From B. J. Griswold, THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, and THE STORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS OF ALLEN COUNTY by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 1917


SOLOMON SIMON, who came to Perry Township when only 12, there to live and die, was a pioneer by heredity.  Three generations of pioneering must so have imbued his blood with pioneer spirit that one thinks this pioneer lad must have come to the new country alone, had his parents not brought him.    His grandfather was a pioneer of Washington County, Pennsylvania, to which place he carried his infant son, George, across the mountains in a pack-saddle, a journey which the baby survived, growing to vigorous manhood on the new soil.   But he too would go a-pioneering and Columbiana County, Ohio, was his next home, settling there in 1809, and from there enlisting in the war of 1812.  After a service of 6 months he returned and farmed for more than 20 years during which time, in 1825, his son SOLOMON was born.  The year 1836 saw the family settled in Perry township.  GEORGE SIMON died in 1872.  SOLOMON married in 1852 MARY A. RHOADS, the daughter of DeKalb County settlers.  The charm which held the SIMONS for life in Perry township was perhaps the elusive thing, Prosperity, at last captured and domesticated here, the beginning of fortune being a trade in ‘coon skins and other furs, of which the forests were full.  MR. AND MRS. SIMON were members of the old Lutheran church in which MR. SIMON was an elder.  Seven sons and daughters honor their memory.


From the VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE and ANNALS OF THE TOWN-SHIPS, 1887 edition, Reprint published by Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin


SOLOMON SIMON, an early settler of Allen County, was born in 1825, in Columbiana county, Ohio.  His father, GEORGE SIMON, was a native of Pennsyl-vania, and was carried across the mountain in a pack saddle when only 6 months old, to Washington county, Penn., where he was raised to manhood.  About 1809 he removed to Ohio and settled in Columbiana county.  He served in the war of 1812 about 6 months.  In the fall of 1836 he removed to Allen county with his wife, ELIZEBETH HEWITT, and children, and settled in Perry township, where he lived until his death in 1872.  In 1852 SOLOMON SIMON was united in marriage with MARY A., a daughter of DANIEL and MARY (CARBLE) RHOADS, who settled in DeKalb county when there were only 6 other families in the county.  This union was blessed with 8 children, seven of whom are now living:




Mrs. Simon was born about 1830.  She and her husband are members of the old Lutheran Church, Mr. Simon being now an elder.  Mr. Simon began life in this country without any money, and made his start by traffic in coon skins and other furs.  He is now prosperous, having a handsome property of 225 acres in Perry township and 120 acres in DeKalb county, also a half interest in 4 lots in Laotto.





1.  Andrew Simon

            + Unknown Wife


2.  George Simon  b: abt. 1779 in PA  d: Dec. 15, 1872, married in PA

            +  Elizabeth Hewitt  b: abt. 1786 in PA   d: Dec. 15, 1879


                        3.  John Peter Simon  b: 1814  d: Nov. 3, 1878

                              married Dec. 25, 1838 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Louisa M. Fair  b: June 24, 1920 in MD

                                         d: Jan. 22, 1898 in DeKalb Co., IN


                                                4.  Elizabeth Simon  b: 1840

                                                4.  Julia Ann Simon  b: 1841

                                                4.  Rebecca Simon  b: 1842  d: Oct. 28, 1882

                                                4.  Sophia Simon   b: Jan. 30, 1845  d: 1919

                                                      married in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  E. S. Ditmars


                                                                        5.  Silas Garrett Ditmars  b: 1874  d: 1949

                                                                                    +  Edith Pearl Fair  b: 1880  d: 1910

                                                                        5.  Sidney Azell Ditmars  b: 1876  d: 1956

                                                                        5.  Trent S. Ditmars

                                                                        5.  James T. Ditmars

                                                                        5.  Curtis J. Ditmars b: 1883  d: Mch 3, 1883


                                                4.  Christopher Simon  b: March 14, 1846 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                       married Jan. 1, 1868 in Swan, IN  

