From THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE and ANNALS OF THE TOWNSHIPS, 1887 edition, reprint by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisc., page 320


SCHUYLER WHEELER, (deceased) was one of the pioneers of Allen county.  He was born July 22, 1802, in Massachusetts, but was taken to New York by his parents when only six months of age.  He remained in Oswego county until fourteen years of age, when he removed to Orangeville, New York, where he remained until 1836, when he settled in Allen county, entering 400 acres, in April.  Returning to New York, he brought his family during the summer of 1836.  In 1828 he had been united in marriage with LYDIA, daughter of PERRY G. and SOPHIA SMITH.  This union was blessed with 4 children, 3 of whom are living; 


JULIA, COMMODORE P., now a resident of Missouri, COLUMBIA, the wife of F.C. WEST, who died April 19, 1888, and ALMINA, wife of CYRUS KRUMLAUF.  Mrs. Wheeler was born in Berkshire county, Mass., in 1801.  She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church from 16 years of age.  He served apprenticeship at the tannerís trade, at the age of 9 years, and after he became 21, he formed a partnership with his father and LUTHER BRIGGS, and in connection with the tannery they also ran a boot and shoe store.  He had strong elements of character that commanded the respect and confidence of his neighbors and associates.  He succeeded financially, leaving 940 acres of good land here, and 1,800 in Missouri, and in public life was honored by the position of representative of Allen County, in the legislature of 1859. 





1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2647-2659


Schuyler Wheeler                 48 M                Farmer           born MA

Lydia Wheeler                      49 F                                         born MA


Julia Wheeler                       21 F                                         born NY

Chales P. Wheeler                20 M                Laborer          born NY        

Catharine A. Wheeler          16 F                                         born NY

Almira Wheeler                     9  F                                         born IN


Levi Jackson                                     21 M                Laborer          born NY


We make an assumption that Chales P. Wheeler is Commodore P. Wheeler

Indiana marriage records give marriage of Commodore Wheeler and Eitchie C. West

Also that Catharine is Columbia Wheeler who married Fisher C. West.


1860 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN


Schuyler Wheeler

58 Male

Born MA


Lidya Wheeler

59 Female



Julia Wheeler

30 Female



Gilbert W. Wilson

15 Male



Michael Fair

12 Male



Joseph Marshall

58 Male



Alexander McGrady

20 Male







1880 Census of White, Benton, Missouri   290 C


Charles P. Wheeler              married          male, 49          born NY         Farmer

            Father born MA,  Mother born CT

Eylctric C. Wheeler                         wife                 female, 45      born NY         Keeps house

            Father born VT,  Mother born CT


Chloa A. Wheeler                 dau., single    female, 20      born MO

Ira O. Wheeler                      son, single      male, 19          born MO

Schuyler J. Wheeler                         son                  male, 17          born MO

Perry S. Wheeler                  son                  male, 15          born IN

Clarence A. Wheeler                        son                  male, 13          born MO

Walter W. Wheeler              son                  male, 11          born MO

Guy A. Wheeler                    son                  male, 9            born MO

Francis L. Wheeler              son                  male, 5            born MO


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   195 D


Julia Wheeler                       single              female, 45      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born MA


Almina Krumlauf                 sister, m.        female, 35      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born MA

Cyrus Krumlauf                    other, m.        male, 33          born Ohio       Farmer

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born PA

Lydia Krumlauf                    other               female, 4        born IN

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born IN




KRUMLAUF, ALMINA                   1841-1908                   Cyrus & Infant

DRUMLAUF, CYRUS                      1848-1904                   Almina & Infant

KRUMLAUF, INFANT DAU.         1880                            Almina & Cyrus


WHEELER, JULIA                          Feb. 19, 1900              70Y  9M  29D 

                                                            Dau. of S. & L.

WHEELER, LYDIA                                     April 5, 1874              72Y  7M  19D

                                                            Wife of Schuyler       Julia

WHEELER, SCHUYLER                March 20, 1873          70Y  7M  29D

                                                            Wife, Lydia                Julia






1.  Schuyler Wheeler  b: July 22, 1802 in Massachusetts  d: March 20, 1873 in Allen Co., IN

        married 1828

            +  Lydia Smith  b: 1801 in Berkshire Co., Massachusetts  d: april 5, 1874 in Allen Co.


                        2.  Julia Wheeler  b: abt 1829  d: Feb 19, 1900 in Allen Co., IN

                        2.  Commodore P. Wheeler  b: Sept 18, 1830 in Orangeville Twp., Wyoming

                               Co., NY    married Nov 3, 1857 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Eytchie Cornelia West   b: March 27, 1836

                        2.  Columbia Ann Wheeler  b: abt 1834 in New York (by 1880 census) 

                               d: April 19, 1888

                                    +  Fisher Curtis West  b: Sept 17, 1827 in Syracuse, NY  d: 1914


                                                3.  Shepard L. West  b: abt 1860  d: Sept 22, 1864


                                                3.  Price Donner West  b: Dec 27, 1861 in Allen Co., IN

                                                        d: July 5, 1913 sitting at his desk  m: Dec 27, 1895

                                                            +  Mary C. Barnes  b: 1859  d: March 10, 1905  


                                                                        4.  Fisher C. West, Jr.

                                                                        4.  Price Donner West, Jr.


                                                            +  Nanne Peterson  m: June 19, 1906  (2nd wife)


                                                3.  Isabella M. West  b: abt March 1863  d: Sept 15, 1864

                                                3.  Curtis S. West  b: abt 1866

                                                3.  Guy C. West  b: abt 1869

                                                3.  Lena E. West  b: abt 1873  d: 1909

                                                            +  Unknown Sible


                        2.  Almina Wheeler  b: Abt 1841 or 1845  d: 1908

                                    +  Cyrus Krumlauf  b: abt 1847 in Ohio  d: 1904


                                                3.  Lydia Krumlauf  b: abt 1876

                                                3.  Infant Krumlauf  b: abt 1880