Partially From the History of DeKalb County, IN


John Surface was one of the early pioneers to DeKalb County.  They actually lived in Allen County for most of their married lives.  But they were right on the county line.  John came to DeKalb County about 1835 with his father and brother.  He was born in Ohio and so was Ellen.  He may have come to Indiana and built a cabin for his wife and then went back and either married her or brought her to Indiana.  She was not alone as her sisters Christina Fair and Sarah Fitch were also pioneering here in the same place. 


After reading over the story of John, which is under Ellen's name, he must have come and worked hard for a few years before marrying Ellen DeLong.  John came here with his father Andrew and his brother, Jacob.  Abraham Fair tells the story of the struggle of that first year.  This is his coon story:


"After finding the bee trees, says he, Andrew Surface found a hollow tree with two coons in and cutting them out, he brought them home to our shanty.  We took the hides off and hung the meat out in the frost overnight.  In the morning, Charlie Crouse, who was our cook, prepared them for our breakfast.  Being rather meat hungry we all ate heartily of them except John Surface, who declared he would starve first, though he ate some of the gravy.  After breakfast we all went cutting and hewing logs for William Surface's cabin.  John and I went to sawing a big oak for clapboards.  John didn't pull the saw very strongly.  Ah, I said to him, you didn't eat coon or you could have sawed better.  Presently he thought the sawing was too hard and he needed an iron wedge from the shanty to drive in the kerf.  My father, Peter Fair, was lying in the shanty, and John supposed he was asleep.  So he went to the skillet where there was a quarter of a coon left from breakfast and taking off some of the meat, he smelled it a while, applied his teeth and stripped the bone in short meter.  All this time my father lay pretending to be asleep, but struggling to keep from laughing.  When John returned and took hold of the saw again, I remarked to him that he must have either been eating coon or smelling it as he pulled so much stronger.  When Crouse went in to prepare dinner my father told the joke and it was some time before John heard the last of the coon story."



Obituary from the Auburn Courier, April 9, 1891......Auburn, IN


John Surfus, one of the best known of the early settlers of the region along the south side of DeKalb and north side of Allen counties, died at his home on the Allen County side of the line, March 31, 1891.  He was born in Warren county, Ohio, Oct. 7, 1812, and his age was therefore 78 years 5 months and 24 days.  He was married to Ellen DeLong, June 19, 1843 in the little town of Ft. Wayne.  He had already prepared a home and they moved to it at once, and began housekeeping on the farm where they have lived ever since.  To them were born 12 children, 9 of whom, and his aged wife survive him.


They had been married 48 years and 10 months.  Mr Surfus was always a careful business man, though always liberal.  He early accumulated a competency, and was the owner of several fine farms in both counties, though his home was in Perry Township in Allen county.  He was always a prominent man in his neighborhood and was held in high esteem by all who knew him.  Among the children now living is Mrs. Wm. Murphy of this place (Auburn).  The family have many other relatives about here.  Mrs. Fair, and Mrs. Perry Fitch (error, it is Nathaniel Fitch) being sisters to Mrs. Surfus.  The funeral was largely attended and was held at Cedar Chapel in Butler township, Thursday, April 2, the interment being in the cemetery there.  Rev. Zartman of Ft. Wayne conducted the services.  Thus passed from earth another of those pioneers to whom northern Indiana owes so much.  (Re:  Auburn Courier, April 9, 1891)



From the above obit we see that one of the daughters must have married a William Murphy and was living at Auburn at the time of John's death.  Not sure which daughter that is at this time.