                                                            +  Lois Broughton  b: Sept. 8, 1849 in Noble Co., IN


                                                                        5.  Clara Simon  b: abt. 1869

                                                                        5.  Hal Simon  b: abt. 1871

                                                                        5.  Clarence Simon  b: abt. 1873

                                                                        5.  Curtis Simon  b: abt. 1875

                                                                        5.  Florence Simon  b: abt. 1877

                                                                        5.  Maud Simon  b: abt. 1879

                                                                        5.  Pearl Simon

                                                                        5.  Jennie Simon


                                                4.  Mary Jane Simon  b: March 27, 1849  d: Sept. 24, 1905

                                                            +  William Irvin  b: Aug. 9, 1847  d: Oct. 21, 1905

                                                4.  Silas Simon  b: abt. 1852

                                                4.  Charles P. Simon  b: abt. 1855

                                                            +  Abbie  b: abt. 1856 in Ohio


                                                                        5.  James O. Simon  b: abt. 1878

                                                                        5.  Daughter Simon  b: abt. 1880


                        3.  David Simon

                        3.  Samuel Simon  b: abt 1812 in Ohio  d: May 9, 1868

                                    +  Margaret  b: abt. 1812 in PA  d:  Oct. 7, 1868


                                                4.  Solomon Simon  b: abt. 1837  d:  Feb. 27, 1882

                                                            +  Anna  d: Nov. 16, 1912

                                                4.  Albert Simon  b: abt. 1840

                                                4.  George Simon  b: abt. 1842, 1843 by ts inscription  d: 1924

                                                            +  Mary J. Rosenberger  b: 1847  d: 1897


                                                                        5.  Carie O. Simon  b: abt. 1869

                                                                        5.  William Simon  b: abt. 1870 in KS

                                                                        5.  Della Simon  b: abt. 1872 in KS  d: 1898

                                                                        5.  Albertis Simon  b: abt. 1877 in IN


                                                4.  Arvilla Simon  b: abt. 1844

                                                4.  Joshua Simon   b: abt. 1848


                        3.  Elizabeth Simon  b: abt. 1817 in Ohio

                              married 1840

                                    +  Frame Carman Freeman  b: Nov. 14, 1807 in NJ  d: July 1870


                                                4.  Julia Matilda Freeman  b: abt. 1839 in allen Co., IN 

                                                      d: 1871 in DeKalb Co., IN, married Nov. 19, 1857 

                                                            +  Elias Fisher  b: Aug. 3, 1829 in Stark Co., Ohio

                                                                 d: Aug. 9, 1903 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                4.  Elizabeth Freeman   b: abt. 1841

                                                            +  Unknown McKinney

                                                4.  Robert Freeman  b: July 26, 1843 in Eel River, Allen Co.

                                                      IN  d: 1896,  married April 15, 1865

                                                            +  Sarah J. McBride  d: March 1, 1879

                                                     (2nd wife of Robert Freeman)  married June 12, 1881  

                                                            +  Katie Ann Gordon,  b: Jan. 19, 1862  d: 1939

                                                4.  Catharine Freeman  b: abt. 1846

                                                4.  Henrietta Freeman  b: 1848  d: July 19, 1930

                                                       married June 25, 1870 

                                                            +  William H. Deam  b: 1848  d: 1917

                                                4.  Ellen Freeman


                        3.  Lydia Simon

                                    +  Henry Bricker  b: abt. 1814

                        3.  Anna Simon  b: 1824  d: 1860, married May 2, 1947 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Levi Zinn  b: 1822  d: 1914

                        3.  Mary Ann Simon  b: abt. 1840  

                        3.  Jonathan Simon  b: Aug. 6, 1811 in Columbiana Co., Ohio  d: 1894

                              married 1836

                                    +  Rachel Yarian  b: 1818 in Ohio  d: 1904


                                                4.  Polly Simon  b: abt. 1838 in Ohio (prob. Mary)

                                                       married Oct. 5, 1854 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  John Miller

