From B. J. Griswold, THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA and THE STORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS OF ALLEN COUNTY, by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 1917


DAVID M. SHOAFF, who came to Allen County in 1839, with his brave young wife, MARY MENDENHALL, and their 2 little babes, had their share of hardships, and triumphs also.  Young, moneyless, and with very little else than pluck, they made their way, MR. SHOAFF working in the winters for better situated neighbors at the princely stipend of 50 cents a day, and spending the summer at his own clearing, in which work MARY helped him, gathering and burning brush while her babies played at a safe distance on the ground.  Safe distance, do we say?  As if any distance were safe in a country which harbored wild animals and teemed with snakes not all of which were harmless.  Who can tell what fears assailed the young pioneer mother’s heart at the slightest call of distress from her little ones while she worked to help make them a home?  Among other incidents attending the pioneer life of DAVID SHOAFF is related a memorable trip he made to Maumee City, Ohio.  Salt it seems was selling in Fort Wayne for $9 per barrel in the spring of 1840.  This was deemed too high a price to pay with wages at 50 cents per day.  Still, salt was a necessity.  A brother, JAMES P. SHOAFF, furnished the money and DAVID SHOAFF and F. C. FREEMAN undertook the trip.  It was early March and the snow was so deep and heavy that it took 12 days to reach Maumee City.  The return trip was made by way of the still frozen Maumee River, a route quite common in winter, but fraught with some danger in March.   They had some narrow escapes from drowning, though they reached home safely at last, but it was a rather expensive barrel of salt after all, even reckoning their wages at 50 cents a day.  The arrow that flieth by day had been driven from the woods, but arrows were not all the risks that beset the settler’s path to fortune.  When in the fall of 1843 DAVID SHOAFF helped to build the houses of his brother J. P. SHOAFF, and SQUIRE JONES, they were the first houses between his own home and Heller’s Corners on that road which ADAM HULL and his neighbors helped to cut.  DAVID SHOAFF and RAPIN ANDREWS, though coming to Perry at nearly the same time, but in quite different circumstances, were both there in time to be two of the 11 voters in the township to cast a vote at the first presidential election held there.  DAVID was a Whig.





1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2645-2657


David Shoaff                          36 M                Farmer           born Ohio

Mary Shoaff                           31 F                                         born Ohio


Peter Shoaff                          14 M                                        born Ohio

Samuel Shoaff                       10 M                                        born Ohio

Almina Shoaff                        8  F                                         born Ohio

John Shoaff                             6  M                                        born IN

Cornelie Shoaff                      3  F                                         born IN


Frances Hemphill                34 F                                         born NC


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   194 A


David M. Shoaff                    married          male, 65          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Mary Shoaff                           wife                 female, 60      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born NC


John P. J. Shoaff            son, widower        male, 34          born IN      Harness Maker

Almira Allen                                     gr. dau            female, 16      born IN           At home

            Both parents born Ohio

David W. Shoaff                    gr. son            male, 13          born IN           At home

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born IN


William Burl                       son-in-law        male, 32          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Emma Burl                            daughter        female, 32      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN   180 A


John P. Shoaff                       widower         male, 75          born MD         Farmer

            Both parents born PA


W. S. Shoaff                           son, single      male, 32          born IN           At home

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio


Sarah Davis                           other, single female, 19      born Eng.       Servant

William Harrison                 other               male, 15          born IN       Works on farm


(J. P. Shoaff was married to Priscilla Freeman)


1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN   180 A


James B. Shoaff                    married          male, 39          born IN           Farmer

            Father born MD,  Mother born Ohio

Hulda Shoaff                                     wife                 female, 34      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Oran L. Shoaff                       son                  male, 14          born IN

Terry Shoaff                          son                  male, 12          born IN

Jenney Shoaff                        daughter        female, 11      born IN

Freddie Shoaff                      son                  male, 3            born IN


R. Crumley                     other, single         male, 20          born IN         Works on farm

            Both parents born IN


Probable son, Peter,  of David M. Shoaff??


1880 Census of Butler Township, DeKalb County, IN  193 B


Peter Shoaff                          married          male, 43          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Mary F. Shoaff                      wife                 female, 39      born IN           Keeps house

            Father born Ohio,  Mother born IN


Ella Shoaff                             daughter        female, 17      born IN           At home

            Both parents born Ohio


Possible son, Samuel, of David M. Shoaff??


1880 Census of Cato, Montcalm, Michigan  55 B


Samuel Shoaf                                    married          male, 40          born Ohio       Teamster

            Both parents born Ohio

Lavercia Shoaf                      wife                 female, 34      born MI          Keeps house

            Father born Ireland,  Mother born NY


Mary Shoaf                            daughter        female, 16      born MI

Malissa Shoaf                        daughter        female, 13      born IN

Ella Shoaf                              daughter        female, 11      born IL

Irene Shoaf                            daughter        female, 7        born IN

Peter Shoaf                            son                  male, 5            born IN

Edwin Shoaf                          son                  male, 1            born MI


Is this John “F” for Freeman Shoaff, son of John P. Shoaff, brother of David???

Mother would have been Pricilla Freeman.


