There are several of the DeLong family in Allen Co., IN, both Perry and Eel River Townships and also just over the line in DeKalb Co.  In the early days many had lands on both sides of the line. 


The DeLong family came from Pennsylvania;  some moved down through Virginia and West Virginia, and some came on to Miami Co., Ohio.  Some of the next generation moved on to Indiana. 


We will be concerned mainly with the 3 sons of Mathias DeLong, our Pennsylvania ancestor, George, Joseph, and Jacob.  It would appear that all 3 of those sons moved down to Botetourt Co., VA, for some time and then on to Miami Co., Ohio, where they raised their families. 


1.  George DeLong, Sr.  b: March 4, 1774 in Lynn Twp., Northampton, PA

      d:  October 25, 1836 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

            +  Elizabeth Statler, b: 1787  d: Feb. 15, 1872 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                 (Both Elizabeth and George are buried in East Bethel Cem., Bethel Twp.)


                        2.  George DeLong, Jr.  b: abt. 1807  d: before Aug. 7, 1843

                               married March 30, 1825 in Miami Co., Ohio (poss. marriage)

                               (buried in East Bethel Cemetery)

                                    +  Mary Ann Rudy

                               (George’s will does not name a wife, or children, probated in 1843 it

                                mentions, father George, mother Elizabeth, brothers William, David,

                                Washington, and Abraham)  


                        2.  William DeLong, b: July 9, 1814 in Ohio by 1850 census, WVA by death

                               record  d: Aug. 11, 1886 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                               married April 16, 1854 in Miami Co., Ohio  (buried East Bethel Cem.) 

                                    +  Susan Croy


                        2.  Christina DeLong  b: abt. 1816 in Bethel Township, Miami Co., Ohio

                              d: abt. 1900 in DeKalb Co., IN  (still looking for burial place in Auburn?)

                              married Aug. 19, 1835 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Abraham Fair  b: abt. 1814, in Frederick Co., MD

                                         d: Feb. 2, 1867 in DeKalb Co., IN  (burial in Cedar Chapel Cem.)


                                                3.  Barbara Elizabeth Fair b: April 19, 1836  d: 1922

                                                3.  David Winters Fair  b: Aug. 9, 1938  d: 1919

                                                3.  William Henry Fair  b: 1843  d: 1921

                                                3.  James E. Fair  b: 1845

                                                3.  Calvin A. Fair  b: 1847

                                                3.  Mary Fair  b: 1852

                                                3.  Alice Fair b: 1855

                                                3.  Laura L. Fair  b: 1857

                                                3.  Charles Irwin Fair  b: Aug. 9, 1838  d: Sept. 10, 1839

                                                3.  Henrietta Fair  b: July 26, 1849  d: July 5, 1850

                                                3.  Eliza Jane Fair b: 1840

                                                3.  Matilda Aveline Fair  b: 1841


                        2.  Ellen DeLong  b: May 25, 1818 in Miami Co., Ohio  d: Feb. 20, 1897 in

                              Allen Co., IN,  married June 19, 1843 in “little town of Ft. Wayne”

                                    +  John Edward Surface  b: Oct. 7, 1812 in Warren Co., Ohio

                                         d:  March 31, 1891 in Allen Co., IN, at his home just north of the

                                         county line.  (both buried Cedar Chapel Cem., DeKalb Co., IN)


                                                3.  Henrietta Surface  b: March 25, 1844  d: May 18, 1876

                                                            +  Alanson C. Griffin

                                                3.  Stephen Surface  b: March 30, 1844  d: Sept. 29, 1919

                                                            +  Ellen V. Cornell  b: Feb. 25, 1849  d: July 4, 1899   

                                                3.  George Surface  b: abt. 1844  d: 1901

                                                            +  Anjuline Hartzel  b: 1851  d: 1923  

                                                3.  Samuel Surface

                                                3.  Harriet Surface  b: 1846

                                                3.  Hueston Surface  b: 1848

                                                3.  Cornelius Surface  b: 1848

                                                3.  Andrew J. Surface b: Sept. 8, 1850  d: 1927

                                                            +  Mary E. Snyder  b: Nov. 18, 1854  d: 1933  

                                                3.  John E. Surface  b: abt. 1862  d: 1941

                                                            +  Martha E.  b: 1863  d: 1945

                                                3.  Celina Surface  b: abt. 1857

                                                            +  Thomas Harner

                                                3.  Julia A. Surface b: abt. 1860

                                                3.  Mary Surface

                                                3.  Ellen Surface

                                                3.  Thomas Surface  b: abt. 1843 ??

                                                            See more under Surface/Surfus


                        2.  Sarah Elizabeth DeLong  b:  May 29, 1818 (believe Ellen and Sarah to be

                              twins and do not know why they differ on their birthdates)