                                                4.  Mary Ann Simon  b: abt. 1840 in IN

                                                            +  Lycurgus Bowman

                                                4.  David Simon  b: abt. 1844 in IN

                                                4.  Benjamin Franklin Simon  b: abt. 1849 in IN

                                                4.  Jacob G. Simon  b: abt. 1851 in IN  d: April 16, 1894

                                                            +  Rebecca  b: abt. 1851  d:  May 18, 1885


                                                                        5.  Mary A. Simon  b: abt. 1873

                                                                        5.  Ohotus (Otis?) Simon  b: abt. 1876

                                                                        5.  Myrta M.  Simon  b: abt. 1877 

                                                                        5.  Elva S. Simon  b: abt. 1879

                                                                        5.  Hugh C. Simon  b: 1881  d: 1904  

                                                4.  Jonas Simon

                                                4.  Sarah O. Simon

                                                            +  Charles Ogden

                                                4.  Alice M. Simon

                                                            +  Alice Dudley

                                                4.  Sarah C. Simon

                                                4.  Benjamin Simon


                        3.  Solomon Simon  b: July 24, 1825 in Columbiana Co., Ohio  d: 1916

                              married 1852

                                    +  Mary Ann Rhoads  b: 1831 (of Spencerville, DeKalb Co., IN)

                                         d: 1914


                                                4.  Joseph H. Simon  b: abt. 1853  d: 1927

                                                            +  Susan  b: 1860  d: 1942


                                                                        5.  Ina Belle Simon  b: 1891  d: June 25, 1965  

                                                                        5.  Lodie W. Simon  b: 1884  d: 1959


                                                4.  James S. Simon  b: abt. 1865  d: 1952

                                                            +  Lois A.  b: 1860  d: 1942


                                                                        5.  Gladys L. Simon  b: 1892  d: 1978


                                                4.  Ella May Simon   b: abt. 1870  d: 1961

                                                            +  William F. Brownlee  b: 1871  d: 1935

                                                4.  Yarian Simon

                                                4.  George Louie Simon  b: 1867  d: 1956, m.  May 10, 1894

                                                            +  Cora Alice Dunten  b:  Beb. 18, 1866 in Huntertown

                                                                  d: Feb. 5, 1906

                                                4.  Perry Buirl Simon  b: 1875  d: 1965

                                                            +  Addie M. Root  b: 1877  d: 1954

                                                4.  Benjamin A. Simon  b: abt. 1875  d: 1936

                                                            +  Lenna L.  b: 1879  d: 1960


                                                                        5.  Morris Simon  b: 1913  d: 1914   

                                                4.  Etta Simon

                                                4.  Charles W. Simon  b: 1855  d: April 8, 1856


                        3.  Sarah Simon  (prob. the Sarah Virginia Simon who married Charles Fair

                              in Allen Co., IN on June 27, 1839.  She would have been born about 1817)

                              Charles Fair was the son of Peter Fair of Allen and DeKalb Co., IN

                        3.  Catherine Simon  b: 1827  d: May 21, 1913  married March 24, 1863  

                                    +  Amos Jackson  b: April 15, 1827 in Niagara, NY  d: Jan. 10, 1902


                                                4.  Charles A. Jackson  b: abt. 1856

                                                4.  Olive Jackson  b: abt. 1866

                                                4.  Vesta L. Jackson  d:  by 1885


                        3.  Rachel Simon

                                    +  Jacob Myers





1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2651-2663


George Simons                      66 M                Farmer           born PA

Elizabeth Simons                  61 F                                         born PA


Solomon Simons                   25 M                Laborer          born Ohio

Catharine Simons                 23 F                                         born Ohio

Rachael Simons                    19 F                                         born Ohio


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN    Family 9,  Dwelling 9


Moses Simons                       27 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Abigail Simons                      23 F                                         born PA


Martha Simons                     5/12 F                                      born IN


The 1860 Census adds children:


Oliver                                                   8 M

Ellen                                         5 F

Esther                                      4 F

Samuel                                     1 M


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN    Family 11,  Dwelling 11


Jonathan Simons                  39 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Rachel Simons                      31 F                                         born Ohio


Marg Simons                                     12 F                                         born Ohio