1880 Census of Churubusco, Whitley Co., IN   383 B


John F. Shoaff                       married          male, 48          born Ohio       Broker

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio

Annie E. Shoaff                     wife                 female, 26      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born NJ


Pricilla Shoaff                       daughter        female, 1        born IN






SHOAFF, DAVID M.                       Dec. 16, 1814-June 13, 1890             Mary

SHOAFF, MARY                              Oct. 9, 1819-Oct. 1, 1888                  David

SHOAFF, SARAH                            Feb. 26, 1867              23Y 10M 5D  

                                                            Wife of Peter  (next to and matching A. Allen)

ALLEN, ALMIRA                             Dec. 17, 1863             41Y  (21)  11M 7D 

                                                            Wife of John

ALLEN, ALMIRA                             Jan. 7, 1882                19Y  24D   dau. J. & A.


The Shoaff family appears to have come from Miami County, Ohio.  David M. Shoaff married his wife, Mary “Polly” Mendenhall there on March 13, 1836.  She was the daughter of Joseph Mendenhall and Deidama Hill. 


The 1835 Quadrennial Enumeration of Adult White Males of Miami County, Ohio, show the following of the Shoaff names there:


James B. Shoaff                    Monroe Township

John P. Shoaff                       Monroe Township

Thomas J. Shoaff                  Monroe Township


No ages listed but assume they were “of age” and probably over 21 at the time.   Though David was married the next year, he would have been too young to be listed in 1835. 




1.  Peter Shoaff  b: abt 1786  d: 1840 in Miami Co., Ohio

            +  Sarah Elizabeth Musselman  b: abt 1790 in PA


                        2.  John P. Shoaff  b: Oct. 13, 1804 in MD  d: Feb. 1, 1887 in Whitley Co., IN

                               married Feb. 5, 1829 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Priscilla Freeman  b: Jan. 4, 1810 in Greene Co., Ohio  d: May 22,

                                          1880 in Allen Co., IN on home site   (or May 1, 1881 from bio)


                                                3.  William W. Shoaff  b: Nov. 15, 1829 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                                       d: May 17, 1907 in Ft. Wayne,  married March 10, 1859

                                                            +  Eliza J. Work  b: Jan. 18, 1839 in DeKalb Co., IN


                                                                        4.  John Robert Shoaff  b: abt 1860 in Butler

                                                                              Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

                                                                        4.  Joseph Y. Shoaff  b: abt 1868 in Eel River

                                                                               Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Clara B. Glazier  b: Sept. 22, 1867

                                                                                          in IN  d: Feb. 18, 1950 in LA, CA


                                                                                                5.  Robert Shoaff  b: Dec 1891

                                                                                                5.  Kate S. Shoaff  b: April 26,

                                                                                                       1900  d: Jan 25, 1990 in

                                                                                                       Alhambra, LA Co., CA

                                                                                                            +  Lester W. Kimball

                                                                                                                  b: March 14, 1892

                                                                                                                  in MA   d: June

                                                                                                                 1969 in San Marino


                                                3.  John F. Shoaff  b: Sept. 15, 1831 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                                       d:  Sept 14, 1900 in Whitley Co., IN   married Nov. 1857

                                                            +  Martha Elizabeth Work  b: abt 1838 in DeKalb Co

                                                                  d: March 18, 1868 or 1869

                                                2nd wife of John F. Shoaff, married Sept. 11, 1872 

                                                            +  Annie E. Johnson  b:  April 1855 in IN


                                                                        4.  Priscilla J. Shoaff  b: abt 1878  d: May 1,

                                                                               1883 in Whitley Co., IN

                                                                        4.  Eliza J. Shoaff  b: June 28, 1881 

                                                                               d:  Sept. 18, 1952 in San Diego Co., CA

                                                                               married June 18, 1802 in Whitley Co., IN

                                                                                    +  John Charles Barth b: abt 1879 PA


                                                                                                5.  James Barth


                                                3.  Henrietta Shoaff  b: abt 1834 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                                        married Oct. 10, 1852 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Marcus W. Bayless  b:  abt 1830 in Ohio

                                                3.  Louisa Shoaff  b: abt 1838

                                                3.  James B. Shoaff  b: Sept. 9, 1840 in Eel River Twp., Allen

                                                       Co., IN  d: after 1920   married Sept. 22, 1864

                                                            +  Hulda H. DeVeny  b: abt 1846 in Ohio

                                                                        4.  Oran L. Shoaff  b: abt 1866 in IN

                                                                               married Feb. 18, 1888 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Clara Steinbert

                                                                        4.  Jerry or Terry Shoaff  b: abt 1868

                                                                        4.  Jenney Shoaff  b: about 1869

                                                                        4.  Frederick Barnett Shoaff  b: Oct. 7, 1877

                                                                               married June 21, 1904 in Vigo Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Alice Judith Dryer  b: May 1879, IN


                                                                                                5.  Thomas Richard Shoaff

                                                                                                       b. March 9, 1909

                                                                                                       d: May 13, 2005

                                                                                                       m:  1942 Wash. D. C.

