Some of this information came from the earthlink website of Keith Wagner and his family tree.  Much came from census information, burial records, etc. 


1.  FRAME CARMEN FREEMAN  b: Nov. 14, 1807  d: July 1870, married March 8, 1832 in

      Miami or Montgomery Co., Ohio

            +  MARTHA REED (wife #1)  d: 1837


                        2.  Nancy Evelyn Freeman  b: Jan. 24, 1835 in Miami Co., Ohio  d: Nov. 3, 1903

                              married Aug. 31, 1853 

                                    +  Martin Houder  b: Jan. 14, 1833  d: Nov. 10, 1864 in a rebel prison

                                         in South Carolina 

                              married  March 3, 1867

                                    +  George Waters Humbert  b: 1826  d: March 6, 1898


                                                3.  Ida May Humbert  b: June 3, 1868  d:  Jan. 11, 1869 in

                                                      Allen Co., IN

                                                3.  Jennie Eliza Jane Humbert  b: Nov. 20, 1870   d: Dec. 30,

                                                      1942 in DeKalb Co., IN,  married June 20, 1895

                                                            +  Oliver Perry Hall  b: July 19, 1866 in DeKalb Co.,

                                                                  IN  d:  Nov. 29, 1945 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                3.  George Wilson Humbert  b: Nov. 19, 1873  d: Nov. 5, 1956

                                                      in DeKalb Co., IN, married May 3, 1899 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Julia Aretta Homsher  b: Oct. 2, 1868 in Swan Twp.

                                                                  Noble Co., IN  d:  March 12, 1937 in DeKalb Co.


                                                                        4.  Ralph W. Humbert  b: abt. 1900  d: 1978

                                                                        4.  Lawrence Humbert b: abt. 1902

                                                                        4.  Helen Matilda Humbert  b: July 14, 1906

                                                                               d: Aug. 28, 1984 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                                        4.  Lena V. Humbert  b: Oct. 14, 1910 in Ft.

                                                                               Wayne  d: Feb. 8, 1992 in Auburn, IN


                        2.  Milton W. Freeman  b: Dec. 9, 1932  d: Oct. 18, 1905 in Benton Harbor, MI

                              married Nov. 6, 1859 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Henrietta Snyder  b: Aug. 29, 1842  d:  July 3, 1918 in Benton

                                          Harbor, MI


                                                3.  John W. Freeman  1860-1861                                                

                                                3.  Charles E. Freeman  b: Oct 24, 1861  d: July 15, 1948

                                                            +  Margaret Elder   m: April 11, 1889

                                                                        4.  Opal Freeman  b: Jan 13, 1891

                                                                        4.  Kenneth Freeman  b: April 12, 1902

                                                3.  Judson Freeman  b: Aug 22, 1867  d: Nov 26, 1945 in MI

                                                            +  Lizzie M. Hoffman  m: Jan 18, 1895

                                                3.  Jessie Freeman  b: abt. 1876 in Indiana


                        2.  Eilen Freeman  b: 1837



            married about 1840

            +  ELIZABETH SIMON  b: abt. 1817  d: before 1853 or 1856 when Frame remarried

                  (2nd  wife of Frame Carmen Freeman)

                  (Elizabeth’s father was George Simon, mother, Elizabeth Hewitt) 


                        2.  Julia Matilda Freeman  b: 1839 in Allen Co., IN  d: 1871 in DeKalb Co, IN

                              married Nov. 19, 1857

                                    +  Elias Fisher  b: Aug. 3, 1829 in Stark Co., Ohio  d: Aug. 9, 1903 in

                                         DeKalb Co., IN 

                                         (owned land in Wilmington Twp., DeKalb Co., IN in 1863.)

