Andrews Family


From B. J. Griswold THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA and THE STORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS OF ALLEN COUNTY, by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 1917


Bio of Rapin Andrews family:


DAVID SHOAFF and RAPIN ANDREWS, though coming to Perry at nearly the same time, but in quite different circumstances, were both there in time to be two of the 11 voters in the township to cast a vote at the first presidential election held there.  DAVID was a Whig.  RAPIN ANDREWS, who came with his wife, MARY BRIMMER and their 2 sons, from New York, had already attained worldly success before they became pioneers in Perry Township.  MR. ANDREWS brought ripe experience to the affairs of the new district, and was from the outset a valuable and appreciated citizen.  He died in 1849 at the age of 67.  THERON ANDREWS, his oldest son, born in New York State March 1822, was married in 1849 to HELEN L. POTTER, daughter of Oliver and Clarissa Potter, born October 1830.  THERON ANDREWS during a long life in Perry was one of its foremost men, having served successively as township assessor, township trustee, member of the Board of County Commissioners, Board of Drainage Commissioners, and a member of the Board of Equalization.  His family occupy a social position of high regard.  DEXTER B. ANDREWS, the second son of Rapin and Mary Andrews, married in 1849 MISS CELESTE A. SAUERS,  born at Watertown, New York, October 1832.  The year before he had entered the shops at Fort Wayne, never completing this course, but gifted with unusual cleverness in many directions of a mechanical nature, he was successful in whatever he undertook.  For several years, Mr. Andrews devoted a part of his energies to daguerreotyping, in which, although entirely self-taught, he made an enviable local reputation.  During his various experiences and changes of occupation, he saw a great deal of the United States, a broadening process which made him always one of the township’s most valued citizens.  He left 3 daughters,  AMELIA (MRS. J. N. BASSETT), CORA M. (MRS. L. C. HUNTER) and CLARA G.



From THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE and ANNALS OF THE TOWNSHIPS, 1887 edition, reprint by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisc.


RAPIN ANDREWS, named as an early settler, came to Perry township with his wife, MARY BRIMMER, and their children, from New York in 1839, and began to take a hand in the township's development.  He was one of its most valued citizens.  He was a Mason, while in New York, during the period of the Morgan excitement, and was a charter member of the first Royal Arch lodge of Allen county.  He was one of the 11 voters at the first presidential election in Perry township, in 1840.  In 1849 he died at the age of 67, but his widow survived until 1884, reaching the age of 85 years.



THERON M. ANDREWS, son of the worthy old settlers, RAPIN and MARY ANDREWS, was born March 1822 in New York state.  THERON M. received his early education in the log school-house, and assisted in the pioneer work of the family.  December 20, 1849, he was united in marriage with HELEN L., daughter of OLIVER and CLARISSA POTTER, born October 1830.  To this union were born 3 children, MARY D., SIDNEY D., and IDA J.   Mr. Andrews is one of the prominent citizens of the county, and during his more active days was among the foremost in its affairs.  He served as assessor of his township from 1856 to 1857, and was elected township trustee, an office he resigned in 1857 to accept a higher one to which he was called by the people of the county, that of member of the board of county com-missioners, and he held this important position until 1860.  He has served since then as one of the drainage commissioners of the county, and has been a member of the board of equalization since that body was created.  He is a member of the Masonic order and occupies a high position socially.  One of the leading people, he is widely known and he and family are highly respected.  Mr. Andrews has a beautiful farm in Perry township of 220 acres, thoroughly cultivated, and provided with substantial buildings.



DEXTER B. ANDREWS, a well-known citizen of Perry township, was born in New York, in July 1825, another son of RAPIN and MARY (BRIMMER) ANDREWS.  In 1839 DEXTER B. emigrated with his parents and settled in Perry township.  In 1848 he entered the shops at Fort Wayne to serve an apprenticeship as millwright, but never completed it.  Being a natural mechanic, he stood at the head wherever he worked.  He followed his trade through life.  In 1849 he was united to CELESTE A. SAUERS, born at Watertwon, New York, October 3, 1832, daughter of SAMUEL and MERCY GIBSON (PARSONS) SAUERS, early settlers of Allen county.  The father cast the first democratic vote in Washington township.  He was proprietor of the Washington hotel in Fort Wayne for 5 years.  This union was blessed by 4 children, 3 now living:


