Hatch Family  


Mr. and Mrs. JASON HATCH, from Pennsylvania, came with their son, NEWMAN HATCH, in 1834.  NEWMAN HATCH was married in 1839 to Miss ABIGAIL PARKER, daughter of BENJAMIN PARKER.  His daughter, ESTER married DR. WHEELOCK, the first doctor in Perry township.  They had four children, all of whom died by the age of six. 


JASON settled on Cedar Creek, where he erected a saw mill.  He settled on the farm now owned by THOMAS WILKINSON (about 1885), and cleared a large tract of land besides superintending the mill.  The farm was purchased June 10, 1834 from President Martin Van Buren.  He was a man who speedily won his way to the hearts of his fellow-citizens, and was repeatedly called upon to fill local offices.  He remained in the township until his death in 1841. 


NEWMAN HATCH had eight children:











Newman owned a 160-acre tract, a 40 acre tract, and 20 acres east of the Saginaw railroad.  He also was the first to help build a church in 1846.  He was an active member of the Huntertown Methodist Church.




Pursuant to the order, the qualified voters of the township met at the house of William Caswell, on the second Saturday in October, 1835.  William Caswell was appointed Inspector by the Board of County Commissioners.  The election resulted in the choice of JASON HATCH and William Caswell, Justices of the Peace, and Lewis Hammon, Constable. 







1.  Jason Hatch  b: PA

            +  Joanna Holbrook


                        2.  Esther Hatch  b: July 27, 1823 in Erie, PA  d: Jan. 12, 1850

                              married July 26, 1840

                                    +  Elbridge Gerry Wheelock  b: Nov. 25, 1814 in Burlington, VT

                                          d: Aug. 5, 1892


                                                3.  Ellen Elizabeth Wheelock  b: April 7, 1842 

                                                      d: Feb. 25, 1848

                                                3.  Gertrude Wheelock  b: Oct. 21, 1845  d: Dec. 25, 1848

                                                3.  Thomas Hatch Wheelock  b: Jan. 23, 1847

                                                       d:  Oct. 12, 1849

                                                3.  Ellen Gertrude Wheelock  b: Dec. 14, 1848 

                                                      d:  Sept. 5, 1849


                        2.  Newman V. Hatch b: Oct. 18, 1815 in NY or PA (1880 census)  d: June 21,


                                    +  Abigail Parker  b: 1818 in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY

                                          d: Jan. 21, 1908


                                                3.  Chloe Ann Hatch  b: abt. 1841

                                                3.  Theodore J. Hatch  b: abt. 1844  d: Oct. 21, 1882

                                                            +  Mary D.  b: abt. 1851   d: 1929


                                                                        4.  Harry Hatch  b: abt. 1871 in Iowa

                                                                              d: May 21, 1883

                                                                        4.  Emmett Hatch  b: abt. 1872

                                                                        4.  Theodore Hatch  b: abt. 1874

                                                                        4.  Clyde Hatch  b: abt. 1878  d: 1917

                                                                        4.  Edith M. Hatch  d: Sept. 12, 1878


                                                3.  Theron Versil Hatch  b: abt. 1845 in IN  d: 1928  m: Sept.28, 1869

                                                            +  Amelia E. Kell b: 1849 in IN  d: 1922


                                                                        4.  Arthur Hatch  b: abt. 1871

                                                                        4.  Edwin Hatch  b: abt. 1874

                                                                        4.  Ethel May Hatch  b. abt. 1877 

                                                                               d:  Sept. 16, 1879

                                                                        4.  Clinton Jacob Hatch  b: 1889  d: 1938


                                                3.  Alice Hatch  b: 1846 in IN  d: 1906, married Oct. 1, 1867  

                                                            +  George V. Kell  b: 1846 in IN  d: 1918 


                                                                        4.  Gertrude W. Kell  b: abt 1870  d: 1967

                                                                        4.  Louie A. Kell  b: abt. 1872  d: 1954

                                                                        4.  Jessey E. Kell  b: abt 1874  d: 1968

                                                                        4.  Beatrice A. Kell  b: abt. 1876  d: 1961

                                                                        4.  V. George Kell  b: abt. 1879


                                                3.  Klezia Hatch  b: 1848

                                                3.  Samuel Brenton Hatch  b: abt. 1851 in IN  d: 1933

                                                            +  Althea L.  b: abt. 1851  d: 1917


                                                                        4.  Mabel Hatch  b: abt 1874

                                                                        4.  Hugh W. Hatch  b: abt. 1876

                                                                        4.  Alice Hatch  b: abt. 1878


                                                3.  Antha Hatch  b: abt. 1857

                                                3.  Florence Hatch  b: abt. 1864

                                                3.  Mary Gertrude Hatch                                                                                                                                                                                    

1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  #2674-2686


Versil Hatch              35 M                Farmer           born NY

Abigal Hatch              30 F                                         born NY


Cloya Ann Hatch       9 F                                          born IN

Theodore Hatch         6 M                                         born IN

Theron Hatch             5 M                                         born IN

Alice Hatch                4 F                                          born IN

Klezia Hatch              2 F                                          born IN


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN


Hiram Hatch                         24 M                Laborer          born NY


In the home of William and Abigal Bennet


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  195 C


Theodore Hatch        married          male, 36          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY

