Fitch Families





PERRY FITCH 1842-1900



CHARLES FITCH  1846-1925

AMOS FITCH 1849-1935



HARVEY FITCH 1853-1948    


ALLEN FITCH 1857-1952

    Find Allen under Charles.  Both in business in St. Paul, MN

IDA A. FITCH 1858-1945    






NATHANIEL and SARAH ELIZABETH DELONG FITCH, the former native of Pennsylvania and the latter of Ohio, their marriage having been solemnized in Allen County, Indiana.  NATHANIEL FITCH, JR., bore the full name of his father, who was a successful agriculturist in Pennsylvania.  Reared and educated in the old Key-stone state, Nathaniel, Jr., was a young man when he came from Pennsylvania to Allen County, in 1832, and obtained a homestead claim of government land in Perry Township.  His home farm was 2 and ½ miles East of the village of Huntertown.  He was a blacksmith by trade and it is worthy of historic note that he forged the lock irons used on the old canal extending from Fort Wayne to the Wabash River.  He reclaimed his farm from virtual wilderness and became one of the honored and influential citizens of Perry Township.  His marriage to MISS SARAH E. DELONG was solemnized on June 14, 1840  (May be June 4) and they forthwith established their home on the pioneer farm in Perry Township, where Mr. Fitch also established a blacksmith shop in which he continued to do a large amount of work at his trade, being one of the pioneer exponents of this sturdy vocation within the borders of Allen County.  His shop is still standing and is one of the pioneer landmarks of this part of the county.  Mr. Fitch developed one of the excellent farms of the county, was active in community affairs and served for a number of years as township trustee.  He was about 70 years of age at the time of his death and his widow, one of the gracious and revered pioneer women of the county, attained to the venerable age of 90 years.  Mr. Fitch left the parental home when he was a lad of but 15 years, and he bore with him in a bandana handkerchief all of his worldly possessions, except the rifle which he considered an essential part of his equipment.  He made the journey from Pennsylvania to Indiana on foot and eventually became one of the largest landholders in this county, his estate at one time having 2,300 acres besides which he became owner of land in Iowa.  He was one of the most vigorous and ambitious of all the pioneers of Allen County and in addition to his farming industry and his work as a blacksmith, owned and operated a sawmill near the DeKalb County line and developed also a substantial wool carding business.  He was especially well-known for his great pedestrian powers, and he almost invariably made trips to and from his farm to Fort Wayne on foot.  The ruins of his pioneer mill, which was operated by water power, are still to be seen, and in all, he was a sterling and progressive citizen who contributed much to the furtherance of civic and material development and advancement in Allen County.  He and his wife, who shared with him in the vicissitudes of pioneer life and in the prosperity of later years, her death having occurred, September 6, 1908, became the parents of 14 children, and thus gave their full quota of hostages to fortune.

From  B. J. Griswold,  THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, and THE STORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS OF ALLEN COUNTY by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 1917

NATHANIEL FITCH  who first came to Allen County in 1832 entered Perry in 1836.  His marriage to MISS SARAH DELONG was the first celebrated after the organization of the township, and within the township borders.  MR. FITCH, was a self-made blacksmith, and a man of all-around ability, whose forge was the first to be set up in Perry, the date being 1837. 

NATHANIEL FITCH was another who came empty-handed to the wilderness.  Shrewd and intelligent, he had learned for himself numerous trades, being blacksmith, gunsmith, locksmith, with which he speedily made himself indispensable.  Starting from Pennsylvania with but 15 cents in his pocket he was obliged to walk, and earn his board en route.  His life had already been full of adventure.  Before he came to Indiana he had been shot in the leg during a wolf hunt;  and again, while crossing Lake Erie on a side-wheel steamer, their ship was caught in a gale and one shaft disabled.  In this predicament, in which ruin seemed inevitable, they were saved by the stratagem of breaking the other shaft.  Not only the wild beast inhabited the forests at the time when Nathaniel set up his forge, but Indians were still very numerous, and though subdued, were by no means fully civilized.  On one occasion he was obliged to ask an Indian, who had a gun to mend, to wait, whereat the Indian became enraged and sprang at him with knife drawn.  Mr. Fitch was sharpening a shovel at the moment, and an old story quaintly states that the Indian would probably have been hurt with the shovel had not the chief, Chopine, intervened.  Among other notable things recorded to Mr. Fitch’s credit is his work for the canal, for which he made all the iron used in the locks from Fort Wayne to the Wabash River.  He was married, 1840, to SARAH,  the daughter of GEORGE AND ELIZABETH DELONG.  Fifteen children came to them, thirteen of whom outlived their parents, who reared them in comfort while amassing a large property.  2,300 acres, all told, belonged to the Fitches by the time they reached the evening of life.

From HISTORY OF ALLEN COUNTY., IN by Thomas B. Helm, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers.  Township histories compiled by L. H. Newton.  Reprint of 1880 edition published by Kingman Bros., Chicago.

NATHANIEL FITCH, an unmarried man came from Pennsylvania in the same year, and after clearing a farm, married Miss SARAH DELONG and reared a large family, several of whom are now living in the township.  He was a man of great natural ability, and was highly esteemed by his neighbors.  He was a blacksmith and conducted that trade in connection with farming.  A long life of labor and industry brought him a rich return, and made him the possessor of a fine fortune.  He remained in the town-ship until his death in January, 1878.

From VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE RIVER, historical account of Allen County, Indiana, and the City of Fort Wayne.  Reprint of 1887 edition published by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin. 

Nathaniel Fitch (deceased), one of the old settlers of Allen County, was a native of Pennsylvania, born July 9, 1806, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Fitch.  In 1832 he became a settler in Allen County.  He was a blacksmith, gunsmith, and lock-smith, having learned the trade without instruction.  This he followed in Pennsylvania and continued the work after arriving here.  He made all the iron for the canal locks from the Wabash to Fort Wayne.  Circumstances denied him educational privileges, but he was intelligent and shrewd.  June 4, 1840, he was united in marriage with Sarah, daughter of George and Elizabeth DeLong.  Her grandfather, George Statler, was a soldier of 1812.  This union was blessed with fifteen children, of whom thirteen are now living:  Perry, Mathias, Jane, Charles, Amos, Francelia, Fidelia, Harvey, Sarah E., Allen, Ida A., Emeline and David.  Mrs. Fitch, though born in 1818, is still enjoying life.  She is a consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal church.  Mr. Fitch being very poor, had only 15 cents in his pocket when he started from Pennsylvania to Indiana, and consequently made the journey on foot.  Beginning under such circumstances, his success was very remarkable.  He came to own 2,300 acres of land, and raised a large family in comfortable circumstances.  As might be expected, his life was full of adventures.  At one time, while at work in his shop, he was compelled to put off an Indian who had a gun to mend, which so enraged the redskin that he sprang at him with a draw knife, and probably would have been hurt with the shovel that Mr. Fitch was sharpening had not Chief Chopine interfered.  Before he came to Indiana he had been accidentally shot in the leg while on a wolf hunt.  Again, when crossing Lake Erie on a side-wheel steamer, they were caught in a gale, and the shaft becoming disabled, they were going to ruin, and were only saved by breaking one of the shafts. 


From the family history:  Nathaniel and Giles opened a blacksmith shop on the old homestead in partnership.  "Nat" said that there was not enough work for both of them, so he sold out and went west alone through the woods, his only baggage being his rifle, hatchet, and sack of salt. 

Giles visited him at Fort Wayne once and Nat visited in PA. 

Nathaniel's tombstone says that he was born in 1808, however,  family genealogies say that it was 1806. 

Nathaniel and Sarah started their married life in a log cabin.  They built their frame home in the 1850s on their farm in Perry Township, Allen County, IN.  It is still standing. 

1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana


Nathaniel Fitch                    45 M    Farmer                       4000    Pennsylvania

            Sarah                          31 F                                                     Ohio

            Perry                           9  M                                                     Indiana

            Matthias                    8  M                                                     Indiana

            Mary J.                        5  F                                                      Indiana

            Charles                       4  M                                                     Indiana

            Amos                           2  M                                                     Indiana

            Wm. McKee               15 M                                                     Ohio


The house Nathaniel and Sarah built on their homestead.  Recent picture.  Built about 1853.

Nathaniel's homestead land in Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana

November 17, 1835, Nathaniel Fitch enters East 1/2 of the Northeast 1/4 Section 9-32-12   80 acres

Tract Book, page 29, Auditor's office

June 1, 1836  Wesley Park enters the West 1/2 of the Northeast 1/4 Section 9-32-12   80 acres

Tract Book, page 29, Auditor's office

January 15, 1838, Wesley Park doth grant, bargain and sell, warrant and defend all the tract or parcel of land known and described as follows:  To wit


The west half of the northeast quarter of section nine in township 32 north of range 12 east  to NATHANIEL FITCH, his heirs and assigns forever, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars.

                                    Deed signed  Wesley Park     (LS)

                                                            Sophia Park      (LS)

Two witnesses

Acknowledged January 18, 1838, by Wesley Park before John F. Coburn, Recorder of DeKalb Co., Indiana  (LS)

Acknowledged January 16, 1838, by Sophia Park, the wife of the said Wesley Park (she being separately examined apart from her said husband) before John F. Coburn, Recorder of DeKalb County, Indiana (LS)

            Recorded November 19, 1838         Deed Record "C", page 280


On January 17, 1877, in Allen County Court, November term, 1876, AMOS FITCH, was appointed administrator of the estate of NATHANIEL FITCH.   Probate Order Book  "P", page 407

Estate of Henry Fair to Nathaniel Fitch, 1856 ....

