The earliest records of the Pichon family date from the birth of CLAUDE PICHON who was born in 1691, possibly in Switzerland.   There is still an area of the village of Montbovon, in the canton of Friborg in Switzerland, which is called "Les Pichons".  Further research in Switzerland has not been undertaken, but might prove productive of further records.


The religious wars of 1630-1640 devastated the Franche-Comte of France, and large numbers of Swiss and Savoyards (people from Savoy) came to repeople the province.   It was at this time (1640) that there was much migration into the Onans area.   The village of Onans is in the Department of Doubs, near Besancon.   In the census for 1688 the following data is included:  31 houses, 23 fires (hearths), 24 men, 26 women, 63 children, 4 valets, 4 female servants, 26 horses, 39 beef cattle (no oxen), 35 cows, 33 veals, 104 sheep, 16 goats and 59 pigs.


At the time of the French Revolution there were 538 inhabitants.   In 1968 it was a part of the canton of L'Isle sur le Doubs, arrondissement of Montbeliard.   At that time the census showed 235 people.   Today only a few farmers have remained.   Most of the inhabitants have gone to work in the industrial establishments of Montbeliard, especially the Peueot automobile factory at Sochaux. 


Onans is close to Besancon, whose ancient name was "Vesontio".   It is the capitol of Doubs, a department of east France, in the loop of the Doubs River and 45 miles east of Dijon, at the foot of the Jura mountains;  it is the center of east France's clock and watch-making industry;  it also produces artificial silk, pottery, chocolates, and candies, rubber fabrics, leather goods, and paper.    Trade is in cattle, cheese, wines, and salt.   The chief points of interest are the 12th-16th century cathedral, the 16th century Palais Granvelle (housing a museum) - one of the fine buildings in Spanish Renaissance style, and numerous forts and ramparts surrounding the city.   A citadel on a rock (387 feet high) commands the neck of the Doubs bend which nearly encloses the old city.   Besancon is the seat of a university (founded in 1422 in Dole, transferred here in 1691), a national watch-making institute, and meteorological observatory.   It was an important Roman military post and an early archiepiscopal see.   It passed in turn to Burgundy and Franche-Comte kingdoms, and became a free imperial city under Emperor Frederick I in 1184.   It preserved its independence until 1648 when, through reincorporation into Franche-Comte, it passed under Spanish rule.   In 1674 Besancon was retaken by Louis XIV and succeeded Dole (1676) as capitol of Franche-Comte province.   It suffered some damage in World War II.   Fourier, Proudhon, and Victor Hugo were born there.


Pichon family information has been given by many people.   Much help given by Edna Pichon and her late husband, Richard, of Lakewood, OH.   More was supplied by the late Marie Michael and of Melba Gutterich, all descendants of ALEXANDER PICHON.   Mrs. Esther Pichon, widow of Edward J., descendant of CLAUDE PICHON, and Mr. Robert Gillieron of Indianapolis also descendant of CLAUDE PICHON and JULIA SORDELET, have contributed many valuable records.   Information on the Kikly family descendants of Ann Frances  Pichon who married John C. Kikly, was supplied by Mrs. Claude Kickly and by Ehrman Kickley, Logansport, IN in 1966.   We also had the help of Mr. Hugh T. Law of Salt Lake City, who translated the old French records of Onans, France, of the Pichon family.   


CLAUDE PICHON who was born in 1691, died in Onans, France on Jan. 26, 1761.   He was the father of GUILLAME PICHON who was born in 1724 and was married Jan. 7, 1748 to ETIENETTE PEREZ, who was born in 1726.  


GUILLAME PICHON and ETIENETTE PEREZ were the parents of CLAUDE FRANCOIS PICHON, who was born Nov. 9, 1761, at Onans.   He was married April 19, 1779 to JEANNE URSULE JEANNOT, who was born in 1760.    She was the daughter of FRANCOIS JEANNOT and ANTOINETTE JACOTTE.   





Born Novemeber 4, 1779

Jeanne Claude

Born January 5, 1782

Francoise Xavier

Born November 14, 1784

Jeanne Francoise

Born November 14, 1784

Francois Xavier

Born June 18, 1786

Jean Claude

Born October 25, 1788

Jean Baptiste

Born December 6, 1791


ISIDORE PICHON, born November 4, 1779, was the emigrant to America. 

            He died January 19, 1846 in Allen County, IN

            He married on March 2, 1820         EVE BEAUMESTRE

                                                                        born about 1785

                                                                        died June 9, 1824 in Onans, France

                                                                        She was the daughter of Martin Beaumestre

                                                                                    and Anne Conarska.  


They had 6 children


Claude Alexander

Born September 12, 1812 in Faimbe, France

Jeanne Ursule

Born July 4, 1814 in Onans, France

Claude Francois Marcelin

Born July 9, 1816.  He died young.

