PHILLIP AUGUSTUS HOOT, born May 10, 1795 in Selinsgrove, Snyder Co., PA (poss.)  

   Died December 28, 1862 in Brown Twp, Paulding Co., Ohio

            +  Mary Maria Blakely  born abt. 1798 in PA or Ireland,  died June 19, 1840 in

                  Medina Co., Ohio    married before 1821 in PA


                        1.  Mary Mariah Hoot, b: about 1821 in PA   d: 1903 in Medina, Ohio

                                    + James Huffman b: Aug. 8, 1816 in PA  d: Aug. 31, 1841 in Ohio

                                                Reginia Huffman

                                                Caroline Huffman

                                                William W. Huffman

                                                Rose Ann Huffman

                                                Letilia Huffman

                                                Setilia Huffman  

                        2.  Elizabeth Hoot, b: March 1821 in PA

            ***       3.  Henry Hoot, b: September 2, 1827 in PA   d: May 10, 1899 in Carmel Twp,

                                     Eaton Co., MI   married Betsy Huffman  (see below for family)

                        4.  Rosanna Hoot b: April 17, 1828 in PA 

                        5.  John Hoot  b: July 3, 1829 in Medina, Ohio

                                    + Lucretia/Lucretica as found in 1850 census   

                        6.  Philip Hoot  b: Feb. 22, 1832 in Ohio 

                        7.  Amorella Hoot  b: Nov. 1834 in Ohio

                        8.  Possibly Augustus born about 1833 (on 1850 census)

                                    + Caroline as found on 1880 census Brown, Paulding, Ohio

Children:  Philip, Laura, William, Mary E., Alice O., Elias, and Jenette    


Notes on Phillip Augustus Hoot:


Phillip fought in the War of 1812

May have lived in New York before coming to PA and Ohio

Some say they were in America before the Revolutionary War

Some say they came from Germany



WILL: Probate Office, Admin Docket 1, Vol 144, Case 105

Philip Hoot 1863

Bond & letters issued 7 Feb 1863

Inventory filed 15 June 1863

Administrator: John M. Hallor

Bills entered: 6 Dec 1862 $1.00 visit & medicine; Dr. David Richardson

      8 Dec 1862 $1.00 visit & medicine; Dr. David Richardson

     10 Dec 1862 $1.00 visit & medicine; Dr. David Richardson

     24 Dec 1862 $1.00 visit & medicine; Dr. David Richardson

     28 Dec 1862  $2.00 visit; Dr. David Richardson

     29 Dec 1862 Bill for coffin   Dr. Lewis Ward

Administrative Bond filed 7 Feb 1863

Notice of settlement in "Paulding Independent" newspaper for 3 weeks



War of 1812, Archive #205.984

1 Regt Bloom’s NY Militia, Pvt

Discharged November 1, 1814

Bounty land claim:  40 acres; sealed at Court at Lima, Ohio, April 5, 1851

Phillip Hoot appeared at Allen Co., Ohio, on March 24, 1851, aged 56 making statements:

            Served at Botavia, NY and Ft. George, Canada 

July 21, 1855 resided in Paulding Co., Ohio, aged 61, and had resided there 4 years


1830 Census, Norton Twp, Medina Co., Ohio

Philip Hoot




2 males under 5



1 male 30 to 40



1 female under 5



2 females 5 to 10



1 female 30 to 40



1840 Census of Montville Twp., Medina Co., Ohio

Philip Hoot




1 male under 5



2 males 5 to 10



1 male 10 to 15



1 male 40 to 50



1 female under 5



1 female 5 to 10



2 females 10 to 15



1 female 40 to 50




1850 Census of Richland Twp., Allen Co., Ohio, household 1850, page 363  

Philip Hoot

Male, 55


Born PA

Abt 1795

John Hoot

Male, 21


Born PA

About 1829

Lucretica Hoot

Female, 21

Prob Dau-in-law

Born PA

About 1829

Augustus Hoot

Male, 17


Born Ohio

About 1833

Amorella Hoot

Female, 16


Born Ohio

About 1834

Philip Hoot

Male, 14


Born Ohio

About 1836

Delan Hoot

Male, 1

Prob. grandson

Born Ohio

About 1849


1860 Census of Brown Twp., Paulding Co., Ohio, at the home of his son, Augustus

Philip Hoot

Male, 65

Farm laborer

Born PA









Phillip’s Burial in Little Auglaise Cemetery, Sec. 33

Phillip Hoot died December 28, 1862, aged 67 years, 7 months, 18 days


Mary, his wife, is buried at Old Medina Cemetery, East Liberty Street, Medina Co., Ohio

Died June 19, 1840.   The death record of son, Henry, states that his mother was Mary Blakely.



