

                                                                                         in IN  d: April 6, 1941

                                                                        4.  Beryl Hunter  b: 1874  d: 1959

                                                                                    +  Edwin Preston  b: 1872  d: 1952


                                                    2nd husband of Mary Geraldine DeLong, m. late in life 

                                                            +  Unknown Oakley, from Fond du lac, WI


                                                    3rd husband of Mary Geraldine DeLong

                                                            +  Samuel Beard, from Swan, Noble Co., IN


                        2.  Elbridge Gerry Wheelock  b: Nov. 25, 1814 in Burlington, VT  d: Aug. 5,

                              1892 in Allen Co., IN,  married July 26, 1840 in Allen Co., IN  (George)

                                    +  Esther Hatch  b: July 27, 1823   d:  Jan. 12, 1850


                                                3.  Ellen Elizabeth Wheelock b: April 7, 1842 d: Feb. 25, 1848

                                                3.  E. G. Wheelock  b: 1843  d: 1883

                                                3.  Gertrude Wheelock  b: Oct. 21, 1845  d: Dec. 25, 1848

                                                3.  Thomas Hatch Wheelock  b: Jan. 23, 1847  d: Oct. 12, 1849

                                                3.  Ellen Gertrude Wheelock  b: Dec. 14, 1848  d: Sept. 5, 1849


                             2nd wife of Elbridge Gerry Wheelock, married May 23, 1850 in DeKalb Co.

                                    +  Hannah Moody  b: abt. 1830 in Ohio by 1880 census of son Kent

                              d:  Feb. 5, 1909


                                    3.  Thomas Phineas Wheelock  b: March 2, 1851 

                                           d:  Sept. 3, 1858

                                    3.  John Davis Wheelock  b: 1853  d: Dec. 11, 1921

                                                +  Rachel  b: 1864  d:  Feb. 8, 1952


                                                            4.  Maude Wheelock  b: Jan 18, 1888

                                                                  d: May 15, 1938  (may be incorrect)


                                    3.  Kent Kane Wheelock (Elisha) b: abt. 1857  d: Dec. 28, 1928

                                           married Jan. 19, 1881

                                                +  Matilda Henderson  b: 1858  d: 1958 (prob. error)


                                                            4.  George Henderson Wheelock  b: Nov. 9,

                                                                   1881  d: April 21, 1971, m. Dec. 5, 1903 in

                                                                    Vancouver, WA 

                                                                        +  Mabel Louise Kellogg

                                                            4.  Gera Katharine Wheelock,  b: April 10,

                                                                  1885  d: Sept. 3, 1952

                                                                        +  Thomas Dilworth

                                                            4.  Margaret Wheelock  b: 1888  d: May 18,


                                                            4.  Ruth Wheelock  b: June 29, 1891


                                        2nd wife of Kent Wheelock, married July 1913

                                                +  Anna J. Pontius


             2.  Sarah Wheelock (Called Mrs. Bacon)

             2.  Elizabeth Wheelock  d: at the age of 5 years