Francoise (Ann Frances Josephine)

Born June 9, 1817 in Onans, France


Born January, 1820 in Onans, France

Claude Francois

Born July 17, 1822 in Onans, France


ISIDORE PICHON came to America in 1834, arriving on the 16th day of April in New York City.   They left Havre de Grace, France, on the 16th day of March.    The ship on which they sailed was the "Normandie" out of New York, berthen 500 tons, William W. Pell, was the ship master. 


The "Normandie" was built at Hartford, CT.   The inside of the hold was 130 feet, 6 inches x 14 feet and 6 inches.   There were two decks;  3 masts.   It was a square sterned ship;  round tuck;  no galleries;  female figurehead.   A tuck is the part of the ship under the stern where the ends of the bottom planks meet.   A gallery is a platform or balcony at the quarters or around the stern of an early sailing ship.


On the ship's passenger list, Isidore Pichon's family consisted of:



Age 54



Age 52



Age 22

Male (Claude Alexander)


Age 19



Age 17



Age 14



Age 12

Male (Claude Francois)


The naturalization papers for Isidore and his sons, Claude Alexander and Francois are in the court house in Fort Wayne, IN.   Isidore applied in 1835, Claude Alexander in 1837 and Francis C. in 1844. 


In the 1840 census for Washington township, Allen county, IN, ISIDORE PICHON is listed with 3 sons, and 1 female in the 50/60 age bracket.   Isidore died in 1846, and the 1850 census has failed to disclose a "Marie Pichon" as listed on the ship's passenger list.   Whether she was a second wife, or a relative is not known.   She must have died in the interval between 1840-50.  


Part of the trip which brought Isidore Pichon and his family to America from France has to be surmised.   We know he sailed from Havre de Grace in France and landed in New York City.   From there it would be logical for him to have traveled to Albany and to have taken the Erie  Canal from there to Buffalo.   From there a boat would be taken on Lake Erie to the Maumee River at Toledo, OH.   We know they came down the Maumee River to Fort Wayne in an open boat and landed near the Old Wines dam, sleeping in the open air on the night of May 1, 1834.   This location is near where the Fort Wayne Filtration plant is now.   


His daughter, Jane, has said that the fish were so plentiful in the river that they could dip their hands in the water and come up with a fish.  


Isidore bought a tract of land on June 11, 1834, designated as follows:   SE 1/4 Section 1, Township 31N, Range 12 East;  160 acres for $200.  This is in Washington township.  


Will of Isidore Pichon:


"In the name of God - Amen - I, undersigned, ISIDORE PICHON, of Allen county, in the state of Indiana, being rather debilitated in body, but sound of mind and understanding; knowing the certainty of death, and the uncertainty of the time when an all-wise Providence will be pleased to call me from the world;  being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, when still capable of doing so, in such a manner as to avoid all controversy and misunderstanding after my death, do make and publish this instrument of writing as my last will and testament.


First, I desire that my body be decently interred according to the rites of the Catholic church in which I was born and raised, in which it was my pride to live, and in which it will be my consolation and happiness to die;  and as to such world estate as it has pleased God to entrust me with, I dispose of the same in the following manner to wit;


I will, give and divide and bequeath the quarter section of land I am possessed of now, and on which I actually reside to my several sons and daughters, as follows:


1st       The northwest quarter to my son, ALEXANDER

2nd      The northeast quarter to my son, FRANCIS

3rd      The southeast quarter to my son, CLAUDIUS FRANCIS

4th      The southwest quarter to my daughter, JANE URSULE APPOLINA and FRANCES

                        to be divided equally amongst them.


5th      I, moreover, will, give and bequeath that all of the personal property I will die possessed of, to my two sons, Francis and Claudius Francis, to be divided equally among them. 


6th      As my son Francis is at this present time on a sea excursion, I hereby direct that all proceeds of the tract of land willed, divided and bequeathed to him in the second article of this my last will and testament will belong to my son Claudius Francis as long as his brother, Francis, will not have returned from his sea excursion.  


7th      It is my will also that the use of all of my personal property be for my son Claudius Francis until the return of his brother, Francis.


8th      If the inscrutable will of Divine Providence would be to call my son, Francis, from this transitory life during the time of his sea excursion, then what has been willed, divided and bequeathed in the second and fifth articles of this my last will and testament shall be considered as null and void;  and in this case, I do hereby will and bequeath the same to my son Claudius Francis.


9th      When the quarter section of land I have willed and bequeathed as aforesaid, will have been divided among my several sons and daughters;  the fences that will stand near the lines of division, shall not be kept by the individuals on whole part of land they will be found at my death;  but they shall be moved on said near lines of division by parties interested. 


10th    I finally hereby make and ordain my worthy and esteemed friend, ELIAS WATERS, executor of this my last will and testament.


In witness thereof, I, ISIDORUS, the testator, have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd of December in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and forty-five (1845). " 


Signed with a shaky hand indicating that he may have been quite ill.   He died January 19, 1846.   The will was probated February 2, 1846.  