                                                                                                            +  Phyllis M. Kleiner


                                                                                                                        6.  Judith

                                                                                                                        6.  Susan

                                                                                                                        6.  Clare

                                                                                                                        6.  Richard

                                                                                                                        6.  Wally


                                                                                                5.  Frederick D. Shoaff

                                                                                                       b:  Oct. 20, 1906

                                                                                                5.  John D. Shoaff

                                                                                                       b:  Jan. 19, 1908

                                                                                                       d:  Oct. 1982 in Ft. Wayne


                                                3.  Matilda Jennie Shoaff  b: Dec. 1843 in Allen Co., IN

                                                       married Feb. 1862

                                                            +  Alexander H. Bayless  b: April 1837 in IN


                                                                        4.  Wilson W. Bayless  b: abt 1863 in Allen Co.

                                                                        4.  Lillian Bayless  b: abt 1871 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                        4.  George Willis Bayless  b: Oct. 13, 1872

                                                                                    +  Anna A. Sweet


                                                                                                5.  Maurice W. Bayless

                                                                                                       b: Dec. 3, 1903

                                                                                                       d: Nov. 1956 in MO

                                                                                                5.  Arthur H. Bayless  b: 1906

                                                                                                5.  Lillian S. Bayless b: 1910

                                                                                                5.  Katherine L. Bayless 

                                                                                                       b: abt 1916


                                                                        4.  Amelia H. Bayless  b: April 1880


                                                3.  Allen P. Shoaff  b: abt 1846, married Nov. 26, 1867

                                                            +  Elizabeth C. Shoaff (?)  (dau. of Wade C. & Eliz??)


                                                                        4.  Annie M. Shoaff  b: abt 1870


                                                2nd wife of Allen P. Shoaff, married March 27, 1876

                                                            +  Alice M. Wamsley  b: 1859 in Ohio

                                                                        4.  Arie M. Shoaff  b: abt 1878

                                                                        4.  Indiana P. Shoaff  b: Feb. 1880

                                                                               married Aug. 19, 1897, Shelby Co., Ohio

                                                                                    +  William S. Delery


                                                3.  Wade Scott Shoaff  b: Dec. 16, 1847 in Allen Co., IN

                                                       married March 11, 1885 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Lena May Zimmerson  b: Aug. 10, 1868



3.  David Shoaff  b: abt 1848

3.  Annie E. Shoaff   (may or may not be a daughter.  Was

       based on a newspaper article in which she was called

       “daughter”.   Might she have been daughter-in-law?)


                        2.  James B. Shoaff  b: abt 1807 in Ohio

                               married Feb. 2, 1851 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Mary A. Daley


                                                3.  Alice M. Shoaff  b: 1853 in Allen Co., IN  m: May 10, 1870

                                                            +  James Sion Smith  b: Aug. 3, 1849 in Livingston

                                                                  Co., KY


                                                                        4.  Claude S. Smith  b: abt 1879

                                                                        4.  Maude Muriel Smith  b: Nov. 1881, Allen


                                                3.  James B. Shoaff   b. abt 1857

                                                3.  Francis Shoaff  b: abt 1859


                        2.  Fianna Shoaff  b: Dec. 30, 1811 in Hamilton, Ohio  d:  April 15, 1904 in

                               Huntertown, Allen Co., IN,  married Dec. 11, 1833 in Montg. Co., Ohio

                                    +  John Mendenhall  b: Oct. 20, 1807 in Lost Creek, TN  (Jeff. Co.)

                                          d:  Sept. 8, 1869 in Long Lake, IN



                                FIANNA SHOAFF MENDENHALL




                                                3.  Elizabeth Mendenhall  b: Sept. 17, 1835 in Dayton, Ohio

                                                       d: April 3, 1869 in Swan Twp., Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Cornelius Loranzo Grimm  b: Jan. 7, 1828 in

                                                                  Baltimore, MD


                                                                        4.  Edward Frank Grimm  b: 1857 Swan Twp.,

                                                                               Noble Co., IN  m:  Feb. 29, 1888 in Kansas

                                                                                    +  Ella Amelia Burt  b: abt 1868 in IL 

                                                                        4.  Miranda Grimm  b: 1861 in Ohio (?)

                                                                        4.  John Grimm  b: Dec. 11, 1864 in Noble Co.

                                                                               married July 9, 1890 Kingman Co., KS

                                                                                    +  Mollie C. Evans

                                                                        4.  Icie Mae Grimm  b: abt 1868  d: bef 1880

                                                                        4.  Perry Lorenzo Grimm  b: March 27, 1869 in

                                                                                Swan Twp., Noble Co., IN

                                                                                Married Aug. 3, 1889 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Maud A. Mooney


                                                                                                5.  Jess H. Grimm  b: March

                                                                                                      20, 1907  d: May1981 in

                                                                                                      Ft. Wayne, IN


                                                3.  Isaac Mendenhall  b: Nov. 5, 1837 in Dayton, Ohio

                                                       d:  Dec. 1903 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                                       married Oct 6, 1863 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Farla Ames Carver  b: Dec. 1833 in Ohio 

                                                                  d: 1914 in Allen Co., IN


                                                                        4.  Fianna Ellsworth Mendenhall  b: Oct 14,

                                                                               1864 in Noble Co., IN   d: Oct 1902 in

                                                                               Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                                                               Married April 30, 1889 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Frederick A. Hull

                                                                        4.  Charlotte Lottie Mendenhall  b: May 1868

                                                                               married Jan 19, 1891 Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Frank E. Bacome b: June 1864 Ohio


