1.  Unknown Greenwell  b:  in Maryland from the 1880 census of son, Luther

            (Notice that this family was probably from Maryland)

            +  Unknown wife  b:  in Ohio from the 1880 census of son, Luther


                        2.  Luther C. Greenwell  b:  Abt. 1845 in Ohio

                                    +  Fannie  b:  Abt. 1855 in IN


                                                3.  Sidney Greenwell  b:  Abt. 1876

                                                3.  Frank Greenwell  b:  Abt. 1879

                                                            +  Ima Sloffer

                                                3.  Raymond Luther Greenwell  b:  April 23, 1892

                                                      d:  August 1973 in Huntertown, Allen Co. IN

                                                            +  Mabel Croy


                        2.  George W. Greenwell  b:  May 1848  d:  1924  Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Martha Vandolah  b:  Dec. 18, 1859  d:  Aug. 16, 1877

                                    +  Rebecca Vandolah  b:  1851 in IN  d: 1913 in Allen Co., IN

                                         married to G.W. Greenwell about 1881 


                                                3.  Perry Greenwell  b:  Aug. 1882

                                                3.  George Greenwell  b:  Dec. 7, 1883  d:  Jan. 1969 in

                                                       Churubusco, Whitley Co., IN

                                                3.  Bessie Greenwell  b:  Nov. 1888

                                                3.  Helen S. Greenwell  b:  July 1893


                        2.  Franklin Greenwell  b:  1851  d:  1925 at his home in Huntertown, IN

                                    +  Mary Jane Hunter  b:  Abt. 1843 in IN  d:  1925


                                                3.  E. Louise Greenwell

                                                            +  Unknown Corns


                                                                        4.  Mary Beth Corns

                                                                                    +  Unknown Walters  from Auburn, IN


Obituary from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette




Funeral Services for DR. FRANKLIN GREENWELL, the oldest practicing physician in Allen County, who died at his home in Huntertown, will be held in Huntertown, Thursday afternoon 2 o’clock.  The services will be in charge of the Huntertown Masonic Lodge and REV. ARTHUR J. FOLSOM, pastor of the Plymouth Congregation Church, and REV. ROBERT LITTLE, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will officiate.  Interment will be made in the Huntertown Cemetery. 


The services were delayed because of the uncertainty of the arrival of L. C. HUNTER, formerly of Fort Wayne, now a resident of Los Angeles, who is returning to Huntertown to attend the funeral services of his uncle.  Word was received last evening from Mr. Hunter, stating that he will arrive in Huntertown this evening. 

Dr. Greenwell’s widow, MRS. MARY JANE GREENWELL, was a daughter of MR. and MRS. WILLIAM HUNTER, the settlement now known as Huntertown having been named after her father.  Besides the widow, one daughter, one granddaughter and the nephew L. C. HUNTER, two brothers, L. C. GREENWELL and G. W. GREENWELL, both residing in Perry Township also survive. 


DR. GREENWELL was the first president of the Allen County Fair Association and was a member of that enterprise his entire life.  He was also president of the Huntertown Bank for many years.


1880 Census of Huntertown, Allen Co., IN   192B


Franklin Greenwell                   married            male, 29           born IN            Physician

            Both parents born MD

Mary Jane Greenwell                wife                  female, 31         born IN            Keeps house

            Father born England,  Mother born MA


Nellie McKinley                        other, single      female, 19         born IN            Servant

            Both parents born PA


1880 Census of Eel River, Allen Co., IN   179C


C. L. Greenwill                         married            male, 35           born Ohio         Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio

Fannie Greenwill                      wife                  female, 25         born IN            Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Sidney Greenwill                       son                   male, 4             born IN

Frank Greenwill                       son                   male, 7 mo        born IN


G. W. Greenwill            brother, widower           male, 32           born IN            Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio


Emma Hostler                          other, single      female, 21         born Ohio


1910 Census Index for Allen Co., IN show the following Greenwells listed:


C. L. Greenwell            64         born Ohio         living in Eel River Twp.            ED 5, page 08B

Frank W. Greenwell     30         born IN            living in Eel River Twp.            ED 5, page 08B

George Greenwell          26         born IN            living in Eel River Twp             ED 5, page 08B

Sidney W. Greenwell     33         born IN            living in Eel River Twp.            ED 5, page 08B

Perry Greenwell            27         born IN            living in Eel River Twp.            ED 5, page 08B

Franklin Greenwell       59         born IN            living in Perry Twp.                  ED19 page 15B




Dr. Franklin Greenwell




Lot 366A

Franklin H. Greenwell

No dates

Same lot as Dr.


