1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2707-2719


Henry Fair                            42 M                born MD         Clothier

Elizabeth Fair                       34 F                 born Ohio


Gabriel Fair                          12 M                born Ohio

Mary A. Fair                          10 F                 born IN

Christian                                7  M                born IN

George Fair                            5  M                born IN


Dudly Tharp                          55 M                born NY         Laborer

Leonard Barber                    34 M                born VA          Laborer

Peter Gensen                                    20 M                born Ohio       Clothier

Lydia Oberhaulser               18 F                 born Ohio 


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN                       Family 26, Dwelling 26  


Charles Fair                          36 M                born PA          Farmer

Sarah Fair                             33 F                 born Ohio      


Sylvester Fair                       10 M                born IN

Minerva Fair                                      7  F                 born IN

Charles V. Fair                      5  M                born IN

Anna Fair                               4  F                 born IN

Augusta Fair                                      2  F                 born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN            Family 56, Dwelling 56


Abraham Fair                        38 M                born MD         Farmer

Christina A. Fair                  34 F                 born Ohio


Barbara Elizabeth Fair        14 F                 born IN

David Winters Fair              11 M                born IN

Eliza Jane Fair                     10 F                 born IN

Matilda Adaline Fair            9  F                 born IN

William Henry Fair                          7  M                born IN

James Ensry Fair                  5  M                born IN

Calvin Fair                             3  M                born IN


Eliza Jane Work                   10 F                 born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN           Family 58, Dwelling 58


Peter Fair                              69 M                born MD         Farmer

Sarah Fair                             44 F                 born VA         


Hannah Fair                          19 F                 born Ohio

Peter Fair                              18 M                born Ohio       Farmer

John Fair                               16 M                born Ohio       Farmer

Jacob Fair                              12 M                born IN           Farmer

Andrew Fair                           9  M                born IN

Samuel Fair                            7  M                born IN

Catharine Fair                       5  F                 born IN

Michael Fair                           2  M                born IN


1880 Census of Eel River, Allen County, IN   174 B


Gabrel Fair                            married          male, 41          born Ohio       Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio

Mary A. Fair                          wife                 female, 39      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born VA,  Mother born Ohio


Frank V. Fair                                    son                  male, 4            born IN

Vesta B. Fair                                     daughter        female, 2        born IN

Ruby A. Fair                          daughter        female, 9 mo  born IN


Curtice Thorp                       other, single  male, 21          born IN           Farm Hand

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born NY


1880 Census of Eel River, Allen Co., IN   174 B


Andrew Fair                          married          male, 39          born IN           Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born VA

Samantha V. Fair                 wife                 female, 33      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born VA


Rose V. Fair                          daughter        female, 15      born IN

Ora A. Fair                            son                  male, 11          born IN

Clara B. Fair                                     daughter        female, 9        born IN

George E. Fair                      son                  male, 8            born IN

Charles S. Fair                      son                  male, 6            born IN

Gary Fair                               son                  male, 5            born IN

Mabell Fair                            daughter        female, 2 mo  born IN


1880 Census of Eel River, Allen Co., IN   181 D


Samuel Fair                           married          male, 36          born IN           Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born MD

Sarah Fair                             wife                 female, 30      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio


Altha Fair                              daughter        female, 10      born IN

Elizabeth Fair                       daughter        female, 8        born IN

Birtha Fair                            daughter        female, 7        born IN

Daulton Fair                                     son                  male, 4            born IN

Jessy Fair                              son                  male, 3            born IN

Joseph Fair                           son                  male, 10 mo   born IN


H. H. Bruce                           other, single  male, 23          born MD         Farm Hand

            Both parents born MD


1880 Census of Eel River, Allen Co., IN   181 D


Michael Fair                          married          male, 31          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born MD

Martha Fair                           wife                 female, 29      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Franklin Fair                        son                  male, 8            born IN

Clida C. Fair                                     son                  male, 2            born IN


Peter Fair                              widower         male, 49          born IN

            Both parents born IN

Pearley Thorp                       son                  male, 11          born IN

Addie Thorp                          daughter        female, 8        born IN

            Both parents born MI


1880 Census of  Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN   106 A   (Christina Delong Fair, wife of

                                                                                                Abraham Fair)


Christina Fair                       widow                         female, 65      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born KY (error),  Mother born PA

Laura L. Fair                         daughter        female, 19      born IN

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio


1880 Census of Township 97, Hutchinson, Dakota Territory


Jacob C. Fair                                     married          male, 41          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born IN  (also an error)

Elisabeth Fair                       wife                 female, 39      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Persy Fair                              son                  male, 16          born IN

