LEO and DORTHY SMITH moved from Colin, near Churubusco, to a farm on Shoaff Road, four miles west of Huntertown, in the 1927ís.  On this 125 acre farm they raised onions, potatoes, and peppermint on the muck bottom farm.  He built a peppermint still across the road of the dwellings, and had a contract with the Wrigley Gum factory in Michigan for the peppermint and spearmint oil.  Wrigley would send inspectors to make sure the fields of mint would be clean of weeds.


They raised two daughters:

            PHYLLIS (SMITH) MEYER, born Nov. 5, 1925

            MARILYN (SMITH) WATERSON, born Oct. 6, 1927

            MAX SMITH, born Feb. 16, 1929

            DONALD SMITH, born Feb. 17, 1930, died May 24, 1999

            ROGER SMITH, born Jan. 21, 1932

            DAVID SMITH, born Feb. 14, 1930

            LARRY SMITH, born Aug. 30, 1941


LEO SMITH, born Sept. 6, 1899, died Sept. 28, 1970

DOROTHY (HIVELY) SMITH, born Jan. 2, 1902, died May 12, 1968