While he was yet living he added a codicil to the will which was dated January 14, 1846 as follows:


"I, moreover, will and bequeath in this my last will and testament two acres of land to the Right Reverend Celestine Guynemer de la Hailandiere, Catholic Bisop of Vincennes, Knox county and state of Indiana, to be surveyed so as to include the chapel and graveyard that are on the land I am possessed of, and according to the direction of my friend, J. Benoit, to whom I hereby give full power for that purpose."   He lived just 5 more days, dying on the 19th of January. 



From Helm's History on Page 179 we find this:  "In 1839, the first Catholic society in Washington township was organized in the home of ISIDORE PICHON.   Fifteen families attended.   They had services until 1841.   They erected a small frame house on Section 1, where services were held every two weeks by Rev. Julian Benoit.   The first resident priest was Father DeChamp installed in 1857, remained until his decease about 3 years later.   


From "The Maumee River Basin"  Vol II, page 341:   1843   "Rev. Julian Benoit visited these devoted people and celebrated mass at the residence of ISIDORE PICHON, the service being attended by the whole neighborhood and much enthusiasm aroused."  



Generation 2 .. Children of Isidore and Eve


1.   Claude ALEXANDER Pichon

            born September 12, 1812 in Faimbe, France

            died February 6, 1899 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

            married April 4, 1842 to MARY ANNE (BARRAND) PARRANT

                                                            born 1812 in France

                                                            died November 28, 1871

                                                            She had a son, Frank, by her first marriage


Mary Ann (Barrand) Pichon was first buried at St. Vincent's Catholic Cemetery.   When Alexander died, his children had a disagreement with the church as they had allowed support of the church to lapse.   This divided the children in those who remained Catholic and those who turned Protestant.   The Protestants succeeded in disinterring their mother and in burying both parents in Lindenwood in Fort Wayne, IN. 




Obituary of Alexander C. Pichon from the Journal Gazette:


"ALEXANDER C. PICHON, one of the oldest residents of Fort Wayne, died at 11:43 o'clock lst night from the infirmities of old age.   Of the old settlers of the city and county there was perhaps no better known man than Mr. Pichon.   He was born September 12, 1812 in Besancon department of Doubs, France.   He came to this country in the fall of 1833 and remained in the east until the early spring of the next year.   He then came west and stopped a short time in Toledo.   On May 1, 1834 he landed in a canoe at the old Wynd's dam, having paddled his way here from Toledo.    Allen county and Fort Wayne have been his place of residence from that time until his death.   He was out of the county for only a period of several months when he accompanied a surveying party south as far as New Orleans.  


He was married in April 1841, to Mrs. MARIAN PARRANT, whose maiden name was BARRAND.   She died November 28, 1871.   To this union eight children were born and of those six are still living.


The latter are JOHN and FRANCIS PICHON, who live on a farm northeast of the city. 






He leaves  a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Up to the time of the death of his wife, Mr. Pichon lived in the country, but at that time he came to his city and took up his residence with his daughter, Mrs. Thompson, at whose home, 320 East Wayne Street, he died.


Mr. Pichon was a great reader, and after reading the article, whatever it may have been, liked to discuss it.   He had full command of his faculties up to the very last and was active until only a short time ago.   He was a staunch Republican and a warm friend of the Gazette, which he read from the time of the appearance of the first issue.   He was a familiar figure about the cigar store of George Reiter, of whom he was a close friend.   At the cigar store there is a chair which has been used by him for many years, and which was always set aside for him.  


Mr. Pichon was prominent in the early history of the county and one of the leaders of the French people in this section of the state.   He was always of a happy disposition, and possessed a noble character.   The arrangements for the funeral have not yet been made.



2.  Alexander Pichon  b: Sept 12, 1812 in Faimbe, France  d: Feb 6, 1899 in Fort Wayne, IN

       married:  April 4, 1842 in Allen Co., IN

            + Mary Anne (Barrand) Parrant  b: 1812 in France  d: Nov 28, 1871


                        3.  Charles Franklin Pichon, b: Jan 25, 1843  d:  Aug 27, 1924

                                    (Charles was one of a set of triplets)   married: Nov 19, 1867

                                    + Elizabeth Badiac  b: Apr 24, 1844  d: Jan 19, 1914

                                                (daughter of Thos. Badiac and Jeanne Pichon)

                                    (Frank was a carpenter, and they lived in Cedarville.   Both are buried

                                    in the Leo Cemetery, Leo, IN)


                        3.  Marie Pichon  b: Jan 25, 1843  d: March 7, 1930  (one of the triplets)  

                                    +  Celestine Jourdaine  b: abt 1838 in France  d: Sept 24, 1918

                                                (Celestine was a grocer and lived on Maumee Ave. in Fort

                                                Wayne, IN)


Celestine Jourdaine and Marie Pichon celebrated their 50th anniversary at 1240 Maumee Ave where they lived for most of their married life.   Their 5 children plus 7 grandchildren were there to help celebrate the occasion.   When Mrs. Jourdaine died in 1930 she had lived in the same house for 67 years.   She was survived by her son, LOUIS, and 3 daughters:  MRS. HAMM, MRS. GEBHARD, and MRS. lANTERNIER, 6 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.   She had other daughters who preceded her in death.