Lucy Fair                               daughter        female, 13      born IN

Jane Fair                               daughter        female, 11      born IN

John Fair                               son                  male, 8            born IN

Sarah Fair                             daughter        female, 6        born IN

Clara Fair                              daughter        female, 2        born IN


1880 Census of Township 121, Grant, Dakota Territory   28 D  (Catherine Fair)


E. Dixon Paine                      married          male, 36          born Ohio       Keeps board-

                                                                                                                        ing house

            Both parents born Ohio

Kate Paine                             wife                 female, 33      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio


Thursey Paine                       son                  male, 13          born IL

Perry Paine                           son                  male, 9            born IL

Persy Paine                           son                  male, 9            born IL

Cora Paine                             daughter        female, 6        born DAK


1880 Census of Raymond Twp., Rice Co., Kansas   264 D   (Christian Fair, son of

                                                                                                     Henry and Elizabeth)

Christian Fair                       married          male, 36          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Francelia Fair                       wife                 female, 29      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio   (Francelia was dau. Nathaniel Fitch)


Valie Fair                              daughter        female, 4        born IN

Lizzie Fair                             daughter        female, 1        born KS


Thomas Whacker                  other               male, 24          born IN           Farm laborer

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born PA




FAIR, CHARLES                              Dec. 31, 1869                                     51Y  6M  22D

FAIR, GLENN                                  June 14, 1891                         4M  3D

FAIR, JONATHAN I.                       Feb. 19, 1861-Oct 12, 1909               Glenn

FAIR, SARAH L.                              June 17, 1861                         3Y  2M  3D

                                                            Charles & Sarah




ABRAHAM FAIR                             d: Feb. 2, 1867           age 54Y  11M  4D


C. G. FAIR                                         b: Aug. 10, 1864

MAHALA FAIR                                b: Dec. 30, 1865         d: Sept. 5, 1901


CHARLES FAIR                               Son of A. & C. Fair

                                                            b: Aug. 9, 1838           d: Sept. 10, 1839


CLEON L. FAIR                               1888-1932


DAVID W. FAIR                               1838-1919

IRENE, his wife                                1841-1926


EARL S. FAIR                                   Son of C.G. and M. Fair

                                                            d: Aug. 30, 1891         age 3Y  2M  19D


ELMIRA FAIR                                  Daughter of  H. & E. Fair

                                                            d: Sept. 2, 1843          age 1Y  8M  2D


GENEVA C. FAIR                            Daughter of C.G. & M. Fair

                                                            d: Feb. 1, 1897           age 1M  24D


HENRIETTA FAIR                          Daughter of A. & C. Fair

                                                            b: July 26, 1849          d: July 5, 1850


MARY FAIR                                      Daughter of C.G. and M. Fair

                                                            d: Aug. 24, 1895         age 3Y  7M  5D


PERRY W. FAIR                              1862-1922

AURELIA C. FAIR                           1862-19___


PETER FAIR                                    d: Nov. 15, 1853         age 72Y  10M  16D

SARAH FAIR, wife of Peter                       d: Aug. 17, 1854         age 49Y


ROYCE E. FAIR                               1875-1956

HALLIE B. FAIR, his wife              1875-1909


WILLIAM H. FAIR                          1843-1921                   Co. A, 100 Ind. Vol. Inf.

SARAH A. MOODY                                     1845-1912


WORTH H. FAIR                             1898-19__

BEATRICE A. FAIR                                    1897-1960




Charles Fair to Joseph Shryock


Deed, Received for Record this 12 day of July 1856 at 7 o’clock a.m. and recorded in Record I (or J) Page 407, W. Griswold, Recorder, DeKalb County.  Filed in Open Court April 10, 1856, S. W. Sprott, Clerk.  Entered for taxation this 12 day of July, 1856, Mr. Pierce