                                                                                                5.  Harold Ellsworth Bacome 

                                                                                                       b: March 17, 1892

                                                                                                       d: March 13, 1986 in MI

                                                                                                5.  Beatrice A. Bacome 

                                                                                                        b:  Sept 15, 1898

                                                                                                        d:  Nov 12, 1973, Kala. MI


                                                                        4.  Cecilia M. Mendenhall  b: Feb. 1872 IN

                                                                                married Oct 9, 1889 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Clinton Bowie  b: July 1865 in IN


                                                                                                5.  Ruth T. Bowie  b: Feb 1890

                                                                                                5.  Helen M. Bowie b: Feb 1892


                                                                        4.  Wade Isaac Mendenhall  b: 1873, Noble Co.

                                                                               d: Oct 1880 in Noble Co., IN 

                                                                        4.  Farla Alcestra Mendenhall 

                                                                                b: Jan. 23, 1875 in Albion, Noble Co., IN

                                                                                d: 1967 in Ferndale, MI

                                                                                m: June 24, 1896 in Columbia City, IN

                                                                                    +  William Henry Myers  b: 1870 in

                                                                                          Columbia City, IN  d: 1951 in

                                                                                          Detroit, Wayne Co., MI


                                                                                                5.  Raymond Jackson Myers

                                                                                                       b: Jan. 17, 1900 in Allen    

                                                                                                       d: April 9, 1966 in Detroit

                                                                                                5.  Franklin Carver Myers

                                                                                                        b: Oct. 3, 1901 in Allen Co

                                                                                                        d: Oct. 25, 1959 in MI

                                                                                                5.  Annabel Myers  b: 1904 in

                                                                                                         Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                                                                                         D: Oct. 26, 1961 in MI


                                                3.  John Mendenhall  b: Jan. 15, 1840 in Swan Twp., Noble Co

                                                        d: July 31, 1915 in Leighton, Mahaska Co., Iowa

                                                        married Nov. 16, 1865 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                                            +  Julia Ann Simons  b: Jan. 5, 1841 in LaOtto, Noble

                                                                  Co., IN   d:  June 20, 1919 in MI  

                                                                        (Julia may have been born DeKalb Co, IN)

                                                                        (parents John Peter and Louisa (Fair) Simon)


                                                                        4.  Orlo Pierce Mendenhall  b: Aug 3, 1866 IN

                                                                        4.  Louisa Ames Mendenhall  b: Nov. 16, 1868

                                                                        4.  John Edward Mendenhall  b: Oct. 12, 1870

                                                                               in Iowa  

                                                                        4.  Nudda Mendenhall  b: 1873 in Iowa

                                                                               d:  1874 in Iowa

                                                                        4.  Osa May Mendenhall  b: Jan. 14, 1875

                                                                        4.  Phyanna Gay Mendenhall  b: May 26, 1880

                                                                               in Iowa


                                                3.  Marietta Mendenhall  b: July 29, 1844 

                                                       married Jan. 26, 1871 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Delano Columbus Fogel  b: Jan 5, 1850 in Ohio


4.  Franklin Phillip Fogel  b: March 23, 1873

       married Nov. 17, 1897 in Whitley Co., IN

            +  Lizzie Nederhiser  b: Nov. 1, 1880 in

                  Ft. Wayne, IN  d: before 1917


                        5.  Clarence Dexter Fogel

                               b: Sept 5, 1899

                               d: March 1973 in Allen Co.


4.  Gerry Elbridge Fogel  b: Aug. 21, 1875 in

       Allen Co., IN

            +  Iva F.  or poss. Iva V. Conkel


                        5.  Gerald D. Fogel

                               b: Sept. 13, 1905

                               d: Sept. 7, 1990


                                                                        4.  Jessie May Fogel  b:  Aug. 11, 1877 Allen

                                                                               married Oct. 20, 1897 in Whitley Co., IN

                                                                                    +  William Hosler

                                                                        4.  Grace Amanda Fogel  b: Nov. 22, 1879

                                                                                married Nov. 24, 1897 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  George W. Iler


                                                                                                5.  Elva Iler  b: March 20, 1901


                                                                        4.  Gold Jem Fogel  b: Aug. 15, 1881 

                                                                                d:  May 10, 1890 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                        4.  Sidney Delano Fogel  b: Oct. 15, 1884 in

                                                                                Allen Co., IN  d:  Jan. 1966 in IN

                                                                                    +  Emma May Rundles

                                                                                          (poss. dau. of John Rundles and

                                                                                        Mary Caroline McComb)


                                                                                                5.  Melba Fogel

                                                                                                5.  Marie Fogel

                                                                                                5.  Marjory Fogel


                                                3.  Joseph Mendenhall  b: Oct. 23, 1845 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                                                       d:  January 4, 1930 in Silver Creek, Dixon Co., Nebraska

                                                       married Feb. 22, 1872 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Mina Irene Knapp  b: Oct. 10, 1850 in Courtland

                                                                   Co., NY  d: May 19, 1937 in Silver Creek, NE


                                                3.  Dexter Mendenhall  b: March 26, 1849 in Noble Co., IN

                                                        d:  June 11, 1929 in Huntertown, Allen Co., IN  ??