    After Henry Fair went West and did not return he was presumed dead.  Possibly they knew he was dead.  Have no information on that at this time, but part of his estate was sold to Nathaniel.  Henry's son Christian Norman Fair would eventually marry Francelia Fair one of the twins of Nathaniel and Sarah.   This apparently was some of the land that was in DeKalb County and Allen County next to each other so would say it was part of the Mathias Fitch land and some that eventually was owned by John Fitch and family.   Nathaniel paid $1,600 for the land.

Elizabeth Fair to Nathaniel Fitch, 1856 ....

Elizabeth received a life lease on 36 of the acres in the above estate and she sold those to Nathaniel also for $500.

George DeLong to Nathaniel Fitch, 1857 ....

    After the death of George Washinton DeLong, Nathaniel bought a part of his estate "on the court house steps".  This was apparently part of the land that was next to his original homestead land that he bought from Wesley Park.  George's wife Julia Ann also turned over her portion of the estate in 1857.  Nathaniel paid $1,500 for this property.  G. W. DeLong was a cousin of Nathaniel’s wife, Sarah DeLong Fitch. 

Clark to Fitch .... 1865  This was the land that the mill race was on and Nathaniel paid $100 for the rights to this land as long as he was using it.  When he stopped using it, it reverted back to the original owner, Oran Clark.  It probably was land so he could have access to the mill race and taking care of it properly.  

From Oran M. Clark to Nathaniel Fitch, May 8, 1865, January 11, 1865......Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.



March 20, 1837, The United States of America by Martin Van Buren, president, by A. Van Buren, secretary, grant by Patent, the West half of the North West Quarter, Section 10, Township 32, Range 12, to NATHANIEL FITCH…….Recorded February 24, 1890 (?)

Book 115, page    


 From Allen County History from the Ft. Wayne Library:

FIRST BLACKSMITH..........Nathaniel Fitch, in 1837, started the fires of his forge and later in the same year James Vandergrift opened a shop in another part of the township.  Both were engaged in the manufacture of plowshares and steel traps.

FIRST MARRIAGE.............In 1840 Nathaniel Fitch and Miss Sarah DeLong were married in the residence of the bride's parents.  (This is probably a error as the home of her parents was in Miami County, Ohio, and her father was dead at the time of the marriage.  He died in 1836.  The only George DeLong in Allen or DeKalb Counties was buried in Cedar Chapel Cemetery and was a very early pioneer to this county.  From the information we have at this time, this George DeLong, would have been a cousin to Sarah.  He would have been George Washington DeLong, son of Joseph DeLong who was the brother of Sarah's father.)


From "Portrait and Biographical Record of Wyoming and Lackawanna County, PA"

Giles Fitch, Sr. early learned the blacksmith trade and in parternership with his brother, NATHANIEL,  engaged in the manufacture of guns, turning every part by hand, making some very handsome ones, showing superior workmanship.


From Allen Co., land transactions for George DeLong:  (which concern Nathaniel Fitch)


George Henry Fair...............Jan. 23, 1850...................Book J, page 628 George Nathan Fitch............April 12, 1851...................Book L, page 342 George Nathaniel Fitch........July 8, 1857......................Book Y, page 634

through Henry Hogue, administrator of George's estate

Julia Ann Nathaniel Fitch.........Sept. 22, 1857.................Book U, page 635


Land Transaction in Butler Township, DeKalb County, IN

From Edward J. Baker to Nathaniel Fitch, Feb. 16, 1864, July 30, 1864

            This was no doubt the land that became Perry Fitch's farm



From VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE RIVER, historical account of Allen County, Indiana, and the City of Fort Wayne.  Reprint of 1887 edition published by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin. 

PERRY FITCH, was born January 6, 1842, in the old log house built by his father in an early day, where he grew to manhood.  He received a common school education. In 1864 he was united in married with SARAH E., daughter of GEORGE B. and MAGDALENA GLOYD.  The union was blessed with 12 children, eight now living.


Mrs. Fitch was born April 9, 1846.  She is a member of the old school Baptist church.  Mr. Fitch is a resident of DeKalb county, having removed there in 1864, where he has served his township 12 years as justice of the peace.  He has a valuable farm of 140 acres, where he lives, with a two-story brick dwelling and a good barn, and 80 acres in Union township, DeKalb County.  He is one of the leading citizens of his county, and respected by all.  Mr. Fitch is a member of the Masonic order.

FITCH, PERRY, descendants of

2.  Perry Fitch, b:  Jan 6, 1842 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN,  d:  April 14, 1900 in

      Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN, married May 12, 1864

            +  Sarah Elizabeth Gloyd, b:  April 9, 1844 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN,

                 d:  June 1, 1920, burial in Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN


                        3.  James L. Fitch, b:  May 16, 1865 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                              d.  Dec. 11, 1865


                        3.  Lewis E. Fitch, b:  Nov. 18, 1866 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                              d:  Sept. 21, 1867

                         3.  William Seymour Fitch, b:  Sept. 3, 1868 in Butler Twp., DeKalb

                              d:  July 5, 1933, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery near Huntertown, 

                              married March 29, 1892 

                                    +  Lucinda Victoria DePotty, b:  Feb. 6, 1872 in Iona Co., MI

                                         d:  Dec. 4, 1950, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery


                        3.  Oliver Jasper Fitch, b:  Aug. 31, 1871 near New Era, DeKalb Co.,

                               IN  d:  July 9, 1965, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, married

                               Nov. 8, 1897

                                    +  Etta M. Merriman, b:  Aug. 19, 1868 in Valparaiso, IN

                                         d:  Aug. 22, 1901, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery

2nd wife of Oliver Jasper Fitch, married March 29, 1902

                                    +  Rhetta Paulina Stokes Jensen, b:  Nov. 15, 1870, Vernon Co.,

                                          WI, d:  Oct. 23, 1926, burial St. James Cemetery, Fullers-

                                           Burg, IL


                        3.  George Fitch, b:  Oct. 14, 1872 in DeKalb Co., IN  d:  May 19, 1942

                               burial, Perry Twp. Cemetery near Huntertown


                        3.  Bert Centennial Fitch, b:  July 4, 1876 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.,

                              IN  d:  May 21, 1964, burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery, DeKalb Co.

                              married March 16, 1898

                                     +  Anice Maria Schopf, b:  March 22, 1875 in Garrett, IN

                                         d:  Dec. 28, 1930, burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery


                        3.  Kelsey David Fitch, b:  Feb. 6, 1878 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.,

                              d:  Oct. 20, 1946, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery near Huntertown

                              married Oct. 20, 1903

                                    +  Artie Otto, b:  Jan. 21, 1883 in Perry Twp., d:  Aug. 24, 1944

                                         burial, Perry Twp. Cemetery near Huntertown


                        3.  Frank Edgar Fitch, b:  Sept. 19, 1880 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.,

                              d:  July 25, 1942, married Nov. 28, 1907 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                     +  Carrie DeLong, b:  Jan. 28, 1887 in Hicksville, OH, d:  March

                                          23, 1966, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery near Huntertown


                        3.  Claude Perry Fitch, b:  Oct. 17, 1885 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.

                              d:  March 24, 1959, burial Lindenwood Cem., Ft. Wayne, IN

                              married October 11, 1911

                                    +  Edith Mabel Geller, b:  May 27, 1887 near Ft. Wayne

                                          d:  July 1946, burial Lindenwood Cem.

                        2nd wife of Claude Perry Fitch, married Aug. 3, 1947

                                    +  Dottie M. Timberline, b:  Sept. 30, 1887 in DeKalb Co.

                         3.  Maude Fitch, b:  Oct. 17, 1885 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                              d:  Oct. 1885, twin of Claude


                        3.  Pearl Madora Fitch, b:  Jan. 12, 1888 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.,

                              d:  Jan. 14, 1973, married Sept. 4, 1912

                                    +  Godfrey J. Gladbach, b:  Nov. 27, 1885 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                                          d:  July 16, 1953, burial Covington Gardens, Ft. Wayne, IN


MATHIAS FITCH                                    



            Mathias Fitch, Wedding, 1867 to Frances Vandolah


This is what the Allen County History has to say about Mathias:  MATHIAS was the 2nd son of NATHANIEL and SARAH DELONG FITCH.  He was born in a log cabin where Nathaniel's large new house was to be built.  Mathias farmed 240 acres in Perry Township and made a specialty of raising sheep.  He also owned farmland in Iowa.  He ran the water-powered sawmill that was on his farm, as his father Nathaniel had done before him.  The sawmill was a one story building 60 by 20 feet.  Mathias took over the operation of the mill about 1870 and installed a feed grinder.  He continued the operation of the mill until 1908 when it was abandoned.  This mill was in continuous operation for 68 years.   Mathias was a member of the Regulators, an organization formed to rid the country of outlaws.  DAVID FITCH, his brother, and JACOB KELL were also members of this courageous organization.


Both Mathias and Frances died in 1923 and both are buried in Perry Township Cemetery near Huntertown.  They were both born in 1843 and both died in 1923.