                              d: Sept. 2, 1908 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN,  married June 4, 1840 in

                               either Allen or DeKalb Co.  If they were at the home of sister, Christina,

                               then it was DeKalb.  (Some also give June 10 as wedding date) Nathaniel

                               had land in both counties.

                                    +  Nathaniel Fitch,  b: July 9, 1806 in Falls Twp., Wyoming Co., PA

                                         d:  Jan. 1, 1877 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                         (Both Nathaniel and Sarah buried Perry Twp., Cemetery)


                                                3.  Perry Fitch

                                                3.  Mathias Fitch

                                                3.  Mary Jane “Jennie” Fitch

                                                3.  Charles Fitch

                                                3.  Nancy Fitch 1848-1848

                                                3.  Amos Fitch

                                                3.  Fitelia Fitch

                                                3.  Francelia Fitch

                                                3.  Harvey Fitch

                                                3.  Sarah Elizabeth Fitch

                                                3.  Allen Fitch

                                                3.  Ida Alice Fitch

                                                3.  Emeline Fitch 

                                                3.  John Edward Fitch

                                                3.  David Nathaniel Fitch

                                                            See FITCH for more information on these families


                        2.  Washington DeLong,  b: Nov. 13, 1823 in Miami Co., Ohio  d: Jan.31, 1877

                              in Allen Co., IN,  married April 29, 1847 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Mary Catherine Wimer  b: Oct. 29, 1827  d: Jan. 21, 1862

                                        (Washington and Mary are buried in Perry Township Cemetery)


                                                3.  Mary Elizabeth DeLong  b: 1848  d: Feb. 22, 1870  

                                                3.  Aaron DeLong  b: about 1846  prob. died young  

                                                3.  Abraham Isaac DeLong  b:  1850

                                                            +  Mary Catherine Miller  

                                                3.  Henrietta DeLong  b: Nov. 29, 1851  d: Feb. 22, 1877 in


                                                            +  William Rhinehold  d: Aug. 2, 1870  

                                                3.  Jacob F. DeLong

                                                            +  Laura Miller 

                                                3.  George W. DeLong

                                                3.  Ellen S. DeLong  b: abt. 1862

                                                            +  Garfield Harner



                        2.  David DeLong  b: Aug. 1824 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio  d: July 1,

                               1850 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio,  married Oct. 4, 1849

                                    +  Martha Martin, poss. d: 1851

                                         (David is buried at East Bethel Cemetery with his parents)


                        2.  Eliza DeLong  b: March 1825 in Bethel Township, Miami Co., Ohio d: 1912

                              in Bethel Township, Miami Co., Ohio,  married March 1842 in Miami Co.

                                    +  John Ross  b: July 21, 1814 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                                         d: Jan. 4, 1897 in Miami Co., Ohio  (both buried West Charlston

                                          Cemetery, Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio)


                                                3.  Ann A. Ross

                                                3.  Harrison C. Ross

                                                3.  Robert Ross

                                                3.  John L. Ross

                                                3.  Benjamin Franklin Ross

                                                3.  Sarah E. Ross

                                                3.  Mary Alethia Ross

                                                3.  George W. Ross       

                                                3.  Eliza Ross

                                                3.  Thomas Jefferson Ross

                                                3.  Fanny Ross

                                                3.  Charles Ross


                        2.  Abraham Delong  b: 1827-1828 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                              d. before 1872


                        2.  Henrietta DeLong  b: Jan. 1, 1831 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                              d: April 15, 1909 in Miami Co. at her son’s home,  married Sept. 30, 1857

                                    +  David D. Young  b: June 22, 1826 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                                         d: 1923 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio


                                                3.  Sarah E. Young

                                                3.  George Daniel Young

                                                3.  Ada Arkansas Young

                                                3.  David Franklin Young


                        2.  Isaac DeLong  b:  1832-1833 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio  d: 1863-

                              1864 in the Civil War,  married Oct. 16, 1857 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Martha Sullivan


                                                3.  Mary Ann DeLong   


                        2.  Jefferson DeLong  b: abt. 1835 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio  d: after



                        2.   Edward DeLong  b: 1836-1837 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                               d: March 19, 1908 in Kansas


                        2.   Son DeLong  b: abt. 1819-1820  (There is an unreadable DeLong stone

                               at East Bethel Cemetery, Miami Co., Ohio


From the family of George DeLong and Elizabeth Statler, the following came to Allen or DeKalb Co. to make their homes.


