This Pion Genealogy was shared with us by Lena (Pion) Slauf


1.  Francois Pion  b: 1784 in Beveuge, France, married June 8, 1805 in France

            +  Jeanne-Claude Dumoulin  b:  1790 in France


                        2.  Claude Francis Pion  b:  March 19, 1817 in Beveuge, France

                               d:  May 5, 1888, married 1850 in France

                                    +  Anne-Marguerite Pequignot  b: Feb. 23, 1819 in Gouhenans,

                                          France,  d:  1851 possibly in childbirth while on the ship coming

                                          to America.  She was buried at sea.


                                                3.  Marie Josephine Selina Pion  b:  Sept. 30, 1850 in France

                                                      d:  May 2, 1938 in Sedan, Kansas

                                                            +  James Hiram McAfee  b:  Oct. 7, 1841 Ashland, OH

                                                                  d:  Aug. 1, 1904 in Sedan, Kansas


                        2nd wife of Claude Francis Pion married 1853 or 1854.  Married twice because

                          the first marriage was not sanctioned by the church. 

                                    +  Justine Liallet  b: 1819 in France  d: Dec. 26, 1873 in IN


                                                3.  Emile John Pion  b: 1854 in IN

                                                            +  Mary  b:  Abt. 1858 in IN

                                                3.  Louis Joseph Pion  b:  Feb. 12, 1858 in IN

                                                            +  Josephine  b:  Abt. 1860 in IN


                                                                        4.  Charles Pion  b:  Abt. 1877

                                                                        4.  Annie Pion  b:  Abt. 1879


                                                3.  Florentine Frank Pion,  b:  1852 in Huntertown, IN

                                                      married Oct. 28, 1890

                                                            +  Lucretia Lou Null  b:  Dec. 26, 1870 in IN

                                                                  d:  July 29, 1945


                                                                        4.  Delphis Henry Pion  b:  Jan. 23, 1893

                                                                              d:  Aug. 15, 1968

                                                                        4.  Ervin Wesley Pion

                                                                        4.  Ella Georgia Cecila Pion 

                                                                                    +  George Bellinger  b:  Aug. 9, 1895

                                                                                          d: Oct. 1984 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            4.  Thomas E. Pion (worked in a circus)

                                                            4.  Francis Ernest Pion (died at 8 months)

                                                            4.  Rosa Jennie Pion

                                                                        +  Johnson

                                                            4.  Josephine Pion

                                                                        +  Bellinger

                                                            4.  Susie Pion

                                                                        +  Stanger

                                                            4.  Mary Pion

                                                                        +  Clevenger

                                                            4.  Frankie Florentine Pion  b: March 29, 1914

                                                                   Huntertown, IN  d:  March 8, 1979

                                                                    Married June 17, 1939

                                                                        +  Mary Louise Marks  b: April 1, 1921

                                                                             in Peru, IN  d:  May 24, 1996,

                                                                              a descendant of Chief Little Turtle


                                                                                    5.  Arthur Gene Pion

                                                                                    5.  Lena Mae Pion

                                                                                    5.  Frank Bryon Pion

                                                                                    5.  Philip Foster Pion

                                                                                    5.  Fred Curtis Pion

                                                                                    5.  Brenda Lou Pion

                                                                                    5.  Mary Jane Pion

                                                                                    5.  Christine Rose Pion

                                                                                    5.  Jacqueline Jo Pion


                                                            4.  Peter A. Pion  (died at 1 ˝ years)

                                                            4.  Elizabeth Pion

                                                                        +  Flesher

                                                            4.  Infant Pion

                                                            4.  Infant Pion


                                    3.  Mary Pion

                                                +  Daniels


            2.  Francoise Pion   b: July 23, 1805 the first born

            2.  Josephine Julie Pion  b:  Dec. 3, 1807

            2.  Francois Joseph Pion  b:  Feb. 18, 1809

            2.  Charles Hubert Pion  b: Oct. 15, 1810

            2.  Josephine Pion  b:  April 26, 1812

            2.  Barbe Pion   b:  Oct. 10, 1813

            2.  Marie Francoise Pion  b:  June 9, 1815

            2.  Jeane Baptiste Pion  b:  April 29, 1819

            2.  Claude Louis Pion  b:  March 4, 1821

            2.  Claude Marie Pion  b:  March 1, 1823

            2.  Claude Alix Pion  b:  Nov. 7, 1824


Of the 12 children of Francois and Jeanne-Claude, the only one known to come to

America was Claude Francois Pion, born March 19, 1817, ancestor of Lena Pion. 