Notes on son, HENRY HOOT



Henry Hoot

Co. K 144 OH, Infantry Regiment

144 OH Inf. was composed of the 64th battalion, OH National Guard from Wood County &

    the 19th battalion from Wyandotte Co.

Mustered in age 37 on 11 May 1864

    18th US Infantry to serve 100 days

Mustered out 31 August 1864 at Camp Chase, OH


1850 Census of Lafayette Twp., Medina Co., Ohio   445-456 dwelling and family

Taken October 1, 1850             

Henry Hoot

23 male, farmer

Born PA

Elizabeth Hoot

23 female

Born PA

Mearyette Hoot

2 female

Born Ohio

James Hoot

5 months, male

Born Ohio


442-453   (brother and sister marrying brother and sister)

James Huffman

34 male, farmer

Born PA

Maria Huffman

26 female

Born PA

Regina Huffman

7 female

Born Ohio

William Huffman

5 male

Born Ohio

Caroline M. Huffman

2 female

Born Ohio


1870 Census of Montgomery Twp., Wood County, Ohio   Prairie Depot

Henry Hoot

Male, 41


Born PA

Elizabeth Hoot

Female, 41


Born PA

James Hoot

Male, 20

Farm Laborer

Born Ohio

William Hoot

Male, 18

Farm Laborer

Born Ohio

Christina Hoot

Female, 15


Born Ohio

Eugenia Hoot

Female, 11

Attends school

Born Ohio


1899:  Death record of Henry Hoot states his mother was Mary Blackley who was born in PA.


Burial, 1899, West Carmel Cemetery, Eaton County, Michigan

Cause of death was Tuberculosis

Census of 1850 says he could not read or write

Went to Congregation Church

Henry was a farmer

Applied for pension, application #700.592

Resided about 1858 at Wood Co., Ohio

Resided about 1883 at Eaton Co., MI


Henry married “Betsy” Elisabeth Huffman July 9, 1846, in Medina Co., OH

Betsy’s brother, James Huffman, married Henry’s sister, Mary Marie (Mariah) Hoot


“Betsy” Elisabeth died May 11, 1904 in Eaton Co., MI

Betsy was buried at West Carmel Cemetery, Eaton County, Michigan

She died of pneumonia after having a cold

She is in the 1900 census of Carmel Twp., Eaton Co., MI

Went to Congregation Church

Resided in 1830 at Medina Co., OH

Resided in 1858 at Wood Co., OH

Resided in 1883 at Eaton Co., MI








1.  Henry Hoot  b:  Sept. 2, 1827 in PA   d: May 10, 1899 in Carmel, Eaton Co., MI

        July 9, 1846 in Guilford Twp., Medina Co., OH

            +  Elizabeth “Betsy” Huffman  b: Oct. 14, 1827 in PA   d: May 11, 1904 in Carmel,

                    Eaton Co., MI


                        2.  Mary Mariah Hoot, b: Aug. 15, 1848 in Medina Co., Ohio 



                        2.  James Hoot  b: Dec. 9, 1850 in Medina Co., Ohio  d: Feb. 8, 1920 in Noble

                              Co., IN, married Feb. 21, 1880 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                    +  Catherine Elizabeth Graber, b: April 10, 1858 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                            d: January 9, 1896 in Montgomery, Wood Co., Ohio


                                                3.  George Henry Hoot  b: Oct. 1, 1880 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                        d: Oct. 6, 1881 in Wood Co., OH 

                                                3.  William Sherman Hoot  b: Dec. 17, 1881 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                        d: Oct. 3, 1966 in Brimfield, Noble Co., IN

                                                        married Nov. 8, 1904 in Noble Co.