 Christina DeLong, Ellen DeLong, Sarah Elizabeth DeLong, Washington DeLong


1.  Joseph DeLong  b:  Nov. 27, 1766 in PA  d: May 30, 1856 in Miami Co., Ohio,  married

       in Marion Co., VA  (now W.VA.)  Date given as 1790  (if so Maria’s bdate prob. incorrect)

            +  Elizabeth “Maria” Snodgrass  b: Feb. 1779 in Ireland  d: Sept. 13, 1821 Miami Co.


                        2.  George Washington DeLong  b: March 4, 1800 in VA  d: Jan. 5, 1855

                               married March 4, 1827 in Miami Co., Ohio,  buried Cedar Chapel Cem.

                               Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN  (had land in both Allen & DeKalb Cos.)

                                    +  Rebecca York  b: March 29, 1808 in Ohio  d: Jan. 2, 1851 in DeKalb


                                                3.  Joel DeLong  b: April 5, 1828 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., O

                                                      d: March 25, 1896 poss. Montana (Served in Civil War)

                                                            +  Mehetable Smith  b: Aug. 5, 1830 in Ohio

                                                                 d: Oct. 10, 1886 in Allen Co., IN 

                                                                 (tombstone for both Joel & Mehetable at Cedar

                                                                  Chapel Cemetery, Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN 

                                                3.  Samuel Alexander DeLong  b: Sept. 22, 1829 in Ohio

                                                      d: July 17, 1866, married Nov. 18, 1852 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Clarinda Angelina Blackwood  b: Jan. 8, 1835

                                                                  d: March 9, 1877

                                                3.  Alexander DeLong  b: April 30, 1831  d: 1899-1910 in MT

                                                            +  Melissa

                                                3.  James George DeLong  b: May 2, 1833 in Ohio  d: Dec. 23,

                                                      1877 in DeKalb Co., IN,  married Nov. 18, 1852 

                                                            +  Mary “Polly” (Essig) Dailey  b: Feb. 25, 1836  

                                                                 d: Aug. 6, 1906

                                                3.  Mary Ann DeLong  b: abt. 1835 prob. Ohio  d: March 28,

                                                      1862, married March 10, 1859, buried Cedar Chapel Cem.

                                                      Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  Gilbert I. Patterson  b: April 5, 1834 in NY

                                                3.  Joseph Henry (or G.) DeLong  b: Sept. 2, 1839 in IN

                                                      d: abt. 1910 in Whitman Co., WA  unmarried

                                                3.   Solomon DeLong  b: 1841 in Perry Twp., IN

                               2nd wife of George Washington DeLong, married between 1851-1852

                                    +  Julia Ann Essig  b: abt. 1815 in Ohio  d: May 30, 1896


                                                3.  Rebecca Ann DeLong  b: Sept. 1853  d:  March 1924 in IN

                                                            +  John DePew

                                                            +  Corder Howell

                                                            +  James M. Aldridge

                                                            +  Joseph Henry Cox   



2.  Joseph DeLong, Jr.  b: 1800 to 1812 in VA  (Likely is the Joseph DeLong   

                              died in 1885 and buried Waterloo, DeKalb Co., IN with birth given there

                              as 1812.  Also census reports indicate his birth between 1800-1810.)