In Mathias's Bible  this is recorded:

Matthias Fitch married Frances Vandolah, December 1st, 1867

Matthias Fitch born January 16th, 1843

Frances Vandolah born February 19th, 1848

Children of Matthias and Frances Fitch

            Lucy Fitch born September 15th, 1868

            Schuyler Fitch born December 24th, 1869

            John Byron Fitch born June 23rd, 1872

            Walter Vantwiller Fitch born March 24th, 1874

            Florence Bessie Fitch born May 10th, 1875

            Nathaniel Fitch born June 5th, 1877

            Grace Fitch born November 19th, 1878

            Altha Creola Fitch born December 30th, 1880

            Beatrice V. Fitch born August 1st, 1884


                                                                Beatrice Victoria Fitch



            Matthias Fitch died December 10, 1923, 80 years 11 months, 4 days

            Frances Vandolah died May 26, 1923, 80 years 3 months, 7 days

            Lucy Fitch died September 27th, 1868

            Walter Vantwiller Fitch died January 2nd, 1902

            Nathaniel Fitch died September 4th, 1877

            Grace Fitch died August 18th,1879


                                                                                                                                                                   John B. Fitch born June 23, 1873

            Belle R. Fitch born May 29, 1874

            Grace Fitch born March 29, 1899, wife of Charles A. Caple

            Maurice Fitch born October 9, 1902

            Otis Fitch born December 20, 1904


Reunion note:  Mathias missed the 1923 Reunion and this was the first one he ever missed.  His wife had died earlier in the year.  He was ill too, enough that even his son John did not come to the reunion.  Mathias died in December of that year.  Frances had died in May.


Mathias Fitch 80, a well-known farmer of Allen County, living in Perry Township, died of paralysis yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at home near the north county line, northeast of Huntertown.  Relatives include three daughters, Mrs. Fred Kell, Miss Alethea Fitch and Mrs. Beatrice Leaycraft of Los Angeles, California;  two sons, Schuyler of Seattle, Washington, and John Fitch of Huntertown;  Five brothers, Charles and Allen of Minnesota;  Amos and Harvey of Huntertown, and D.N. of Auburn.

 Born January 16, 1843

 Died December 10, 1923

After the death of his father, NATHANIEL FITCH, Mathias was made the guardian of his younger siblings, Ida Fitch, Emma Fitch, Allen Fitch, and David Fitch, by the Allen County Circuit Court on October 9, 1877.  Nathaniel had died in January of 1877. 

In 1878 Mathias's mother, Sarah, sold him the land with the sawmill.  Mathias paid $2,500 for the land from his mother.  I heard the house was built in 1878.  They were married in 1867.  What kind of home had they lived in at the beginning of their marriage??  Interesting to speculate.  There was a tenant house on the land that Mathias bought,  but it may have been built much later. 

Another interesting thing about the time of Mathias’s birth, which was early in 1843.  At that time they had the most fierce winter that has been on record.  From the DeKalb County History (Auburn and Vicinity, Some Reminiscences of its Early days and Pioneer Citizens from the Auburn Courier, January 15, 1891, courtesy of  Lucy Funk and Arlene Goodwin of the DeKalb County Website )    

"There has been severe weather experienced during some of our late winters and the mercury fell far below zero time and again in that of 1884 and 1885, but none will compare in rigor and duration with that of 1842 and 1843.  The fall had been fine:  about the first of November, a light snow fell, but mostly went off soon after.  On the 17th of the month, it set in cold, with high winds and some snow.  The snow continued to increase from time to time until it was nearly 2 feet deep on the level, with occasional showers and hard freezes, so that it was almost impossible to get about.  It snowed a little every day, but one through February.  March came in with almost the severity of a polar winter.

The settlers had raised but little to live on during the previous season and by this time most of the hay and grain had been consumed and hogs and cattle were daily dying, all over the county from starvation.  Some settlers lost all their hogs and most of their cattle before feed came in the spring.  Very many had to depend on the browse off of the tree tops as feed for their cattle, for the last two months of the cold weather.  For the last few days of March, however, even this provision of nature was cut off. 

While all were anxiously looking for the opening of spring, heartsick in view of the sufferings of their poor dumb animals, the sleeper, in his lone cabin in the midst of the forest, was awakened on the night of March 27, by the continual crashing of the tree-tops which did not cease until day dawned, when to the disspirited emigrant, was revealed the cause of all the commotion of the night. 

It had been raining and freezing as it fell, until the tree tops were broken under their load of ice.  That day and for several days it seemed that the cattle must all die;  for when the trees were cut down for browse, the small twigs, incased in a hard coat of ice, would break off with the ice adhering and mingle with the snow.  Besides this, the crust on the snow was so thick and hard that the cattle could hardly get about.  The wild animals also suffered almost as much as the domestic ones.  It was nothing unusual to see squirrels so reduced as to be easily caught by hand.   Most settlers lost all their hogs.  The end came at last and that week sent the snow in another form to Lake Erie, and in a few weeks, herbage began to appear and hope sprung up again in the settler's heart.”

(And into this snow and cold, Mathias was born on January 16, 1843, out in the woods in their cabin and was a tiny babe when the tree tops began to fall all over the woods around them.  Nathaniel and Sarah had been married in 1840 and they had one son before Mathias, so had a toddler, Perry.  We can wonder if they lost most of their animals in this bad winter and just how they made out, how they stayed warm and how discouraged Sarah might have been at the time, stuck in a tiny cabin for the winter, pregnant and then delivering,  and how Nathaniel managed to provide the heat and food necessary when it was so hard to get around outside.) 

It was a harsh beginning for a little babe by the name of Mathias Fitch. 

FITCH, MATHIAS, Descendants


2.  Mathias Fitch, b:  Jan. 16, 1843 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN, d:  Dec. 10, 1923

      in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN, married Dec. 1, 1867

            +  Frances Vandolah, b:  Feb. 19, 1843 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                 d:  May 26, 1923 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN,  burial in Perry Twp

                 Cemetery near Huntertown


            3.  Lucy Fitch, b:  Sept. 15, 1868 in Perry Twp  d:  Sept. 27, 1868


            3.  Schuyler Fitch, b:  Dec. 24, 1869 in Perry Twp.  d:  Apr 17, 1852 in

                  Seattle, WA, married Jan. 5, 1893

                        +  Leah L. Pepple, b:  April 3, 1871 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


            3.  John Byron Fitch, b:  June 23, 1872 in Perry Twp.  d:  Feb. 20, 1947,

                  burial, Cedar Chapel Cemetery, Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                  married March 17, 1898

                        +  Rosa Belle Hollopeter, b:  May 29, 1874 in Cedar Creek Twp.,

                              d:  Jan. 15, 1953 in Perry Twp., burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery


            3.  Walter Van Twiller Fitch, b:  March 24, 1874 in Perry Twp., d:  Jan. 2,

                   1902 in Chicago, IL, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery


            3.  Florence Bessie Fitch, b:  May 10, 1875 in Perry Twp.,  d:  July 9, 1942

                  married April 10, 1900,  burial, Perry Twp. Cemetery

                        +  Frederick Jacob Kell, b:  June 30, 1872  d:  Aug. 4, 1959

                             burial, Perry Twp. Cemetery 


            3.  Nathaniel Fitch, b:  June 5, 1877  d:  Sept. 14, 1877


            3.  Grace Fitch, b:  Nov. 19, 1878  d:  Aug. 18, 1879


            3.  Althea Creola Fitch, b:  Dec. 30, 1880 in Perry Twp.,  d:  Nov. 4, 1930

                   burial, Perry Twp. Cemetery


            3.  Beatrice Victoria Fitch, b:  Aug. 1, 1884 in Perry Twp.,  d:  Nov. 15, 1969

                   married Jan. 3, 1917

                        +  Charles Allen Leaycraft, b:  June 26, 1864 in Bermuda,

                              d:  Nov. 6, 1920 





2.  Mary Jane Fitch, b:  Oct. 15, 1844 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN  d:  March 17,

      1925 in Neenah, WI, burial Oak Hill Cemetery, Neenah, WI,  married Dec. 24,


            +  Levi Beers, b:  June 14, 1845  d:  Feb. 16, 1919, burial Oak Hill Cem.


                        3.  Kenneth Fitch Beers, b:  June 15, 1876 in Wabash, IN 

                              d:  Sept. 17, 1944, burial Highland Cemetery, South Bend, IN

                              married Oct. 22, 1901

                                    +  May Miller, b:  May 29, 1876 in Goshen, IN  d:  May 1948

                                         burial Highland Cemetery, South Bend, IN


                        3.  Margarite Beers, b:  Aug. 12, 1878 in Wabash, IN  d:  Sept. 13,

                              1975, married June 23, 1903

                                    +  Irving Eugene Ozanne, b:  July 28, 1865 in Somers, WI

                                         d:  July 15, 1945, burial Oak Hill Cem., Neenah, WI

                                                4.  Irving Lee Ozanne, 1904-1931

                                                4.  Bryce Kenneth Ozanne, 1908-1987

                                                4.  Lucille Margarita Ozanne, 1911-1992

                                                4.  Robert Willard Ozanne, 1914-

                         3.  LeRoy Fitch Beers, b:  Oct. 9, 1880 at Clarion, PA  d:  Nov. 28, 1962

                               married March 30, 1910, was a mechanical engineer   

                                    +  Clara Darrohn, b: April 24, 1883 in Rush, NY d: Feb 14, 1981

                                                4.  Kenneth Darrohn Beers, 1913-1929

                                                4.  Douglas Darrohn Beers, 1915-1955

                                                4.  Robert Leroy Beers, 1919-

                                                4.  Ellen Darrohn Beers, 1923-  


                        3.  Bertha Dell Beers b:  July 22, 1883 in Riceville, PA  d:  June 30,

                              1949, burial, Neenah, WI, business teacher, married May 30, 1919

                                   +  John Alexander Hunt, b:  Jan. 28, 1877 in San Francisco, CA

                                         d:  Aug. 30, 1919, burial Mt. View Cem., Oakland, CA


                        3.  Alice Nathalia Beers, b:  June 9, 1884 in Rimersburg, PA 

                              d:  Feb. 7, 1965, Jr. H. S. Teacher, married July 19, 1910

                                    +  Louis Henry Kephart, b:  May 14, 1871 in Sand Springs, IA

                                         d:  Jan. 13, 1931, burial  Fairmont, was a Rancher  


Jennie Beers attended the Perry Centre Seminary as a part of her education.