Mary Ann Simons                 10 F                                         born IN

David Simons                         6  M                                        born IN

Benjamin Franklin Simons 1  M                                        born IN


Isaiah Oberholtser               11 M                                        born Ohio


The 1860 Census adds children:


Jacob                                      8 M

Jonas                                      6 M

Sarah                                      3 F


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN    Family 19,  Dwelling 19


Samuel Simons                     37 M                                        born Ohio

Margaret Simons                  37 F                                         born PA


Solomon Simons                   13 M                                        born Ohio

Abbert Simons                      10 M                                        born IN

George Simons                       8  M                                        born IN

Arvilla Simons                       6  F                                         born IN

Joshua Simons                       2  M                                        born IN


1850 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN    Family 30,  Dwelling 30


Peter Simon                          32 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Laura Simon                          29 F                                         born MD  (Louisa)


Elizabeth Simon                   10 F                                         born IN

Julia Ann Simon                    9  F                                         born IN

Rebecca Simon                       8  F                                         born IN

Sophia Simon                         6  F                                         born IN

Christopher Simon                4  M                                        born IN

Mary Jane Simon                   1  F                                         born IN


The 1860 Census adds children:


Silas                                         9 M

Charles P.                               5 M


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN   192 C


Louisa Simon                                    Widow                        female, 60      born MD         Keeps house

            Both parents born MD


Rebecca Simon                      daughter        female, 38      born IN           At home

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born MD

Silas Simon                            son, single      male, 28          born IN           Farmer


David Waggle                                    other               male, 17          born Ohio       Farm laborer


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN  192 C (living next to Louisa)


Charley Simon                      married          male, 25          born IN           Farmer

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born MD 

Abbie Simon                          wife                 female, 24      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


James O. Simon                    son                  male, 2            born IN

________ Simon                    daughter        female, 7 mo  born IN


(Is this a son of John Peter Simon and Louisa Fair??)


1880 Census of Swan Twp., Noble Co., IN   511 B  (Sophia, dau. of John P. & Louisa)


Edwin Ditmar                       married          male, 38          born Ohio       Farmer

            Father born NJ,  Mother born Ohio

Sophia Ditmar                      wife                 female, 35      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born MD


Silas Ditmar                          son                  male, 5            born IN

Sidney A. Ditmar                  son                  male, 3            born IN

________ Ditmar                  son                  male, 1 mo     born IN


1880  Census of Swan Twp., Noble Co., IN   496 C  ( son of John P. and Louisa)


Chris Simons                                     married          male, 34          born IN           Farmer

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born MD

Lois Simons                           wife                 female, 31      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born NY,  Mother born Ohio


Clara Simons                         daughter        female, 11      born IN           At school

Hally Simons                                     son                  male, 9            born IN          

Clarence Simons                   son                  male, 7            born IN

Curtis Simons                       son                  male, 5            born IN

Florence Simons                   daughter        female, 3        born IN

Maud Simons                        daughter        female, 1        born IN


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN   192 D  (son of Geo. and Eliz.)


Jonathan Simon                    married          male, 69          born Ohio       Retir. Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Rachel Simon                        wife                 female, 62      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Alice Simon                           daughter        female, 17      born IN           At home


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN  192 D  (son of Jonathan & Rachel)


Jacob G. Simon                     married          male, 29          born IN           Farmer

            Father born Ohio

Rebecca Simon                      wife                 female, 29      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born Ohio


Mary A. Simon                      daughter        female, 7        born IN

Ohotus Simon                       son                  male, 4            born IN

Myrta M. Simon                    daughter        female, 3        born IN

Elva S. Simon                        daughter        female, 1        born IN


Johnny Weigle                      other               male, 16          born OH         Servant

Minnie Snyder                      other               female, 14      born IN           Servant


1880 Census of Swan, Noble County, IN   507 A   (son of Jonathan and Rachel???)


David Simon                          married          male, 36          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born PA   (does not agree with above if they are parents)

Lucy Simon                            wife                 female, 35      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born NH,  Mother born MA