Lena writes:


     In 1851,  Claude Francis Pion (born March 19, 1817, in Beveuge, France) and Anne Margurerite Peqauignot (born February 23, 1819, in Gouhenans, France, sailed from LeHarve, France, to America, taking with them their young daughter Marie Josephine Selina Pion (born September 30, 1850, in Gouhenans, France)  During the voyage Anne died ( it is believed in childbirth) and was buried at sea.  Claude was upset because he wanted Anne to be buried in America.  Claude became an U. S. Citizen on October 6, 1855. 

     After arriving in America on December 4, 1851 in New York, Claude and Marie settled  near Huntertown, Indiana.  Claude became a farmer and a member of the St. Vincent Catholic Church and  on January 1, 1854.(there are 2 dates for his marriage to Justine) married Justine Liallet.  The first marriage date is January 1, 1853 and they were married by a traveling preacher.  The church did not recognize it so they had to get married a second time in the church in 1854.  They had three boys, Emille John, Louis Joseph and Florentine Frank Pion.  Florentine Frank Pion and Lucretia Lou Null were married on October 28, 1890 and had 14 children.  Their names were Delphis Henry, infant died at birth, next year another infant died at birth, Ervin Wesley, Ella Georgia Cecila (my aunt, she married George Bellinger and she was the one that painted the picture for the Union Chapel United Brethren Church called "Come Unto Me" dedicated in December 1929 to the church) Thomas E, Francis Ernest, Rosa Jennie, Josephine,Susie, Mary, Frankie Florentine (my Dad), Peter A. ( he was buried in the church cemetary, but the church made them dig him back up and bury him in another cemetary, because he was not baptized at the church, so Grandma quit that church), Elizebeth Pion. Those are my aunts and uncles on the Pion side.  The old family farm place is still in the Pion family.  It was know as the Cherry Tree Lane farm when Claude (my great grandfather) planted cherry trees all along the old lane.  The cherry trees have died now along that lane and the lane is no more either.  Frank Pion (my father) moved the old lane from the Pion Road to the Pulver Road.  The old lane was long and the new lane was shorter.


Additional information:


  My great great grandfather Francois Pion (born 1784 in Beveuge, France) and Jeanne-Claude Dumoulin (born 1790 in France) got married June 8, 1805 in France and they had 12 children. 

   Claude Francois Pion (born March 19, 1817 in Beveuge, France and the 8th child)( died May 5, 1888 in Huntertown) and Anne-Marguerite Pequignot (born February 23, 1819 in Gouhenans, France)( died 1851 on board the ship in childbirth) got married in the year 1850.  They had one child, a girl named Marie-Josphine Selina Pion (born September 30, 1850 in Gouhenans, France )( died May 2, 1938  in Sedan Kansas. Anyway, Marie was about 10 weeks old when they set sail for America.  Marie when she was about 15 years old married James Hiram McAfee (born October 7, 1841) (died August 1, 1904 in Sedan, Kansas).  They were married February 14, 1866 in Huntington, Indiana.  James was a wagon master and he led a wagon train west.  They had 11 children.

