From B. J. Griswold, THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, and THE STORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS OF ALLEN COUNTY, by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 1917


The WARNER family:


After the CUMMINGS in 1842, came JOSEPH WARNER, who earned his first 40 acres by clearing another 20 acres during his first winter in Perry, a good bargain well fulfilled: and his son SAMUEL, “a born carpenter” who never lacked a job, because of the good quality of his work.  He married JULIA A. SPENCER and they reared 7 children to be a credit to their training. 


SAMUEL WARNER was a member of the “Regulators”, an organization formed to rid the country of outlaws, as were also DAVID FITCH and  MATHIAS FITCH, and JACOB KELL, whose sister was the wife of PHANUEL JACKSON.




From THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE, and ANNALS OF THE TOWNSHIPS, 1887 edition, reprint by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin, page 323- 324


JOSEPH WARNER, (deceased), one of the pioneer settlers of Perry township, was born in Adams county, Penn., September 1, 1796.  He remained in Pennsylvania until 1831, when he emigrated to Ohio and settled in Richland county.  In the fall of 1842 he removed to Indiana.  He bargained to clear 20 acres for 40 acres, and completed the work that winter, and settled the next year on the 40 acres.  His education was limited, and he had to depend upon his labor for support of his family, and what he made was by honest work and good management.  At 25 years of age he was united in marriage with ELIZABETH EBLEY, by whom he had 9 children.


JOHN, died in the service of the Union at Nashville



He and wife were both members of the Catholic church.  He served as township treasurer one term, and as supervisor several years during the time of opening new roads.  He opened all the roads in his district and proved to be an efficient officer.  He resided in Perry township on his original farm until his death, which occurred in 1871.  He became a prosperous as well as popular citizen, and at the time of his death, owned 303 acres of valuable land.



SAMUEL WARNER, his eldest son, is a native of Cumberland county, Penn., born November 21, 1824.  He came with his parents to Indiana in 1842, and had the usual pioneer experience.  After receiving a common school education he worked at the carpenter’s trade about 18 years, and though he never served an apprenticeship at any trade, he became one of the leading carpenters of his day.  On June 4, 1849, he was united in marriage with JULIA A., daughter of BENJAMIN and SARAH (ROBINSON) SPENCER.  Of their 8 children, 7 are living:




Mrs. Warner was born in Alleghany county, New York, April 7, 1833.  She is a member of the Close Communion Baptist church.  Mr. Warner is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.  He was a member of the Regulators.  He has a home farm of 131 acres in Perry township, which is well improved, with a two-story dwelling house, and 35 ˝ acres in Cedar Creek township. 










1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2781-2793


Joseph Warner                     54 M                farmer                        born PA

Elizabeth Warner                 48 F                                                     born PA


George Warner                     32 M                laborer                       born Ohio

James Warner                       16 M                laborer                       born Ohio

Amos Warner                        13 M                                                    born Ohio

Sophia Warner                      11 F                                                     born Ohio

Alexander Warner                9  M                                                    born Ohio


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN   #2782-2794


Joseph Warner, Jr.               24 M                Farmer                       born PA


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN   #2783-2795


Samuel Warner                     26 M                Farmer                       born PA

Julia Ann Warner                 19 F                                                     born NY

Jonathan Warner                  1  M                                                    born IN



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 190 B


Samuel Warner                     married          male, 57          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Julia Ann Warner                 wife                 female, 47      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Benjamin Warner                 son, single      male, 29          born IN           Carpenter

Betsey Ann Warner             dau, single     female, 27      born IN           At home

Charles H. Warner               son, single      male, 23          born IN           Carpenter

Vica Warner                          dau, single     female, 20     born IN           At home

Martin Warner                     son, single      male, 18          born IN           Farm laborer

Julia Warner                         dau, single     .female 9        born IN



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN   184 B


Joseph Warner                     married          male, 53          born PA          Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born PA

Mary Warner                        wife                 female, 35      born IRE        Keeps house

            Both parents born Ireland


John A. Warner                    son, single      male, 20          born IN           At home

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ireland

Henry Warner                      son                  male, 16          born IN           At home

Ida Warner                            daughter        female, 14      born IN           At home

Lina Jane Warner                daughter        female, 12      born IN           At home

Emma Warner                      daughter        female, 10      born IN           At home

William W. Warner              son                  male, 7            born IN

Annie E. Warner                  daughter        female, 5        born IN

Roeina Warner                     daughter        female, 1        born IN


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   184 A


George Warner                     married          male, 51          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Elizabeth Warner                 wife                 female, 39      born Baden    Keeps house