                                                            +  Minnie Harrold  b: Oct. 4, 1886  d: Nov 12, 1961

                                                                    4.  Leila Florence Hoot 1906-1983

                                                                            + Nelson Bruce Hutchins 1905-1966

                                                                    4.  Gladys Cathern Hoot  1908-2001

                                                                            +  Wayne Basel Sidel 1908-1975

                                                                    4.  Hilda Lucile Hoot 1913-1995

                                                                            +  Devon Rex Chapin 1911-1995

                                                                    4.  Roscoe Sherman Hoot  1915-1998

                                                                            +  Edythe Dangler  d: 1948

                                                                            +  Margaret L. Keiper  1918-2000

                                                                    4.  Donald Bud Hoot

                                                                            +  Naomi Jeanne Force

                                                3.  James Albert Hoot  b: June 18, 1883 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                        d:  April 10, 1950 in Avilla, Noble Co., IN

                                                        married April 16, 1912 in Noble Co. IN

                                                            +  Ella Marie Magdalena Hess  b: March 26, 1891

                                                                   d:  June 11, 1971 in Noble Co., IN

                                                                     4.  Phyllis Germaine Hoot

                                                                             +  George Theodore Noffze

                                                                     4.  Idyress Maxine Hoot

                                                                             +  Richard Keith Miller

                                                3.  John Clifford Hoot  b: April 7, 1885 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                         d: June 27, 1951    married Dec. 23, 1909 Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Eva Strause b: Nov 22, 1891  d: May 13, 1954

                                                                     4.  Kathryn Lewellen Hoot 1915-1994

                                                                             +  Jay Varner 1914-1991

                                                3.  Phillip Howard Hoot  b: May 26, 1887 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                         d: Dec. 22, 1964 in Traverse City, MI

                                                         married April 1, 1908 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Wilhelmina Stellhorn b: Sept 22, 1882 

                                                                  d: March 24, 1967 in Grand Rapids, MI

                                                                      4.  Howard Hoot 1909-1909

                                                                      4.  Hilda Marie Hoot 1910-1989

                                                                             +  James Henry Hamilton 1910-1963

                                                                             +  Lyle Stout

                                                                      4.  James Henry Hoot 1912-1983

                                                                             +  Alice Whittall

                                                                      4.  Margaret May Hoot 1916-1916

                                                                      4.  Franklin Fred Hoot 1918-1934

                                                                      4.  Wynold E. Hoot

                                                                      4.  William Phillip Hoot 1923-1988

                                                                             +  Ivy Lou Smith

                                                3.  Floyd Arthur Hoot  b: Feb. 16, 1890 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                        d:  July 31, 1954 in Ft. Wayne, m: Feb. 12, 1914

                                                            +  Maggie Lorina Cooley  b: Dec 29, 1893

                                                                  d: May 2, 1915

                                                            +  Clara Elizabeth Hess  b: June 26, 1895 in Noble Co.

                                                                  d: May 7, 1986  married Aug 23, 1917 in Avilla

                                                3.  Baby Hoot b: Nov 17, 1890  d: Dec 6, 1890

                                                3.  Florence Ethel Hoot  b: June 6, 1893  in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                       d: April 3, 1979 K'ville, married Dec. 23, 1915

                                                            +  Raymond Perry Simon  b: July 22, 1892 in Noble

                                                                  d: Jan 1, 1917 in Noble Co., IN

                                                                       4.  Raymond James Clair Simon  b: June 11,1917

                                                                             d: Sept. 24, 1968 in AZ

                                                                                +  Marjorie Ryan 1923-1977

                                                3.  Blake Edward Elmer Hoot  b: Dec. 1, 1894 in Wood Co.,

                                                      Ohio  d:  Dec. 10, 1967 in Huntertown, Allen Co., IN

                                                      Married July 18, 1917 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Alta Mae Eminger  b: June 22, 1896 in Ft. Wayne,

                                                                 Allen Co., IN  d: 1974 in Huntertown, Allen Co., IN


                                                                        4.  Glenn Olen Hoot  b: Oct. 13, 1919 DeKalb

                                                                              Co., IN  d: Feb. 4, 1973 in Huntertown, IN

                                                                               Married Aug. 24, 1941 

                                                                                    +  Anna Jane Tonkel

                                                                        4.  Wyonald Oney Hoot 1918-2006

                                                                        4.  Blake Elmer Hoot, Jr. 1927-1972

                                                                                    +  Rose Marie Runyan

                                                                        4.  Darrell William Hoot

                                                                                    +  Margaret Helen Rogers


                             married Jan. 3, 1899 (2nd wife of James Hoot)

                                    +  Lucy Mae Gayer  b: Dec. 25, 1873 in Ohio


                                                3.  Mildred Emma Elizabeth Hoot b: 1902 in Wood Co., Ohio

                                                3.  Merl Olin Hoot b:  March 9, 1904 in Wood Co., Ohio


                        2.  William McKee Hoot  b: Feb. 11, 1853 in Ohio

                        2.  Christena Hoot  b: Oct. 24, 1856 in Ohio

                        2.  Regenia/Eugenia Hoot  b: July 29, 1858 in Wood Co., Ohio









 Notes for JAMES HOOT, son of Henry Hoot


Rising Sun Unique

February 20, 1920


James Hoot Obituary


One by one does God's messenger call for the sons of men. We may plead with him and for a while resist his encroachments, but ere long the victory will be ushered into the presence of God.