 From the Annals of the Townships of Allen Co., IN.......THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE, 1887 edition, page 319


JOHN SURFUS, an old and prominent farmer of Perry township, and a pioneer of Allen county, is a native of Ohio, born in 1812, son of ANDREW and BETSEY (HARLESS) SURFUS.  He left his native state in 1833 and settled in Allen county, Ind.  Mr. Surfus was denied the privilege of any education, his family being poor and in need of his work.  In 1842 he was united in marriage with ELLEN DELONG, by whom he had twelve children, ten of whom are living:




When Mr. Surfus landed in Allen county, he possessed a yoke of cattle, a table, chest, set of chairs and oven, and their first bed was made by boring holes in the logs of the house and putting in sticks, which he wrapped with bark.  In such circum-stances Mr. Surfus began life in Indiana, surrounded by bands of Indians and wild beasts.  He had no financial advantages and his success in life must be attributed to the energy and perseverance he has displayed in all his undertakings, and the unfailing assistance of his true wife.  They accumulated considerable property and at one time owned over 1,000 acres of good land in Perry township.  They have lived to see all their children comfortably situated.  After giving his children all a good home, Mr. Surfus retains a residence elegantly surrounded with all the comforts of life.  He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. 


Their 7th child, ANDREW SURFUS, a prosperous farmer and stock raiser, was born September 8, 1850.  He received common school education and remained with his parents until 25 years of age, when his father gave him 140 acres of good farming land, which he now occupies and has well improved.  In 1875 he was united in marriage with MARY, daughter of JACOB and SARAH SNYDER, born November 18, 1854, and they have 3 children;  JERRY H., born October 16, 1786;  ORVILLE, born July 11, 1878;  EVA BLANCHE, born July 25, 1880.  He and wife and children are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.  He makes a specialty of graded stock.  





1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2788-2800


John Surface                                     36 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Ellen Surface                                    32 F                                         born Ohio


Henrietta Surface                 8  F                                         born IN

Stephen Surface                    7  M                                        born IN

George Surface                      6  M                                        born IN

Samuel Surface                      5  M                                        born IN

Harriet Surface                     4  F                                         born IN

Hueston Surface                    2  M                                        born IN

Cornelius                               12 M                                        born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN    Family 33  Dwelling 33


William Surface                    45 M                Farmer           born VA

Sophia Surface                      39 F                                         born MD


Emanuel Surface                  19 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Henry Surface                       18 M                Farmer           born IN  ??

Peter Surface                        14 M                                        born IN

Charles Surface                    No age given                          born IN

Abraham Surface                   7  M                                        born IN

Nathaniel Surface                 5  M                                        born IN

Calphenus Surface                4  M                                        born IN

Sarah Elizabeth Surface       2  F                                         born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN   Family 59  Dwelling 59


Andrew Surface                    72 M                Farmer           born VA

Elizabeth Surface                 72 M                                        born VA


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN    Family 60  Dwelling 60


Jacob Surface                        30 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Lucinda Surface                    29 F                                         born Ohio


Henry Surface                        2  M                                        born IN

Minerva Surface                    1  M                                        born IN


Nancy Harless                      50 F                                         born VA


1800 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN…….page 185


John Surfus………….married…….male, 67, born Ohio……..farmer

            Both parents born VA

Ellen Surfus………….wife…………female, 62, born Ohio……keeping house

            Parents born VA  (prob. an error, the sisters did not agree in this census)


Samuel Surfus……….son, single……….male, 28, born IN……… laborer

Selina Harner………..dau. married……female, 23, born IN………at home

Thomas Harner……...son-in-law……....male, 27, born MD……….farm laborer

John Surfus…………..son, single……....male, 18, born IN…………farm laborer

Julia A. Surfus……….dau, single……...female, 20, born IN……….at school



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   185 C  

            (George, son of John Surface and Ellen DeLong)


George Surfus                       married          male, 34          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Angeline Surfus                    wife                 female, 27      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Clarence E. Surfus               son                  male, 9            born IN                      

Lula Surfus                            daughter        female, 4        born IN

Elsie Surfus                           son                  male, 1            born IN


John McGurt                                other, single       male, 27          born PA          Farm laborer

            Both parents born PA


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   195 C    (son of John and Ellen)


Andrew Surface                    married          male, 29          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Mollie E. Surface                  wife                 female, 25      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Jery Henry Surface              son                  male, 4            born IN