            Both parents born Baden


Wesley Warner                     son, single      male, 20          born IN           Farm laborer

Lincoln Warner                    son                  male, 15          born IN           At school

Catharine Warner                daughter        female, 13      born IN           At school

Mandis Warner                     son                  male, 11          born IN           At school

Timothy A. Warner             son                  male, 8            born IN

Nathan E. Warner                son                  male, 6            born IN


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN    185 D   (Salome, wife of John

            Warner, who died during the Civil War) 


Salome A. Warner                widow                         female, 52      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Levina Chase                        mother           female, 78      born NY

            Both parents born RI


George Warner                     son, single      male, 28          born IL           Blacksmith

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   185 D  (John, son of John & Salome)


John Warner                         married          male, 31          born IL           Laborer

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY

Eliza Warner                                     wife                 female, 29      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Hiram Warner                      son                  male, 4            born IN

William Warner                    son                  male, 2            born IN


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   185D  (Salome, dau. John & Salome)


Nathan Myers                       married          male, 32          born Ohio       Carpenter

            Both parents born PA

Salome Myers                       wife                 female, 26      born IL           Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY


William Myers                      son                  male, 7            born IN

Charles Myers                      son                  male, 3            born IN

Celiann Myers                      daughter        female, 1        born IN


1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN   180 A 

            (Rebecca, daughter of John and Salome)


Louis Krugler                       married          male, 28          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born France

Rebecca Krugler                   wife                 female, 26      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born PA  (?)


Oran Krugler                        son                  male, 3            born IN

Miland Krugler                     son                  male, 2            born IN

Louis Krugler                       son                  male, 2 mo     born IN


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN   198 B


Amos Warner                                    married          male, 43          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Mary E. Warner                    wife                 female, 36      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio


Albert J. Warner                  son                  male, 10          born IN           At home

Allen G. Warner                   son                  male, 8            born IN          


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  198 A


Alexander Warner               married          male, 38          born Ohio       Farmer

            Father born PA

Mariah Warner                     wife                 female, 27      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Luvina M. Warner                daughter        female, 9        born IN

Cary B. Warner                    daughter        female, 7        born IN


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN   202 A


James Warner                       married          male, 46                                  Farmer

            Father born Ohio, Mother born PA 

Margaret Warner                 wife                 female, 35      born FRA       Keeps house

            Both parents born France


Rosy A. Warner                    daughter        female, 17      born IN          

Samuel Warner                     son                  male, 15          born IN           Farmer

Edward Warner                    son                  male, 13          born IN           Farmer

Perry Warner                        son                  male, 11          born IN           Farmer

William Warner                    son                  male, 8            born IN          

Herbie S. Warner                 son                  male, 5            born IN

Berlen E. Warner                 son                  male, 2            born IN







WARNER, MOTHER                       1833-1910                   Samuel

WARNER, ALPHARETA                Aug. 11, 1870             8Y   6M   22D

                                                            Dau. J. & M.

WARNER, BENJAMIN F.               1850-1933                   Maggie & Willard

WARNER, BETSY                           Jan. 16, 1930              77Y   11M   10D

WARNER, CHARLES H.                1858-1918

WARNER, EMMA                            1871-1930

WARNER, GEORGE                       1758 MD-Dec. 16, 1842

WARNER, JOSEPH, SR.                 Sept. 1, 1796 Adams Co., PA-Sept. 25, 1871

WARNER, JOSEPH                                     Oct. 9, 1826-June 7, 1896                 wife Mary

WARNER-SNYDER, JULIA           1870-1947                   William

WARNER, MAGGIE A.                   1862-1927                   Benjamin & Willard

WARNER, MARY A.                        Aug. 15, 1844-Jan. 20, 1930 Joseph

WARNER, REBECCA                     1859-1947

WARNER, SAMUEL                        Jan. 1, 1890                65Y   1M   1 D

WARNER, WILLARD A.                 Jan. 21, 1937              Ind. Pvt. 159 Depot Brig.

                                                            With B. F. & M. A.