                                          (on Wilmington Twp. 1860 census with Julia but no children)

                                          (In 1880 had remarried a Catherine Depew, widow, and had both

                                           DePew step children and 2 Fisher children, Delphia 10, Anna 6)


                        2.  Elizabeth Freeman  b: abt. 1841 (called Eliz. McKinney in father's will)

                                    +  McKinney

                        2.  Robert L. Freeman  b: July 26, 1843  d: 1896, married April 15, 1865

                                    +  Sarah J. McBride  d: March 1, 1879

                                                3.  Winfield S. Freeman

                                                3.  Charles Franklin Freeman

                               married June 12, 1881      

                                    +  Katie Ann Gordon (2nd wife of Robert Freeman)  b: Jan. 19, 1862

                                         d: Jan 4, 1938 at dau Sylvia's home

                                                3.  George Freeman

                                                3.  Goldie Catherine Freeman 1882-1954

                                                            + Dan W. Pepple  b: Oct 22, 1874 d: May 1963

                                                                        4.  Nettie Pepple

                                                                        4.  Hazel Pepple

                                                                                    +  Dalton Rhodes

                                                                        4.  Pearl Pepple

                                                                                    +  Hart

                                                                        4.  Bessie Mae Pepple

                                                                                    +  Charles E. Huff

                                                                        4.  Robert C. Pepple

                                                                                    +  Genevieve Freeman

                                                                        4.  Mabel K. Pepple

                                                                                    +  Paul Barkdull

                                                                        4.  Bertha Pepple

                                                                                    +  Oland Fetter

                                                                        4.  Huber Pepple

                                                                                    +  Virginia Kostielney

                                                3.  Sylvia Elizabeth Freeman  b: Aug 4, 1886  d: Aug 28,

                                                        1943   married Nov 11 1906

                                                            +  Albert Eugene Holopeter  b: Sept 26, 1885 

                                                                   d: Sept 15, 1970 in Whitley Co., IN

                                                                        4.   Agnes Marjorie Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  Harold E. Stirlen

                                                                                    +  Loren Hargrove

                                                                        4.  Ronald Eugene Hollopeter

                                                                        4.  Earl Freeman Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  Agnes Geiseking

                                                                        4.  Eleanor Catherine Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  Enno Herbert Richter

                                                                        4.  Everett Otis Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  Emma Louise Clarke

                                                                        4.  Frank Elwood Hollopeter 1918-1945

                                                                               died in World War II

                                                                        4.  Maurice Albert Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  Vivian Lucille Wetzel

                                                                        4.  Martha Ellen Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  Paul Emil Post

                                                                        4.  Hazel Elizabeth Hollopeter

                                                                                    +  James Henry Crandal

                                                                        4.  Stillborn son Hollopeter 1928


                        2.  Henrietta Freeman  b: 1848  d: July 19, 1930, married June 25, 1870

                                    +  William H. Deam/Diehm  b: 1848  d: 1917

                        2.  Ellen Freeman (possibly dau called Mary Elin Mires in father's will??

                                    +  Myers??


     married February 3, 1853 in DeKalb Co   (was this a marriage to this Frame?)

            +  Emily Clark


     married June 22, 1854 in Allen Co., IN

            +  ELIZA DOUGLASS  (4th wife of Frame Carmen Freeman) (marriage found in

                  Indiana marriage records but not included in family records.   May or may not

                  have been true.)


     married July 6, 1856 in Allen Co., IN

+  MARY HELD SNYDER (5th wife of Frame Carmen Freeman)   b: June 22, 1815 in

     Germany  d: June 24, 1902  (Some census records say born Switzerland)

     First cousin to the famous actress Anna Held.   Had previously been married

     to John Snyder and had Snyder children.)