This indenture made this ninth day of April AD 1856 between Charles Fair, Admin-istrator with the will annexed of the estate of Peter Fair, deceased, of the one part and Joseph Shryock of the County of Allen and State of Indiana of the other part witnesseth that where as Charles Fair, Administrator, as aforesaid filed in the Court of Common Pleas of DeKalb County, Indiana, on the 7th of October AD 1854 his petition setting forth that said decedent at the time of his death was seized in fee simple of the South East Quarter of Section 33 in Township 33 North of Range 12 East in DeKalb County, Indiana, and that by the will of said decedent said land was to be sold and the proceeds  with the proceeds of his personal estate should be divided among his children.  And at the time of executing said will the decedent had the following named children living:  Mary Harkrider, Sarah Ensey, Abraham Fair, Elizabeth Long ( Lung ), Charles Fair, Louisa Simons, Hannah Garrison, Peter Fair, John Fair, Jacob Fair, Andrew Fair, Samuel Fair, Catharine Fair, Merchant Fair, Henry Fair, and Sophia Surface and that said Henry Fair and Sophia Surface are since deceased leaving the following named children, Gabriel Fair, Mary Fair, Christian Fair, George Fair and Sarah Elizabeth Fair, children of Henry Fair, Emanuel Surface, Peter Surface, Charles Surface, Nathaniel Surface, Abraham Surface, Colphinias Surface, Elizabeth Surface and Isaac Surface, all of whome were ________ defendants to said petition and Lucinda Miller, a daughter of Rebecca Miller,  a daughter of said Peter Fair, deceased before the execution of said will.  And afterwards at the January Term of said Court held at Auburn in said county on the third day of January AD 1855 said court being satisfied that said administrator had given the notice required by the statutes ordered and directed him to sell said premises at private sale and afterwards at the August Term of said Court, the Administrator reported to said court that he had been unable to sell said premises at private sale and asking said court to make an order directing him to sell said premises at public sale which was granted and the Administrator was directed to sell at public sale after giving the notice required by the Statute.  And afterwards at the April Term of said Court, held at Auburn aforesaid on the seventh day of April 1846 the said Administrator reported to said Court that he did on 15 day of February AD 1856 sell said premises to one Joseph Shryock for the sum of Two Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars;  Eleven hundred Dollars cash, Five Hundred and Fifty dollars in twelve months and Six Hundred Dollars on eighteen months which report was approved by the Court and said sale confirmed and the said Administrator ordered to execute and deliver to said purchaser a good and sufficient deed of conveyance of the premises aforesaid and to take from said purchaser a mortgage on said premises to secure the balance of said purchase money all of which proceedings will the more fully appear from the records of said reference hereto being had.


Now, therefore, to confirm to the said Joseph Shryock the purchaser aforesaid, and by order of the said Court, the said Charles Fair, Administrator, as aforesaid and on consideration of the said sum of Two Thousand Two Hundred Dollars aforesaid hath granted, bargained, sold, and conveyed and confirmed and by this present do grant, bargain, sell, convey, and confirm unto the said Joseph Shryock, his heirs and assigns forever the premises aforesaid to wit:   The South East Quarter of Section Thirty-three (33) in Township Thirty-three, Range Twelve East with all the rights privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging and all the right title interest and claim of the said Peter Fair at the time of his death in and to the same to have and to hold the said premises with the appurtenances to the sole and proper use and benefit of the said Joseph Shryock, his heirs and assigns forever.


In testimony whereof the said Charles Fair has hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.


                                                            Charles Fair              Seal


State of Indiana

DeKalb County


            Before me Egbert B. Mott, a Notary Public in and for said Charles Fair, acknowledge the execution of this foregoing deed.  Witness my hand and Notarial Seal this 9th day of April AD, 1856


                                                            Egbert B. Mott

                                                            Notary Public


From the DeKalb County History "The pioneers of Butler Township were PETER FAIR  and his sons CHARLES  and ABRAHAM, Charles Crouse, George DeLong, and the SURFACE family, ANDREW and his sons, JOHN and JACOB ................. HENRY FAIR came in 1839.”


Some of the following information comes from the “History of DeKalb County, IN”


1827    Peter Fair and his family moved to Montgomery Co., Ohio from Maryland

1835    Peter Fair came with his sons Charles and Abraham to Allen and DeKalb Co.

            Indiana.  Peter had two wives and many children as noted by the legal docu-

            ment above.   His first wife apparently died in Ohio and he remarried to

            Sarah Surface.

1835    They made permanent settlement in Indiana, though they had been here the

            previous fall to build their cabins.

1837    Peter Fair met with the first Board of Commissioners.

            Peter and wife were members of the German Reformed Church


Son Abraham Fair gives some interesting information about their pioneer experiences as he was one of the 8 who first settled this area:


“Our plan” he says “ was to come out, build cabins, make a little beginning and then return to our old homes in Montgomery Co., Ohio to winter and bring on the family in the spring.  We brought in provisions enough to last until our return, excepting meat, calculating to kill deer enough to supply that.  In this however, we were mistaken.  We found deer quite scarce in those woods that fall.  One day Andrew Surface found a hollow tree filled with honey, into which a bear had gnawed a hole and helped himself to as much as he wanted.  On cutting the tree we found what was left of the Bruin’s dinner, six gallons of honey.  The first fair day after this, we found two bee trees, cut them and took the honey.  We eight had all the honey we wanted for 20 days (and had little except bread and honey) and on returning to Ohio we had 21 gallons of strained honey left.” 