                                    +  Jane Graves b: bet. 1804-1805 in NY


                                                3.  Daughter DeLong

                                                3.  Son DeLong

                                                3.  John DeLong b: abt. 1831 in Ohio

                                                3.  Ebenezer DeLong  b: about 1832 in Ohio  d. Nov. 24, 1908

                                                      in DeKalb Co., married May 2, 1862

                                                            +  Anna M. Cronk

                                                3.  Silva DeLong  b: abt. 1836  married Sept. 30, 1855

                                                            +  Henry Tucker

                                                3.  Charles DeLong  b: abt. 1841

                                                            +  Sarah Fisher

                                                3.  Drusilla DeLong  b: abt. 1842 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                      married Sept. 18, 1862 in DeKalb Co., IN 

                                                            +  Amos Hoxie

                                                3.  James Clinton DeLong  b: July 1844  d: 1911

                                                            +  Eliza E. Frick  b: June 1850 in IN

                                                3.  Rufus DeLong  b: 1852  d: May 7, 1906 in Waterloo,

                                                      Grant Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  Anna J.  b: Oct. 1876


                        2.  Rebecca DeLong  b: abt. 1805 in VA  d: Before 1849, married April 3, 1823

                                    +  Jacob Statler


                                                3.  Jane Statler

                                                3.  Joseph Statler


                        2.  James DeLong  b: Abt. 1806 in VA  d: abt. 1867 prob. Perry Twp., Allen

                              Co., IN, married Nov. 11, 1833 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Barbara Elizabeth Fair  b: abt. 1813 in MD or PA  d: Sept. 3, 1878


                                                3.  Philena Ellen DeLong  b: Sept. 25, 1834  d: Oct. 25, 1923

                                                      married Nov. 28, 1854 in Allen Co., IN 

                                                            +  Joseph A. “Bird” Jones  d: 1915 in Coffeyville, KS

                                                3.  Henry Fair DeLong  b: Nov. 19, 1936 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                                      d: Feb. 4, 1889,  married July 25, 1867 or 1871

+  Jane McCrum  b: Sept. 25, 1838 in Brockville, CAN

     d: Oct. 10, 1918 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                3.  Louisa Sophia DeLong  b: July 2, 1841  d: Oct. 19, 1858

                                                3.  David Denman DeLong  b: Dec. 1842  d: Sept. 17, 1900 in

                                                      Fairfield Twp., DeKalb Co., IN, married May 26, 1867

                                                            +  Climera Green  b: July 10, 1848  d: Jan 27, 1921

                                                3.  Emmalissa Jane DeLong  b: Oct. 6, 1851

                                                       married Jan. 21, 1869 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  John Bangs (moved to Montana)


                        2.  Alexander DeLong  b: April 17, 1809 in Botetourt Co., VA  d: April 25,

                              1881 in Wells Co., IN, married Oct. 4, 1832 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Elizabeth Beer  b: abt. 1809 in Montgomery Co., Ohio

                                         d:  Sept. 22, 1894

                                         (Residence in Lancaster Twp., Wells Co., IN)


                                                3.  Asa DeLong  b: Feb. 1834 in Ohio  d: prob. Caldwell Co.,

                                                      MO between 1876-1880, married Feb. 23, 1860 Wells Co.

                                                            +  Hannah Elizabeth Pates/Pottee  b: Aug. 1840 in OH

                                                3.  Solomon DeLong  b: March 1836  d: abt. 1902 in Wells Co.

                                                      (unmarried and served in the Civil War)

                                                3.  George DeLong  b: July 8, 1840 in Miami Co., Ohio 

                                                      d: Nov. 7, 1899 in Wells Co., IN (served Civil War)

                                                      married Dec. 20, 1877 in Wells Co., IN

                                                            +  Sarah Elizabeth Cole  b: june 4, 1842 in Ohio

                                                                 d: May 20, 1906 in Wells Co., IN

                                                3.  Joseph S. DeLong  b: May 25, 1849 in IN

                                                      married May 16, 1878 in Wells Co., IN

                                                            +  Louisa May Brickley  b: May 1859

                                                3.  Mary Ann DeLong  b: Oct. 25, 1853 in Wells Co., IN

                                                     d: March 23, 1879 in Liberty Center, Wells Co., IN

                                                     married April 15, 1875 in Wells Co., IN

                                                            +  Charles Cole  b: March 11, 1849 in Bluffton, IN

                                                                 d: Aug. 17, 1932 in Bluffton, Wells Co., IN


                        2.  Elizabeth DeLong  b: April 30, 1812 in VA  d: Dec. 28, 1885

                                    +  David Denman  b: March 30, 1807  d: Sept. 21, 1881

                                    (Elizabeth and David are buried at the Newville Cemetery at

                                    Newville, Newville Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


                        2.  Solomon DeLong  b:  Sept. 10, 1815  in Botetourt Co., VA  d: April 17, 1873

                              in DeKalb Co., IN, married Aug. 26, 1841 in Paulding Co., Ohio

                                    +  Mariah/Maria Landis  b: Dec. 11, 1821 in Preble Co., Ohio

                                         d: March 28, 1912 in Chicago, IL

                                         (Both Solomon and Maria are buried at Newville Cemetery at

                                         Newville, Newville Twp., DeKalb Co, IN)