Orville Surface                     son                  male, 2            born IN


Wilkes B. Snyder       Brother-in-law         male, 13          born IN           Farm laborer


1880 Census of Wayne Township, Hamilton Co., IN  459 A   (Jacob and Lucinda)


Lucinda Surface                    widow                         female, 56      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born VA


Minerva Surface                   dau., widow   female, 33      born IN 

            Both parents born Ohio

Jacob Surface                        son, single      male, 24          born IN           Farm laborer

Samuel Surface                     son, single      male, 21          born IN           Farm laborer


Charles Faucett                    gr. son            male, 1            born IN


1880 Census of Wayne Township, Hamilton Co., IN  460 D  (son of Jacob & Lucinda)


Henry Surface                       married          male, 34          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Martha Surface                     wife                 female, 27      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Frank Surface                       son                  male, 9            born IN          

Samuel Surface                     son                  male, 5            born IN

Jacob Surface                        son                  male, 3            born IN

Cora Surface                                     daughter        female, 1        born IN


1880 Census of Noble Township, Noble Co., IN   538 D   (son of Wm. and Sophia)


Peter Surfus                          married          male, 43          born IN           Farmer

            Father born VA,  Mother born MD

Lorinda Surfus                      wife                 female, 45      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born PA


William D. Surfus                 son, single      male, 18          born IN           Farm laborer

Alice J. Surfus                       daughter        female, 16      born IN                      

Mirtie Surfus                        daughter        female, 7        born IN


William Crawford                other, single  male, 25          born PA          Farm laborer


1880 Census of West Point, Butler, Iowa   256 D   (son of Wm. and Sophia)


Charles V. Surfus                 married          male, 41          born IN           Farmer

            Father born VA,  Mother born MD

Amanda A. Surfus                wife                 female, 37      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Anthony L. Surfus                son                  male, 11          born Iowa       At school

William H. Surfus                son                  male, 10          born Iowa       At school

Estella E. Surfus                  daughter        female, 8        born Iowa       At school


Jesse E. Surfus                     nephew          male, 21          born Iowa       Farm laborer

            Both parents born IN


D. Taquet                       other, widower     male, 80          born France   Farmer

            Both parents born France



            OLD SECTION:


SURFUS, ANDREW J.                    1850-1927                   Eva and Mary

SURFUS, EVA BLANCHE                         1880-1900                   Andrew and Mary E.

SURFUS, INFANT DAU.                1902                            J. and L.

SURFUS, INFANT DAU.                1903                            J. and L.

SURFUS, JERRY                             1876-1925

SURFUS, L. BLANCHE                  1909-1913

SURFUS, LYDIA M.                        1876-1933

SURFUS, MARY E.                                      1854-1933                   Eva and Andrew


            NEW SECTION:


SURFUS, CELIA G.                                     No dates                     D. B. and S.

SURFUS, DAVID BRUCE              1927-1928                   Celia and Samuel

SURFUS, SAMUEL E.                     1875-1947                   D. B. and C. G.



            CORNER RD. 68 AND 11A


STEVEN SURFACE                                    b.  March 26, 1844     d:  Sept. 29, 1919

ELLEN W., his wife                                     b:  Feb. 25, 1849         d:  July 4, 1899


RAY SURFACE                                1888-1959

AMY L., his wife                               1885-1920


NORA ARDELLA SURFES                        d:  Dec. 26, 1885        8 Y   5 M    1 D

JESSIE FRANKLIN SURFES        d.  Jan. 28, 1886         2 Y   1 M    16 D

            Children of S. and F. Surfes  (prob. should be E. and not F)


ANDREW SURFUS                                     d:  Aug. 11, 1853        64 Y

ELIZABETH, wife of Andrew        d:  Aug. 13, 1853        67 Y

            ( note above that they are listed as 72 in the 1850 census)


CHARLES F. SURFUS                    1881-1928   F.C.B.    