Thus has James Hoot, Husband, father, brother and friend closed his 69 years and 29 days and answered the call. He was born in Medina Co., Dec. 9, 1850, the first child of Henry and Elizabeth Hoot. During his early childhood his parents moved to Wood Co. Ohio, and there he received his education, grew into manhood, and was united in marriage Feb. 20, 1880, to Miss Catherine E. Graber of Fostoria, O. Nine children were the fruit of this union, seven of whom are still living: William and Sherman of Leo, John Clifford of Huntertown, James Albert, Howard Phillip, and Floyd Arthur, all of Avilla.   Blake Elmer of Auburn, and Florence Ethel of Swan. On Jan. 9, 1896 the children were bereft of their mother, and Mr. Hoot faced a new problem with his houseful of little ones. Three years later, Jan. 3, 1899, he was again united in marriage and Lucy Mae Geyer became the wife and a true mother to his children. To this union two children were born: Mildred, now of Garrett and Merle deceased. He moved with his family to Ege in 1903 and in 1909 removed from there to Swan.


He was converted while yet in his childhood and united with the church at Risingsun, OH, but on March 12, 1910, he and his wife were received into the Swan M. E. Church. During most of his sojourn with us he has been on the official list of the church and leaves a record of faithfulness that anyone could be proud of.


He is survived by his wife, eight children, twelve grandchildren, two sisters, a number of other relatives and a host of friends.


Lived at;  Wood Co OH, and at Ege, Swan Twp,Noble Co. IN


1850 Census finds James at home at the age of 5 months at Lafayette Twp., Medina, Ohio

1870 Census finds James with his parents at Montgomery Twp., Wood Co., Ohio at age 20.

            (see census under Henry Hoot)

1880 Census of Montgomery Twp., Wood Co., Ohio

James Hoot

29, male

Born Ohio

Father b OH

Mother b OH

Catharine E. Hoot

22, female

Born Ohio

Father b. Hesse Darm

Mother b OH


1910 Census, Montgomery Twp., Wood Co., OH – District 149

James Hoot

59, male

Born OH


Mae Hoot

37, female

Born OH


James Hoot

26, male

Born OH


Florence Hoot

16, female

Born OH


Blake Hoot

14, male

Born OH


Mildred Hoot

8, female

Born OH


Merle Hoot

6, male

Born OH



1920 Census, Swan Twp., Noble County, IN

James Hoot

69, male

Born OH


May Hoot

47, female

Born OH


Florence Simon

26, female

Born OH


Mildred Treesh

17, female

Born OH


Raymond Simon

2 yr, 7 months

Born IN



Noble County death records give both December 9, 1850 and December 19, 1850 as his birthdate.   James died February 8, 1920, son of Henry Hoot, no name given for mother.  James Hoot, 2-11-1920  (as found in the Simon Journal)


Names as heirs of George Graber in April 1921 are Bert Hoot, John Hoot, Howard Hoot, Floyd Hoot, Florence Hoot, and Blake Hoot.   Also a grandson, Sherman.


Named in their father’s (James Hoot who died Feb. 8, 1920)  probate records:

Spouse, May

Children, Sherman W., Albert J., John, Howard, Blake, Floyd, Florence Simon, Mildred




James Hoot married 1st Cathern Elizabeth Graber February 21, 1880 near Rising Sun, Wood Co. Ohio


Notes on CATHERN:


Died January 9, 1896 in Montgomery Twp., Wood County, OH

Buried at Graham Cemetery, west of Rising Sun, Wood County, OH

            Was pregnant and due at any time.   She went outside to greet her mother who was

coming to help with the baby and caught cold from winter weather.   Died of pneumonia.

Buried with her are “George H. and an infant”   George apparently died from bad cow’s milk when the cows got into a “bad pasture”.  