                                                        married about 1873 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Harriet Sophronia Ellwell  b: Oct. 9, 1855  in

                                                                  Flushing, Genessee Co., MI  d: 1946 in Swan Twp

                                                                  Noble Co., IN


                                                                        4.  John Edwin Mendenhall  b: Oct. 23, 1873

                                                                               d: Dec. 14, 1873 in Noble Co., IN


                                                3.  Priscilla Mendenhall  b: Nov. 18, 1851  d: Sept 4, 1852 ??

                                                       in Noble Co., IN

                                                3.  Ocie Mae Mendenhall  b: Sept. 4, 1852 ??  d: Nov. 30, 1899

                                                       in Noble Co., IN   married Oct. 2, 1876 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Joseph Howard Moore  b: Nov. 20, 1853  d: 1934 in

                                                                  Noble Co., IN


                                                                        4.  Lillian E. Moore  b: Nov. 1, 1877 in Noble

                                                                                    +  Charles P. Hosler  b: abt 1878 IN

                                                                                           d: Sept. 2, 1943 in Noble Co., IN

                                                                        4.  John P. Moore  : Sept. 1879 in Noble Co, IN

                                                                                m:  Dec. 24, 1903 in LaOtto, Noble Co, IN

                                                                                    +  Grace P. Bradley

                                                                        4.  Mary F. Moore  b: Aug. 1885 in Noble Co.


                                                3.  Celia Telehia Mendenhall  b: March 30, 1856  d: Feb. 14,

                                                        1863 in Noble Co., IN

                                                3.  Ellsworth Mendenhall  b: Jan. 16, 1866  d: Feb. 18, 1867


                        2.  David M. Shoaff  b: Dec. 16, 1814 in Hamilton Co., Ohio  d:  June 13 or 18,

                               1890 in Huntertown, Allen Co., IN,   married March 13, 1836 in Miami

                               Co., Ohio

                                    +  Mary Polly Mendenhall (sister to John Mendenhall above)

                                          b: Oct. 9, 1819 in Ohio  d: Oct. 1, 1888


                                                3.  Peter Shoaff  b: about 1836 in Ohio  d: 1918

                                                       married Jan. 23, 1862 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Sarah E. Tyner  b: abt 1841  d: Feb. 26, 1867 in

                                                                   DeKalb Co., IN


                                                                        4.  Ella May Shoaff  b: Oct. 1862

                                                                                    + Theron A. Hogue  b: june 23, 1857 in

                                                                                         Butler Twp, DeKalb Co., IN 

                                                                                         d: Oct. 20, 1913


                                                2nd wife of Peter Shoaff, married Nov. 26, 1862

                                                            +  Mary Frances Work  b: about 1842  d: 1932


                                                3.  Samuel H. Shoaff  b: abt 1840 in Ohio

                                                        married July 26, 1863 in Van Buren, MI 

                                                            +  Lavercia Rilsey  b: abt 1846 in MI


                                                                        4.  Mary Shoaff  b: abt 1864 in MI

                                                                        4.  Malissa Shoaff  b: abt 1867 in IN

                                                                        4.  Ella Shoaff  b: abt 1869 in IL

                                                                        4.  Irene Shoaff  b: abt 1873 in IN

                                                                        4.  Peter Wesley Shoaff  b: Jan. 26, 1875

                                                                        4.  Edwin Shoaff  b: abt 1879 in MI


                                                3.  Almira Shoaff  b: abt 1842 in Ohio  d: Dec. 17, 1863 in

                                                       Allen Co., IN,  married Nov. 29, 1860 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  John Allen  b: in Ohio


                                                                        4.  Almira Allen  b: abt 1863 in IN

                                                                               d: Jan. 7, 1882 in IN


                                                3.  John P. J. Shoaff  b: abt 1846

                                                            +Unknown wife


                                                                        4.  David W. Shoaff  b: Feb. 1867 in IN

                                                                               married Sept. 25, 1890 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Clara B. Fulkerson  b: May 1869


                                                                                                5.  Bessie T. Shoaff  b: June

                                                                                                       1890  d: March 28, 1963 in

                                                                                                       Greene Co., Ohio

                                                                                                       m: March 6, 1913 Allen Co

                                                                                                            + Homer Gloyd Bowser


                                                                                                                        6.  Isabelle

                                                                                                                        6.  Virginia


                                                                                                5.  Ralph Fulkerson Shoaff

                                                                                                       b: June 3, 1893


                                                3.  James Shoaff

                                                3.  Cornelie Shoaff  b: abt 1847

                                                3.  Emma Shoaff  b: abt 1848 in IN

                                                            +  William Burl  b: about 1848 in Ohio 


                        2.  Samuel A. Shoaff  b: abt 1816 in Ohio  d: Dec. 12, 1890 in Cincinnati, Ohio

                               married Dec. 3, 1840 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Mary M. Barber  b: Sept. 1820


                                                3.  Thomas B. Shoaff  b: Feb. 1842 in Ohio   d: 1900 in New

                                                        York City, New York, wealthy and unmarried 

                                                3.  Charles W. Shoaff  b: abt 1846 in Ohio  d: before 1890 in

                                                        Allen Co., IN

                                                3.  Cecila M. Shoaff  b: abt 1848 in Ohio  d: before 1890 in

                                                        Allen Co., IN,  married Feb. 6, 1873 in Allen Co., IN 

                                                            +  Frank W. Pond


                                                                        4.  Albert Pond

                                                                        4.  Douglas Pond


                        2.  Wade C. Shoaff  b: about 1819 in Ohio  d: March 1, 1887 in Fort Wayne,

                               Allen Co., IN,   married March 4, 1841 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                    +  Elizabeth M. Barber


                                                3.  Elizabeth C. Shoaff  b: abt 1845

                                                            (Is this the Elizabeth C. Shoaff who married Allen P.