                                                4.  Sophia Jourdaine  b: 1867  d: May 10, 1943 in Ft. Wayne

                                                            +  Alexander Hamm

                                                            (the Hamms are buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in

                                                            Fort Wayne, IN)

                                                4.  Amelia Jourdaine  b: 1868  d: Apr 20, 1936  m: Dec 14, 1893

                                                            +  William F. Gebhard

                                                                        5.   Karl Gebhard

                                                4.  Mary Jourdaine  b: 1874  d: Between 1915-1930

                                                4.  Louis Jourdaine  b: 1877  d: Feb 20, 1931

                                                            Louis never married

                                                4.  Harriet Anna Jourdaine  b: 1880  d: Aug 29, 1956

                                                            +  Louis J. Lanternier  b: abt 1874  d: June 10, 1946

Louis J. Lanternier was a veteran of the Spanish American War.   They had no children.  


                        3.  Margaret Pichon  b: Jan 25, 1843  d: before 1850 (one of the triplets)

                        3.  Augustina Sophia Pichon  b: Jun 25, 1845  d: Apr 4, 1908 

                              married Nov 12, 1868

                                    +  Nelson Thompson  b: Nov 10, 1843 in Christianstadt, Sweden

                                          d:  Mar 17, 1910  (Nelson Thompson came to this country in 1865.)


                                                4.  Peter A. Thompson  b: Oct 12, 1869  d: Jan 10, 1935

                                                            +  Eva T.

                                                4.  John W. Thompson  b: Nov 13, 1871  d: June 6, 1948

                                                       married Apr 27, 1899

                                                            +  Lillian Emma Kaag  b: Dec 28, 1874  d: Aug 10, 1917

                                                4.  Charles D. Thompson  b: May 13, 1876  d: Feb 9, 1945

                                                            +  Amelia Edna Bradtmiller

                                                            ( Buried at Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, IN)


                        3.  John Alexander Pichon b: March 7, 1848  d: March 6, 1930  m: 1874

                                    +  Agnes Andrews  b: Feb 25, 1850  d: May 2, 1910

                                    ( Both are buried at the Leo Cemetery, Leo, IN)


                                                4.  Samantha Jane Pichon "Jennie"   b: Dec 21, 1875 in

                                                       Cedarville, Allen Co., IN  d:  Dec 31, 1942

                                                            +  Edward Roy     married March 3, 1897

                                                                        5.  Melba Roy b: June 18, 1898  d: 1995

                                                                                    +  Phillip Gutterich  1898-1976

                                                            +  Clarence J. Stevick   married Nov 26, 1903

                                                                        (called "Kent")

                                                                        5.  Marie Stevick  b: Aug 26, 1904  d: June 1979

                                                                                    +  Lawrence Michael  

                                                4.  Oliver Claude Pichon  b. May 3, 1883  d:  July 11, 1908

                                                            +  Bessie Carmichael  of Celina, OH  m:  Feb 14, 1904

                                                4.  Charles Frank Pichon  b: May 3, 1883  d: 1958 in Lakewood,

                                                       Ohio    married: Oct 12, 1905

                                                            +  Blanche L. Poland  b: Feb 3, 1882  in So. Whitley, IN

                                                                  d:  Aug 1954


                        3.  Margaret Pichon II  b: Abt 1850  d: March 2, 1923  never married

                                    (buried at Lindenwood)

                        3.  Sarah Pichon  b:  Abt 1853  d: May 9, 1928

                                    +  John Stier


In one obituary of Alexander Pichon the mention that Alexander had a family of 8 children.   Seven of them are accounted for in the above genealogy.   There is a death record for an Elizabeth Pichon  who died Nov 28, 1871, the same day as Alexander's wife died.   She may have been the 8th child.  



2.  Jeanne Ursule Appolina Pichon  b: July 1814 in Onans, France  d: Jan 18, 1890 in

       Washington Twp., Allen Co., IN   married: Apr 30, 1837 in Fort Wayne, IN

            +  Thomas Louis Badiac   b: June 6, 1800 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                   d: March 14, 1858


                        3.  Mary Louise Badiac  b: Nov 2, 1838  d: Oct 4, 1907  m: Jan 5, 1859

                                    +  David Garver  from PA   d: Apr 26, 1879 in Nebraska


                                                4.  Delia F. Garver  b: Dec 17, 1859  d: Feb 23, 1935

                                                       married Oct 16, 1879

                                                            +  Samuel M. Bowles   d: Nov 1906

                                                4.  Samuel Garver  b: June 16, 1861  d: Oct 26, 1928

                                                4.  Orlando Garver  b: Sept 23, 1863  d: Nov 6, 1874

                                                4.  Daniel Dayton Garver  b: Jan 1, 1868  d: Oct 9, 1949

                                                4.  Charles Levi Garver  b: Sept 9, 1869  d: Nov 7, 1938

                                                4.  Nora Amelia Garver  b: March 10, 1878  d: Aug 9, 1956


                        3.  Catherine Badiac  b: Dec 26, 1839  d:  Oct 30, 1860

                        3.  John Baptiste Badiac  b: Aug 27, 1841  d: Sept 11, 1867

                               married:  Feb 25, 1863 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Catherine Plank  b: Jan 10, 1840  d: Apr 19, 1865