WARNER, ANSON E.                      1884-1967                   Mellie

WARNER, DONALD KERMIT      July 30, 1916-Oct. 31, 1943              PFC

WARNER, ERMAN K.                     1907-April 1978         Rowene-Mason


            ZEHENDNER                       1890-July 10, 1982    Sylvester

WARNER, GEORGE                       1851-1923                   Josephine

WARNER, JOSEPHINE MARY     1854-1939                   George

WARNER, MELLIE E.                    1886-1978                   Anson

WARNER, MELVIN D.                   1900-                           Alice


            RUTHE                                  1927-Sept. 3, 1957     Foster dau. of Reuben Hand

WARNER, SYLVESTER S.                         1886-1961




WARNER, ALICE                            1866-1946                   Edward and infant

WARNER, CHARLES A.                 Aug. 21, 1887-Dec. 25, 1933

                                                            Illinois   Corp.  U. S. Army

WARNER, EDWARD                      1866-1937                   Alice and infant

WARNER, ELIZABETH                 Dec. 9, 1840               Wife of George

WARNER, FLORENCE                  1906-                           Reed & Sarah

WARNER, GEORGE                       Dec. 11, 1828-Nov. 28, 1898                         Elizabeth

WARNER, INFANT DAU.              Aug. 7, 1903               dau. of E. & A.


WARNER, JAMES                           June 6, 1934-Dec. 17, 1911               Margaret

WARNER, JOHN A.                                    1860-1934                   Julia E.

WARNER, JULIA E.                        1860-1949                   John A.

WARNER, LINCOLN                      1864-1945                   Olive

WARNER, LYDA J.                                     Nov. 8, 1872               10Y   1 M   22D

                                                            Dau. of G. & E.

WARNER, MAHLON                      1885-1952

WARNER, MARGARET                  Nov. 8, 1844-July 3, 1913                 Wife James

WARNER, NORA B.                        1880-1974

WARNER, OLIVE M.                      1876-1922                   Lincoln

WARNER, REED                             1905-1942                   Florence & Sarah

WARNER-KING, ROSEMARY      1924-1954

WARNER, ROSYAN                        March 11, 1863-Nov. 17, 1896          33Y  8M  5D

                                                            m. B. Trease, Oct. 14, 1882

WARNER, SARAH E.                      1873-1925                   Reed & Florence


WARNER, WILLIAM W.                 1872-1930




WARNER, ALEXANDER               1841-1923                   Maria

WARNER, HARRIET                      1862-Aug. 12, 1933 


WARNER, INFANT                                     Feb. 4, 1908

WARNER, JESSE R.                        1889-1918                   Helen

WARNER, MARIA                           1851-May 21, 1931    Alexander      79Y  9M  3D


WARNER, CELESTA                      1889-Aug. 21, 1971    Eli

WARNER, ELI H.                            1885-Nov. 7, 1956      Celesta

WARNER, ELSIE L.                        1892-April 19, 1971

WARNER, ROGER LYNN              July 29, 1953

WARNER, ROXIE M.                      1893-April 22, 1973   William  

WARNER, SUSAN JEAN                Oct. 1, 1970

WARNER, WILLIAM F.                  1887-Aug. 22, 1975    Roxie





Leo, Ind., January 22 ---  Mr. and Mrs. ALEXANDER WARNER, well known residents of Cedar Creek township celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, January 18. 


Those present were the children, grandchildren and brothers of Mrs. Warner, also nephews and nieces of this aged couple.


A delicious dinner was served and a very pleasant time enjoyed by all.  


Mr. Warner is the last member of the old Warner family, a pioneer of the community.   He moved with his parents from Ohio to Allen county, Indiana, in 1842.


Mrs. Warner, formerly Maria Bender, was also born in Ohio, and moved to Indiana in 1867.


This union was blessed with three children, all of whom survive:


            Mrs. L. H. Rinehold

            Mrs. Mary Fordyce Kensinger

            Miss Daisy Warner


Mr. and Mrs. Warner have spent their entire married life in Perry and Cedar Creek townships.   Their present home is in Leo, Indiana 



                               ALEXANDER WARNER AND MARIA BENDER WARNER




Historical and Memorial notes of the Warner family:


GEORGE WARNER, our great grandfather was born in the year 1758.   He came to Indiana with the Warner family in 1842, and died December 16, 1842 of the same year at the age of 84 years and was laid to rest nearby the pioneer residence at that time, which was a short distance from the Warner homestead.   The exact spot of the grave has been lost for many years.  His monument is in the Huntertown Cemetery, but the body was never moved to that place. 


JOSEPH WARNER, the father of the pioneer family was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania, Sept. 1, 1790, and settled in Allen County in 1842, at the age of 52 years.   He lived to enjoy pioneer life for a period of nineteen (29) years and died Sept. 25th, 1871, at the age of 81 years and 24 days.   The family consisted of seven sons and two daughters, namely:


            SOPHIA and MARY.