Luella Simon                                     daughter        female, 12      born IN           At home

Willie Simon                                     son                  male, 10          born IN           At school

Hattie Simon                                     daughter        female, 8        born IN

Leroy Simon                          son                  male, 5            born IN

Arthur Simon                        son                  male, 3            born IN

Lillie Simon                           daughter        female, 7 mo  born IN


Mary Reed                             Mother           female, 78      born MA

            (Mary is probably the mother-in-law)


1880 Census of Salem, Steuben, Indiana  291 A  (Is this a son of Sam. & Margaret?)


George Simon                       married          male, 36          born IN           Butcher

            Both parents born Ohio

Mary J. Simon                       wife                 female, 32      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Carie O. Simon                     son                  male, 11          born IN           At school

William Simon                      son                  male, 10          born KS          At school

Della Simon                           daughter        female, 8        born KS         

Albertis Simon                      son                  male, 3            born IN


George Simon and Mary J. Rosenberger are buried at Perry Twp. Cemetery


1880 Census of North Manchester, Wabash County, IN  238 C 

            (another son of Samuel and Margaret???)


Albert Simon                                     married          male, 40          born IN           Physician

            Both parents born Ohio

Lavinia Simon                       wife                 female, 37      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Ida Simon                              daughter        female, 16      born IN           At school

Frank Simon                                     son                  male, 13          born IN           At school

Charlie Simon                       son                  male, 6            born IN


1880 Census of Swan Twp., Noble County, IN  505 B   (son of Sam and Margaret ???)


Joshua Simon                        married          male, 32          born IN           Telegraph O.

            Both parents born Ohio

Winona Simon                       wife                 female, 22      born IN           Keeps house


1880 Census of Keyser, DeKalb County, IN   198 B   (Catharine, dau. Geo. & Eliz)


Amos Jackson                       married          male, 53          born NY         Farmer

            Father born NJ,  Mother born VT

Cathrin Jackson                   wife                 female, 53      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Parents both born PA


Charles Jackson                   son, single      male, 24          born IN           At home

Olive Jackson                        daughter        female, 14      born IN           At home


1880 Census of Orange, Noble County, IN   340 D   (Rachel, dau. Geo. & Eliz.)


Jacob Myers                          married          male, 68          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Rachel Myers                        wife                 female, 48      born Ohio       Keeps house

            No birthplace for father,  Mother born PA


Living in homes next to the above couple we find possibly 3 sons of Jacob, though may be sons by a previous marriage.


            Rufus Myers, age 25

            Allen Myers, age 35

            Benjamin Myers


 1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 195 D


Solomon Simon         married          male, 55          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Mary Ann Simon       wife                 female, 49      born Ohio       Keeps house


Joseph H. Simon       son, single      male, 27          born IN           Farm laborer

James Simon                         son, single      male, 15          born IN           At home

George W. Simon      son, single      male, 12          born IN           At home

Ella May Simon        dau, single     female, 10      born IN

Perry B. Simon         son, single      male, 5            born IN

Benjamin Simon       son, single      male, 5            born IN


Susan R. Heber                                 female, 19      born Prussia  Servant







SIMON, ADDIE M. ROOT              1877-1954                   Perry

SIMON, ANNA MARGARET          1873-1960

SIMON, ARGYL S.                           Aug. 31-1895-May 5, 1952                Wilma

                                                            Ind.  Cpl.   36 Inf.   12 Div.   WWI

SIMON, BENJ. A.                             1875-1936                   Lenna

SIMON-JACKSON, CATHARINE  1827-1913                  Wife of Amos Jackson

SIMON, CHARLES W.                    April 8, 1856              7M  8D 

                                                            Son of Solomon and Mary

SIMON, CHESTER B.                     Oct. 14, 1906-Feb. 15, 1908

                                                            With H. L. & L. A.

SIMON, CHRYSTAL RINEHOLD 1905                            Cleo

SIMON, CLEO S.                              1905-1936                   Chrystal

SIMON, CORA ALICE                    Feb. 13, 1866-Feb. 5, 1906

SIMON, DELLIE                              1872-1898                   dau. G. & M. J.