                               married:  June 14, 1866

                                    +  Eliza A. Rhodes  b: Apr 13, 1845  d: Nov 2, 1926 in Omaha, Douglas

                                          Co., Nebraska (remarried Feb. 23, 1870 after John's death)

                        3.  Joseph Badiac  b: Nov 16, 1842  d:  Nov 9, 1920 in Allen Co., IN 

                               married Sept 10, 1871

                                    +  Mary Smith  b: apr 3, 1845 in Bedford Co., PA  d: May 18, 1914


                                                4.  Jennie M. Badiac  b: Dec 8, 1870  d: Apr 29, 1872

                                                4.  Charles Frank Badiac  b: Jan 11, 1873  d: Nov 16, 1925

                                                4.  William Lester Badiac  b: Oct 20, 1875  d: May 3, 1945

                                                        married:  Sept 10, 1903 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Lenore A. Sordelet  b: June 18, 1882  d: Mar 7, 1960

                                                            +  Clara

                                                4.  Cora A. Badiac   b: Apr 11, 1877  d: Feb 8, 1946 

                                                       married:  June 21, 1905 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Walter Charles Pattee  b: Oct 1, 1884

                                                4.  Margaret C. Badiac  b: May 22, 1879  d: May 26, 1926

                                                4.  Palintha Badiac  b: June 2, 1881  d: June 3, 1937

                                                       (or Parintha

                                                4.  Alice Amanda Badiac  b: June 9, 1883  d: Feb 25, 1958

                                                       married:  Jan 6, 1909 in Fort Wayne

                                                            +  Lester Ancil Hollopeter  b: Mar 31, 1883 

                                                                   d: May 14, 1966


                        3.  Elizabeth Badiac  b: apr 24, 1844  d: Jan 19, 1914  m: Nov 19, 1867

                                    +  Charles Franklin Pichon  b: Jan 25, 1843  d: Aug 27, 1924

                        3.  Lucy (Lucinda) Badiac  b; Sept 30, 1846   d: May 13, 1882

                        3.  Amelia Jane Badiac   b: Dec 13, 1848  d: June 18, 1925

                        3.  Thomas L. Badiac  b: Nov 30, 1850  d: Oct 25, 1930  m:  Nov 3, 1874

                                    +  Mary Elizabeth Powers


                                                4.  Josephine Elizabeth Badiac  b: Aug 21, 1875 in Milan Twp.

                                                       d: Jan 14, 1919 in South Bend, IN

                                                4.  Eva Jane Badiac  b: Aug 9, 1877 in Milan Twp., Allen Co.,

                                                        IN    d: Feb 11, 1938 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                                           married Apr 11, 1911 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  George Edward Kohlmeyer  b: Octg 21, 1870 in

                                                                  Eldagsen, Germany  d: Feb 12, 1956 in Ft. Wayne

                                                4.  Mary Adelia Badiac  b: Mar 14, 1881   d: Feb 18, 1909

                                                4.  Nora Amelia "Millie" Badiac   b: March 14, 1881  in Milan

                                                       Twp.    d: Oct 8, 1916

                                    + Lucinda Ellen Daugherty  b: June 23, 1863   d:  May 18, 1919

                                         (married to Thos. L. Badiac on Feb 23, 1882


                                                4.  Ethyl Aurelia Badiac  b: March 23, 1893   d: Nov 14, 1970

                                                            +  Marvin Bitner  b: Oct 23, 1897 of Kalamazoo, MI

                                                                  d:  March 16, 1970 in Fulton, MI

                                                4.  Esther Suzanne Badiac  b: Feb 10, 1895  d: March 26, 1979

                                                       married:  Feb 3, 1923

                                                            +  Edward W. Erwin  b: Feb 2, 1891 of Hillsdale, MI

                                                                   d:  April 18, 1945 in Gary, IN

                                                4.  Freda Ellen Badiac  b: June 6, 1897  d: Sept 22, 1981 in Fort

                                                       Wayne, IN    married:  June 6, 1923

                                                            +  Henry Brueggeman  b: Dec 24, 1897  d: June 15, 1969

                                                4.  Louis Thomas Badiac, Jr.  b:  March 15, 1901 

                                                       d:  Sept 24, 1982    married:  June 29, 1935

                                                            +  Lucille Piepenbrink  b: Aug 16, 1908 


                        3.  Charles Isidore Badiac  b: Nov 4, 1852  d: July 3, 1915  m: Nov 9, 1876

                                    +  Mary Ann Waters  b: Aug 31, 1855  d: March 21, 1943


                                                4.  Charles Waters Badiac  b: July 8, 1881  d: Feb 14, 1933

                                                       married: August 12, 1902 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Hattie B. Opliger  b: 1883  d: Dec 3, 1971