ORPHA A. SURFUS                        1881-19___


DELORES E. SURFUS                    d.  1916


ELSE SURFUS                                 1879-1938

HATTIE SURFUS                            1882-1969


FRANCES, son of G.M. & A                        d:  Sept. 4 ________


FRANCIS H. MARTIN SURFUS    1891-1912, his wife


FRANKLIN A. SURFUS                  1934-1936


GEORGE W. SURFUS                    1846-1901                   father

ANJULINE HARTSEL, his wife    1851-1923                   mother


HARRY SURFUS                             1888-1968

MARY D. SURFUS, his wife           1895-1921


HAZEL SURFUS                              1892-1921                   his wife


INFANT SON SURFUS                  


JOHN SURFUS                                d:  March 31, 1891     78 Y   5 M   24 D  father

ELLEN DELONG                            d:  Feb. 20, 1897        78 Y   8 M   25 D  mother


JOHN B. SURFUS                           1891-1958

ANNA M. SURFUS                          1901-19___


JOHN E. SURFUS                           1860-1941

MARTHA E. SURFUS                     1863-1945


RICKIE SURFUS                             1960-1960


SOPHA, wife of W. Surfus              d:  Aug. 15, 1854        43 Y   5 M


THOMAS H. SURFUS                     1843-1944  (might this be 1844?)


WILLIAM SURFUS                                     1873-1953

ROSALIND E. SURFUS                  1879-1955




1.  John Ulrick Zerfass  b: 1735 in Coblentz, Germany  d: Jan. 27, 1805 in Augusta Co, VA

        m:  1754 in Forestville, Shenandoah, VA

            +  Mary Sider


                        2.  Mary Magdalene Surface  b: Oct. 30, 1755 in Augusta Co., VA

                               d:  Dec. 3, 1835 in Timberville, Rockingham Co., VA

                                    +  George Cooper

                                    +  John Bowman  b: July 2, 1750 Berks Co., PA  d: March 7, 1816 in

                                          Timberville, Rockingham Co., VA


                                                3.  Elizabeth Bowman  b: 1778 in Timberville, Rockingham

                                                       Co., VA   married May 21, 1798 in Rockingham Co., VA

                                                            +  Casper Roller  b: 1770  d: Oct. 11, 1842 Scott, VA

                                                3.  George Bowman  b: Jan. 27, 1780 in Timberville, VA

                                                       d: April 29, 1850 in Rockingham Co., VA 

                                                       married March 20, 1803 in Rockingham Co., VA

                                                            +  Margaret Miller

                                                3.  John Bowman  b: Dec. 1, 1782  d: Nov. 16, 1871

                                                3.  Barbara Bowman  b: Jan. 19, 1785 in Timberville

                                                3.  Catherine Bowman  b: Abt. 1787  d: Bef. 1837

                                                3.  Mary Bowman  b: May 5, 1789  d: Jan. 10, 1850 in

                                                       Roanoke, VA


                        2.  John Surface  b: 1757 in Shenandoah, VA  d: 1808 in Miami Co., Ohio

                               married about 1777

                                    +  Mary Shutters  b: 1754 in Shenandoah, VA

                                    (See descendants later)