AMELIA, wife of J. N. BASSET

CORA M., wife of L. C. HUNTER



Mr. Andrews worked a number of years as a daguerreotyper, which art he learned from books alone.  He has in his possession pictures he took in 1853, which are as bright apparently as the day they were taken.  He continued at this business in connection with his trade until 1865.  In 1866 he entered the pension office with S. D. BAYLESS, where he remained until 1869.  In March, 1852, he started on the overland route to the gold fields of California, arriving August 10, 1852.  He entered


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ANDREWS, RAPIN, Descendants of


1.  Rapin Andrews, b: abt. 1782  d: 1849

            +  Mary Brimmer, b:  1798 in New York by 1850 census  d: 1885


                        2.  Sidney D. Andrews  b: abt. 1818


                        2.  Theron Andrews  b: March 1822 in N.Y.  d: 1900 prob. Allen Co., IN

                               married Dec. 20, 1849

                                    +  Helen L. Potter  b: Oct. 1830 or 1829 by ts inscription  d: 1898


                                                3.  Percy A. Andrews  b: 1870  d: 1871 as an infant

                                                3.  Ida J. Andrews  b: 1858  d: 1934

                                                3.  Mary D. Andrews

                                                3.  Sidney D. Andrews


                        2.  Dexter B. Andrews  b: July 1825 in N.Y.  d: April 19, 1894 in Allen Co., IN

                              married 1849

                                    +  Celeste A. Saurers  b: Oct. 3, 1832 in Watertown, N.Y.

                                          d:  April 12, 1898 prob. in Allen Co., IN


                                                3.  Amelia Andrews

                                                            +  J. N. Bassett

                                                3.  Cora M. Andrews  b: 1863 in Allen Co., IN  d: 1932

                                                      married Oct. 11, 1883

                                                            +  Lewis Cass Hunter  b: abt. 1852


                                                                        4.  Stella May Hunter

                                                                                    + Unknown Finney

                                                                        4.  William T. Hunter

                                                                        4.  Freeman Hunter


                                                3.  Clara G. Andrews  b: abt. 1864  


2.  Louisa Andrews  b: abt. 1829



1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN  #2649-2661

 Mary Andrews              52 Female                                 Born NY

 Sidney D. Andrews        32 Male            Lawyer             Born NY

Theron M. Andrews      28 Male            Farmer             Born NY

Louisa Andrews            21 Female                                 Born NY

 Others living in the home:

Christina Birmer          40 Female                                 Born NY

Wm. H. Kemick              8 Male                                    Born NY

Mary Carroll                 16 Female                                 Born Ireland


Rapin had died the year before, in 1849

 1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 195 D

 Dexter B. Andrews..........married..........male, white, 55.........born NY.......Farmer and Mill-


             Parents both born in New York

Silestie Andrews........wife, married.......female, white, 40......born NY.......Keeping house

            Parents both born in New York

 Clara Andrews............dau., single..........female, white, 16.....born IN


 1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 195 D

 Theron M. Andrews      married            Male, 58                       born NY           Farmer

            Father born MA, Mother born NY

Louisa Andrews            wife                  Female, 52                    born NY           Keeps house

            Both parents born NY

Sidney D. Andrews        son, single        Male, 24                       born IN            Farm laborer

Ida Jane Andrews         dau, single        Female, 22                    born IN            At home

 Mary Andrews              mother, wid.     Female, 82                    born NY

            Father born NY,  Mother born RI

 James Camac               other, single      Male, 41                       born NY

            Both parents born NY

Note on the above census that Dexter and Theron do not agree on where father was born.

Note also that mother, Mary was living with Theron, and says her father was born in New

            York and mother was born in Rhode Island. 


1860 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN 

Theron Andrews

38 Male

Born IN

About 1822

Louisa Andrews

30 Female


About 1830

Delilah Andrews

8 Female


About 1852

Sidney Andrews

4 Male


About 1856

Ida Jane Andrews

2 Female


About 1858

Mary Andrews

60 Female


About 1800

Dexter Andrews

35 Male


About 1825

Henry Camick

18 Male


About 1842

Corisoma Brimmer

40 Female


About 1820