                                                4.  Isidore Wiseman Badiac  b: Sept 16, 1884  d: Feb 28, 1962

                                                       in DeKalb Co., IN    married:  April 26, 1907

                                                            +  Ethel May Gloyd  b: Jan 7, 1887  d: Feb 1, 1949

                                                            +  Jessie V. Gloyd  m: Oct 17, 1950 in Marion, IN


                        3.  Margaret Badiac  b: Sept 27, 1854  d: Aug 4, 1940  m: Sept 27, 1872

                                    +  Luther C. Pratt  b: April 24, 1847 in OH   d: March 14, 1933


                                                4.  Florence Amelia "Millie" Pratt  b: Aug 1873 in Lake Twp.

                                                        d: Feb 7, 1942

                                                4.  Olive Aurelia Pratt  b: Oct 17, 1875  d: Dec 26, 1940

                                                       married:  Sept 8, 1908 in Allen Co., IN by rev. Enoch

                                                       Bunner of the Huntertown M.E. Church

                                                            +  Ora Allen Fair  b: April 24, 1869   d: Aug 29, 1940

                                                4.  Ernest Pratt

                                                4.  Elsie Mary Pratt  b: Nov 16, 1879  d: March 28, 1964

                                                4.  Carolyn A. Pratt  b: Sept 1883   d: Feb 20, 1968

                                                4.  Frances E. Pratt  b: March 28, 1885  d: May 10, 1931

                                                4.  Mabel Pratt  b: Feb 15, 1888  d: Dec 19, 1937

                                                4.  Charles Pratt  b: May 13, 1891  d: Feb 18, 1928

                                                            +  Frances Louise Henschen

                                                4.  Gladys Pratt  b: Dec 26, 1894

                                                            + Earl Dickerson

                                                4.  Gertrude Pratt  b: June 1898  d:  May 4, 1974




2.  Ann Frances Josephine Pichon  b:  June 9, 1817  in Onans, France  d: 1876 in Allen Co.

            +  John Claude Kikly  b: March 21, 1805 in France  d: Sept 3, 1852


According to naturalization records, John C. Kikly was born March 27, 1804.   He was a native of Haute Saone, France.   He migrated from Havre, France, on March 17, 1833 and arrived in Charleston, S.C., May 3, 1833.   He declared his intention Nov 16, 1837 and was naturalized Oct 7, 1841.


                        3.  John Claude Francis Kickly  b:  April 29, 1838  d: April 26, 1926

                                    +  Ann Francis Knows  b: abt 1844  d: before 1869

                                    +  Olive Ann (Todd) Obrien  b: Dec 1847  (married Oct 10, 1883)


When Frank Kikly died in 1926 he was 88 years old.  He was a member of the GAR and Civil War Veterans, having served in Co. C of the 88th Indiana Infantry.   Surviving him were 3 sons, CLAUDE and PERRY of Wallen, and JOSEPH of San Francisco.   One step-son, CHARLES, of Pittsburgh and one daughter, MRS. MARY GREENE of Fort Worth, TX and two brothers, JOSEPH and ISIDORE of Fort Wayne.   Two sisters, MRS. AGNES ROBERTS and MRS. KATE UPTON of Chicago, IL, 24 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.    Frank Kikly was credited with killing the last black bear in Washington Township, Allen Co., IN. 


                                                4.  Claude Alfred Kikly  b: March 20, 1885  d: abt 1952

                                                       married:  March 30, 1911

                                                            +  Grace I. Perry

                                                4.  Paul Perry Kikly  b: June 12, 1887  d: abt 1960

                                                        married:  Sept 11, 1912

                                                            +  Mabel Shaffer

                                                4.  Albert Lewis Kikly  b: abt 1889  d: Sept 1892

                                    +  Jane Simpless  b: abt 1840 in PA   d: before 1883


                                                4.  Mary Jane Kikly  b; 1873

                                                            + Unknown Greene

                                                4.  Julia Catherine Kikly  b: 1876

                                                4.  Joseph Edward Kikly  b:  1878

                                                4.  Rufus Kikly  b: April 1880         


                        3.  Ann Adelaide Kikly  b: Jan 30, 1840   married:  Aug 27, 1857

                                    +  Osborne Mooney 

                        3.  Charles Joseph Kikly  b: Sept 8, 1841  d: July 20, 1926  m: Oct 29, 1865

                                    +  Melissa Wait

                        3.  Lewis Edward Kikly  b: July 19, 1843  d: June 5, 1867  m: March 6, 1867

                                    +  Eliza Henderson

                        3.  Mary Agnes Kikly  b: Jan 19, 1846

                                    +  Unknown Roberts

                        3.  Mary Sophia Kikly  b: Jan 7, 1848   married:  May 15, 1867

                                    +  Samuel Quicksell

                        3.  Paul Isadore Kikly  b: Aug 22, 1850  d:  Feb 25, 1941  m: 1880

                                    +  Elizabeth

                        3.  Catherine Louise Kikly  b: Aug 9, 1852  d: 1929  m: Oct 30, 1871

                                    +  Thomas H.O. Rheuar



2.  Francis Pichon  b: Jan 26, 1820 in France  d: Sept 3, 1852  (There is no further record of Francois after he was mentioned in the will of his father, Isidore Pichon in 1846.   At that time he was on a sea voyage and in case he did not return, his portion was to go to his younger brother, Claude Francois.   Claude Francois sold the property in 1855.)   Since some genealogy gave us a death date of Sept 3, 1852 that record needs to be checked.   It may or may not be true.  