SIMON, ELIZABETH                      Dec. 15, 1879                         90Y   11M   3D

                                                            Wife of George

SIMON, FRANK D.                                      1879-1953                   Jennie

SIMON, GAYLORD A.                    Oct. 20, 1922   1 day son of Argyl and Wilma

SIMON, GEORGE                            Aug. 22, 1872             88Y  7M  8D    Elizabeth

SIMON, GEORGE                            1843-1924                   wife, Mary J. Rosenberger

SIMON, DR. GEORGE LOUIE      1867-1956

SIMON, GLADYS L.                        1892-1978                   Lois and James

SIMON, HATTIE L.                         1875-1948                   Lesta and Chester

SIMON, HUGH C.                            1881-1904                   J. S. and R.

SIMON, JACOB S.                           April 16, 1894            49Y  2M  12D    Rebecca,

                                                            Hugh and Myrta

SIMON, JAMES S.                           1864-1952                   Gladys & Lois

SIMON, JENNIE P.                                     1883-1958                   Frank

SIMON, JONATHAN                       1811-1894                   wife, Rachel

SIMON, LENNA L.                          1879-1960                   Benjamin

SIMON, LESTA A.                           1875-1944                   Hattie and Chester

SIMON, LOIS A.                               1860-1833                   James and Gladys

SIMON, MARGARET                      Oct. 7, 1868                55Y  11M  14D   Samuel

SIMON, MARY A.                            1831-1914                  

SIMON, MARY J. ROSENBERGER   1847-1897                         George Simon

SIMON, MORRIS                             1913-1914                   B. A. & Lenna

SIMON, MYRTA M.                                                                         J. S. & R, and H. C.

SIMON, PERRY BUIRL                  1875-1965                   Addie

SIMON, RACHEL YARIAN            1818-1904                   Jonathan Simon

SIMON, REBECCA                          May 18, 1885              33Y  11M  17D     Jacob 

SIMON, SAMUEL                            May 9, 1868                55Y   9M   21D     Margaret

SIMON, SOLOMON                                     1825-1916

SIMON, WILMA E.                          1899-1958                   Argyl




SIMON, DONALD                            1897-June 29, 1976   Lucille and M. L.

                                                            Married July 8, 1916

SIMON, INA BELLE                       1891-June 25, 1965   daughter

SIMON, JOSEPH                             1853-1927                   father

SIMON, KEITH ALLEN                 Nov. 3, 1930               7M

SIMON, KENNETH F.                    1907-1960                   Lilah and Keith

SIMON, LODIE W.                          1884-1959                   Son

SIMON, LUCILLE                           1898-                           Donald and M. L.

SIMON, MAURICE LEE                 1921-1952                   L. and D.

SIMON, SUSAN                                1860-1942                   Mother





Article taken from the “Fort Wayne News-Sentinel”  October 11, 1975


On a tract of land near Huntertown stands a barn with wooden pegs and hand-hewn frame, built in 1842.  The clapboard shingle roof has been replaced with a steel roof, and the poplar siding has been replaced with pine. The two-story frame farm house was built in 1885, and the frame door transom still bears the name “S. Simon” in gold letters between two panes of glass.   The road by the farm, appropriately, is named “Simon Road.”


Inconspicuous, perhaps, in an area where farmhouses are a part of the landscape.  But the inhabitants of this farm have included a family of pioneers in the annals of Allen County which the farmhouse’s unostentatious appearance belies.  The S. Simon stands for Solomon Simon who in 1913 was called “the oldest pioneer of his township and possibly in the county.”


But even before Solomon’s appearance, his family legacy, beginning with his father, George, had been a colorful one, rivaling the tall tales of the West.  Stories about his father say he was captured by the Indians at age 7.  Adopted by the Chief and given an Indian name, he was fortunate to be treated well by the tribe.  By the time he was 14 and the white settlers raided the Indian camp he had forgotten his family name and was reluctant to return to his parents who were strangers to him.