            2.  William David Freeman  b: Feb. 16, 1858  d: April 5, 1928, married about

                   1880 in Huntertown, IN

                        +  Mary Catherine Wappes  b: June 6, 1860  d: May 2, 1940

                                    3.  Mervin Freeman  b: July 7, 1883

                                                +  Maude Drake

                                    3.  Clarence M. Freeman  b: Nov 23, 1887 d: Sept 13, 1934

                                                +  Anna M. Gause

            2.  Sarah Jane Freeman  b: 1861

            2.  Jennie Freeman, married March 3, 1897 in Marion, Grant Co., IN 

                        +  Joseph Storey (attorney of Peoria, IL)







The family of SAMUEL FREEMAN   b: abt 1756 in New Jersey  d: Nov 1821 in Miami Co., OH     married PRISCILLA RITTENHOUSE about 1777 in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

Priscilla died May 11, 1826 in Ohio.   Children: 


            JOHN FREEMAN 1781-1854  and MARY MCKINNEY  

            NOAH FREEMAN  b: 1788

            EDMUND FREEMAN  b: about 1780

            WILLIAM FREEMAN  B: 1782   

            SAMUEL FREEMAN, JR.  b. about 1788  




            ROBERT M. FREEMAN




            MARY FREEMAN



            JOHN FREEMAN

            ESTHER FREEMAN





1.  Samuel Freeman  b: abt 1756 in NJ  d: Nov 1821 in Miami Co., OH

            +  Pricilla Rittenhouse  b: in Hunterdon Co., NJ  d: May 22, 1826 in OH


                        2.  John Freeman b: Dec 27, 1781  d: Aug 25, 1854 in Miami Co., OH

                                    +  Mary McKinney  b: June 15, 1786 in MD   (John is buried at

                                          Bethel Cemetery in Bethel Township, Miami Co., OH)


                                                3.  Robert M. Freeman  b: Aug 29, 1803 in Greene Co, OH

                                                       d: Jan 22, 1883

                                                            +  Mary Puterbaugh  b: Dec 30, 1809  d: May 10, 1869

                                                            +  Ann Winans Hyatt  b: England  m: Nov 28, 1872

                                                3.  Susannah Freeman  b: June 9, 1805  d: Feb 13, 1872

                                                            +  Aaron D. Goble  b: March 4, 1805  d: Aug 2, 1883

                                                3.  Frame Carmen Freeman   (descendants listed above)

                                                3.  Priscilla Freeman  b: Jan 4, 1810 in Greene Co., OH

                                                        d: May 22, 1880 in Allen Co., IN (or 1881)

                                                        married Feb 5, 1829 in Miami Co., OH

                                                            +  John P. Shoaff  b: Oct 13, 1804  d: Feb 1, 1887

                                                                 (see Shoaff family for descendants)

                                                3.  Mary Freeman  b: March 9, 1812  d: abt 1852

                                                        married March 28, 1833 

                                                            +  Milton Wells  b: Oct 8, 1811  d: Feb 5, 1835

                                                3.  William Freeman  b: March 27, 1814

                                                3.  Juliana Matilda Freeman  b: Feb 27, 1816 Miami Co. OH

                                                       d: May 6, 1849  married Nov 25, 1835

                                                            +  Thomas Jefferson Freeman  b: Feb 8, 1809 

                                                                    d: Feb 7, 1859  (son of Wm Freeman 1782-1844

                                                                          and Sarah Bryson)