2.  Claude Francis Pichon  b: July 17, 1822 in Onans, France  d: March 11, 1871 in St.

       Jospeh Twp., Allen Co., IN    married:  Jan 8, 1846

            +  Claudia Catherine Julia Sordelet  b: Jan 17, 1830 in Courchaton, France 

                  d:  May 1, 1911 in Allen Co., IN


(Claudia Catherine was the daughter of Richard Sordelet, and miller, and his wife, Genevieve.   They came to this country from France in 1843.   Both Claude and Julia are buried at St. Vincent's Cemetery.)


                        3.  Emily Pichon  b: abt 1846

                        3.  Mary Pichon  b: 1848   d: Sept 21, 1890

                        3.  Adeline Pichon  b: Oct 1849

                        3.  Julian Pichon  b: Oct 1850  d: Jan 15, 1851

                        3.  Appolina Pichon  b: 1853  d: July 7, 1871

                        3.  Christina Pichon  b: Sept 1855  d: Feb 28, 1911

                        3.  Francis Augustus Pichon  b: June 1857  d:  Aug 8, 1882

                        3.  Maria Melinda Lena Pichon  b: May 13, 1859

                                    +  Unknown Goldthwaite


                                                4.  Nora A. Goldthwaite  b: abt 1884  d: before 1919

                                                4.  Alma Goldthwaite  d: before 1919

                                                4.  Edith Goldthwaite

                                                4.  Neva Goldthwaite

                                                +  Unknown Elliot

                                                4.  Frank Goldthwaite  d: before 1966


                        3.  Claude Francis Julian Pichon  b: May 13, 1859  d:  Feb 16, 1941

                                    (Note Maria and Claude Francis were twins)  

                        3.  Harriet Mathele Pichon  b: 1861  d: March 3, 1893

                        3.  George E. Pichon  b:  Oct 1863  d: Sept 17, 1946

                                    +  Ann Elizabeth Knap  b: abt 1869  d:  Dec 14, 1922

                        3.  Joseph Celestine Pichon  b: July 1868   d: before 1870

                        3.  Louis John Joseph Pichon  b: March 30, 1868 ?  d: March 15, 1927

                                    +  Josephine Herbert  b: abt 1869  d: Dec 30, 1945


                                                4.  Helen Pichon

                                                4.  Joseph Pichon

                                                4.  Charles L. Pichon

                                                4.  Bernedette Pichon

                                                            +  Ernest Roberts

                                                4.  Esther Pichon


                        3.  Claude Charles Pichon  b: Feb 5, 1870  d: Aug 21, 1945  m: Nov 26, 1901

                                    +  Louise Bobay  b: 1874


                                                4.  Edward Joseph Pichon  b:  Dec 25, 1902   d: Nov 26, 1965

                                                            +  Esther M.