                                                3.  John L. DeLong  b: April 8, 1842 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                     d: March 26, 1862 near New Albany in Civil War service

                                                3.  George Francis DeLong  b: Jan. 9, 1844 in Newville

                                                      d: 1916, married Nov. 5, 1865  (Served Civil War)

                                                            +  Elizabeth “Lizzie” B. Smith  b: Jan. 2, 1846 in OH

                                                                d:  May 17, 1882

                                                     2nd wife of George DeLong, married May 10, 1883, DeKalb

                                                            +  Josephine “Josie” F. Thomas  b: April 21, 1854 in

                                                                Chambersburg, Columbia Co., Ohio  d: 1916


                                                3.  David Denman DeLong  b: Nov. 11, 1846  d: March 4, 1932

                                                      in Los Angeles, CA, married June 28, 1870  (Civil War)

                                                            +  Emmalyza Lete Knepper  b: Jan. 20, 1847 in Ohio

                                                                d: Aug. 3, 1945 in Los Angeles, CA

                                                3.  Alfred S. DeLong  b: July 24, 1848  d: April 26, 1873

                                                      (Alfred served in the Civil War)

                                                3.  Alva L. DeLong

                                                3.  Joseph S. DeLong  b: Dec. 12, 1852 in Newville, DeKalb

                                                      Co.,   d: Nov. 26, 1884

                                                            +  Fidellis Horisington b: Oct. 1852 in Ohio

                                                                 still living in Union, DeKalb Co., IN 1900 census

                                                3.  Morris DeLong  b: March 19, 1855  d: April 21, 1858


                        Of the family of Solomon and Maria we find these buried at the Newville

                        Cemetery at Newville, DeKalb Co., IN


                                    John L. DeLong

                                    George Francis and both his wives

                                    Alfred S. DeLong

                                    Joseph S. DeLong

                                    Morris DeLong


After the death of his first wife, Joseph DeLong, Sr. married Elizabeth Crane.  Her husband had died in Miami Co., Ohio, about the same time that Joseph lost his first wife.  Elizabeth Crane DeLong is buried with her husband Benjamin at East Bethel Cemetery, Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio.  She is named as Elizabeth DeLong, wife of Benjamin Crane on the tombstone.   Joseph DeLong and his first wife are buried together at another.


Do not have the maiden name of Elizabeth Crane but she was born 1775 in Lycoming Co., PA and d: Dec. 15, 1862 in Miami Co., Ohio.  She and Joseph DeLong were married March 7, 1822 in Miami Co., Ohio.


Of the family of Joseph DeLong, brother of George DeLong, we have these coming to pioneer in Indiana:


George Washington DeLong came to Allen and DeKalb Co.

Joseph DeLong, Jr. came to DeKalb Co.

James DeLong came to DeKalb Co.

Alexander came to Wells Co.

Elizabeth DeLong and David Denman came to Newville, DeKalb Co., IN

Solomon DeLong came to Newville, DeKalb Co., IN


George and Joseph’s brother Jacob also came with them probably to Botetourt Co, VA and then on to Miami Co., Ohio.  However his family did not move to Allen or DeKalb Co. as far as I know so I will not go into his descendants.  His daughter, Elizabeth married John Weaver in Ohio and they do have living descendants. 





DELONG, CATHERINE WHEELOCK    Daughter of Phineas & Elizabeth

                                                                        Wheelock, b. at Plattsburg, Clinton Co.