                                                            Shoaff  in 1867?)  

                                                3.  Osa W. Shoaff  b: abt 1845 





 THIS INFORMATION WAS SENT BY DONNA SANSEVERO, A DESCENDANT OF PETER SHOAFF)                                                                                                



Peter Shoaff (b. about 1786: Pennsylvania; d. 1840: Miami county, Ohio)

M. Sarah Elizabeth Musselman - (b. about 1790 in Pennsylvania; d. unknown). Peter and Sarah had five children:

1. John P. (born 13 Oct 1804 in Maryland; died 1 Feb 1887 in Whitley County, Indiana). He married Priscilla Freeman on 5 Feb 1828 in Miami County, Ohio. Priscilla was born 4 Jan 1810 in Greene County, Ohio and died 22 May 1880 in Allen County on his home site. They had 11 children.

“ John P. and Priscilla (Freeman) Shoaff, natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio. John P. Shoaff was a farmer by occupation, but a miller by trade. He married Miss Freeman in Miami County, and when the third of their eleven children was born, emigrated, in 1836, to Eel River Township, Alien County, Ind. (five miles from the line of this township and county), and located in the woods. At that time there were only three white families in the township, and the country was overrun with Indians, deer, wolves, wild cats and lynxes. After a couple of years' experience in the wilderness, Mr. Shoaff relinquished farming and began dealing in stocks, which have since engaged his attention. He has accumulated property, valued at $75,000, all by his own exertions. His wife died May 1, 1881, and he still lives on his homestead at the advanced age of seventy-eight.”

(Counties of Whitley and Noble, Indiana : historical and biographical. Chicago. F.A. Battey & Co.. 1882. page 351)

The children of John P. and Priscilla (Freeman) Shoaff:

1. William W. Shoaff (b. 15 Nov 1829 in Miami county, Ohio; d. 17 May 1907 in Fort Wayne, Allen county, Indiana. Married Eliza J. Work on 10 Mar 1859. Eliza was the daughter of Robert and Sarah Work, born 18 Jan 1839 in Indiana; death, unknown. They had two children:

1. John Robert (b. about 1860 in Butler, De Kalb county, Indiana; died, unknown - last found listed on 1870 census for Eel River, Allen county.

2. Joseph Y (b. Mar 1868 in Eel River, Allen county, died, unknown). He married Clara B. Glazier (b. 22 Sep 1867 in Indiana, d. 18 Feb 1950, Los Angeles county, California). They had two children:

1. Robert (b. Dec 1891 in Allen county, Indiana, d. unknown)

2. Kate S. (b. 26 Apr 1900, Allen county, Indiana, d. 25 Jan 1990 in Alhambra, Los Angeles County, California. She married Lester W. Kimball (b. 14 Mar 1892, Massachusetts; d. Jun 1969, San Marino, Los Angeles County, California.

2. John F. Shoaff (b. 15 Sep 1831 in Miami county, Ohio; d. 14 Sep 1900 Whitley County, Indiana. Married Martha Work (b. about 1838 in Indiana; d. 18 Mar 1868) in 18 Mar 1868. He married 2nd. Annie E. Johnson on 11 Sep 1872 in Allen county. Annie was born Apr 1855 in Indiana, d. unknown.

“J. F. SHOAFF was born in Miami County, Ohio, September 15, 1831, one of eleven children born to John P. and Priscilla (Freeman) Shoaff, natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio. … Our subject, J. F. Shoaff, was reared a farmer, and in November, 1857, married Martha Work, who died March 18, 1868. He married his present wife, Annie E. Johnston, September 11, 1872, and to their union have been born two children-Priscilla J. and Eliza J. He employed himself in farming and stock-raising until he came to Churubusco, in July, 1874, where he is doing business as a broker and dealer in real estate. He owns 466 acres of land in Allen County, besides some good property in town. In politics, he is a Democrat, and he and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

("History of Whitley and Noble Counties, Indiana" Written by Weston A. Goodspeed and Charles Blanchard, and published in Chicago by F. A. Battey & Co., in 1882. - page 351).

The children of John F. and Annie (Johnson) Shoaff:

1. Priscilla J. (b. about 1878; d. 1 May 1883 in Whitley county.

2. Lida Johnson (b. 28 Jun 1881 in Whitley county, d. 18 Sep 1952 in San Diego county, California. Married John Charles Barth on 18 Jun 1902 in Whitley county. He was born about 1879 in Pennsylvania. They had one child: James. (no further information).

3. Henrietta Shoaff (b. about 1834, Miami county, Ohio; d. unknown). Married Marcus W. Bayless on 10 Oct 1852, Allen county, Indiana. He was born about 1830 in Ohio. (no further information).

4. Louisa Shoaff (b. about 1838 in Indiana) She is listed on the 1850 census for Eel River - no further information.

5. James B. Shoaff (b. 9 Sep 1840 in Eel River, Allen county, Indiana; d. after 1920 in Allen county). Married Huldah H. DeVinirey on 22 Sep 1864. They had four children:

1. Oren/Orrin L. (b. 1866 in Indiana; d. unknown - he is listed on the 1930 census as single and living in a “railroad men’s home” in Highland Park, Lake county, Illinois). Married. Clara Steinberg on 18 Feb 1888 in Allen county, divorced Nov. 1889.