She graduated from Hillsdale College  in the “Big Class of 1870”

Jennie and Levi met at Wabash College where they were both teachers

Levi became Rev. Levi Beers, a Methodist minister

About Levi's military service:  He joined the Union Army in 1865, but a case of measles prevented him from marching to war with his regiment.  By the time he had recovered, Richmond had fallen and there was no need to send him after his regiment.  He used his $500 enlistment bonus to pay for his college education at Baldwin-Wallace College.


1880 Census of Clarion Township, Clarion County, PA page 75 A


Levi Beers                 married          male, 34          born Ohio       Principal

            Both parents born PA

Jennie N. Beers        wife                 female, 34      born IN           Teaching

            Father born PA, Mother born Ohio+

Kenneth Beers          son                  male, 3            born IN

Margarita Beers       dau                  female, 1        born IN


Thomas D. Flick       other               male, 22          born PA          Attending School

Carrie A. Weaver     other               female, 26      born PA          Preceptress

Lenie Kaster                         other               female, 18      born PA          Attending School





1.  Charles Fitch  b: March 29, 1846 in Perry Twp, Allen Co., IN  d: Aug 21, 1925 in South

        St. Paul, MN   married April 26, 1868, burial Oak Hill Cemetery  

            +  Lou Ann Clubb  b: Nov 27, 1846 in Morgan Co., IN  d: March 16, 1943 in South

                   St. Paul, MN, burial Oak Hill Cemetery


                        2.  Stella Fitch  b: Jan 31, 1869  d: Jan 31, 1869 in Keokuck Co, Iowa

                        2.  Rosie May Fitch  b: March 16, 1870 in Sigourney, IL  d: Oct 24, 1966 in MN

                                married Oct 8, 1893 in So St. Paul at home of her parents

                                    +  Peter Harvey  b: Oct 2, 1868  in Iowa  d: May 11, 1956 in Minneapolis, MN,  “Andrew



                                                3.  Kenneth Fitch Harvey  b: Aug 15, 1908 in Minneapolis,

                                                       MN, d: Oct 5, 1987 in Minneapolis, MN 

                                                       Married June 16, 1934

                                                            +  Doris Genevieve Hazelton

                                                            +  Bernice Alberta Rice Wire  m. Dec 18, 1937 in WY

                                                                  b: June 10, 1912 in WY  d: Aug 13, 2003 in MN


                                                                        4.  Luann Harvey  b: May 28, 1940 in MN

                                                                                    +  Robert Lee Hart

                                                                        4.  Bette May Harvey  b: March 5, 1942 in MN

                                                                                    +  Dwight Ralph Chamberlain

                                                                        4.  Sue Alice Harvey  b: Sept 7, 1943 in MN

                                                                                    +  Howard Ralph Shirley


                        2.  Nathaniel Phillip Fitch  b: June 19, 1873 in Iowa  d: June 28, 1881

                        2.  Harry Fitch  b: July 17, 1875 in Iowa  d: June 12, 1909 in MN

                        2.  Charles Oakley Fitch  b: March 19, 1878 in Iowa   d: Oct 23, 1958

                               married June 16, 1904

                                    +  Genevieve S. Varien  b: Nov 26, 1880  d: May 18, 1948


                                                3.  Marjorie Vivian Fitch  b: 1905 in St. Paul, MN

                                                       married Oct 7, 1930

                                                            +  Loren H. Shirk  b: June 26, 1902 in IL


                                                                        4.  Ann Lucille Shirk  b:  Dec 2, 1933

                                                                                    +  Paul Morton Nobis

                                                                        4.  Susan Elizabeth Shirk  b: March 26, 1941

                                                                                    +  Billy Joe Bowling


                                                3.  Elizabeth Ann Fitch  b: July 5, 1915 in St. Paul, MN

                                                       married June 28, 1940

                                                            +  John William Pearson  b: June 2, 1918


                                                                        4.  Jon Oakley Pearson  b: Nov 1, 1944

                                                                                    +  Margaret Elsie Anderson

                                                                        4.  Ann Elizabeth Pearson  b: Nov 9, 1946

                                                                                    +  William Clare Milon


                                                3.  Lucille Varien Fitch  b: Feb. 16, 1917 in St. Paul, MN

                                                        d: Oct 29, 1978  married Aug 8, 1945

                                                            +  Clarence B. Kierman  b: Oct 1, 1918 

                                                                        4.  Sarah Jane Kiernan  b: June 6, 1946

                                                                                    + Artur Xavier Lambo Vilankula

                                                                        4.  Charles Bernard Kiernan  b: July 31, 1949

                                                                        4.  Peter Allen Kiernan  b: Jan 15, 1952

                                                                        4.  Michael Andrew Kiernan  b: Oct 17, 1961


                        2.  Mabel Fitch  b: Sept 6, 1881 in Iowa  d: Jan 15, 1960 in So St. Paul, MN

                               married Sept 29, 1905

                                    +  Jack Durkee

                                    +  Art Anderson, married May 18, 1945


                        2.  Giles J. Fitch  b: Nov 20, 1885 in Iowa  d: Jan 31, 1942 in St. Paul, MN

                                married Dec. 23, 1917

                                    +  Kathryn Finnerty



CHARLES FITCH  and bits and pieces of the family life in Minnesota.

Charles was a child of Nathaniel Fitch and Sarah Elizabeth DeLong, born in Indiana, moved to Iowa, and from there went to Minnesota. 

Thanks so much to Sue (Harvey) Shirley and Bette (Harvey) Chamberlain, descendants of Charles Fitch,  for pulling this information together and submitting it to us.




Published Chicago by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1924

Success is ever the outcome of persistent, intelligently directed labor.   It is true that certain men profit by the efforts of others, sometimes unjustly, but in the main the prosperous man is he whose labors measure up to a high standard not only of industry but of integrity.  One is led to this train of reflection in considering the life record of CHARLES FITCH, a pioneer resident of South St. Paul and founder of the stock commission firm of FITCH & COMPANY.  Although now living retired from active business life, he remains a factor in the world’s work, inasmuch as he gives out of the rich stores of his wisdom and experience for the benefit of others.  CHARLES FITCH was born at Huntertown, Allen county, Indiana, on the 29th of March, 1846, and is one of 15 children, nine sons and 6 daughters, born to NATHANIEL and SARAH (DELONG) FITCH.   The father was a skilled blacksmith and gunsmith and he built the iron works on the locks for the Erie canal.  He was born in Pennsylvania, while his wife was a native of Dayton, Ohio.   Of the children born to them 12 are living, the daughters and 6 of the sons. 

In the acquirement of his education Charles Fitch attended the public schools of Indiana and for some time was a student in the Perry Center Seminary.   He like-wise attended Fort Wayne College and at the age of 17 years he began teaching in Allen county, remained there for several terms and then went to Keokuk county and Butler county.   Later he engaged in farming in Butler county and he also bought and sold live stock.   His interest in the live stock business brought him to South St. Paul in 1887, the Union Stock Yards having been built here the year previous.   At that time South St. Paul was a mere hamlet and Mr. Fitch has been a dominant factor in the continued growth of the town.   Mr. Fitch and his brother immediately established themselves in the live stock commission business here and for some time the firm was known as Fitch Brothers.   Charles Fitch is still a resident of South St. Paul and is held in high confidence and esteem, as is his brother.   The business which is now known as Fitch & Company was founded in September of the year 1887 and today is one of the most representative enterprises of its kind in the city and state.   The years marked the advancement of Mr. Fitch and at length he reached a position where he felt that his success and his age justified his retirement.   The most envious cannot grudge him his prosperity, so well has it been won and so worthily used.   His sons, OAKLEY and GILES FITCH, are now owners of the business and they are continuing to make it a successful enterprise.

Not all of Mr. Fitch’s time has been devoted to the promotion of his personal interests.   His name and the success he has achieved are coupled with South St. Paul and its continued advancement.   He assisted in the organization of the town and at times has carried the entire burden of the community’s affairs on his shoulders.   For several terms he was a member of the board of aldermen;  he has been president of the town council; and in 1893 he was elected to the office of Mayor.   He served in that capacity from 1893 until 1895 and during his administration inaugurated and brought to completion many movements for the benefit of the community at large.   It was during that period that the present city hall was built.   Mr. Fitch is one of the city’s oldest living residents and such is accorded universal confidence and esteem.