                                                                        New York, no dates

DELONG, MARY                                         Jan. 21, 1862              35Y  10M  8D

                                                                        Wife of Washington

DELONG, MARY E.                                                Feb. 22, 1870              22Y   with Mary

DELONG-FITCH, SARAH                                     May 29, 1818-Sept. 2, 1908

                                                                        Wife of Nathaniel Fitch

DELONG, WASHINGTON                                     Jan. 31, 1877              54Y  10M  13D



DEKALB CO., IN                 RD 68 & 11A


George DeLong                                 d. Jan. 5, 1855            aged 54Y  10M  1D

Rebecca DeLong, wife of George    d. Jan 2, 1851             aged 42Y  9M   4D


Joel DeLong                                      Co. G. 152 Ind. Infantry  

Mehetabel, wife of Joel                    d. Oct. 10, 1886          aged 56Y  2M   5D


Henritta DeLong                              d: July 25, 1870         aged 10M  5D

                                                            Daughter of J. & M.  (Joel and Mehetabel)

Ida E. DeLong                                   d: Nov. 20, 1868         aged 1M   16D

                                                            Daughter of J. & M.

Loretta A. DeLong                           d: Nov. 5, 1866           aged 1M   22D

                                                            Daughter of J. & M.

Malisa J. DeLong                              d. Aug. 15, 1872         aged 8Y   17D

                                                            Daughter of J. & M.


Henrietta Fair                                  Daughter of Abraham Fair & Christina DeLong

                                                            b.  July 26, 1849         d:  July 5, 1850


Ellen (DeLong) Surfus                     d:  Feb. 20, 1897        aged 78Y  8M  25D

John Surfus                                       d.  March 31, 1891     aged 78Y  5M  24D


Mary Ann Patterson                                    Wife of Gilbert I. Patterson, dau. George &

                                                            Rebecca DeLong


Juliann, wife of George DeLong     d.  May 30, 1896        aged 79Y  1M  5D

  (2nd wife of George DeLong, buried with her son-in-law, John DePew)


1880 Census of Elizabeth Township, Miami County, 107A

(Henrietta DeLong, daughter of George DeLong and Elizabeth Statler)


B. D. Young               married                      male,54           born Ohio       farmer

            Parents both born in MD

Henrietta E. Young  wife, married                        female. 50      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Parents both born VA  (We find the siblings of Henrietta do not agree on

            where their parents were born)


Sarah E. Young         dau, single                 female, 21      born Ohio       At home

George D. Young      son, single                  male, 20          born Ohio       At home

Ada A. Young            dau, single                 female, 17      born Ohio       At home


Franklin Herkins     other                           male, 10          born Ohio       At home


1850 Census of Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio page 058b,  #783


(The father, George DeLong, died in 1836)


William DeLong       M 35                            born Ohio

Elizabeth DeLong     F  50 or 58                  born Virginia 

            (Interesting as we believe she was really born in PA) and she should be 63, but this is the correct family and Elizabeth is the mother of the rest.


            Henrietta                   F 18                             born Ohio

            Isaac                           M 16                            born Ohio

            Jefferson                    M 12                            born Ohio

            Edward                      M 10                            born Ohio



1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN taken Oct. 23, 1850  p. 261



(Washington DeLong, son of George DeLong and Elizabeth Statler)


Washington DeLong                        28 M                born Ohio       Laborer

Mary DeLong                        23 F                 born Ohio

Aaron DeLong                       3  M                 born IN

Mary DeLong                        1  F                  born IN 


1860 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN taken July 6, 1860



Washington DeLong                        39 M                born Ohio       Farmer

Mary DeLong                        33 F                 born Ohio

Elizabeth DeLong                 10 F                 born IN

Abraham DeLong                  9  M                born IN

Gennirtha (Henrietta)          8  F                 born IN

Jacob F. DeLong                    6  M                born IN

George W. DeLong                2  M                born IN


1850 Census of Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio   page 058a,  #772


            (Eliza DeLong, daughter of George DeLong and Elizabeth Statler)


John Ross                              36  M

            Eliza                           26  F

            Ann Ross                     7   F

            Harrison Ross           6   M

            Robert Ross                4   M

            Sarah E. Ross             2   F

            Mary Ross                   1   F


            David Long                26  M               blacksmith   DeLong

            Martha Long            20  F                                      DeLong


David DeLong is a brother to Eliza, and he married Martha.  David was included in this census, but apparently died shortly afterward.