MARY was married to Enoch Garman and became the mother of the Garman family, namely:


Together with their children and grandchildren compose a great part of the Warner reunion.   Of this entire Warner family, only one still survives.   That being ALEXANDER, the youngest of the family who is present at this reunion today, whose age is 78 years.   We cherish his presence with great pleasure and also to know that with his companion celebrated their Golden anniversary on January 18th, 1920.


May the choicest blessings be upon this reunion as it meets from year to year.




The first annual reunion of the Warner and Garman families was celebrated at the home of JOHN A. WARNER on August 24, 1919.  The day was enjoyed by all who were present.   A short program was rendered after which officers were elected for the following year as follows:


President - ALLEN G. WARNER


Program Manager - LESTER GARMAN

Memorial Committee - JOHN A. WARNER


The reunion decided to hold its next annual meeting at the Tabernacle at the Huntertown Fair Ground on August 29, 1920.




Huntertown, August 29, 1920


In memory of the second annual reunion of the Warner family.   We all remember the forenoon of that day was spent in sorrow and sadness in behalf of the funeral of MRS. PERRY MYERS, which was largely attended with much sympathy and sorrow for the father and motherless children who will never know the care and affection of a mother's love, trusting God for His care and keeping and the care of their earthly father, whose responsibility is great.   They have passed through one year of this lonely life which is only  a beginning of what may follow along life's pathway.   


We extend our best wishes and sympathy to this father and children in the name of all who are present at this reunion of the Warner and Garman families.




Up until the morning of July 4th, 1921, I was wondering in my own mind if this year might pass around without any of our number being called to their reward, but on that same day the unexpected message came that JOHN W. GARMEN had very suddenly passed away with scarcely a moment's warning.  His absence from this reunion today is one that we greatly realize.   Although he is absent today, we can all remember his friendly smile as he always seemed to enjoy the association of meeting in a friendly way with the members of this great family reunion.  While he has been the only one called during the last year, we can scarcely expect to be spared so greatly through another year.   Therefore let us say as the disciples said when Jesus said to them, one shall betray Me, and they all with one accord said, Is it I?   Therefore be ye ready.




Sunday, Sept. 3rd, 1922


The annual Warner and Garman Reunion was held at the Tabernacle and was well attended, there being quite a number present who had never attended any of the reunions before the above date.  There being no memorial report as none of the entire number was called to their reward during the year.   Not until the 26th day of November did the unwelcome visitor call upon any one of the Warner families related to this reunion.


On Sunday, Nov. 26th, after suffering for several weeks, the Lord called OLLIE to her reward and took away her pain and suffering.   She was very much needed by the family and was greatly missed in the home and in the neighborhood, as her life was very quiet and peaceable and she was a friend to all who became acquainted with her.   The members of the immediate family are husband and son, REED, and daughters, JELLA (ZELLA) and little son, HARRY, who will always have a faint recollection of mother, on account of being in the tender years of childhood, and will have to battle life through with the help of the father and without the tender care and guidance of a mother's love for their children.


Memories of her are very dear

because she was a friend so near,

but after all she had to go

because the Lord would have it so,

we would not wish her back again

where there is suffering and pain.

The Lord has taken it all away

and given her a sweet and perfect day.


During the past year the unwelcome visitor has called upon the members of the Warner family at least three times and taken three of its numbers to their reward.   Of this number two were least expected while that of our aged uncle ALEXANDER, was prolonged more than could be expected.  ALEXANDER WARNER, the youngest son of JOSEPH and ELIZABETH WARNER was born in Richland County, Ohio, on Christmas, December 25, 1841.  


When about one year of age he moved with his parents and family to Perry Township, Allen County.   As a youth, he attended the public school until about eighteen years of age.   He was always interested in books and was always ready to take an active part in the old time Spelling School.    He also enjoyed outdoor sports such as roaming through the forests in search of wild game, fishing and swimming.


After leaving school he spent part of his time in farming and also learned the blacksmith trade which he followed for many years.   In 1870 he was united in marriage to MARIA BENDER of Cedar Creek Township.   To this union three daughters were born:

            MRS. L. H. RINEHOLD 



in Cedar Creek Township, where the greatest part of his life was spent.   In the fall of 1913 he purchased a home in Leo, where he spent the remainder of his life.  Mr. Warner was of a deeply religious nature, always upholding that which was right.   In his younger years he became a member of the Lutheran Church and in later years attended the Saints Church at Brush College.   As he grew older, he spent much of his time in reading the Bible.   He seemed to have no fear and always said he was ready to leave this life whenever the call came and he endured his long illness very patiently and on the evening of April 17th, he passed peacefully away at the age of 81 years, 3 months, 22 days. 