From James’ obituary we see that he married a second time to LUCY MAE GEYER  and apparently had 2 more children, MILDRED and MERLE.    We also find them on the census records.  


When James died in February of 1920 he was buried at the Swan Cemetery, in Swan Township, Noble County, IN.  


James Hoot joined the Swan ME church March 12, 1910

James was a farmer  



1900 Census of Montgomery Township, Wood Co., Ohio,  page 350, house 239


James Hoot

Head of household

Male, 49

Born Ohio, December 1850 

Married 1 year

Parents b PA

May Hoot

Wife, no children

Female, 26

Born Ohio, December 1873 

Married 1 year Parents b OH

John Hoot

Son, single

Male, 15

Born Ohio, March 1885 

At school

Howard Hoot

Son, single

Male, 13

Born Ohio,  April 1887 

At school

Floyd Hoot

Son, single

Male, 10

Born Ohio,  March 1890 

At school

Florence Hoot


Female, 5

Born Ohio,  June 1894 


Blake Hoot


Male, 4

Born Ohio, December 1895 


Though these birthyears do not all agree with the family genealogy, these are clearly written on the 1900 census.   Census was taken on June 1, of 1900.    1900 Census is the only one that asks for the month and year of birth.    


1880 Census of Montgomery Township, Wood Co., Ohio -- Page 81D


George Graber


Male, 45

Hesse Darm


Parents born Hesse Darm

Elizabeth Graber


Female, 38


Keeps house

Parents born Ohio

John H. Graber

Son, single

Male, 16


Works on farm


Adam J. Graber


Male, 13


At school


Alfred Graber


Male 10




Martin R. Graber


Male, 6




Franklin A. Graber


Male, 1





Are these the parents of Cathern, first wife of James?  And next to them we find


Adam Graber


Male 68

Hesse Darm


Parents born Hesse Darm.

Possibly then the father of George and the grandfather of Cathern??  








HOOT, ALTA M.                              1896-1974                   Blake

HOOT, BLAKE                                 1894-Dec. 22, 1967    Alta

HOOT, GLENN O.                           1919-1973                   Anna




Hoot Blake E, 73, died Sunday at his residence, McComb Rd., Huntertown. Surviving are his wife, Alla; four sons, Wyonald, Glen and Blake Jr., all of Huntertown, and Darrell, LaOtto; a sister, Mrs. Florence Simon, Avilla; his stepmother, Mrs. Mae Hoot, Auburn; 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Services were held Wednesday in Sonday & Sheets Funeral Home, Churubusco. ~ 12-14-1967



Hoot Alla May, 78, was born June 22, 1896 in Albion to Joshua and Olive Myers Eminger. She married Blake Hoot July 18, 1917, and they lived in Kendallville before moving to Huntertown in 1926. He died Dec. 10, 1967. She died Sept. 22 in Parkview Hospital. Two sons, Wyonald (Oney) of Huntertown and Darrell of Fort Wayne survive, as do 18 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. Services were Sept. 25 at Sheets Funeral Home. Burial, Huntertown Cemetery. ~ 9-26-1974 + 9-22-1974





Hoot Wyanold, 2-3-1918, Blake, Eminger Allie, Av1-34


Wyonald “Oney” Hoot


“Oney” died Monday, February 6, 2006 as a result of a truck-vehicle accident.  He was born in Avilla February 3, 1918;  lived in Fremont as a child; and had lived in the Huntertown area since 1927.   Was a World War II Army Veteran.    Married Margaret H. Ryan in 1941.  


Worked at General Electric and International Harvestor as a young man.  Was also a self-employed truck driver.  Employed at the Memorial Coliseum in Ft. Wayne for 18 years, retiring from there in 1976.  Was founder and president of Big "O" Trampolines, a business he operated for several years.


Was a past member of Huntertown Volunteer Fire Dept.; was a lifetime member of Elmer Pond Chapter of DAV in Ft. Wayne.  Enjoyed mowing yards, making rosaries, and making peanut brittle in his spare time.  Leaves 5 children, all married, 21 grandchildren & 30 great-grandchildren at his death.




1 cup (raw) spanish peanuts

1 cup white sugar

1/2 cup light Kayo syrup

Microwave syrup, peanuts, & sugar in pyrex bowl over 1 qt size on high power for 3.5 minutes.  Stir.

Microwave 2 more minutes.  Add 1 tsp. soda and stir – fast and hard.  Pour on greased cookie sheet.   Let cool.

Turn pan upside down & press on bottom.