                        2.  Michael Surface  b: Feb. 29, 1760 poss. Montgomery, VA  d: Between 1812

                              and 1816 in Montgomery, VA

                                    +  Catherine Nozler  b: 1772


                        2.  Martin Surface  b: 1762 in Rockingham, VA  d: Abt. 1830 in Miami Co.,

                              Ohio   married:  Jan. 21, 1783 in Shenandoah Co., VA

                                    +  Catherine Kepfin


                                                3.  John Surface  b: 1783

                                                3.  Catherine Surface  b: 1784

                                                3.  Rosanna Surface  b: 1786

                                                3.  Susanna Surface  b: 1787

                                                3.  Mary Surface  b: 1789

                                                3.  Sally Surface  b: 1791

                                                3.  Elizabeth Surface  b: 1793

                                                3.  Solomon Surface  b: 1796

                                                3.  Anna Surface  b: 1801

                                                3.  Anna Catherine Surface  b: 1806  married: 1819 in

                                                        Montgomery Co., VA

                                                            +  Peter Davis


                        2.  Jacob Surface  b: April 8, 1765 in Forestville, Shenandoah, VA

                               d:  Feb. 1831 in Warren Co., Ohio

                                    +  Susanna Harpine  b: 1772


                        2.  George Surface  b:  July 13, 1767 in Lowhill, Northampton, PA 

                    d:  Bet. 1840-1850 in Johnson Co., IN  married:  1794 in Augusta, VA

                        +  Christina Jane Long  b: 1773 in PA  d:  1835 in Johnson Co., IN


                                    3.  Adam Surface  b: 1795 in Rockingham Co., VA  d: 1823 in

                                          Montgomery Co., VA 

                                                +  Mary Agnes Price  b: 1788 in VA  d: 1885 in Mercer

                                                      Co., West Virginia


                                                            4.  George Washington Surface

                                                                    married:  May 16, 1832 in Montg. Co., VA

                                                                        +  Sarah L.   b:  1812 in Mercer Co. VA


                                                                                    5.  Andrew M. Surface  b: 1835

                                                                                    5.  Susan Surface  b: 1839

                                                                                    5.  Catherine A. Surface

                                                                                           married: Dec. 28, 1864 in

                                                                                           Mercer Co., West VA   

                                                                                                + Alexander Shrader

                                                                                    5.  Amanda E. Surface  b: 1846

                                                                                    5.  Lendema Jane Surface 

                                                                                           b: 1847

                                                                                    5.  Unknown Surface


            2.  Catherine Surface  b: Abt. 1770 in Lowhill, Northampton, PA   d:  in

                    Warren , Ohio

                        +  Adam Miller


            2.  Adam Surface  b: Nov. 22, 1774 in Lowhill, Northampton, PA   d: Sept. 1,

                   1858 in Springboro, Warren Co., Ohio

                        +  Mary Magdaline Hrpine  b: 1779  d: 1858


            2.  Christian Surface  b: Abt. 1777 in Augusta Co., VA  d: Sept. 7, 1840 (or

                   before Sept. 7, 1840) in Rockbridge Co., VA

                                    +  Florence Crawford


                        2.  Henry Surface  b: 1781 in Shenandoah, VA  d: 1826 in Preble County, OH

                                    +  Catherine Long


Descendants of John Surface and Mary Shutters, cont.



3.  Andrew Surface  b: Abt. 1778 in VA  d:  Aug. 11, 1853 in Allen Co., IN  (tombstone and

      census dates for birth and age do not agree)  Andrew is buried in Cedar Chapel Cemetery

      in DeKalb Co., IN    married Dec. 6, 1803 in Montgomery, VA  

       Allen Co., IN  (tombstone and census dates do not agree)

            +  Elizabeth Harless  b: 1778 in VA  d: Aug. 13, 1852 or 1853  did they die of cholera?


                        4.  John Edward Surface  b:  Oct. 7, 1812 in Warren Co., Ohio (from obit) 

                              d: March 31, 1891 in Allen Co., IN at his home   married: June 19, 1843

                              in the “little town of Ft. Wayne”

                                    +  Ellen DeLong  b: May 25, 1818 in Bethel Twp., Miami Co., Ohio

                                          d: Feb. 10, 1897 in Allen Co., IN


                                                5.  Henrietta Surface  b: March 1844  d:  May 18, 1876

                                                      married Dec. 31, 1865 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Alanson Chase Griffin  b: June 29, 1836 in East

                                                                  Hamburg, New York  d:  Jan. 19, 1936 in Fort

                                                                  Wayne at the home of his daughter. 