Lot 366A

Martha Greenwell


Aug. 16, 1877

17yr 7mo 2d

Wife of G. W.

Mary Jane Greenwell




Lot 366A

Rebecca Greenwell







Luther appears in different records as C. L. and in others as Luther C. 

Vaughn Hatch received this information from his father:

            Luther was the brother of Dr. Franklin Greenwell.

            He purchased a farm and built a brick house now on the Greenwell Road. 

            He had three sons, Sidney, Ray and Frank.

            Sidney remained a batchelor all his life.

            Frank married Ima Sloffer and moved to Orland, IN where they raised fruits and

                        vegetables to sell.

            Ray married Mabel Croy and they had 4 daughters and lived in the original house.





15529 Lima Road is the former home and office of DR. FRANK GREENWELL.


Born in 1851, he attended Methodist College at Fort Wayne and studied medicine at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated in the class of 1876 with a Doctor of Medicine Degree.   That same year, the Doctor established his residence here in Huntertown and married MARY JANE HUNTER, the daughter of WILLIAM T. HUNTER for which the town is named.  Frank was one of the leading physicians and surgeons in Allen County and a very outgoing, community minded person.  Dr. Greenwell was the first president of Huntertown State Bank, the Grain Elevator, the Live Stock Association and the Allen County Fair.   As leader of the local Democratic party, he served 2 years as County Councilman, was elected State Senator in 1910, authored the Indiana Cold Storage Law and is responsible for establishing the Indiana Park Law which brought us the many parks we enjoy today. 


The first plat of Huntertown was recorded in January of 1870.   At that time, the original part of the house was built on a 2.5 acre lot extending south to Main Street and west to Webster Street.   At that time the entire house was just 16 x 38 with a sleeping loft above and a root cellar below.  You can see this rectangular section across the back of the existing house (west side).   It has a flat mansard roof characteristic of the Federal style homes built at that time.   The original house faced Main Street and the entrance had a small front porch under the southwest corner of the mansard roof.


About 1890, the house underwent a dramatic renovation project that transformed the small home into a large Queen Anne style surrounded by ornate flower gardens.   Shortly after this, a second renovation was made to accommodate the Doctor’s growing family and medical practice.   These took the house from its once modest size to its present size of nearly 3,900 square feet. 


The Greenwell’s lived in this home until the 1920’s when they sold it to their daughter, ELOUISE.   At that time the property was 2.5 acres.   The “Great Depression” hit in 1929 and Elouise was forced to sell off three-fourth’s of the property in an attempt to keep her home.   In 1933 she lost her home when the bank foreclosed on the mortgage.


Three years later, the home was purchased at a Sheriff’s Sale by CONRAD TUCKER.   The Tucker family resided in the home for the next 55 years.  “Cooney”, as he was known to friends, was also very involved in the community, serving as Civil Defense Director for Allen County, establishing Huntertown’s first ambulance service and 30 years as the Fire Chief of Huntertown.   As the Tuckers aged they were overwhelmed with the upkeep and their home fell into a state of disrepair.   In September of 1992 the house sold at public auction to GREG and TINA WILLIAMS who are continuing to restore the home to its beautiful Victorian stature. 




The Griswold-Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914

Compiled by B. J. Griswold


FRANKLIN GREENWELL, M. D. is to be designated not only as one of the leading physicians and surgeons of his native county, where he has established in the practice of his profession for the past 40 years, but he has also been a signally prominent and influential figure in public affairs in the county, his maximum political preferment having come when he was elected a member of the senate of the Indiana legislature.   His broad mental grasp and indomitable energy have found effective play in his support of measures and enterprises tending to advance the civic capacity for the giving of active service in varied lines has demonstrated his versatility and his civic loyalty, and that without impairing in the least his allegiance to the profession in which he has achieved prestige and unequivocal success. 