                                                                        4.  Henry D. Freeman

                                                                        4.  Harriet L. Freeman 

                                                                        4.  Thomas J. Freeman

                                                                        4.  William Henry Harrison Freeman

                                                                                    +  Caroline Jane Pierson

                                                                        4.  Mary Missouri Freeman  never married

                                                                        4.  Samuel W. Freeman

                                                                                    +  Mary C. Smith


                                                3.  John Freeman  b: March 21, 1818

                                                3.  Esther Freeman  b: Oct 21, 1821  d: Aug 18, 1884 KS

                                                            +  William Howard Wells  b: Jan 9, 1814 in VA

                                                                   d: Nov 12, 1885 in Belleville, KS


                                                                        4.  Sarah Jane Wells   b: abt 1838

                                                                        4.  John Wells  b: abt 1840

                                                                        4.  George Wells  b: abt 1844

                                                                        4.  Isabella Wells  b: abt 1842

                                                                        4.  Aurelia Wells  b:  abt 1847

                                                                        4.  William Wells  abt 1849


                                                3.  Elizabeth Freeman  b: April 10, 1824

                                                            +  McCurdy

                                                3.  Harriet Freeman  b: Nov 23, 1827


                        2.  Noah Freeman  b: 1778  came to Miami Co., Ohio d: 1835-1836 

                                    +  Margaret Morris  (married 2nd Capt. Frink;  came to Noble Co IN

                                    (children:  Juretta Clemens, Naomi, Mary Jane, David M, Everson S)

                                    (Noah was a minister)

                        2.  Edmund Freeman  b: abt 1780

                        2.  William Freeman  b: 1782   d: 1844 in Greene Co., OH  married 1805

                                    +  Sarah Bryson


                                                3.  Thomas Jefferson Freeman 

                                                            +  Juliana Matilda Freeman (dau of John Freeman

                                                                    and Mary McKinney)   children under Juliana

                                                3.  Priscilla Freeman

                                                            +  Levi R. Cavender

                                                3.  Elizabeth Freeman    m: Nov 19, 1823

                                                            +  James Dunlap

                                                3.  Mary Freeman   m: Jan 29, 1833 in Jacksonville, IL 

                                                            +  Fleming Stevenson

                                                3.  John A. Freeman   m:  Oct 26, 1846  d: 1851  

                                                            +  Martha Coolidge

                                                3.  William Freeman  b: 1816

                                                            +  Ruhama

                                                3.  Sarah Ann Freeman


                        2.  Samuel Freeman, Jr.   b: abt 1788  married Jan 13, 1808  Miami Co, OH

                                    +  Margaret Reed


                                                3.  Matilda  b: abt 1809

                                                3.  Mary Freeman  b: abt 1811

                                                            +  John B. Shoaff

                                                3.  Priscilla Freeman  b: abt 1813  d: Sept 17, 1876

                                                            +  Daniel Oakes  m: Aug 8, 1833 in Miami Co, OH  



If you find errors in this Freeman genealogy, please contact us with what you have as correct information.   Thanks!  




1860 Census for Eel River, Allen County, IN


Fream C. Freeman

Male 53

Born Ohio

About 1807

Mary Freeman

Female 45

Born Nassau

About 1815

Robert Freeman

Male, 16

Born IN

About 1844

Catharine Freeman

Female, 13

Born IN

About 1847

Henrietta Freeman

Female, 10

Born IN

About 1850

Edward Snyder

Male, 11


About 1849

Sophia Snyder

Female, 8


About 1852

William Freeman

Male, 2

Born IN

About 1858


1870 Census for Eel River, Allen County, IN


Friend Freeman

Male, 63

Born Ohio

About 1807

Mary Freeman

Female, 54

Born Switzerland

About 1816

William Freeman

Male, 12


About 1858

Sarah Freeman

Female, 9


About 1861


Milton Freeman

Male, 37

Born Ohio

About 1833

Henrietta Freeman

Female, 27

Born Ohio

About 1843

Charley Freeman

Male, 8

Born IN

About 1862

William Freeman

Male, 2

Born IN

About 1868


Robert Freeman

Male, 26

Born IN

About 1844

Sarah Freeman

Female, 24

Born IN

About 1846

Scott Freeman

Male, 3

Born IN

About 1867




1880 Census of Eel River, Allen Co., IN  180 A -  Mary Held Snyder Freeman


Mary Freeman                      Widow            Female, 63     born Germany

            Both parents born Germany


Sarah Freeman                     daughter        Female, 19     born IN

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born Germany 

William Freeman         other, married      Male, 22         born IN           Farmer

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born Germany

Mary Freeman                      wife                 Female, 20     born Ohio

            Both parents born Germany  (prob. William’s wife)


Though William’s relationship says “other” he is no doubt William David Freeman, son of Frame and Mary.  William born 1858, wife, Mary Wappes born 1860.  


