From THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE and ANNALS OF THE TOWN-SHIPS, 1887 edition, reprint by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisc., page 331


FISHER C. WEST, was born in 1827, at Syracuse, New York, son of JOSEPH and JOANNA (SMITH) WEST.  The father was a soldier in the war of 1812, and served about one year.  The grandparents on both sides were soldiers in the war for American Independence, and the grandfather on the father’s side served through the whole struggle and lost an eye in the first battle.  MR. WEST left his native state when about 15 years of age, and settled in DeKalb county, where he remained with his parents about 1 year, and then began to learn the miller’s trade, which he has followed more or less ever since.  In 1849 he joined the great tide of emigration to the gold fields of California, where he was very successful in mining.  He remained about 4 years, then returned to Indiana and purchased the farm in Perry township on which he now lives.  He remained in Allen county about 10 months and then began a series of travels, to New York City, then to the Cape Verde, Africa, then to Cape Town, Africa;  thence to Fort Phillip, Australia;  thence to the gold mines of Australia, where he remained about 8 years;  then from Melbourne to London, Eng-land, where he remained about 3 months and then returned home.


In 1860 he was united in marriage with COLUMBIA ANN WHEELER.  Of their 8 children, three are living:




The mother of these children was born in 1833, and departed this life in 1888.  Mr. West is an extensive land owner, having 937 acres of valuable land in Perry township, with brick dwelling and other substantial buildings.  He also owns 80 acres in Noble county, about 300 in Missouri and 1,700 in Tennessee.  He is an enterprising man and is now boring for gas on his farm, the well being at this writing about 1,000 feet deep.  His home farm is the very best land in Allen county, unsurpassed in its production of grain.  Mr. West is a member of the F. & A. M.


You can find an excellent biography on PRICE DONNER WEST in


Biography of Price Donner West, pages 408/409/410/411/412. 

History of DeKalb County, Indiana; B. F. Bowen & Company,

Inc., Indianapolis, 1914.


Also to be found on the DeKalb County website





1850 Census of Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA

Fisher West                         23 M                born NY

If this is the correct Fisher West, he is living with a Schwitzer family.  


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN            Family 65, Dwelling 65


George S. West                     29 M                Farmer           born CAN

Hannah West                        22 F                                         born Ohio


Edward West                          4 M                                        born IN

Sylvia Ann West                     1  F                                        born IN

No name West                         2 mo.  F                                born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN           Family 66, Dwelling 66


Joanna West                          49 F                                         born CT


Eliza Whetsel                        23 F                                         born NY

Agnes Whetsel                      1 mo. F                                   born IN

Elizabeth West                     19 F                                         born NY

Archy West                            14 M                                        born NY

Ira West                                 12 M                                        born NY

Louis G. West                       10 M                                        born NY

Susan G. West                         6  F                                        born NY


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 194 B


Fisher C. West          married          male, 42          born NY         Farmer    (prob. 52)

            Both parents from CT

Columbia A. West     wife                 female, 46      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born MA


Curtis S. West        son, single      male, 14          born IN           At home

Guy C. West              son, single      male, 11          born IN           At home

Lena E. West                         dau, single     female, 7        born IN          


Albert Hanley           single              male, 23          born PA          Farm laborer

Marcus Cherry          single              male, 26          born GA         Painter

            Father born NY, Mother born Ceylon, Asia


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb County, IN   193 A


George West                                     married          male, 59          born CAN       Farmer

            Both parents born CT

Hannah West                        wife                 female, 53      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born VA


Holland G. West                   son, single      male, 22          born IN           At home

Douglas A. West                   son, single      male, 18          born IN           At home

Ollie E. West                                     daughter        female, 16      born IN           At home

Flora May West                    daughter        female, 13      born IN           At home


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN   193 A


Ira West                                 married          male, 41          born NY         Farmer

            Both parents born CT

Susana West                          wife                 female, 36      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Lee West                                son                  male, 15          born IN           At home

Allen West                             son                  male, 14          born IN           At home

Willard West                                     son                  male, 10          born IN           At home

Claud West                            son                  male,  8           born IN          

Lillie West                             daughter        female, 3        born IN

Merta West                           daughter        female, 1        born IN


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN  193 A


William Whetsel                   married          male, 64          born Ohio       Farmer

            No place of birth given for parents

Eliza Whetsel                        wife                 female, 64      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born CT


Augusta Whetsel                  dau., single    female, 27      born IN           At home

Joseph Whetsel                    son, single      male, 25          born IN           At home

Itche Whetsel                        dau., single    female, 23      born IN           At home

Louis Whetsel                       dau, single     female, 20      born IN           At home

Brittie Whetsel                     daughter        female, 12      born IN           At home


(Probably the age of Eliza is incorrect on this census.  Note above that she is 23 in the 1850 census of her mother, Joanna above, making her birthyear about 1826/27.  More in line with a 12 year old daughter also.  Does anyone know where William might have been in 1850??  They were married on January 27, 1848 in DeKalb Co. )


From the 1870 Census we find that probably both Eliza and William may have been nearly the same age and born about 1826.