DR. GREENWELL was born in Perry township, this county, April 8, 1851, a son of GEORGE and ELIZABETH (BLICKENSTAFF) GREENWELL, both natives of the state of Maryland.   The father left an orphan when about 10 years of age, and prior to coming to Indiana, had lived for a number of years in Ohio, where his elder children were born.   About the year 1848 he became one of the pioneers of Allen county, where he obtained a tract of land and instituted the development of a farm from a virtual wilderness.   He continued as one of the substantial exponents of agricultural industry in this county until death, at the age of 72 years, and his name merits high place on the roll of those sterling pioneers who contributed generously to civic and industrial development and progress in this now favored section of the Hoosier State.   His political support was given to the Democratic party.   His wife was 58 years of age at the time of her death.   Of their 5 children, 2 died in early childhood, and the other 3 still survive, the 2 brothers of Dr. Greenwell being CHRISTIAN L. GREENWELL and GEORGE W. GREENWELL, both of who are representative farmers in Allen county.  


DR. GREENWELL passed the period of his childhood and early youth on the old home farm and after profiting duly by the advantages afforded in the public schools of the locality and period pursued a higher academic course in the Methodist College at Fort Wayne.   In consonance with his ambition and well formulated plans, he then entered the medical department of historic old Western Reserve University, in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, and in this institution was graduated as a member of the class of 1876 and with the degree of Doctor of Medicine.   In the same Centennial year he established his residence at Huntertown, Allen county, where he has since continued in the active general practice of his profession and has served long, faithfully and effectively in the alleviation of human suffering and distress, his practice having extended over a wide section of country normally tributary to Huntertown.   He has kept in close touch with the advances made in medical and surgical science and still gives much time to the study of the best standard and periodical literature of his profession, besides maintaining affiliation with the Allen County Medical Society, the Indiana State Medical Society, and the American Medical Association.   In the midst of the many exactions of his professional service the Doctor has found time and opportunity to exert potent influence in community affairs of a public order and has been a leader in the local camp of the Democratic party.   He served 2 years as county councilman at large, and in 1910 was elected representative of his district in the state senate, in which he served the regular term of 4 years and was an influential figure in the legislative sessions of 1911 and 1913.  In the senate he was the staunch advocate of much constructive and progressive legislation.   He was the author of the present Indiana law governing cold-storage institutions and business and championed this bill with characteristic energy and effectiveness, besides which he framed the Indiana park law, the enactment of which has met with representative popular endorsement.   The Indiana cold-storage law has been the pattern on which many other states have formed similar legislative enactments.   Dr. Greenwell was one of the organizers and incorporators of the Huntertown State Bank, in 1913;  was its first president and served in this executive office 2 years.   He was re-elected for a third term but felt constrained to retire from the position, owing to the exigent demands placed upon him in the work of his profession, the claims of which he has never subordinated to any other interests.      


In 1910 he was concerned in the organization of the Huntertown Grain Company, and has served consecutively as president of this corporation except during one year when he was able to prevail upon his associates to release him from the responsibilities involved.   The Doctor is at the present time president also of the Huntertown Live Stock Association, which was organized August 21, 1916, and there have been few matters of importance in his home community that have not enlisted his attention and felt his benignant and loyal influence.  


On May 26, 1876, the year that marked his reception of the degree of Doctor of Medicine, was solemnized the marriage of DR. GREENWELL to MISS MARY JANE HUNTER, of Huntertown, a village that was named in honor of this representative pioneer family.  Dr. and Mrs. Greenwell became the parents of two children, of whom one is living, ELOISE, who is the wife of HENRY NELSON, their home being at Huntertown and Mr. Nelson having come to Indiana from Windsor, Massachusetts, a suburb of the city of Boston.   Mr. and Mrs. Nelson have one child, MARY ELIZABETH.  


DR. GREENWELL may consistently be termed the dean of his profession in his native county, even as he is known and honored as a representative citizen.