1880 Census of Harrison Township, Kosciusko, IN  119 D – Milton W. Freeman, son of Frame and Martha.


Milton W. Freeman              Married          Male, 48         born Ohio       Farmer

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio   (father born PA?)

Henrietta Freeman              Wife                Female, 38     born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born PA, no state given for mother


Charles Freeman                  Son, single     Male, 18         born IN           At school

Judson Freeman                   Son                  Male, 12         born IN           At school

Jessie Freeman                     Son                  Male, 4           born IN


Henrietta Snyder was a dau. of Mary Held Snyder


1860 Census of Wilmington Twp., DeKalb Co., IN  - Julia Freeman


Elias Fisher                           31 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Julia A. Fisher                      21 F                                         born IN

Sarah J. Fisher                     14                                            born Ohio

William Fisher                      20                                            born Ohio


Sarah and William are probably siblings of Elias.  No children are listed here for Elias and Julia.   Julia is dead by the 1880 census where we find Elias remarried to Catherine Depew who has 6 children by her previous marriage,  William Depew 33,  Hannah Depew 30,  Alace A. Depew 20,  Margret J. Depew 17,  Palmyra Depew 14, George Depew 13.  Also in their household in 1880 are:


Delphia Fisher          Daughter       Female, 10     born IN

Anna Fisher              Daughter       Female, 6       born IN


Elias Fisher is found on the 1863 plat map of Wilmington Township, DeKalb Co.



McKINNEY.  Their children were:


            Frame Carmen Freeman

            Robert M. Freeman married Mary Puterbaugh

            Susanna Freeman married Aaron D. Goble

            Priscilla Freeman married John P. Shoaff

            Mary Freeman married Milton Wells 

            William Freeman married Juliana Freeman 

            John Freeman

            Esther Freeman married William Howard Wells

            Elizabeth Freeman

            Harriet Freeman



FREEMAN HISTORY -- STORIES   (May or may not all be factual)


From “A History of Samuel Freeman of Miami County, Ohio, and His Descendants” by Raymond B. Freeman, 1955   (did not find this book in the Allen County Public Library.   Perhaps it is owned just by members of the Freeman family)


He gave as his sources:   A history written by Bessie Pixley;  from “History of Greene Co” by R.S. Dills, 1881;  and recollections of Isaac Freeman.  


SAMUEL was a hunter and trapper while in New Jersey.

He may also have lived in PA before going further west. 

Son, John says he was born in PA  


After a marriage about 1777 Samuel and his new wife started for the West bringing some money, a gun, tomahawk, blankets and a 2-year old colt.   They reached Boonesborough, KY where Daniel Boone had built some fortifications.   Stayed a short time and then started up the river to Cincinnati.   Built the first shingle-roofed house there and opened a hotel.   At the time a lot could be bought for the price of what fish a man could catch in one day. 


While in Cincinnati (possibly called earlier Fort Washington where General Wayne’s army was stationed) Samuel was busy.  

            He bought 4 lots in 1789 and later 2 others

            He was listed as a “Viewer of enclosures”          

            And “appraiser of damages” in 1793

            In 1795 he was “Overseer of the Poor” and “Overseer of Highways”

            Probably was a dealer in land

            Gave $1 for work to be done on the First Presbyterian Meeting House in 1794

            Also on the giving list were Ezra Fitz Freeman and Thomas Fream.


   From Cincinnati, about 1801, they moved up the Little Miami River to Tipp City in Miami County.   Or Greene Co. on Little Beaver about 7 or 8 miles from Dayton.    Both places were given.   At various times he apparently was in both counties. 


Son WILLIAM settled near Beaver Creek township on the Mad River which is next to Sugar Creek township, Greene Co., OH.   Samuel and son, John, came on across the county line into Miami Co in Monroe township.    They entered a large tract of land and improved it.   Then sold a part and erected a mill which was the 2nd one built in the county.  