Accounts indicate George married Elizabeth Hewett and moved from Pennsylvania to Columbiana County, Ohio, new New Lisbon, where Solomon was born on July 24, 1825.  When Solomon was 11, the family moved to Indiana, traveling through Michigan in two covered wagons for three weeks before arriving in Allen County on the site where the old homestead now stands.


George gave each of his five sons (there were 12 children in the family, records tell us) an ax, and with their help, he built the family cabin.  For the following 76 years, Solomon lived on the same farm, and the home also served as a meeting house for the Presbyterians who had no church nearby.


George died in 1872, and son Solomon built a three-room frame house on his father’s farm.  This was moved to Huntertown in 1936 and was replaced in 1885 by the present farmhouse.


On March 2, 1852, Solomon married Mary A. Rhodes of Spencerville.  Mrs. Simon, a native of Ross County, Ohio, had been about 3 years old when her family moved to Spencerville.  Her heritage, as colorful as her husband’s, included a father, Daniel, who with an axe cut a road from Fort Wayne to Spencerville that was still in use with but a few changes in 1913.  Of those days in a wild country (their family was only the seventh in the vicinity), Mary could say, “It was not lonesome in those days for bears, wolves, and Indians made things so lively we had no time to be lonely.”


Mary Simon died in 1914 at age 85 and Solomon in 1916 at 91.  However, as the local paper noted in 1913 on occasion of their 61st anniversary, they enjoyed the distinction of being the oldest wedded couple in Perry Township.  “Altogether these pioneer citizens, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Simon, have had a long and interesting life.  They have known hardships and troubles, but 61 years of wedded life have rounded out for them and they find life still worth living and are interested in the things of today just as they were long years ago when their parents were struggling to make a new home.” 


Check the DeKalb Co. Web Site link for biographies on some of the Simon family.





Taken from an E-mail sent to Shirley Underwood and the Huntertown Historical Society in July of 2004 from Jim Simon:


“The names of the last two people, to the far right, in the photo you asked about are JIM and LOIS SIMON.  I do not know Lois’s maiden name.  Jim was a great storyteller who had a regular audience that he entertained from a bench in Warner’s Garage, a place he frequented daily during his retirement years. 


He learned the skills of farming when growing up on the Simon Farm on Simon Road, the house which is in the picture.  He used those skills to operate a farm, which he later owned, at the south end of Huntertown just beyond the site of the present school.  (The brick farm house remains today facing west on Old Lima Road.)


He led many people on hunting trips to Maine (which provided an inexhaustible source of story telling material) and had a wonderful wit which he summoned at will to the delight of many.


Jim had a wood working shop aside his retirement house in which he made furniture by hand.  We have a wonderful hutch he made in black walnut.  Some family members, who knew my Uncle Jim, suggested at one time that his shop, which stands today in Huntertown, was originally a one-room church used by the first residents of Huntertown.  Its double front doors can easily lead one to that conclusion.


He died in the 1950’s when I was small.  I am named after him, in his honor.  He had one daughter, Gladys Simon, who never married and was a faithful member of the Huntertown Methodist Church and a tireless worker of the church’s Women’s Club.  She lived her entire life with her father until his death and continued to live in his house until forced, in her later years (in the 1970’s), into a nursing home.” 


Jim Simon



                                The Simon Home on the Simon Road


                         Another view below with Jim, Lois, and Gladys





The barn was built in 1842, almost 150 years ago.  It was built 6 years after the family settled here.  The site was chosen because of its nearness to water.  This was important for the animals.  The ditch that runs between the house and the barn was then a stream of water.


The wooden beams for the barn were cut from the trees that were cut to clear the fields.  The wooden pegs that hold the beams together were fire hardened and had to be purchased.  The man who was sent to buy the pegs was robbed and it took another year to save enough money for the pegs. 


The barn was the center of survival.  The animals and grain were a source of food.  The barn was more important than the house.


When a barn is built into the side of a hill, it is called a “bank barn”.   The animals were kept in the bottom floor and the grain and hay were stored in the upper part of the barn.  The hay above served as insulation.  When our immediate family moved to the farm in 1952, we raised sheep and fed out steers for market.  Even in zero weather the inside of the barn had a pleasant cozy atmosphere. 