On the 26th of April, 1868, in Iowa, MR. FITCH was married to MISS LUANN CLUBB.   Mrs. Fitch was born in Morgan county, Indiana, on the 27th of November, 1846, the daughter of PHILLIP and EMILY (RANDOLPH) CLUBB.   The Clubb family moved from Indiana to Keokuk, Iowa, when Mrs. Fitch was a child of 2 years.   She was one of 11 children, two of whom are living, a sister, MRS. MARY SHAWHAN being a resident of Los Angeles, California.  Mrs. Fitch has always led an active life, and although 76 years of age she is enjoying the best of health and continues to do her own housework.   Mr. Fitch and his wife are both descendants of Revolutionary ancestors.   The four living children of Mr. and Mrs. Fitch are:             


            MRS. ROSA MAY HARVEY

            CHARLES OAKLEY

            MRS. MABEL DURKEE

            GILES FITCH

The eldest daughter, Rosa May, was born on the 16th of March, 1870, and on the 8th of October, 1893, became the wife of PETER HARVEY.   To their union one son has been born, KENNETH, who was born in August, 1908.

Charles Oakley Fitch, the second member of the family, was born in Butler county, Iowa, on the 19th of March, 1878.  He was married  on the 16th of June, 1904, to MISS GENEVIEVE VARION and to their union 3 daughters have been born:  MARJORY, whose birth occurred in 1905;  ELIZABETH ANN, who was born on the 5th of July, 1915; and LUCILE, born in February 1917.   Mrs. Fitch is a member of the Presbyterian church and has always been active in the various affairs of the church.

Fraternally Mr. Fitch is identified with the Fellowcraft Masons and is readily conceded to be an exemplary member of the craft.   His political allegiance has ever been given to the democratic party, of which he has been an influential member for many years.  Mr. Fitch is a man of strong and forceful individuality and has left the impress of his personality upon the commercial and industrial development of this city.




Wedding of Harvey – Fitch

On Sunday noon, Oct 8, at the home of the bride’s father, MAYOR FITCH, of South St. Paul, Mr. PETER HARVEY was married to Miss MAY FITCH, Rev. C. A. Peddicord officiating.   The happy couple left the same night for a two week’s visit at the World’s fair.   The groom is well known here, and was for several years stenographer for the Citizen’s Mutual Insurance Co., of this city, now defunct, and now has a very lucrative position as stenographer for the John H. Rich Sewer Pipe Works, of Red Wing, Minn – Waterloo Courier.

Both parties to the above were formerly from Clarksville where they have many friends whose best wishes will follow them to their new home.     (Oct 19, 1893)



From the memories of Charles Oakley Fitch as written in the Fitch Family Reunion Newsletter. 

“There was a big spring on the farm, and father had it walled up so as to make a large pool some 20 feet square and 12 feet deep.   He was dealing with horses then and had a big bunch of them, some of them colts by their sides.   When they came to drink, it was my older brother, Nathaniel’s job to see that the colts did not get kicked into the pool.   One day Nat got kicked in.   Father missed him and went to the pool and saw him lying on the bottom of the pool.   He dove in and brought him up and with the assistance of Mother and sister, May, they rolled him over a barrel to get the water out of his lungs, but to no avail.

I can remember the funeral, as Harry (another brother) and I had new shoes and new straw hats.   The casket was placed in a lumber wagon, and Nat was buried in a small country cemetery, one of the first to be buried there.   Nat had just turned 8 a few days before he died.”



Waterloo, Iowa newspaper of June 30, 1881

Sad Accident -  Tuesday evening, while an eight year old son of Chas. Fitch, of Fremont, was attempting to drive some colts from a spring, which is about 8 feet deep, suddenly disappeared.   His father, not knowing what had become of him, started in that direction, finding the boy’s hat and stick he had been carrying in his hand, floating in the spring and a bubbling in the water, sprang in to save his child.   Every effort was put forth to bring him to life, but all in vain.   There was no water in his lungs to indicate drowning, or scar on his person to show that he had been kicked by a cold.

(This was Rosie May’s younger brother, Nathaniel, born June 19, 1873 and died June 28, 1881 at the age of 8.)



The obituary of “Dad Harvey”………..L. D. Harvey (Lorenzo Dow)  father-in-law of Rosie May (Fitch) Harvey


Monday’s Waterloo papers chronicle the death of L. D. HARVEY, familiarly known in Clarksville as “Dad” Harvey.   He died Sunday morning.   The deceased resided for many years in Clarkesville and in the days of his vigor was a prominent contractor and builder.   For several years he was Butler county’s bridge builder.   The remains arrived here Tuesday on No. 1 on the B., C. R. & N. and were taken directly to Lynwood Cemetery for interment.  Short services were held at the grave, conducted by Rev. George Graham.   The Courier gives this biography of the deceased:

“Yesterday morning at the home of his daughter, MRS. FRANK ANIBAL, 1601 Jefferson street, occurred the death of Lorenzo Dow Harvey.   Mr. Harvey was a veteran soldier with a record of many battles.   He was one of Uncle Sam’s boys in the Mexican war and under the Union flag served the five years of the civil war, at the close of which, in 1865, he came to Iowa, where he had since made his home.

Mr. Harvey was born in Dayton, Ohio, May 20th, 73 years ago.   He was married in Musser county, Ohio, in 1858, and is survived by the following children:

PETER HARVEY  of Minneapolis, now in this city

MRS. JENNIE ANIBAL of this city with whom he has made his home for the past 5 years

JOHN W., of Cedar Falls


MRS. ZELLA MILLEN of Clarksville

His death came as no surprise to his friends as he had been fighting against consumption for a number of years and for the past two months had been unable to leave his bed. 

 A short funeral service will be held tomorrow morning at 8:30 o’clock from the house when the body will be taken to Clarkesville for burial.   Clarksville was really Mr. Harvey’s home for there he had lived for the greater number of his Iowa days.”



ALLEN FITCH was born on February 21, 1857 in Perry Township, Allen Co., IN, son of Nathaniel Fitch, Jr. and Sarah Elizabeth (DeLong) Fitch.  

Allen died on December 19, 1952 in Mendota, Wisconsin

On May 5, 1893 he married

EMMA LEWILLIAN GREEN born August 16, 1860 in Avon, Wisconsin

She died January 21, 1954 in Mendota, Wisconsin

In the 1880 Census we find that Allen was staying with his brother, Charles, in Iowa.   He was 22 years old at the time and listed as a farmer.  

He was credited with coming to St. Paul to begin the new business in the stock trade with his brother, Charles.      Read about the beginnings of their business under Charles biography.   It was called Fitch & Company Livestock Commission.    

Sue Shirley (descendant of Charles) said this about Allen and Em:

“As a youngster I played in Allen and Em’s home and remember a full-sized black bear skin on the floor under the stairs.   We loved to pet it.

One Christmas we all went to see Al and Em.  (Kenneth, Bernice, and the 3 of us girls, and Peter and Rosie May Harvey).   We were told that Em was quite sick.   I remember seeing her in bed downstairs and her white hair appeared yellow to me and I told her it was Christmas.   She smiled and said, ‘Oh, I haven’t done any baking’.   She must have died that winter.”




From VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE RIVER, historical account of Allen County, Indiana, and the City of Fort Wayne.  Reprint of 1887 edition published by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin. 

AMOS FITCH, of DeKalb County, was born at the old homestead, June 11, 1849, and there grew to manhood, receiving a good common school education.  In 1878 he was united in marriage with NANCY E., daughter of WILLIAM T. and JANE HUNTER, and they have 2 children:  Gladys, born October 15, 1881, and Roland, born September 12, 1884.  Mrs. Fitch was born January 22, 1849.  She is a member of the Universalist church.  He was a member of the Good Templars while that lodge was in existence at Huntertown.  He possesses 160 acres of land given to him by his father, and upon which he has erected a two-story brick dwelling.  He remained in Perry township on the old home place until 1878 when he returned to DeKalb county and settled on the farm where he now lives. 

 AMOS FITCH, Descendants of

2.  Amos Fitch, b:  June 11, 1849 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN  d:  Nov. 9, 1935 in

      Perry Twp.  burial, Cedar Chapel Cemetery, Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

      Married Nov. 27, 1878 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

            +  Nancy Elizabeth Hunter, b:  Jan. 22, 1849  d:  June 1, 1930

                 burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery, Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


                        3.  Gladys Fitch, b:  Oct. 15, 1881 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                              d:  Oct. 30, 1962, burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery


                        3.  Rolland H. Fitch, b:  Sept. 12, 1884 in Butler Twp, DeKalb Co, IN

                              d:  June 3, 1959, burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery

                              married Nov. 27, 1930 in Fort Wayne, IN

                                     +  Margaret Helen Gutermuth, b:  Oct. 11, 1890 in Ft. Wayne

                                         d:  May 21, 1943 , burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery


                        3.  Marie Elaine Fitch, b:  June 29, 1891 in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co.

                              IN   d:  Nov.23, 1984 in Garrett, IN, burial Cedar Chapel Cem.