                                                                        6.  Effie M. Griffin  b: May 6, 1867  d: 1949

                                                                                    +  Elmer P. Griffin (do not know his

                                                                                          parentage)  b: 1869  d: 1936

                                                                        6.  Anna Griffin  b: Sept. 13, 1869 in Perry

                                                                              Twp., Allen Co., IN  d: 1958

                                                                        6.  John E. Griffin  b: Nov. 4, 1870 in Perry

                                                                               Twp., Allen Co., IN  d:  1965

                                                                                    +  Alda E.  b: 1873  d: 1942

                                                                        6.  Celia S. Griffin  b: Jan. 8, 1872  d: 1969

                                                                                married:  Nov. 27, 1895

                                                                                    +  Joseph Pepple, Jr.   b: July 4, 1867

                                                                                          in Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                                                                        6.  Jesse Griffin  b: May 14, 1876 in Allen Co.,

                                                                               IN  d: Abt. 1943 in DeKalb Co. at his

                                                                               home in Garrett. 

                                                                                    + Blanche  b: 1882  d: 1958


                                                5.  Stephen Surface  b: March 30, 1844 in IN  d: Sept. 29,

                                                       1919 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  Ellen V. Cornell  b: Feb. 25, 1849 in MD

                                                                  d:  July 4, 1899


                                                                        6.  Nora Ardella Surface  b: July 25, 1877

                                                                               d: Dec. 26, 1885

                                                                        6.  Jesse Franklin Surface  b: Dec. 12, 1883

                                                                              in DeKalb Co., IN  d: Jan. 28, 1886

                                                                        6.  Ray Surface  b: 1888  d: 1959

                                                                                    +  Amy L.  b: 1885  d: 1920


                                                5.  George Surface  b: 1846 by tombstone  d: 1901 in DeKalb

                                                       Co., IN

                                                            +  Anjuline Hartzel  b: 1851 in Ohio (1880 census)

                                                                  d: 1923 by tombstone


                                                                        6.  Lula C. Surface  b: 1876  d: 1911

                                                                                    +  Andrew H. Houck  b: 1875  d: 1963

                                                                        6.  Clarence E. Surface  b: 1872

                                                                        6.  Else Surface  b: 1879  d: 1938

                                                                                    +  Hattie  b: 1882  d: 1969


                                                5.  Samuel Surface  b: Bet. 1845-1852

                                                5.  Harriet Surface  b: 1846

                                                5.  Hueston Surface  b: 1848

                                                5.  Cornelius Surface b: 1848

                                                5.  Andrew J. Surface  b: Sept. 8, 1850 in Allen Co., IN

                                                       d: 1927   married: March 17, 1875 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  Mary E. Snyder/Snider  b: Nov. 18, 1854  d: 1933


                                                                        6.  Jerry Henry Surface  b: Oct. 16, 1876

                                                                               d: 1925

                                                                                    +  Lydia M.  b: 1876  d: 1933

                                                                        6.  Orville Surface  b: July 11, 1878

                                                                        6.  Eva Blanche Surface  b: July 25, 1880

                                                                               d: 1900 from tombstone

5.  John E. Surface  b: Bet. 1860-1862  d: 1941

                                                            +  Martha E.   b: 1863  d: 1945

5.  Celina Surface  b: Abt. 1857  married: before 1880

                                                            +  Thomas Harner  b: Abt. 1853 in MD

5.  Julia A. Surface  b: Abt. 1860 by 1880 census

5.  Mary Surface

5.  Ellen Surface

5.  Thomas Surface  b: Abt. 1843


It was reported that John and Ellen had 12 children.  There are 14 listed here.  Can anyone of this family help to sort out the proper children??  