2. Jerry (b. about 1868; d. unknown) no further information

3. Jennie (b. about 1869; d. unknown) no further information

4. Frederick Barnett (b. 7 Oct 1877; d. unknown). Married Alice Judith Dryer 21 Jun 1904 in Vigo County, Indiana. Alice was born May 1879 in Indiana. They had three children:

1. Frederick D. (b. 20 Oct 1906)

2. John D. (b. 19 Jan 1908; d. Oct 1982 in Fort Wayne, Allen county, Indiana)

3. Thomas Richard (b. 9 Mar 1909; d. 13 May 2005 Fort Wayne, Allen county, Indiana)

6. Matilda Jennie Shoaff (b. Dec 1843, Allen county; d. unknown). Married Alexander H. Bayless on 6 Feb 1862. Alexander was born Apr 1837 in Indiana. (note: Alexander was the brother of Marcus who married Matilda’s sister Henrietta). They moved from Indiana to Wyandotte county Kansas sometime between 1880 and 1900) They had four children:

1. Wilson W. (b. about 1863 in Allen county; d. unknown)

2. Lillian (b. about 1871 in Allen county; d. unknown)

3. George Willis (b. 13 Oct 1872 in Allen county; d. unknown). Married Anna A. Sweet and had four children:

1. Maurice W. (b. 3 Dec 1903 in Kansas; d. Nov 1956 in Missouri).

2. Arthur H (b. about 1906 in Kansas)

3. Lillian S (b. about 1910 in Kansas)

4. Katherine L (b. about 1916 in Missouri)

4. Amelia H (b. Apr 1880 in Allen county; d. unknown)

7. David Shoaff (b. about 1848, Allen county; d. unknown) no further information.

8. Allen P. Shoaff (b. about 1846, Allen county; d. unknown). Married Elizabeth C. Shoaf on 26 Nov 1867 in Allen county. Married 2nd. Alice M. Wamsley on 27 Mar 1876 in Allen county. Alice was born about 1859 in Ohio. They had three children:

1. Annie M. (b. about 1870 - no further information)

2. Arie M. (b. about 1878 - no further information)

3. Indiana P. (b. Feb 1880) Married William S. Delery on 19 Aug 1897 Shelby county, Ohio. No further information.

9. Wade Scott Shoaff (b. 16 Dec 1847 Allen county; d. unknown) Married Lena May Zimmerson on 11 Mar 1885 in Allen county. Lena was born 10 Aug 1868. No children have been found for this union.

“ W. Scott Shoaff, the youngest son of John P. Shoaff, was born December 16, 1847, on the old homestead which his father entered from the government. There he grew to manhood and received a common school education. He remained with his father until he reached majority, and then adopted farming as his own vocation. In 1885 he was united in marriage with Lena M. Zimmerson, daughter of Thomas and Margaret J. Farmer. She was born August 10, 1868. He is now one of the leading farmers and stock-raisers of Eel River township, and one of the prominent land owners of the county, holding 440 acres of good farming land with substantial buildings. He makes a specialty of draft horses and good grades of cattle. He is a member of the Masonic order.”

( Valley of the upper Maumee River : with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana : the story of Indiana. page 306)

10. Anna E. Shoaff - no information has been found for this child other than a mention of her as a living daughter in a news article.



2. James B. (born about 1897 in Ohio; d. unknown). Married Mary A. Daley on 2 Feb 1851 in Miami county, Ohio. They had three children:

1. Alice M Shoaff (b. 1853, Allen county, Indiana; d. unknown) Married James Sion Smith on 10 May 1870 in Allen county). He was born 3 Aug 1849 in Livingston County, Kentucky, d. unknown) Divorced. They had two children:

1. Claude S. (b. about 1879; d. unknown)

2. Maude Muriel (b. Nov 1881 in Allen county; d. unknown).

2. James B. Shoaff (b. about 1857, Allen county; d. unknown)

3. Francis Shoaff (b. about 1859, Allen county; d. unknown)

No further information on this line.

3. Fianna (b. 30 Dec 1811 in Hamilton county, Ohio; d. 15 Apr 1904 in Huntertown, Allen County, Indiana) Married John Mendenhall - see Mendenhall information on this family.

4. David M. (b. 16 Dec 1814 in Hamilton county, Ohio; d. 13 Jun 1890 in Huntertown, Allen County, Indiana) Married Mary “Polly” Mendenhall on 13 Mar 1836 in Miami county, Ohio. (Note: Mary was the sister of John Mendenhall who married David’s sister Fianna). She was born 9 Oct 1819 in Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio; d. 3 Oct 1888 in Huntertown, Allen County, Indiana.