                               Married Oct. 16, 1916 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Arthur Gideon Houser, b:  Oct. 31, 1880 in Butler Twp.,

                                          DeKalb Co., IN  d:  May 26, 1955 in Garrett, IN

                                          Burial Cedar Chapel Cemetery

                        3.  Marguerette Louise Fitch, b:  Jan. 28, 1894 in Butler Twp.,

                              DeKalb Co., IN,  d:  Nov. 20, 1984 in Garrett, IN  burial, Cedar

                               Chapel Cemetery, married March 10, 1925

                                    +  Harry Edward Wert,  b:  March 28, 1888 in Garrett, IN

                                         d:  Aug. 25, 1956 in Garrett, IN 


 FITELIA FITCH, Descendants of


2.  Fitelia Fitch, b:  April 10, 1851 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN  d:  Jan. 8, 1935 in

      Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN

      Married Oct. 6, 1875  in Allen Co., IN

            +  Jerome Dorsey Gloyd,  b:  July 12, 1841 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                 d:  Aug. 6, 1917  in Perry Twp., burial Perry Twp. Cemetery


                        3.  Stella Edith Gloyd,  b:  Jan. 30, 1877 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                              March 9, 1964 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN, burial Perry Twp.


                        3.  May Dellah Gloyd  b:  Nov. 15, 1880 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                              d:  Feb. 13, 1912, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN


                        3.  Otis Fitch Gloyd, b:  Jan. 25, 1883 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                              d:  Jan. 4, 1944, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery,

                              married June 27, 1907

                                    +  Opal Arvilla Moss, b:  Feb. 20, 1883 in Cedar Creek Twp.,

                                          Allen Co., IN  d:  Nov. 2, 1952, burial Perry Twp. Cem.

                                                4.  Hilda Ruth Gloyd, 1908-1920

                                                4.  Olive Iolene Gloyd, 1912-

                                                4.  Robert Moss Gloyd 1916-


                        3.  Norma Alice Gloyd, b:  Nov. 30, 1885 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                              d:  May 27, 1942, burial Perry Twp. Cem., married Sept. 27, 1907

                                    +  Charles Elmer Moudy,  b:  April 4, 1886 near Cedarville, IN

                                          d:  June 24, 1948, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery

                                                4.  Herman Rawles Moudy, 1909-

                                                4.  Hazel Naomi Moudy, 1912-

                                                4.  Alfred Richard Moudy, 1917-1918

                                                4.  James Walter Moudy, 1921-


 FRANCELIA FITCH, Descendants of


2.  Francelia Fitch,  b:  April 10, 1851 in Perry Township, Allen Co., IN, twin with

      Fitelia, d:  Dec. 29, 1937 in Alden, Kansas  burial Alden Cemetery, Alden, KS

      Married Nov. 26, 1874 

            +  Christian Norman Fair,  b:  Dec. 9, 1843 in DeKalb Co., IN  d:  March 26,

                 1921, burial Alden Cemetery, Alden, KS


                        3.  Valetta Fair,  b:  Feb. 16, 1876 in Allen Co., IN  d:  Feb. 7, 1961,

                               burial Wamego, KS, married May 10, 1897

                                    +  Alexander Hodge Bressler,  b:  Aug. 29, 1872 in Paris, IL

                                         d:  Sept. 18, 1951, burial Wamego, KS

                                                4.  Palmer Fair Bressler, 1898-1976

                                                            +  Lillian Guthrie

                                                            +  Nina Ruth Burgess

                                                4.  Grace Elizabeth Bressler, 1904-1970

                                                            +  John French Gartner

                                                            +  Norman Losey Roberts

                                                4.  Christian Norman Bressler, 1905-1961

                                                            +  Dorothy Stevenson

                                                4.  Dorothy Lucile Bressler (adopted),  1930-1973     


                        3.  James Henry Fair, b:  Jan. 6, 1881 in Raymond, Rice Co., Kansas

                              d:  Feb. 28, 1964 in Hutchinson, Reno, Co., KS, burial, Alden, KS

                              married Nov. 1, 1911 in Rice Co., KS

                                    +  Nina Mae Altland, b:  Feb. 14, 1884 in Dorrance, KS

                                         d:  Jan. 14, 1982, Alden, KS

                                                4.  Sarah Barbara Fair, b:  1917-  


                        3.  Edward DeLong Fair,  b:  Nov. 2, 1886 in Alden, KS  d:  June 18,

                              1849, married May 23, 1911 in Rice Co., KS

                                    +  Ruie Ella Vincent, b:  July 12, 1890 in Alden, KS

                                         d:  March 16, 1960

                                                4.  Christian Norman Fair, Jr.  1912-

                                                4.  Nina Evangeline Fair, 1923- 




 HARVEY FITCH is another of the native sons of Allen County who has given good account of himself as one of the worlds productive workers and is living virtually retired in the attractive village of Huntertown in Perry Township.  He is a stock-holder in the Farmers" Mutual Telephone Company and is president of the Hunter-town Cemetery Association.  The lineage of the Fitch family traces back to sterling English origin and the original American representatives of the family came to this country in the colonial period of our national history.  HARVEY FITCH was born on a pioneer farm in Perry Township, this county, July 15, 1853, a son of NATHANIEL FITCH and SARAH ELIZABETH (DELONG) FITCH.

Harvey Fitch is dedicated and acquired his early education in the district schools and in Perry Center Seminary, an excellent educational institution of the pioneer days in Allen county history.  He continued his studies at intervals until he was about 18 years of age, and in the meanwhile had gained close and effective fellowship with the sturdy work of the farm.   He continued as an exponent of the agricultural industry in Perry township and after his marriage at the age of 28 years, he established his residence on a farm of 160 acres, hard by the homestead of his father.  Later he purchased a portion of his father’s homestead and there continued his activities as a progressive agriculturist and stockgrower for a period of 14 years, within which he made his farm one of the model rural demesnes of his native township. 

About 1906 Mr. Fitch removed with his family to his present attractive home at Huntertown, where he has since lived, practically retired, though he still gives close supervision to his various real estate and capitalistic interests.  His political allegiance is given unreservedly to the Democratic party and he is well fortified in his opinions concerning governmental and economic affairs.  He is a charter member of the Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons at Huntertown, and both he and his wife are zealous members of the Universalist church.  Their home is known for its gracious hospitality and the same cordial welcome is always assured to their wide circle of friends.   On August 30, 1879, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Fitch to MISS ETTA PERMELIA PARKER, who was born and reared in this county, a daughter of  the late DUNBAR and PERMELIA PARKER of Huntertown.  Mr. And Mrs. Fitch have five children: 

1.  AUDREY, who completed a course in Angola College and is now the wife of GEORGE  HURSH of Perry township.       

2.  NINA, completed her education in Valparaiso University, and is now the wife of HENRY A. EMERICH of Fort Wayne.

3.  PARKER EUGENE, who has charge of the old homestead farm of his father and whose final education discipline was gained in Angola College, wedded MISS ALMA URBINE.  .

4.  CECIL completed the curriculum of the Huntertown public schools and is now the wife of VARNIE E. McCOMB of Huntertown.  

5.  ERNEST is a member of the class of 1917 in the Fort Wayne Business College


HARVEY FITCH, Descendants of                        

2.  Harvey Fitch, b:  July 15, 1853 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN  d:  Sept. 13, 1948 in

      Perry Twp., burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, married Aug. 30, 1879

            +  Permelia Etta Parker, b:  April 15, 1859 in Huntertown, IN  d:  Nov. 10,

                 1942,  burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN 


                        3.  Audrey Estella Fitch, b:  Aug. 19, 1882 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                              d:  Dec. 19, 1958, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery,  married Feb. 6,


+  George Solomon Hursh, b:  Feb. 6, 1882 near Ft. Wayne

      d:  1962, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery

3.  Nina Luella Fitch, b:  Aug. 16, 1884 in Perry Twp.  d:  Aug. 29,

                              1969, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, married Oct. 24, 1910

                                    +  Henry Albert Emrick, b:  Dec. 20, 1872 near Leo, IN

                                         d:  Feb. 16, 1942, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery

                                                4.  Alice Emrick, b:  Feb. 8, 1916  d:  Feb. 23, 1916

                         3.  John Parker Fitch, b:  March 22, 1886 in Perry Twp.,  d:  April 14,

                              1974 or 1975, married Jan. 11, 1910

                                    +  Mary Alma Urbine, b:  Aug. 14, 1885 in Perry Twp.