On the 13th day of July, 1923 came the sudden and unexpected departure of our cousin, GEORGE W. WARNER.   His parents were JOHN and SALOMIE WARNER.   He was born in Stark County, Illinois, January 28th, 1851 and departed this life, July 13th, 1923 at the age of 72 years, 5 months and 15 days.   He was united in marriage to JOSEPHINE PIQUINOT, March 17th, 1882.   To this union were born three daughters, namely, CLARA and ELSIE and one who preceded him many years ago, and one grandson LOHMAN A. REED and two sisters, SALOMIE and REBECCA and Mrs. Warner.   Besides there are many other friends and relatives who will feel the absence of one of Allen County's oldest and most respected pioneer residents.   He was very ingenious both as a blacksmith and carpenter and studied out several inventions and was interested in music and entertainments and delighted in hunting wild game and was very sociable in a friendly way. 


(this apparently ends his writing of the reunion news and he or she goes on with a daily diary)


October 1931

1.   Husked corn.

2.   Went to S.S. and Auburn to Wyatts.

3.   Husked corn.  Anson sowed the wheat.

4.   Rained all day.   Tinkered in shop.

5.   Husked corn and mowed lawn.

6.   Husked corn and mowed lawn.

7.   Husked corn and chored.

8.   Picked apples all day.  Over 50 bushels.

9.   Went to S. School.   Charles's were here.

10.  Rained all day.   Helped wash.

11.  Chored and picked apples.

12.  Cleaned chicken house and beans.

13.  Helped husk corn and haul corn.

14.  Helped husk corn and draw corn.

15.  Hulled walnuts.

16.  Went to S.S. and Aunt Tilley's.

17.  Sorted apples all day.   Rainy.

18.  Husked and drawed corn.   Damp day.

19.  Worked at corn.

20.  Worked in garden.

21.  Chored around the home.

22.  Worked at corn and walnuts.

23.  Went to S.S. and church.

24.  Husked corn and Salome's funeral.

26.  Husked corn and made saw__________?

27.  Husked corn.

28.  Husked corn.

29.  Helped draw corn.  Very windy.

30.  Went to S.S. and church in evening.

31.  Oberholtzers were all day.   Rained all day.



1.   Chored

2.   and

3.   Husked corn.

4.   Husked corn.

5.   Husked corn.  Charlie's came.

6.   Stayed at home all day.

7.   Helped wash.   Rained all day.

8.   Went to election and shredded corn.

9.   First snow and rained all day.

10.  Stayed about the house

11.  Sorted Beans.

12.  Stayed about the house.

13.  Chored about and stayed at home.

14.  Helped wash and chored.

15.  Fine day, some rain

16.  Wonderful snow drifts.   Roads impassable.

17.  Stayed in the house.

18.  Sorted beans.

19.  Sorted beans.

20.  Stayed at home.

21.  Shelled pop corn.

21.  Shelled pop corn.  Real _______?

23.  Stayed about the house.

24.  Helped at the corn.

25.  Chored about the house.

26.  Helped some

27.      about

28.         the corn.

29.  Fine weather.

30.  But cold.  


December 1932


1.   Helped.

2.         Shred corn.

3.   Helped draw up corn and _______ shredder

4.   Stayed at home.   Stormy and snow.

5.   Stayed

6.         about

7.            the

8.               house

9.   Stayed in

10.      the house.   Cold.

11.  Went to doctor and Sylvester's for dinner.   Snow.

12.  Helped wash.

13.  Stayed in the house.   Very cold.

14.  Stayed in the house all day.

15.  Cleaned stove and changed.   Very cold.

16.  Real ideal winter weather.

17.  Stayed in the house all day.

18.  Real winter with snow.

19.  Ideal

20.       winter

21.            weather

22.                 all

23.                   week.

24.  Stayed in the house.

25.  Charlies's were here.   Fine Christmas.

26.  Done

27.       the

28.           butchering

29.  Fine

30.       Winter

31.             weather.


January 1933


1.   Cold but beautiful with a little snow with very little change

to         with the weather

20.                   with scarcely at freezing temperatures.

            Rowley's barn burned.

21.  Went to Fort Wayne, Huntertown.   Warm.


(This seems to be all that is recorded in this composition book.  Find no name as to the author, but is it possible that since it was recording the reunions that it might be Daisy Warner, who was made secretary at that first reunion? )