Mary Hatch               wife                 female, 31      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born IN,  Mother born NY


Harry Hatch              son                  male, 9            born IN          

Emmett Hatch          son                  male, 8            born IN

Theodore Hatch        son                  male, 6            born IN

Clyde Hatch              son                  male, 2            born IN


1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN  179 D


Theron V. Hatch       married          male, 35          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY

Amelia Hatch            wife                 female, 32      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born Germany,  Mother born IN


Auther Hatch            son                  male, 9            born IA          

Edwin Hatch                         son                  male, 6            born IN

1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  195 C


Samuel B. Hatch       married          male, 29          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY

Altha Hatch               wife                 female, 29      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Mabel Hatch              daughter        female, 6        born IN

Hugh W. Hatch         son                  male, 4            born IN

Alice Hatch               daughter        female, 2        born IN




HATCH, ABIGAIL PARKER                     1818-1908       Wife of Newman Hatch

HATCH-KELL, ALICE                               1846-1906       George V.

HATCH, ALTHEA L.                                   1851-1917       Wife of S. B. Hatch

HATCH, AMELIA E.                                   1849-1922       Wife of Theron

HATCH, CLINTON J.                                 1889-1938       T.V. & A.E.

HATCH, CLYDE                                          1878-1917

HATCH, EDITH M.                                     Sept. 12, 1878  dau. T.J. & M.D.

HATCH-WHEELOCK, ESTHER              Erie PA, July 27, 1823-Jan. 12, 1850

                                                                        Wife of Elbridge, dau. of Jason and

                                                                        Joanna Hatch

HATCH, ETHEL MAY                                Sept. 16, 1879, 2Y 9M 28D,  dau. T.V. &


HATCH, HARRY C.                                                 born Iowa, May 21, 1883  12Y 4M 12D

                                                                        Son of T.J. & M.D.

HATCH, MARY D.                                       1851-1929

HATCH, NEWMAN V.                                1815-1899       wife, Abigail Parker

HATCH, S. BRENTON                                1851-1933       with Althea

HATCH, THEODORE J.                             Oct. 21, 1882   39Y 3D

HATCH, THERON VINCENT                   1845-1928       83Y     Wife Amelia

    (Vincent should be Versil)




HATCH GROUP                              Mary M., Versil E., Donald L., George E.

HATCH, CARLETON A.                 1894 – Oct. 30, 1921              Dorothy E. & Daisy

HATCH, DAISY (McALLISTER)   1891 – 1972                            Carleton

HATCH, DONALD LEE                 1936 – 1949

HATCH, DOROTHY E.                   1915 – July 7, 1921

HATCH, EMMETT E.                     1872 – 1921

HATCH, ERNEST T.                       1874 – 1952                            E.E. & I.L.

HATCH, GEORGE EDWIN           1931 – 1963

HATCH, HERMAN S.                     1880 – 1943                            Jennie

HATCH, IDA LENORA                   1874 – March 19, 1926          E.E. & E.T.

                                                                        51 years, 10 months

HATCH, JEANETTE                       March 2, 1915 -                      W. Edw.

HATCH, JENNIE                             1883 – Feb. 16, 1983              Herman

HATCH-WOOD, MABEL A.           1874 – 1959     OES               M.C. Wood

HATCH, MARY M.                          1909 -                                      Versil

HATCH, VERSIL E.                                    1908 – 1963                 Mary M.

                                                            (Krider Rec: March 29, 1908 – June 16, 1963

HATCH, WILLIAM EDWARD       March 9, 1914 – Dec. 28, 1972

                                                                        Mason                         Jeanette



From The Avilla News, November 22, 1928


Miss Madeline Rhodes of LaOtto and Mr. Versil E. Hatch of Huntertown



At three o’clock Thursday, November 15, 1928, the marriage of Miss MARY MADELINE  Rhodes of Swan Township and VERSIL E. HATCH of Perry Township was solemnized at the Methodist parsonage of Albion, the REV. J. A. HOCKSTEDLER officiating.  They were accompanied by the bride’s parents.  The contracting parties are well known citizens of the eastern part of the county. 


The bride is the daughter of MR. and MRS. GEORGE RHODES of LaOtto and is a very highly respected graduate of the LaOtto School and an exemplary young lady.  The groom is the son of MR. and MRS. EDWIN HATCH of Huntertown, a commendable and a very highly respected farmer of near Huntertown.  Both being very highly esteemed among their many friends. 


The young couple will immediately leave for a brief honeymoon after which they will be at their home on the Hatch farm northwest of Huntertown.  





HATCH HOMESTEAD  on the Hatch Road near Huntertown, IN


Photo courtesy of Michael J. Hatch  …   circa 1920-30


Jason Hatch bought the properties on the Hatch Road from the United States Government and the deeds were sign by two presidents – President Martin Van Buren and President Andrew Jackson, dated 1835 and 1837.