                                                4.  Bertha Rose Pichon  b; July 13, 1904

                                                            +  Adrian Weaver

                                                4.  Mary Irene Pichon  b: Jan 13, 1906  d: 1945





Agnes Andrews Pichon, wife of John Alexander Pichon

                Samantha Jane Pichon (Jennie) Stevick, wife of Clarence Stevick

                          Melba Roy, 1st child of Jennie and first husband, Edward Roy

                                       Tall woman:  May be Margaret Pichon who never married or

                                                     Sarah Pichon Stier.    Both are daughters of Agnes and John  






1850 Census of Washington Twp., Allen Co., IN

Alexander Pichon

35 Male

Born France

Abt 1815

Farmer, $300


Mary Ann Pichon

35 Female

Born France

Abt 1815


Francis Pichon

7 Male

Born IN

Abt 1843


Mary Pichon

7 Female

Born IN

Abt 1843


Sophia Pichon

5 Female

Born IN

Abt 1845


Alexander Pichon

3 Male

Born IN

Abt 1847



1850 Census of Washington Twp., Allen Co., IN

John C. Kikly

47 Male

Born France

Abt 1803

Farmer, $1,200

Ann F. Kikly

33 Female

Born France

Abt 1817


John C. Kikly

12 Male

Born IN

Abt 1838


Ann A. Kikly

10 Female

Born IN

Abt 1840


Joseph Kikly

 8 Male

Born IN

Abt 1842


Edward Kikly

6 Male

Born IN

Abt 1844


Agnes Kikly

4 Female

Born IN

Abt 1846


Sophia Kikly

2 Female

Born IN

Abt 1848



1850 Census of Washington Twp., Allen Co., IN

Thomas Badiac

55 Male

Born Canada

About 1795

Farmer, $1,000

Ursula Badiac

36 Female

Born France

Abt 1814


Mary L. Badiac

11 Female

Born IN

Abt 1839


Catherine Badiac

10 Female

Born IN

Abt 1840


John B. Badiac

 9 Female

Born IN

Abt 1841


Joseph Badiac

 7 Male 

Born IN

Abt 1843


Elizabeth Badiac

 5 Female

Born IN

Abt 1845


Lucy Badiac

 3 Female

Born IN

Abt 1847


Amelia Badiac

 1 Female

Born IN

Abt 1849



1860 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN      Post Office, Leo

Alexander Pichon

48 Male

Born France

Abt 1812


Mary A. Pichon

48 Female

Born France

Abt 1812


Francis Pichon

17 Male

Born IN

Abt 1843


Mary Pichon

17 Female

Born IN

Abt 1843


Augustine Pichon

15 Male

Born IN

Abt 1845

Should be a female  "M" was written over "F"

John Pichon

12 Male

Born IN

Abt 1848


Margaret Pichon

 9 Female

Born IN

Abt 1851


Sarah Pichon

 7 Female

Born IN

Abt 1853



1870 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN    Post Office Eel River

Alexander Pichon

57 Male

Born France

Abt 1813


Mary Pichon

57 Female

Born France

Abt 1813

Keeping house

John Pichon

22 Male

Born IN

Abt 1848

Works on farm

Margaret Pichon

19 Female

Born IN

Abt 1851

At home

Sarah Pichon

19 Female

Born IN

Abt 1851

At home


1870 Census of Cedar Creek township, Allen Co., IN    Post Office Eel River

Frank Pichon

27 Male

Born IN

Abt 1843


Thesey Pichon

26 Female

Born IN

Abt 1844

Keeping house



1880 Census of Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN  

 Nelson Thompson

36 Male

Born  Sweden

Abt 1844

Head, married, Laborer


Father b. Sweden

Mother b. Swed.



Augusta Thompson

34 Female

Born  IN

Abt  1846

Wife, Keeping house


Father b. France

Mother b. France



Peter Thompson

10 Male

Born IN

Abt 1870


John Thompson

 8 Male

Born IN

Abt 1872


Charles Thompson

 4 Male

Born IN

Abt 1876


Alex Pichon

68 Male

Born France 

Abt 1812



Father b. France

Mother b. France



Margaret Pichon

30 Female

Born IN

Abt 1850


Alex would be Augustina's father and Margaret would be her sister.


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN 

John Pichon

32 Male

Born IN

Abt 1848

Head, married


Father b. France

Mother b. France



Agness Pichon

30 Female

Born OH

Abt 1850

Wife, keeps house


Father b. OH

Mother b. OH



Samantha Pichon

 4 Female

Born IN

Abt 1876


Oliver C. Pichon

 1 Female

Born IN

Abt 1879


Celia Andrew

25 Female

Born Iowa

About 1855



Father b. OH

Mother b. OH



John Jenkins


Born VA

About 1858



Father b. VA

Mother b. VA








Sacred Heart Cemetery, St. Vincent's Catholic Church, Allen Co., IN

Amelia Pichon


March 5, 1892

45 years, burial at Academy (Peltier records)

Appolina Pichon


July 7, 1871

Church record

Auguste F. Pichon


August 10, 1882

Church record  .. of Julia and Francis

Chas. C. Pichon



Louise and Mary

Christina Pichon


March 3, 1911

53 years

Elizabeth Pichon


November 28, 1871

Church record

Francis Pichon


March 11, 1871

Church record

Jane C. Pichon-Badiac

July 14, 1814   Born France

January 18, 1890    75 years, 6 months, 14 days

Wife of Thomas L.  church rec. Jeanne Appolin, dau of Isadore and A.

John B. Pichon


Between May 21 & Aug 28, 1895


Julia M. Pichon


May 4, 1911

81 years

Louise Pichon



Chas. & Mary

Mary I. Pichon



Chas. & Louise



Leo Cemetery, Old Section .... Leo, Allen Co., IN

Agness A. Pichon

February 25, 1850

May 2, 1919

John - Claude

Claude O. Pichon

April 6, 1879

July 11, 1908

A.A. & J.A.

Elizabeth Pichon



Wife of Frank

Frank Pichon



His wife, Elizabeth

John A. Pichon

March 7, 1848

March 6, 1930

A.A. & C.O.


Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

Alexander C. Pichon

Born in France

February 6, 1899

86 years, 4 months, 24 days    ULot301

Anna Pichon

Born in Ft. Wayne

December 13, 1922

59 years, CLot 194

George Pichon

Born Allen Co., IN

Sept. 12, 1946

82 years, 10 months, 8 days   CLot 194

Marguarite Pichon

Born Ft. Wayne

March 2, 1923

72 years, ULot301



Sept. __, 1900