WILLIAM, son of Samuel, was reported to have been in a lot of adventures.   Until he married he was on the move.   When he was 11 years old he ran away from home and went to General Anthony’s Wayne’s camp.   He wanted to join the army.   Gen. Wayne rightly sent him back home with a promise that he could do that when he was older.   He kept that promise and William did fight several battles against the Indians.   But he also went to live with the Miami Indians.   He always felt that it was wrong to drive the Indians from their land and he had many Indian friends that he continued to visit.     His will was proved June 10, 1844.  He gave bequests to his wife, Sarah, daughter Priscilla, and Elam S. Freeman, who was not one of his children, but apparently was close to him.   The 7 children listed were:

Elizabeth married to James Dunlap;  Priscilla married to Levi R. Cavender;   Mary married to Fleming Stevenson;  Thomas J., John, William and Sarah Ann.


SAMUEL was found as a grand juror on the May term 1808, Common Pleas Court, Miami Co.


Samuel Freeman, JR. died before his father, probate 1814 with Margaret as administratrix.


Apparently Samuel and Priscilla may be buried on one of the family farms there in an old cemetery.   Priscilla’s stone reads “Priscilla Freeman, wife of Samuel Freeman, died May 22, 1826”.  No stone was found for Samuel but many of the stones were gone.




Son JOHN Freeman died August 25, 1854 and is buried in Bethel Church Cemetery, Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio.     A little about some his children:


SUSANNAH married Aaron D. Goble and they had 9 children born in Miami Co, and then settled in Whitley Co., IN.  Susan (June 9, 1805-Feb 13, 1872) was 66 years, 8 months and 4 days when she died.   Her husband Aaron (March 4, 1805 – Aug 2, 1883) was 78 years, 4 months, 29 days.


PRISCILLA Freeman married John P. Shoaff on February 5, 1829 and they settled in Allen Co., Indiana about 1835.    They are both buried in the Fairview Cemetery northwest of Huntertown, IN.   More about them will be found under the Shoaff family.  


FRAME C. FREEMAN (often written FREAM C. FREEMAN)  moved to Allen Co., IN about 1835.    The family history gives him 3 wives though we find in the marriage records a possible 2 other names of marriages to a Fream or Frame Freeman in Allen Co., IN.


            1.  MARTHA REED, March 8, 1832 in Miami Co., Ohio 

            2.  ELIZABETH SIMON, 1840   

            3.  EMILY CLARK, February 3, 1853 DeKalb Co., IN   

            4.  ELIZA DOUGLAS, June 22, 1854, Allen Co., IN   

            5.  MARY (HELD) SNYDER, July 6, 1856, Allen Co., IN   


Martha, Elizabeth Simon, and Mary Held are given in the family history.   Perhaps someone can explain the other two?  


FRAME FREEMAN made his will on April 17, 1860 and it was not proven until July 27, 1871.   According to his will at that time his wife was MARY.    Mary Held had been married to John Snyder and had some children by him that she brought with her to her marriage to Frame.   She was also first cousin to the famous actress, Anna Held.    Census records show her children by this previous marriage living with them.   Children named in his will were:

William, Jane, Robert, Milton M., Matilda Fisher, Nancy Howder Humbert, Mary Elin Mires, Elizabeth McKinney, Catherine Manning, Henrietta Freeman. 


MARY FREEMAN  Married Milton Wells on March 28, 1833.   She died at the age of 36 years.    Apparently Milton died not long after their marriage as there is a headstone in Mills or Wells Cemetery, Miami Co., OH that says “In memory of Milton Wells, born Oct 8, 1811 and died Feb. 5, 1835, aged 23 years, 3 months, 28 days”.    