                                         d:  Aug. 3, 1967 in Avilla, IN, burial Avilla Catholic Cem.,

                                             Avilla, IN

                                                4.  Mary Louise Fitch, 1911-2001

                                                4.  Etta Philomena Fitch, 1915-  


                        3.  Cecil Fitch, b:  June 23, 1892 in Perry Twp.  d:  Oct. 16, 1980

                              burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, married June 3, 1914

                                    +  Vernie Edgar McComb, b:  Dec. 14, 1892 in Leo, IN

                                          d:  July 28, 1963, burial Perry Twp. Cemetery

                                                4.  Marjorie Etta McComb, 1915-1976

                                                            +  Loren Woodrow Freck, 1913-  

                                                4.  Audrey Marscelle McComb, 1917-

                                                             +  Walter Brenton Sloffer, 1915-

                                                4.  Barbara Ann McComb, 1918-

                                                            +  Russell Edward Kelham, 1911-  

                                                4.  Phyllis Ruth McComb, 1920-

                                                            +  Francis Edward Brown, 1913-

                                                4.  Danford Maurice McComb, 1922-

                                                            +  Betty May Frasier,  1922-1958

                                                4.  Russell Kenneth McComb, 1923-

                                                            +  Juanita Sheean, 1923-

                                                4.  Dorothy Luella McComb, 1925-

                                                            +  Jack Edward Lucas, 1925-

                         3.  Cleo Fitch, b:  Nov. 7, 1894 near Huntertown, IN  d:  Jan. 6, 1895

                              burial Perry Twp. Cemetery


                        3.  Ernest Harvey Fitch, b:  June 27, 1900 in Perry Twp.,  d:  Jan. 25,

                              1969, burial Circle Hill Cemetery, Angola, IN, married Oct. 2, 1919

                                    +  Bernice Louise Strayer, b:  July 3, 1898 in Clear Lake, IN

                                          d:  Vale, Oregon,  burial Circle Hill Cemetery, Angola, IN

                                                4.  Richard Walter Fitch, 1921-2002

                                                            +  Phyllis Pulver, 1924-

                                                4.  William Harvey Fitch, 1923-

                                                            +  Phyllis Coral Keibler, 1926-

                                                4.  Alice Suzanne Fitch, 1924-

                                                            +  Todd Henry Enyeart, 1928-

                                                4.  Cleo Fitch, 1927-1928




2.  Sarah Elizabeth Fitch, b:  March 29, 1855 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN 

      d:  Aug. 4, 1958, burial Lindenwood Cemetery, Ft. Wayne, IN

      married Dec. 28, 1881

            +  Irvin Franklin Stratton, b:  April 20, 1848 in LaGro, Wabash Co., IN

                 d:  April 2, 1902 , burial Lindenwood Cemetery


                        3.  Leander Elliot Stratton, b:  April 13, 1885 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                              d:  Feb. 12, 1980, married Jan. 17, 1910 

                                    +  Edna Bell Beaver, b:  Aug. 1, 1890  d:  Aug. 18, 1917

                                         burial, Lindenwood Cemetery

                                                4.  Mark Elliot Stratton, 1912-

                                                4.  Janette Stratton, 1914-1915

                                                4.  Gene Stratton, 1916-1921  

                        2nd wife of Leander Elliot Stratton, married April 2, 1919

                                    +  Clara Kolstad, b:  Nov. 17, 1883 in Wilmont, S.D.

                                          d:  Dec. 13, 1976

                                                4.  Donald Lee Stratton, 1923-

                                                            +  Dorothy May Calfee, 1926


                        3.  Harold Fitch Stratton, b:  Jan. 31, 1888 in Wichita, Kansas

                              d:  Dec. 14, 1975


                        3.  Helen Stratton, b:  Dec. 16, 1892 in Wichita, Kansas

                              d:  Aug. 12, 1984 in Fort Wayne, IN, burial Lindenwood Cem.

                              Married Nov. 24, 1911

                                    +  Claude Henry Bowlby, b:  Feb. 11, 1891 in Defiance, OH

                                          d:  Aug. 9, 1983, in Fort Wayne, IN

                                                4.  Ruth Helen Bowlby, 1912-1973

                                                            +  Carl Edward Schafer, 1905-

                                                4.  Elizabeth Bowlby, 1913-

                                                            +  Rae Clare Newell, _____-1964

                                                            +  John Donald Newell, 1911-

                                                4.  Claudia Bowlby, 1917-

                                                            +  James Cambelford Mac Innes, 1916

                                                4.  Mary Stratton Bowlby, 1923-

                                                            +  Davis Maxwell Shryer, Jr.

                                                            +  Duncan Hall Baird, 1917


                        3.  Marguerite Stratton, b:  March 4, 1896 in Wichita, Kansas

                              d:  July 31, 1980, married July 3, 1920

                                    +  Clarence R. Nobles, b:  June 11, 1894 in Buncombe, IL

                                          d:  Aug. 13, 1928, burial Vienna, IL

                                                4.  Robert Stratton Nobles, 1922-

                                                            +  Mary Geraldine Mc Pherson, 1921-



DAVID NATHANIEL FITCH from “Valley of the Upper Maumee” and “Annals of the Township”, 1887 edition

David N. Fitch, the youngest son of Nathaniel Fitch, now lives on the old homestead farm with his aged mother.  He received a good common school education and attended college at Fort Wayne for two years.  In 1887 he was united in marriage with Emma B., daughter of James C. and Nancy (Kidd) Stirlen.  They have one child, James B., born January 26, 1888.  Mrs. Fitch was born November 2, 1866.  She is member of the Lutheran Church.  Mr. Fitch is a member of the Regulators of Allen County.  As a young man he stands high in the estimation of all who know him.



2.  David Nathaniel Fitch, b:  Feb. 13, 1865 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN  d:  April 4,

      1950, burial Woodlawn Cemetery, Auburn, IN (Roseland)

            +  Ella

2nd wife of David Nathaniel Fitch, married June 1, 1887

            +  Emma Belle Stirlen, b:  Nov. 2, 1866 in Perry Twp.  d:  Dec. 21, 1929 in

                    Auburn, IN, burial, Woodlawn Cemetery, Auburn, IN


                        3.  James Burgess Fitch, b:  June 26, 1888 in Perry Twp., d:  Feb. 10,

                              1962, married Dec. 26, 1912

                                    +  Alice Rakestraw, b:  July 4, 1888, in Auburn, IN  d:  Nov. 7,



                        3.  Hershel Humes Fitch, b:  Feb. 9, 1890 in Perry Twp.,  d:  Oct. 21,

                              1969, burial, Calvary Cemetery, SW of Garrett, Keyser Twp.,

                              DeKalb Co., IN, married July 9, 1918

                                    +  Mabel Catherine Snyder, b:  Nov. 26, 1892 in Garrett, IN

+  Mabel Catherine Snyder, b:  Nov. 26, 1892 in Garrett, IN

                                         d:  April 25, 1960, burial, Calvary Cem., Garrett, IN 

                        2nd wife of Hershel Humes Fitch, married Feb. 25, 1961

                                    +  Bessie Grawe, 1899-1973, burial Calvary Cem.


                        3.  Helen Chloe Fitch, b:  June 19, 1892 in Auburn, IN  d:  June 19,

                              1981 in Fort Myers, Florida, married June 17, 1925

                                    +  Raymond Tilden Hawver, b:  March 22, 1891 in Claverack,

                                          NY,  d:  June 24, 1968, burial Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort

                                          Wayne, IN






The story of the local Fitch Family is fairly well known and documented in Allen County.   There are actually 2 different lines of the Fitch family that have grown up in Allen County and I will expand on just one of them.    Both connect back about a dozen generations  in England when THOMAS  FITCH  and ANNE REEVE had a brood of children, some of which came to America to start a new life in the wilderness here.  

Their home was just northeast of London in Essex County.    Thomas was a wool merchant and a maker of woolen fabrics and they lived in Braintree,  County Essex , England.   His known ancestors went back to about 1400 where they were documented as they moved about.   John Townsend Fitch of New England has written a wonderful book on the Fitch family in England called “Fitch Family History”.  It is still available.   He has a web site.

As the story goes, one of the boys, JAMES FITCH, came to America in 1638.    He had studied in England to be a minister and was just 16 when he made his way to America where he studied and worked under Rev. Hooker.    Soon he was a full-fledged Puritan minister himself, lived in Connecticut, and has many descendants in America.   John T. Fitch has also written on Rev. James Fitch and his descendants.   

THOMAS FITCH, the father, died in England in 1632.    JAMES came to America in 1638 and then in 1648 another son, NATHANIEL, died in England.    It appears at that time that some of the other brothers came to America and brought their mother with them.    We do not have an exact date for their arrival, but would assume it must have been around 1649-1650.    Those coming were THOMAS, JR., SAMUEL and JOSEPH and their mother.    JOSEPH had a well-known descendant in “STEAMBOAT BUILDER, JOHN FITCH”.     The mother lived with SAMUEL in Connecticut, and THOMAS went to the Norwalk, CT, area and helped to develop that settlement.

Our INDIANA (Allen Co.) NATHANIEL FITCH, came from Pennsylvania where his ancestors had been early settlers for 3 generations.    The trick then became how to connect him to his ancestors,  Thomas and Anne of England.     

At first this local family thought that they had come from REV. JAMES FITCH and it has even been recorded in places that it was so.   However, after much research, and the failure of J. T. Fitch to find it so,  it appears that Nathaniel’s family came to PA from CT and were most likely from the THOMAS FITCH line, who settled in Norwalk, CT.    

Incidentally, the other Fitch family of Allen Co., that meets generations back, was and is from the Rev. James Fitch line and can find their history recorded in his books.    

However this story is about NATHANIEL FITCH, blacksmith and farmer of northern Allen County.     Back to the shores of Connecticut and to Thomas Fitch and his family……

I will put here the line that seems proper for  Nathaniel’s genealogy  and then expand a little on each generation of the family: 

THOMAS FITCH 1612-1704 and Anne Stacie

            Children:  Thomas, JOHN, Ann, Mary and Sarah

JOHN FITCH (1633- ______) and Rebecca Lindall

            Children:  John, Rebecca, NATHANIEL, and Mary 

NATHANIEL FITCH (1682-1743)  and Elizabeth _________

            Children:  JOHN, Lindall, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Mary

JOHN FITCH  (_____ - 1748)   and Elizabeth Beers

            Children:  Nathaniel, JOHN, Elizabeth and Susanna

JOHN FITCH  (1737-1815) and probably Elizabeth Lockwood and 2nd wife,  Mary


            Elizabeth (Lockwood) Fitch died before or by 1784

            Children:  JOHN, JR., GIDEON, and SUSANNA

                        John also had a son, NATHANIEL, born 1782

            John moved his family to Wyoming Co., PA about 1788

            Do not know Mary’s maiden name or when they were married

            Do not know for sure if NATHANIEL, born 1782, was the son of Elizabeth Lockwood

                        Or 2nd wife, Mary   


JOHN FITCH, JR.  - -  died of small pox in Norwalk in 1792

GIDEON FITCH - - settled early in Wyoming Co., PA

NATHANIEL FITCH, - - married Sarah Keeler, and settled early in Wyoming Co.,


NATHANIEL FITCH and Sarah Keeler had children:

            Seymour, Giles, NATHANIEL, Morgan, Spencer, Abigail, John, Perry, Sarah, Nancy,

            Allen, Mary Polly


NATHANIEL, JR. son of NATHANIEL and Sarah Keeler came to Allen Co., IN 



THOMAS FITCH 1612-1704 helped to settle Norwalk, CT about 1651.    He was a local town leader and was prominent in all that was going on at the time.   He had 2 sons and 3 daughters that came along with him from England.    THOMAS, the eldest, and JOHN were the sons.    Both stayed in Norwalk to raise their families.   