This census then should probably read that they were 54 and not 64.  


1880 Census of Quartz Gulch, Baker, Oregon   37 B


Edward West                                    Single             male, 34          born IN           Gold Miner


(Is this Edward West, son of George?)




1870 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN       Post Office:  Auburn


William Whetsel

44 Male

Born Ohio


Eliza Whetsel

44 Female



California Whetsel

19 Female



Augusta Whetsel




Joseph Whetsel




Eytchie Whetsel




Louis Whetsel




Clia Whetsel




Bretamire Whetsel




Samuel S. Smith

33 Male



Lou Smith






1870 Census of York Township, Noble County, IN


Fisher West

42 Male

Born New York


Columbine West

31 Female



Price West

8 Male



Smith West

4 Male



Guy West





1870 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN     Post Office:  Auburn  


Ira West

31 Male

Born New York


Rose West




Lee West




Allen West




Willard West






1900 Census of Jackson Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


Peter Ditmars

65 male

Head of house

b:  Aug 1834



Father born NJ

Mother born NJ



Lois G. Ditmars

59 female



New York


Father born CT

Mother born CT



Jessie M. Ditmars

24 female




Amy G. Ditmars

20 female 




Susan West

55 F., single


B:  June 1844

New York


Father born NJ

Mother born NJ



Possible error or birthplace of Susan’s parents?   Perhaps census taker thought she was Peter’s sister??  








WEST, JANE E.                    1843-1929

WEST-SIBLE, LENA A.      1873-1909




FISHER C. WEST                            1827-1914

GEORGE S. WEST                          b.  July 1, 1820  d:  March 24, 1886

HANNAH, wife of George W.         d:  Jan. 19, 1887,  aged 61 years

DOUGLAS A. WEST                        b.  Aug. 8, 1861  d:  Dec. 5, 1884

                                                            Son of G. S. & H. West

INFANT DAU WEST                       d:  July 3, 1855,  aged 1 day

                                                            Dau. of G. S. & H. West

ISABELLA M. WEST                       d:  Sept. 15, 1864,  aged 18m  12d

SHEPARD L. WEST                        d:  Sept. 22, 1864,  aged 3y  10m  19d

                                                            Children of Fisher C. & Columbia A. West

JOSEPH WEST                                d.  April 30, 1846,  aged 52y  10m  3d

JOANNA, wife of Joseph West       d:  March 3, 1879,  aged 77y  2m  19d

OWEN WEST                                   d:  April 17, 1869,  aged 5m  17d

                                                            Infant Dau. of Ira A. & Rose E. West

WILLIAM WHETSEL                         d:  Feb. 24, 1887,  aged 61y  5m  25d






1.  Joseph West  b: CT

            +  Joanna Smith  b: abt. 1802 in CT


Apparently there was an earlier marriage by Joseph West to a Betsy Allen in 1819 and the son they had was George S. West. 

So George would be the son of Joseph West and Betsey Allen.


                        2.  George Simeon West  b: July 1, 1820 in Canada,  married Oct. 14, 1845 DeKalb Co.

                               “Pioneer Weddings, Auburn Courier”

                                    +  Hannah Surface  b: abt. 1828 in Ohio


                                                3.  Edward West  b: abt. 1846

                                                3.  Sylvia A. West  b: abt. 1849

                                                3.  Jane A. West   b: abt. 1850

                                                3.  Charles West  b: abt. 1853

                                                3.  Holland G. West  b: abt. 1857

                                                3.  Douglas A. West   b: abt. 1862

                                                3.  Ollie E. West  b: abt. 1864

                                                3.  Flora May West  b: abt. 1867


The rest of the children then are the children of Joseph West and Joanna Smith.   Joseph and Joanna were married

September 12, 1822.    They came to Butler Township, DeKalb Co., about 1832  ??   Several of the children say they were

born in New York on their census reports.   Perhaps 1832 is too early for their arrival.   Butler Township in DeKalb Co.,

did not open for settlement until about 1835.   