                        4.  Jacob Surface  b: 1820 in Ohio

                                    +  Lucinda  b: 1821 in Ohio


                                                5.  Henry Surface  b: Bet. 1846-1848 in IN

                                                            +  Martha  b: Abt. 1853 in IN


                                                                        6.  Frank Surface  b: Abt. 1871

                                                                        6.  Samuel Surface  b: Abt. 1875

                                                                        6.  Jacob Surface  b: Abt. 1877

                                                                        6.  Cora Surface  b: Abt. 1879


                                                5.  Minerva Surface  b: 1849

                                                5.  Jacob Surface  b: Abt. 1856

                                                5.  Samuel Surface  b: Abt. 1859


                        4.  William Surface  b: Oct. 17, 1804   married:  April 20, 1829 in Montg.

                               Co., Ohio

                                    +  Sophia Fair  b: March 15, 1811 in MD  d: Aug. 15, 1854 in

                                           DeKalb Co., IN   (dau. of Peter Fair & Barbara Krouse)


                                                5.  Emanuel Surface  b: 1831 in Ohio  d: Nov. 6, 1862 at

                                                       Camp Franklin, Dubuque, Iowa.  Wounded at Corinth

                                                       Civil War   Married:  Dec. 4, 1951 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  Mahala Johnson


                                                5.  Peter John Surface  b: Dec. 31, 1836  d: March 21, 1908

                                                            +  Lucinda Weller


Some confusion on the marriages and children of Peter John Surface.  Would appreciate any help from the family.


                                                                        6.  Eventus LeRoy Surface  b: Oct. 29, 1857

                                                                               d: Aug. 17, 1919   married: May 1, 1880

                                                                               in Wolf Lake, Noble Co., IN

                                                                                     +  Anna Jane Clark



                                                             +  Lorinda Bodine  (marriage of Aug. 31, 1856 ) 

                                                                  b: 1839 in Ohio


                                                                        6.  William Dennison Surface  b: Sept. 25,

                                                                               1861 in Wolf Lake, Noble Co., IN 

                                                                               d: Nov. 18, 1922 in Wolf Lake

                                                                               married:  Nov. 21, 1885 in Noble Co., IN 

                                                                                    +  Julia Ann Surface  (is this Julia,

                                                                                          dau. of John and Ellen?)


                                                                        6.  Alice Jane Surface  b: Feb. 11, 1864

                                                                               d: 1927  married:  July 7, 1881, Noble Co.