Son, THOMAS’s line was quite military and also down 4 generations produced a governor of the state of Connecticut.    Son, JOHN FITCH married REBECCA LINDALL in Norwalk and raised his family there.    He had sons, JOHN and NATHANIEL.       (Here the story often gets tangled with all the John’s)   

JOHN FITCH, son of JOHN and REBECCA, married Lydia Bushnell and had


            Also listed in some genealogies is a son by the name of JOHN, listed last but no dates


NATHANIEL FITCH, son of JOHN and REBECCA, had 3 wives and children by his first wife, ELIZABETH

            Children were:  JOHN, LINDALL, ELIZABETH, ABIGAIL and MARY

His 2nd  (Sarah Seeley Frost)  and 3rd (Anna Mallory) marriages were too late for any of these children

In the Norwalk records, there are several legal documents about JOHN FITCH and it is often hard to determine who was who.    A lot of genealogists have assumed that the JOHN that we hear about in the legal documents was the son of JOHN and very little is mentioned about JOHN, son of NATHANIEL. 

I have come to believe that this northern Indiana Fitch family is descended from JOHN FITCH, son of NATHANIEL FITCH.      At this time I do not know what happened to John, son of John.   I do not know if he ever existed.     I have never seen an official registration of his birth or any records that say he was the “son of John”.     All the other children have birthdates.     

Some of the confusion is caused by using the term JOHN FITCH, JR in several of the documents which is often assumed to mean that his father had to be named John also, which apparently is not the case.   Sometimes they were given the term JR because there was another by the same name at the same place, who was older and so to keep from confusing the two they put JR behind the name of the younger one.   It is not a guarantee that John, Jr. always had a father by the name of John.   

Another thing that has confused the issue was the two wills that were produced and recorded in the year of 1748 for John Fitch.    It is fairly certain that the first (March) of them was JOHN FITCH who married ELIZABETH BEERS.    He died early and left small children to be cared for.   Since both are found in the Norwalk records together and just one number behind the other, I think it was assumed they were father and son.   But I see no indication that it is so.   We have John who married Lydia with a will dated 1748 but not proved until 1760 so not sure when the death actually occurred.    And in his will, he lists no son by the name of John, nor grandchildren that might have belonged to a son John.    He clearly names all his other children and what he is leaving them.       

JOHN, son of NATHANIEL, married ELIZABETH BEERS  and in his will we find he had sons, JOHN who was the oldest, NATHANIEL, and daughters, ELIZABETH and SUZANNA.   

To confuse matters further, THEOPHILIS, son of JOHN and Lydia, also had a son by the name of JOHN FITCH.   He is fairly easy to trace though in the records.  

Will list the line again that I believe is correct:

THOMAS FITCH 1612-1704 and Anne Stacie

            Children:  Thomas, JOHN, Ann, Mary and Sarah

JOHN FITCH (1633- ______) and Rebecca Lindall

            Children:  John, Rebecca, NATHANIEL, and Mary  

NATHANIEL FITCH (1682-1743)  and Elizabeth _________

            Children:  JOHN, Lindall, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Mary

JOHN FITCH  (_____ - 1748)   and Elizabeth Beers

            Children:  Nathaniel, JOHN, Elizabeth and Susanna

JOHN FITCH  (1737-1815) and probably Elizabeth Lockwood and 2nd wife,  Mary


JOHN FITCH, JR.  who died of small pox in Norwalk in 1792

GIDEON FITCH who settled early in Wyoming Co., PA   (came with Father, John)

NATHANIEL FITCH, who married Sarah Keeler, and settled early in Wyoming Co.,

            SUSANNA,  do not know what happened to her.


NATHANIEL FITCH, (1782-1839) and Sarah Keeler had children:

            Seymour, Giles, NATHANIEL, Morgan, Spencer, Abigail, John, Perry, Sarah, Nancy,

            Allen, Mary Polly

NATHANIEL, JR. son of NATHANIEL and Sarah Keeler came to Allen Co., IN, unmarried, about 1832.   Being a blacksmith he worked on the Canal locks for several years earning enough money to purchase land and get married to SARAH ELIZABETH DELONG.  

Other items that help to prove this line are the will of ELIZABETH (BEERS) FITCH ELLIS

            In it she states that her husband was JOHN FITCH

            She states that her grandchildren are JOHN FITCH, JR., GIDEON FITCH,


            We find that JOHN FITCH married Elizabeth Lockwood in 1766

            His sister, ELIZABETH FITCH married David King in 1767

            Have several contracts between JOHN FITCH and the KING family before 1788

            Some time after the death of John Fitch in 1748, his widow married Henry Elis

            The will is under the name of Elizabeth Elis

Land records under her name also tell us that she is the sister of Eunice Beers

            And that she calls David Beers her brother.   

            Other things as the location of the lands and neighbors indicate this is the family we

                        are looking for.

Area is Fairfield Co., Weston and Wilton, and Green’s Farms.  Home of the Beers, the Lockwoods, the Kings and Poplar Plains, land of John Fitch.

We have Pennsylvania land documents that say that Gideon Fitch and Nathaniel Fitch call   

            John Fitch “their father”

Life in Pennsylvania may have been very hard in 1788.   Records were not well kept out in the frontiers of the country and what were may have been lost through floods that ravished the territory from time to time.    We have the census records from 1790 on, for John Fitch.  They show he may have had other children.   They show him on the 1800 census and on the 1810 census.   He is still on the tax rolls in 1813.    A small item in the Wyoming Co. newspaper tells that John Fitch died in 1815 at the age of 78 in Tunkhannock, PA, and that is as far as the information goes.  

There is a cemetery near the Susquehanna River that now contains the graves of the Fitch family.   Originally there was a plot on the Fitch farm with the gravestones, but eventually that land was sold and made into a gravel pit, and so the graves were moved to the Roberts Cemetery and were placed just outside the fence.    Nathaniel and Sarah (Keeler) Fitch are buried there, but there are no gravestones for the father, John or his second wife, Mary.  

Rumor had it that John was disgusted with the way Pennsylvania was handling the land that the settlers had claimed and he gave up his land to his two sons and went back to Connecticut and died there.   However, he is still on the tax rolls in 1813 so doubt that story and with the news bit about his death in Tunkhannock, it is even more doubtful.    Probably the legend or story had roots in the fact that apparently John Fitch, Jr. as a young man (1792) went back to Norwalk, either for a visit or for good, and got small pox and died there.   At his death, his only inventory seemed to be a few articles of clothing and personal things so perhaps he did go for just a visit.   What a hard way to lose your first son!  

Gideon raised his family in the area, though in another township, and the Fitch Cemetery at Lockville, PA is named for him and you will find his gravestone there.    Nathaniel, stayed on the farm close to the Susquehanna River and Falls, PA, and there raised his family.    Most of his sons married and had families that lived close, except for our NATHANIEL who came to Indiana.   NATHANIEL had been apprenticed to a blacksmith in Easton, but rumor has it that he ran off and came home and opened a blacksmith shop with his brother, Giles.   It worked for a while as they did blacksmithing and gunmaking, but soon there was not enough work to keep Nathaniel satisfied so he took off for the west, on foot.     Carried his gun and that was about it and eventually came to Indiana where he worked on the canal for some time.    It was also said that he was gone 14 years before they heard from him again in PA.    If that is so, he was married and had children by that time.     It was said that he made one trip back to PA and some of his family came out to Indiana for a visit.    We know that one nephew came to visit and stayed and married into the Hand family.   He was Jefferson Sickler, a son of Nathaniel’s sister.   

If anyone should read this and disagree with my assessment of the genealogy of the family, I would love to hear from you.    It is always a work in progress and others may have uncovered things that we have not.    We need all the pieces.    I would love to hear from you if you might have any photos of the original Fitch Cemetery in Falls Twp., Wyoming Co., PA.

It was moved in 1975 to the Roberts Cemetery so any photos before that time would be welcome.     Or if anyone knows where we might find the grave of Elizabeth (Lockwood) Fitch, who died about 1784 around the Fairfield and Weston or Wilton area in CT, northeast of Norwalk.   

Much of the research done for this family project was done by Ann Hassold and myself, Betty Fitch.   You may contact me at     

John Townsend Fitch’s Website has his books and CDs


Newspaper excerpts from the Wyoming Co. PA newspapers can be found at the Wyoming County Historical Society website at