                        2.  Eliza Smith West  b: October 22, 1825  in NY, married Jan. 17, 1848 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  William Whetsel  b: abt. 1816 in Ohio


                                                3.  Agnes Whetsel  b: abt. 1850

                                                3.  Augusta Whetsel  b: abt. 1853

                                                3.  Joseph Whetsel  b: abt. 1855

                                                3.  Itche Whetsel  b: abt. 1858

                                                3.  Louis Whetsel  b: abt. 1860

                                                3.  Brittie Whetsel  b: abt. 1868  



                        2.  Fisher Curtis West  b: September 17, 1827 in Syracuse, NY, married 1859

                                    +  Columbia A. Wheeler  b: abt. 1834 in NY  d: April 19, 1888


                                                3.  Price Donner West  b: Dec. 27, 1861  in Perry Twp., Allen

                                                       Co., IN  d: July 5, 1913,  married Dec. 27, 1895

                                                            +  Mary C. Barnes  d: March 10, 1905


                                                                        4.  Fisher C. West

                                                                        4.  Price Donner West, Jr.


                                                     2nd wife of Price Donner West, married June 19, 1906

                                                            +  Nanne Peterson


                                                3.  Curtis S. West  b: abt. 1866 

                                                3.  Guy C. West  b: abt. 1869

                                                3.  Lena E. West  b: abt. 1873  d: 1909

                                                            +  Unknown Sible


                        2.  Elizabeth Ann West  b: June 23, 1832   married March 28, 1858

                                    +  Joseph Crates

                        2.  Eytchie Cornelia  West  b: March 27, 1836, married November 3, 1854

                                    +  Commodore Perry Wheeler

                        2.  Ira Allen West  b: July 13,  1838, NY ??    married December 1, 1863

                                    +  Rosina Elizabeth Gillett  b: abt. 1844 in NY


                                                3.  Lee West  b: abt. 1865

                                                3.  Allen West  b: abt. 1866

                                                3.  Willard West  b: abt. 1870

                                                3.  Claud West  b: abt. 1872

                                                3.  Lillie West  b: abt. 1877

                                                3.  Merta West  b: abt. 1879


                        2.  Lois Grace West  b: June 6, 1840   married January 6, 1870

                                    +  Peter Ditmars

                        2.  Susanna G. West  b: abt. 1844







"At high noon, September 9, at the residence of Mr. Fisher West, two miles from Huntertown, Ind., occured the marriage of Miss Clara G. Nelson to Mr. Samuel A. Brown.  Rev. E. A. Bunner performed the ceremony in the presence of a few near relatives and friends.  The bride was attired in a lovely gown of tan voile and creme lace which showed to advantage her modest beauty.  She held a bouquet of asters.  Mrs. Lena Sible played the wedding march.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson of Huntertown.  She has made her home with Mr. and Mrs. West for the last 6 years.  The groom is a son of Mrs. S. Brown of Fort Wayne.  After the nuptials were performed a bountiful wedding breakfast was served.  The following were present:

            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson and family, Stella, Manilla and Marie

            Mrs. S. Brown

            Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Greenfield

            Mr. and Mrs. F. G. West

            Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sible

            Mrs. G. Warcup and daughter, Angeline

            Mrs. F. Reinhold

            Miss Sophia Thompson

            Mr. Sible

            Ira Greenfield

            Edwin Strock.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown will leave in a few days for Seattle, Washington, where they expect to reside.


Added information as found in a letter dated June 2, 1968 and written by “Aunt Manilla May Nelson Bond”.  


June 1, 1968........"Your grandmother, Clara, went to work at the Fisher West farm when she was around 14, I believe.  They liked her very much, and sent her to Valpiroza, Michigan to what was called, "Normal School" at that time, a school for preparing to teach.  She was engaged to Samuel Brown, during this time.  Sam worked on the farm too.  He was a very fine man, but not too well.  He was to change climates, and didn't want to leave without Clara, so she quit school, married Sam and went to Sedro Wolley, Washington.  Sam passed about 8 months after they got there.  I am sure 1890 would be the right date for Clara's birth, as we children were some 2 years apart, and it would figure back to about that time.  She was married in 1908, as she was when she married Sam."


"Mr. and Mrs. West were very wealthy.  Their land was 1,100 acres on that farm and they owned 1000 acres in Tennessee, but Mr. West was blind when they took me.  That was one of the reasons they took me, as I could read to him and drive him in the Buggs around to the five tennant houses he had."


"The Wests moved to Huntertown where Mrs. West had a small house of her own.  (She was his second wife and taught school all her life till she married Mr. West at the age of 50).  I married in 1916 and Bob and I looked after her.  She died in 1929 at the age of 87.  That is all to the history of my life so far."




Article from Sandy Seyfert, owner of the West property


FISHER WEST was an intriguing individual.   We learned recently that JOHNNY APPLESEED spent several winters in our home.   He stayed in the barn, not ever wanting to come inside.   They took meals out to him and he came and went as he wished.   Being an Abolitionist he was involved in the Underground Railroad also.   Maybe that was why he was in the area.   I know we had a very old apple tree on the property when we moved in and FRED DICKES said it had always been there.   It was destroyed about 8 years ago in a storm. 


There is a very old cherry tree that we are trying to graft thinking it may have been from J. Appleseed too since he also planted them.   The information came from the great-great-granddaughter of FISHER WEST.