1880 Census of Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio


John Ross                  married          male, 65          born Ohio       farmer

            Both parents born PA

Eliza Ross                  wife                 female, 55      born Ohio       keeps house

            Father born VA,  Mother born PA


Robert Ross               son, single      male, 29          born Ohio       fruit tree agent

John Ross                  son, single      male, 25          born Ohio       fruit tree agent

Sarah Ross                 dau, single     female, 22      born Ohio

Mary A. Ross                         dau, single     female, 20      born Ohio

George Ross              son, single      male, 19          born Ohio

Eliza Ross                  dau, single     female, 18      born Ohio

Jefferson Ross           son, single      male, 17          born Ohio

Fanny Ross                daughter        female, 16      born Ohio

Charles Ross                         son                  male, 14          born Ohio


1880 Census of Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio   233 A


Martha DeLong        widow                         female, 45      born Ohio       keeps house

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio

Mary L. DeLong        daughter        female, 21      born Ohio

            Both parents born Ohio


This may be  Martha, wife of David DeLong, however we note that if the age of the daughter is correct, then she was not David’s daughter as his death was in 1850.   There is a report also that Martha, wife of David DeLong, died in 1851, and is buried in East Bethel Cemetery.  There is a tombstone there that matches David’s but it is broken off and unreadable at the time we were there.  I assumed it was another child of George and Elizabeth’s.  More info needed on this one.



1860 Census for DeKalb County, Union Township, Auburn, IN   #204-204


(Joseph Jr., the son of Joseph, Sr. and Elizabeth Snodgrass)


Joseph DeLong         50 M                born VA          Ash Cut

Jane DeLong                         49 F                 born NY        

Ebenezer DeLong     33 M                born Ohio       Laborer

Charles DeLong        19 M                born IN           Laborer

Drusilla DeLong       18 F                 born IN

James DeLong          14 M                born IN

Ruper                                     10 M                born IN


1880 Census of Waterloo, DeKalb Co., IN              page 78 B


Joseph DeLong         married          male, 89          born NY  (error)        Laborer

            Both parents born Ireland (also incorrect, as just mother was)

Jane M. DeLong        wife                 female, 72      born NY                     Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Charles DeLong        son, single      male, 18          born IN           works in saw mill



1850 Census of Newville Township, DeKalb Co., IN  taken Oct. 1, 1850   p.204


(Solomon DeLong, son of Joseph DeLong Sr. and Maria Snodgrass)


Solomon DeLong      34 M                born VA          Farmer

Maria DeLong           29 F                 born Ohio

John DeLong                          8  M                born PA  (prob. should be IN)

George DeLong          6  M                born PA

David DeLong            4  M                born PA

Alfred DeLong           2  M                born PA


Shows how confused the census reports can sometimes be.  They were born in IN.


1860 Census of Newville Township, DeKalb Co., IN  taken July 26, 1860  p. 342



Solomon DeLong      45  M               born VA          Farmer

Maria DeLong           38  F                born Ohio      

John DeLong                         18  M               born IN

George DeLong         16  M               born IN

David DeLong           13 M                born IN

Alfred DeLong          12 M                born IN                      

Alva DeLong                         10 M                born IN                 

Joseph DeLong          7  M                born IN


George F. DeLong, son of Solomon and Maria DeLong


Biography of George F. DeLong from "Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen" by H. H. Hardesty, Publisher, New York, Toledo, and Chicago, 1894. Vol. II, pages 589-590.  


George F. DeLong.........Was born at Newville, January 9, 1844;  he is the son of Solomon and Maria (Landis) DeLong;  the mother is (sic was) still living;  he was married May 10, 1883 to Josie F. Thomas who was born April 21, 1854, at Chambersburg, Columbia County, Ohio.  They have one child, Emma B., adopted, deceased.  The parents of Mrs. DeLong and Jacob and Hannah (Weldon) Thomas, both now deceased.  Our subject was first married to Elizabeth Smith, who died May 17, 1882.  They had two children, Otheo and Willie.  Mr. DeLong was farming near Newville, Indiana, when at the age of 18 he enlisted at Indianapolis, August 9, 1862 as a private in Co. H. 88th Indiana V.I., 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 14th A.C.  He was confined to the hospital at Nashville for 90 days during the winter months of 1862 and 1863.  For about 6 weeks he acted as orderly in the same hospital.  April 1865 was commissioned as 2nd Lieut. Battles:  Perryville, Elk River, Tallahoma, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, White Oak Ridge, Tunnel Hill, Buzzard's Roost, Reseca, Dallas, Kenesaw Mt., Peach Tree Creek, Utah Creek, Jonesborough, Atlanta, pursuit of Hood, Sherman's March to the sea, Savannah, Averysborough, Bentonville, Raleigh, surrender of Johnson and grand review, May 24, 1865.   He received his honorable discharge at Washington, D.C. on June 7, 1865.