                                                                                    +  George H. Herrick

                                                                        6.  Charles Eugene Surface  b: March 20, 1870

                                                                                d: July 24, 1870

                                                                        6.  Elizabeth Irene Surface  b: March 20, 1870

                                                                                d: Aug. 28, 1870

                                                                        6.  Myrta Matilda Surface  b: May 8, 1873

                                                                                d: Feb. 23, 1948  married: Dec. 22, 1894

                                                                                    +  Henry M. Edsall


                                                            +  Nettie A. Cullers Russell


                                                                        6.  Victor C. Surface  b: Nov. 5, 1905 

                                                                                d:  May 20, 1906


                                                5.  Charles Valentine Surface  b: Nov. 25, 1837 in DeKalb Co.,

                                                       IN  d: June 10, 1918 in Bristow, Iowa   married: Dec. 25,

                                                       1867 in Clarksville, Iowa

                                                            +  Amanda Ann Thomas  b: Abt. 1843 in Ohio


                                                                        6.  Anthony L. Surface  b: Abt. 1869

                                                                        6.  William Hugh Surface  b: March 2, 1870

                                                                                in Butler, Iowa

                                                                        6.  Estella E. Surface  b: Abt. 1872


                                                5.  Nathaniel Surface  b: 1845 in DeKalb Co., IN


                                                5.  Abraham Franklin Surface  b: Jan. 11, 1843 in DeKalb Co.

                                                       IN  d: May 25, 1888 in Oregon City, Clackamas Co., OR

                                                       married: Feb. 24, 1864 in Blackhawk Co., Iowa

                                                            +  Sarah Marguerite Boylan  b: May 7, 1843 in Fulton

                                                                  Co., IL  d: Jan. 28, 1918 in Clackamas Co., OR


                                                                        6.  William Franklin Surface  b: Jan. 22, 1870

                                                                               in Butler, Iowa  d: May 4, 1931 in Oregon

                                                                               City, Clackamas Co., OR

                                                                        6.  Myrta Isabelle Surface  b: Dec. 23, 1871 in

                                                                               Butler, Iowa

                                                                        6.  Eldora May Surface  b: April 27, 1873 in

                                                                               Butler, Iowa  d: 1912 in Oregon City

                                                                        6.  Sarah Lillian Surface  b: Feb. 23, 1875 in

                                                                               Butler, Iowa

                                                                        6.  Edmond Theopolis Surface  b: May 22,

                                                                              1878 in Rook, Kansas  d: July 6, 1926

                                                                              in Oregon

                                                                        6.  John Everett Surface  b: Jan. 5, 1880 in

                                                                               Rook, Kansas  d: Nov. 24, 1962 in Oregon

                                                                        6.  Charles Emmett Surface  b: March 7, 1882

                                                                        6.  Isaac Leroy Surface  b: Abt. 1884 in Kansas


                                                5.  Calphenous Surface  b: April 8, 1844 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                      d:  May 10, 1921   married: Nov. 9, 1867 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Catherine E. Grey  b: Sept. 20, 1842 in Hardin, OH


                                                                        6.  Ulyss M. Surface

                                                                        6.  George A. Surface

                                                                        6.  Joseph O. Surface

                                                                        6.  Sarah E. Surface

                                                                        6.  Calphenous Surface, Jr.


                                                5.  Sarah Elizabeth Surface  b: 1848 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  J. E. DeMoss


                                                5.  Isaac DeLong Surface b: Aug. 8, 1852 in DeKalb Co, IN

                                                       d: July 18, 1904 in Elwood, OR   married: Aug. 23, 1873

                                                       in Vallonia, Decatur Co., KS

                                                            +  Mary Matilda Park  b: March 28, 1851 in Fulton, IL

                                                                  d: Dec. 20, 1941 in Oregon City, OR


                                                                        6.  William Leroy Surface b: May 19, 1874 in

                                                                                Bristow, Butler Co., Iowa  d:  Nov. 1874

                                                                        6.  Ina Elizabeth Surface  b: Aug. 20, 1875 in

                                                                                Bristow, Butler Co., Iowa  d:  on the

                                                                                Oregon Trail.

                                                                        6.  Charles Everette Surface  b: March 1878 in

                                                                                Vallonia, Decatur Kansas  d: 1959

                                                                        6.  Wyona Eliza Surface  b: July 1880 in KS

                                                                        6.  Zella Surface  b: Apr 1886, Maple Lane, OR


                                                5.  Henry Surface  b: 1832 in DeKalb Co., IN


                        4.  Adam Surface  b: April 4, 1819   married: June 8, 1843 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Experience Farmer


                                                5.  John Surface  b: Abt. 1844

                                                5.  William Surface  b: Abt. 1865


3.  Polly Surface   married June 15, 1842 in DeKalb Co., IN  (or Aug. 15)

            +  Jacob Ensley  b. Abt. 1818 in PA


                        4.  Sarah E. H. Ensley  b: Abt. 1844

                        4.  Samuel Ensley  b: Abt. 1845

                        4.  Rebecca Jane Ensley  b: Abt. 1847

                        4.  Susan G. Ensley  b: Abt. 1849


3.  John Surface  b: May 15, 1786 in Rockingham Co., VA  d: Sept. 1, 1809 in Highland, OH

       married June 2, 1805

            +  Mary Garlic  b.  Abt. 1784 in VA  d: Abt. 1832 in Camby, IN


                        4.  Jacob Surface,  b: Abt. 1808 in VA   married: June 12, 1832 in Montg. OH

                                    +  Cynthia Swallow  b: Abt. 1812 in Montgomery Co., Ohio


                                                5.  John Surface  b: 1836 in Ohio

                                                5.  Jane Surface  b:  1838 in Ohio

                                                5.  Percilla Surface  b: 1846 in Ohio


                        4.  Samuel Surface  b: Aug. 12, 1808 in Montgomery Co., VA  d: June 13,

                               1898 in Clinton, Ohio


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