Now back to Claude, his second wife Justine A. Laillet or Layet was born 1819 in France, died December 26, 1873 in Indiana.   They had 3 sons.  Florentine Frank Pion was born 1852 in Huntertown and is buried in the Huntertown Cemetery. Married Lucretia Lou Null (born December 26, 1870 in Indiana) on October 28, 1890.  She died July 29, 1945.  I was only 2 when she died, I can just barely remember her. I remember her going out to the garden.  We had a really huge garden then and taking the tomato worms off of the plants and squeezing them in her hands. Ugh.  And we always had a lot of flowers and other plants around the house.  And they had 14 children.  My father Frank Florentine Pion was the 12th of the children.   He was born March 29, 1914 in Huntertown and died on March 8, 1979 and is buried at the Highland Park Cemetery.  He married Mary Louise Marks (born April 1, 1921 in Peru, Indiana.) Married her on June 17, 1939. And they had 9 children.  I (Lena) am the 2nd of the children. I was born August 30, 1943 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  All of the children were born in Fort Wayne. 

  We can trace our blood line thru our mother to Chief Little Turtle. So that is where the Native American Indian comes in


Thanks a lot, Lena, for the family history!




FLORENTINE F. PION, 75, one of the oldest residents of Perry Township died suddenly at his home on the Auburn Road Sunday morning at 4 o’clock.  He had been in good health apparently and Saturday was about his farm as usual.  He became ill during the night from a heart attack and expired after a short time.


Mr. Pion was a native of Perry Township, living his entire life in that township.  He was born only a short distance from where he had lived for many years when death claimed him.  He was a member of the Lafayette Legion.  His father was CLAUDE PION, one of the first settlers of Perry Township.


Surviving are the widow:

            MRS. LUCRETIA PION

Four sons:

            DELPHIS, THOMAS, FRANK at home

            ERVIN of Benton Harbor, Michigan

Six daughters:


            MRS. JOSPEHINE BELLINGER of Cedar Creek Township

            MRS. ROSA JOHNSON of Washington Township

            MISSES SUSIE, MARY, and ELIZABETH at home

Nine grandchildren

One brother:

            LOUIS PION of this city

One sister:

            MRS. MARY DANIELS, residing in Kansas


Short funeral services will be held at the home Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock and at 2:30 o’clock at the Huntertown Cemetery Church.  REV. NOAH SMITH officiating.  Burial in the church cemetery.


OBITUARY for FRANK F. PION   (March 29, 1914-March 8, 1979)


Services will be at 1 p.m. Monday in D.O. McComb and Sons Lakeside Park Funeral Home for FRANK F. PION, 64, of 14416 Pulver Road who died at 7:15 p.m. Thursday in Parkview Memorial Hospital, where he had been a patient three weeks.


He was a factory worker at Bowers (Bowser?), and made gas pumps, until the plant closed 30 years later.  Then he started doing other jobs.  He worked at Food and Marketing Co. and then went to work for Mobil Aerial Towers.  He loved to fish in all kinds of weather. 


Surviving are his wife:

            MARY L.

Four sons:

            ARTHUR G, FRANK B. AND PHILIP F. all at home

            FRED C. in the U.S. Marine Corps

Five daughters:

            LENA M. LINDSEY

            BRENDA L. MINNICK both of Fort Wayne

            MARY J. CASINO of New Haven

            CHRISTINE R. BRADY of Kendallville

            JACQUELINE J. PION at home

Four sisters:

            JOSEPHINE BELLINGER of Orland

            MARY CLEVENGER of Fremont

            SUSIE STANGER of Fort Wayne

            ELIZABETH FLESHER of Huntertown

A brother:

            ERVIN of Ostego, Michigan


Friends may call from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.  Burial will be in Highland Park Cemetery.


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN   187C


Louis Pion                    married                        male, 24           Born IN            Carpenter

            Both parents born France

Josephine Pion              wife                              female, 20         Born IN            Keeping house

            Both parents born France


Charles Pion                 son                               male, 2

Annie Pion                    daughter                       female 7 months


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   187C


Glode Pion                    married                        male, 64           Born France     Farmer

            Both parents born France   (prob. meant to be Claude)

Gustina A. Pion            wife                              female, 60         Born France     Keeps house

            Both parents born France


John Pion                     son                               male, 22           Born IN            Farm Laborer

Mary Pion        daughter-in-law                        female, 22         Born IN



 Frank Pion and Mary Louise Marks on their wedding day, June 17, 1939