Duly Family


From THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE and ANNALS OF THE TOWN-SHIPS, 1887 edition, reprint by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin, page 328


SOLOMON DULY, of Perry township, is a native of Wayne county, Ohio, born November 27, 1838.  His father, JOHN DULY, was born in Pennsylvania, and emigrated to Ohio, and in 1849 settled in Perry township on the farm where SOLOMON now lives.  Here he died June 14, 1874.  He began life in the Perry township woods with about $900, and succeeded in becoming the owner of 240 acres of good land.  He was one of the leading citizens, and he and his wife, whose maiden name was ELIZABETH ELY, were highly esteemed.  Their son, SOLOMON, received his education in the log school-houses, now passed away.  On December 14, 1871, he was married to LUCINDA, daughter of GEORGE and MARGARET (KAIRGER) BOWSER, early settlers who came from Ohio about 1836 and settled on land which they entered from the government.  This union was blessed with 2 children: 


HARRY E., and EDNA I. 


Mrs. Duly was born July 14, 1842.  She was a member of the United Brethren Church.  Mr. Duly has a fertile and well improved farm of 80 acres. 




1.  John Duly  b: in PA  d: June 14, 1874 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

            + Elizabeth Ely


                        2.  Solomon Duly  b: Nov. 27, 1838 in Wayne Co., Ohio, married Dec. 14, 1871

                                    +  Lucinda Bowser  b: July 14, 1842


                                                3.  Harry E. Duly  b: 1872  d: 1916

                                                            +  Edith  b: 1880


                                                                        4.  William Duly  b: abt. 1908  d: Dec. 25, 1926


                                                3.  Edna I. Duly



                        2.  Mary E. Duly  b: Sept. 7, 1845 in Ashland Co., Ohio  d: April 9, 1910 in

                              Allen Co., IN,  married Jan. 26, 1870 

                                    +  Martin V. Metcalf  b: Dec. 3, 1845 in Ashland Co., Ohio from tstone


                                                3.  Unnamed Metcalf

                                                3.  William Edmund Metcalf  b: 1881  d: 1941 

                                                            +  Alice M.  b: 1888  d: 1974


                                                                        4.  Glenn Paul Metcalf  b: 1911


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  188 B


Solomon Duly                      Married         Male, 42        born Ohio      Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Lucinda Duly                       Wife                Female, 32    born IN          Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio

 Harry E. Duly                      Son                 Male, 6           born IN         

Annie Bowser           Sister-in-law             Female, 20    born IN          Servant

            Both parents born PA

(Interesting that Lucinda and Annie give different birthplaces for parents.  I do not have an “Annie Bowser” as yet.  Are they sisters?  Actually probably father was born in PA and mother in Ohio)


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  188 B, right next door

 Martin V. Metcalf               Married         Male, 34        born Ohio      Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Mary Metcalf                       Wife                Female, 34    born Ohio      Keeps house

             Both parents born PA

Orville Skinner        other, single             Male, 15        born IN          Farm laborer

Burials at Perry Township Cemetery, Allen Co., IN   Old Section

DULY, EDITH                   1880 – 19 __,  wife of Harry Duly HARRY E.                         1872 – 1916 ,  Edith

DULY, WILLIAM               September 25, 1926, 18Y 6M 29D



Perry Township, Allen County, IN    Corner of Coldwater and Union Chapel Roads 





Lucinda Duley



Wife of S.

John Duley

Born PA

June 13, 1874

73 yrs  (Peltier) burial at U.C. Cem.

Angeline Duley


February 25, 1860

19 yrs  1 mo  15 days  dau of J. and E.

Elizabeth Duley


August 3, 1869

62 yrs 8 mos 7 days,  wife of J.

Joseph Duley


February 13, 1861

22 yrs  5 mos  15 d.

Mary Ely


November 11, 1848

78 yrs 1 mo  2 days