His father and 4 brothers were in the service.  John enlisted in Co. E. 11th Indiana V.I., was wounded at Fort Donaldson by piece of shell and died at hospital at New Albany and was brought home for burial.  David and Alfred were in the 129th Indiana V.I., and both were in the hospital.  His wife had two brothers in the army, Frank was shot at the battle of Stone River and died in hospital at Nashville and is buried there.  Chockley died of measles in the camp hospital at Nashville.

Solomon DeLong, the father, was farming, when at the age of 52, he enlisted in 1861, as private in Co. F, 44th Indiana V.I.   He helped to organize this company, and was commissioned as its first Lieut.


  Comrade DeLong draws a pension, is a member of O.S. Blood Post, No. 143, in which he also held office.  He is a fruit grower and his address in Newville, DeKalb County, Indiana.


1880 Census of Newville, DeKalb Co., IN   151 D

(Joseph DeLong, son of Solomon and Maria)


Joseph DeLong         married          male, 27          born IN           Farmer

            Father born VA,  Mother born PA

Fidellis DeLong        wife                 female, 26      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Loa DeLong               daughter        female, 5        born IN          

Durward DeLong     son                  male, 2            born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN            Family 56, Dwelling 56


(Christina DeLong, daughter of George DeLong and Elizabeth Statler)


Abraham Fair                        38 M                born MD         Farmer

Christina A. Fair                  34 F                 born Ohio


Barbara Elizabeth Fair        14 F                 born IN

David Winters Fair              11 M                born IN

Eliza Jane Fair                     10 F                 born IN

Matilda Adaline Fair            9  F                 born IN

William Henry Fair                          7  M                born IN

James Ensry Fair                  5  M                born IN

Calvin Fair                             3  M                born IN


Eliza Jane Work                   10 F                 born IN


1880 Census of Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN   106 A


Christina Fair                       widow                         female, 65      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born KY   (error),  Mother born PA

Laura L. Fair                         daughter        female, 19      born IN

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio


Children of Abraham Fair and Christina DeLong in the 1880 census:


1880 Census of  Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN  194 C

            (David Winters Fair)


David Fair                 married          male, 41          born IN           Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio

Irene Fair                  wife                 female, 38      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born NY,  Mother born CT


Perry Fair                  son                  male, 17          born IN           At home

Carlton Fair              son                  male, 15          born IN           At home

Adra I. Fair               daughter        female, 13      born IN

Callie Fair                 daughter        female, 10      born IN

Vinnie M. Fair          daughter        female, 8        born IN           At School

Wells O. Fair                         son                  male, 5            born IN

Mary Fair                  daughter        female, 1        born IN


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN   189 A         

            (William Henry Fair)


William Fair              married          male, 37          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA (error),  Mother born Ohio

Sarah Fair                 wife                 female, 35      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY


Andree Fair               daughter        female, 10      born IN           At school

Blanche Fair                         daughter        female, 8        born IN

Royce Fair                 son                  male, 4            born IN


George Quince          other, single  male, 20          born MI          Works on farm

            Father born England,  Mother born Ohio


1880 Census of Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN  103 D

            (Alice Fair, daughter of Abraham and Christina)


Isaac Cool                  married          male, 29          born IN           Keeps Livery

            Both parents born NY

Alice Cool                  wife                 female, 25      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio (Father actually MD)


Vina F. Cool              daughter        female, 2        born IN

Sidney M. Cool          son                  male, 9 mo.    born IN


1880 Census of Newville, DeKalb Co., IN   153 D


(Elizabeth, sister of Solomon, and daughter of Joseph DeLong, Sr.)


David Denman          married          male, 72          born Ohio       Post Master

            Both parents born NJ

Elizabeth Denman    wife                 female, 67      born VA          Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born England (or Ireland ?)


Colistie Denman       other, single female, 21      born IN           At home

            Both parents born Ohio


Do not know who Colistie is but probably some relation.  David and Elizabeth did not have children of their own.