The farmer usually built several barns, such as the hog barn, horse barn, cattle barns – somewhat separated, so if a fire burned one down, he didn’t lose everything.  The corn was stored in a special building that had wide cracks between the boards.  This allowed the air to circulate thru the ears of corn and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


The barn was used for church meetings for several years as it was the largest structure. 


George Simon and one of his brothers came to this area in 1836.  The two brothers bought 2000 acres of land at $1.25 per acre.  They were descendants of a long line of farmers that date back to Switzerland.


LaOtto, a town a few miles north of here, has a historical plaque saying that the town was first known as Simon Corners.


SIMON  AND  SCHAUWEKER  CENSUS     ( Daisy Pearl Simon and Walter A. Schauweker)


1900 Census of Swan Township, Noble County, IN


Curtis C. Simon

24 male

Born IN

Sept. 1874

Head, married


Father born IN

Mother born IN



Daisy P. Simon

21 female

Born IN

Abt 1879



1910 Census of Avilla, Ward 2, Noble County, IN 


Curtis C. Simon

35 male

Born IN

Abt 1875

Married 10 yrs


Father born IN

Mother born IN


Railroading, Switchman

Daisy B. Simon

31 female

Born IN

Abt 1879

Wife, 2 children, 2 living


Father born IN

Mother born IN



Christopher C. Simon

8 male

Born IN

Abt 1902


Pearl D. Simon

5 female

Born IN

Abt 1905



1920 Census of Allen Township, Noble County, IN     


Curtis C. Simon

44  male

Born IN

Abt 1876

Head, married


Father born IN

Mother born IN



Daisy B. Simon

40 female

Born IN

Abt 1880


Christopher C. Simon

17 male

Born IN

Abt 1903


Pearl D. Simon

15 female

Born IN

Abt 1905


Vaughn C. Simon

3 years, 11 mos.

Born IN

Abt 1916


Caroline J. Simon

11 months

Born IN

Abt 1919



1910 Census of Jefferson Township, Noble County, IN


Frank P. Schauweker

55 male

Born IN

Abt 1855


Mary I. Schauweker

49 female

Born IN

Abt 1861


Leo C. Schauweker

27 male


Abt 1883


Retha May Schauweker

20 female


Abt 1890


Alice E. Schauweker

16 female


Abt 1894


Walter A. Schauweker

11 male

Born IN

Abt 1899



1920 Census of Jefferson Township, Noble County, IN


Frank P. Schauweker

64 male

Born IN

Abt 1856

Retired farmer


Father born GR

Mother born GR



Walter A. Schauweker

21 male

Born IN

Abt 1899

House carpenter  Son

Frank Malinesmith

31 male

Born IN

Abt 1889

Son-in-law   farmer


Father born OH

Mother born IN



Retha M. Malinesmith

30 female

Born IN

Abt 1890


Lavon A. Malinesmith

3 years, 1 month

Born IN

Abt 1917



1930 Census of Avilla, Allen Township, Noble County, IN


Walter A. Schauweker

31 male

Born IN

Abt 1899

Head, wholesale grocery, married at age 25

Pearl D. Schauweker

25 female

Born IN

Abt 1905

Married at age 19

Walter A. Schauwaker

5 male

Born IN

Abt 1925


Mary P. Schauweker

3 years, 2 months

Born IN

Abt 1927


Jack F. Schauweker

1 year, 5 months

Born In

Abt 1928



1880 Census of Jefferson Township, Noble County, IN


John Schauweker

61 male

Born Germany

Abt 1819

Farmer, head


Father born GR

Mother born GR



Susanna Schauweker 

63 female

Born MD

Abt 1817

Keeps house, wife


Father born PA

Mother b. MD




Next door we find:

F. P. Schauweker

25 male

Born IN

Abt 1855



20 female

Born IN

Abt 1860

Wife, keeps house


Less than a yr

Born IN

Abt 1879