“I was 22 years of age” continued Uncle Abraham, “when I moved into the township 24 years ago.  I weighed 160 pounds and my wife 140.  Now (1859) I weigh 210 and my wife, 200!!  We have had 11 children born in this township and 9 are still living.  In 24 years I have not lost as many hours by sickness.  I am now 6 feet 4 ½ inches and there never has been cleared land enough in DeKalb County to throw me down on.  I still live on the farm where I first settled and have never moved but once, from one part of my farm to another.”   


Abraham’s biography is found in John Martin Smith’s  “History of DeKalb County”, Volume Three as well as some of the older volumes like the 1885 history of the county.  Also find it under Biographies at the DeKalb Co. Website to which you can link from our website.  They have a very informative website thanks to Cheryl Milukas and Arlene Goodwin and many others.  Try it and you will like it.


By 1860 Abraham Fair owned over 400 acres of land, and had 5 horses, 8 milk cows, and 14 other cattle.  He had 50 sheep, and 25 pigs.   He raised wheat, rye, oats, peas, beans, and sweet potatoes that year.  And he made wine and cheese, 640 lbs!  A lot of work for his wife, Christina!!  He also had a quantity of molasses and honey. 


Peter Fair’s family


1.  Peter Fair, born March 15, 1780 in Frederick Co., MD  d: Nov. 15, 1853 in DeKalb Co., IN

       married about 1801

            +  Barbara Krouse (Crouse)  b: abt. 1783  d:  Sept. 16, 1825 in Miami Co., Ohio


                        2.  Mary Fair  b: abt. 1802 in MD,  d: 1863,  married 1839 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  William Garretson

                                    +  H. Harkrider


                        2.  Sarah Fair   b: abt. 1804 in MD, married Nov. 30, 1826 in Ohio 

                                    +  James Ensey


                        2.  Henry Fair  b: abt. 1808, prob. MD  d: between 1853-1856 in the West

                              South Fork of the Platte River, Nebraska.

                                    +  Elizabeth “Betsey” Norman


                        2.  Sophia Fair  b: March 15, 1811 in MD  d: Aug. 15, 1854 in DeKalb Co., IN

                              married April 20, 1829 in Montgomery Co., Ohio

                                    +  William Surface


                        2.  Abraham Fair,  b: about 1814 in Frederick Co., MD  d: Feb. 2, 1867 in

                              DeKalb Co., IN,  married Aug. 19, 1835 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Christina DeLong


                        2.  Charles Fair  b: June 9, 1816 in MD  d: Dec. 30, 1869 in Allen Co., IN

                              married June 27, 1839 in Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Sarah Virginia Simon


                        2.  Louisa M. Fair  b: June 24, 1820 in MD  d: Jan. 22, 1898 in DeKalb Co., IN

                              married Dec. 25, 1838 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  John Peter Simon


                        2.  Elizabeth Fair  b: about 1828


   2nd wife of Peter Fair, married June 27, 1830 in Miami Co., Ohio

            +  Sarah Surface


                        2.  Hannah N. Fair  b: May 8, 1831 in Montgomery Co., Ohio  d: July 9, 1877

                               married July 4, 1854 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Andrew Garrison


                        2.  Peter Fair, Jr.  b: March 3, 1833 in Montgomery Co., Ohio

                              married Aug. 29, 1882 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Anna Lung Burtzner

                                    +  Caroline Doggett


                        2.  John Fair  b: about 1834 in Miami Co., Ohio  d: 1862


                        2.  Jacob Cornell Fair  b: Sept. 10, 1838 in DeKalb Co., IN  d: Dec. 7, 1921

                              in Battle Ground, Clarke Co., WA,  married Sept. 21, 1863

                                    +  Elizabeth Hathaway


                        2.  Andrew Fair  b: abt. 1841 in DeKalb Co., IN, married Sept. 20, 1863 in

                              Noble Co., IN

                                    +  Samantha Victoria K. Doggett


                        2.  Samuel Fair  b: abt. 1843 in DeKalb Co., IN  d: 1913

                              married Oct. 21, 1869 in Fort Wayne, IN

                                    +  Sarah Jane Sellers


                        2.  Catharine Fair  b: abt. 1845 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Edward Dixon Payne


                        2.  Michael Fair  b: May 1848 in DeKalb Co., IN  d: abt. 1932 in Blind Creek,

                              Alberta, Canada,  married Sept. 3, 1871 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Martha Ann Dove


                        2.  Merchant Fair


                        2.  Rebecca Fair (named as deceased when her father died in1853)  May have

                               been one of the first children of Peter and Sarah.   

                                    +  Unknown Miller or Samuel Weller or both??


                                                3.  Lucinda Miller