MATILDA FREEMAN, married her first cousin THOMAS J. FREEMAN, who was the son of William Freeman of Greene Co., OH.   A story on Thomas tells that two days after he was born a band of Indians made a raid on the home and the father, William, fought them off.   After their first child was born they moved to Auburn, IN and to a farm south of Auburn that was called Morning Star farm.   About 1844 Thomas sold the farm and bought a tavern or inn at Auburn.   Matilda died in 1849 leaving Thomas with 3 children.   He remarried to Hortense Miner.   She was a teacher, but she did not live long and died leaving Thomas with another child.   Apparently that child, was taken by an aunt to be raised.   Then Thomas and his son, Samuel aged 13, traveled thru the West, Mexico, Kansas.   On the morning of February 7, 1859, Thomas was robbed and murdered on his place in Kansas.   He was called the pioneer of Union Township of DeKalb Co., IN.    Some confusion here possibly between Thomas J. the father and Thomas J. the son.  


ESTHER FREEMAN married William Howard Wells and they moved to Allen Co., IN, in 1838.   They may have gone to Kansas about 1870.   They both died at Belleville, Kansas




Of FRAME’S CHILDREN we have the following added information:


MILTON W. FREEMAN  was a carpenter and a farmer.   He died at Benton Harbor, MI. 

He married Henrietta Snyder on Nov. 6, 1859.   She was born Aug. 29, 1842 and she was the daughter of John Snyder and Mary (Held) Snyder.    After John Snyder died Mary married Frame C. Freeman and probably that was how the two, Milton and Henrietta,  met and fell in love.     (Here we note that there was also a Henrietta Freeman as found in the 1860 census who was the daughter of Frame Freeman and Betsey Simons. She was 10 years old in 1860.   She married a William Deam/Diehm.)  Two different Henriettas.  


ROBERT L. FREEMAN was born in Eel River Township, in the old log cabin.   His father, Frame, built a 2-story brick house about 1847.   Robert enlisted in 1862 in Co. E., 88th Indiana Regiment under Capt. Chauncey Oakley.   He served for 3 years and was in every battle with his regiment except for Stone Mountain.  He was discharged in 1865.   And in April of that same year he married Sarah J. McBride, and had four children.   In 1889 only two of them were still living, Winfield S. Freeman and Charles Franklin Freeman.  


Robert remarried to Katie Ann Gordon and they had 3 children.   He was township constable for 6 years, belonged to the Redmen and the Grange.   They are buried at Fairview Cemetery northwest of Huntertown, IN in Allen County.  


WILLIAM DAVID FREEMAN, born 1858 married  MARY CATHERINE WAPPES.   He had 8 children.








George W. Freeman




Freeman-Sloffer, Mary Alford



Geo. W. Freeman




Angie V. Freeman


October 1, 1878

1 month, 8 days;  dau of R.L. and S.J.

Anna M. Freeman




Charles A. Freeman



E.M. & K.A.   married Mar 9, 1926

Clarence M. Freeman




Edith M. Freeman



Chas. & K.M.

Hardy R. Freeman




Hutoka R. Freeman




James E. Freeman


Sept 11, 1872

1 y, 8 m, 17 d    son of R.L. and S.J.

Katie Ann Freeman




Kimberly Ann Freeman


July 22, 1968

C.A. & E.M.  Krider Service

L. E. Freeman




Mary C. Freeman



Wm. D;   Mother

Mary L. Snyder Freeman

June 22, 1815

June 24, 1902

87 y, 2 d                 John Snyder

Maude B. Freeman




Murvin C. Freeman




Freeman, Phoebe Johnson



Winfield S.

R. L. Freeman



Sarah J.   Indiana Co. E, 98th Infantry

Robert L. Freeman




Sarah J. Freeman


March 1, 1879

38 y, 5 d  wife of R.L.

Walter F. Freeman




William D. Freeman



Mary C.;   Father

Winifield Scott Freeman


June 30, 1931

64 y, 4 m, 4 d    DAR  Phoebe