“ David M. Shoaff, one of the pioneer settlers of Allen county, was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, December 16, 1814, son of Peter and Elizabeth (Musselman) Shoaff. He received a good common school education, and served an apprenticeship at the tailor's trade, which he followed about twenty years. In 1836 he was united in marriage with Mary Mendenhall. This union was blessed with five children. Four of his children are now living: Peter, Samuel H., John P., and Emma. Mrs. Shoaff, who was born in 1819, departed this life in 1888. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Shoaff and wife came to this country in 1839, with no money, and very little goods. Being poor, he was compelled to work out, and in the winter worked in the snow and storm for 50 cents per day, enough to buy two pounds of coffee of old Squire Jones. His wife's experience in the early days was typical of what the helpmeet of the pioneer had to endure. She would go to the clearing with her two little babes and place then on the ground while she would help pick and burn brush. Mr. Shoaff now has a nice little farm of eighty-four acres, which is under a good state of cultivation. Mr. Shoaff was one of the eleven who voted at the presidential election in Perry township in 1840, and cast his vote for Harrison. In March, 1840, salt sold at $9.00 per barrel in Fort Wayne, and Mr. Shoaff being in need of some, his brother furnished the money, and he and F.C. Freeman made the rip in March, taking twelve days to reach Maumee City. He returned by Fort Defiance on the ice, having very narrow escapes from drowning. When Mr. Shoaff built J.P. Shoaff's and Squire Jones' houses in the fall of 1836, they were the first houses on the road on which he now lives between his home and Heller's Corners, a distance of six miles. Six men helped to build these houses, out of whom two are now living: D.M. Shoaff and Harrison Jones.”

(Valley of the upper Maumee River : with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana : the story of Indiana. page 322)

The children of David M. and Mary “Polly” (Mendenhall) Shoaff:

1. James Shoaff (b. about 1836 in Ohio) no further information.

2. Peter Shoaff (b. about 1837 in Ohio, d. after 1910 Dekalb county, Indiana). Married Sarah E. Tyner on 23 Jan 1862 in Allen county. She was born about 1841 in Indiana; d. 1867 in Dekalb county. They had one child:

1. Ella May (b. Oct 1862; d. unknown). She married Theron A. Hogue on 17 Oct 1883 in Dekalb county. He was born 23 Jun 1857 in Butler County, Indiana and died 20 Oct 1913. The family moved to Nebraska and was found living in Buffalo county, Nebraska in 1885 and later in Lincoln, Lancaster county.

Peter married 2nd. Mary F. Work on 26 Nov 1868, Allen county. No children were found for this union.

3. Samuel H. Shoaff (b. about 1840, Ohio; d. unknown). He married Lavercia Rilsey about 1864. This family is found living in Montcalm county, Michigan in 1880. His occupation was listed as a “Teamster” and apparently they moved around a lot. No further information past this date.

1. Mary (b. about 1865 in Michigan)

2. Malissa (b. about 1867 in Indiana)

3. Ella (b. about 1869 in Illinois)

4. Irene (b. about 1873 in Indiana)

5. Peter Wesley (b. 26 Jan 1875 in Indiana)

6. Edwin (b. about 1879 in Michigan)

4. Almira Shoaff (b. about 1841 in Ohio; d. 17 Dec 1863 in Allen county, Indiana). Married John Allen on 29 Nov 1860 in Allen county. They had one child found living with David on the 1870 and 1880 census. It is possible that Almira died during childbirth because the death date for her and the birth date for her daughter are the same year. Nothing further is known about John Allen.

5. John P.J. Shoaff (b. about 1844 in Allen county; d. unknown). Found living in his fathers household in 1870 and 1880 with marital status of widowed with a son David W. - wife’s name unknown. 1900 census gives Nellie H. as wife. No further information is know.

1. David W. (b. Feb 1867, Allen county; d. unknown). Married Clara B. Fulkerson on 25 Sep 1890 in Allen county. She was born May 1869 in Indiana. They had two children:

1. Bessie T. (b. Jun 1890; d. 28 Mar 1963 in Greene county, Ohio. Married Homer Gloyd Bowser on 6 Mar 1913 in Allen county. They had two children: Isabelle Irene (Fixx) (b. 1 Nov 1913; d. May 1984 in Greene county, Ohio), and Virginia Jane (Clark) (b. 22 Apr 1917; d. 4 Jan 1991 in Greene county Ohio)

2. Ralph Fulkerson (b. 3 Jun 1893; d. 5 Dec 1973 in Fort Wayne, Allen county.) Married Charlotte M. Koenig on 7 Jul 1917 in Allen county. They had two children: Douglas K. (b. 16 Apr 1918) and Robert E. (b. 24 Aug 1923)

6. Emily/Emma Shoaff (b. about 1847, Allen county, d. before 1900) Married William Burl - no further information.

5. Samuel H (b. about 1816 in Ohio; d. 12 Dec 1890 Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio - buried in Fort Wayne, Allen county, Indiana). Married Mary M. Barber on 3 Dec 1840 in Miami county, Ohio. Mary was born in Sep 1820. Samuel was a successful business man and ran a Saddle, Harness, and Collar business in Fort Wayne. They had three children.

1. Thomas B. Shoaff (b. Feb 1842 in Ohio; d. 1900, in New York City, New York. He was never married and died a wealthy man - leaving everything to his widowed mother in Fort Wayne)

2. Charles W. Shoaff (b. about 1846 in Ohio; d. before 1890 in Allen county, Indiana)

3. Cecila M. Shoaff (b. about 1848 in Ohio; d. before 1890 in Allen county, Indiana). Married Frank W. Pond on 6 Feb 1873 in Allen county. They had two children: Albert and Douglas. No further information.

6. Wade C. (b. 1819 in Ohio; d. 1 Mar 1887 in Fort Wayne, Allen county, Indiana). Married Elizabeth N. ? . They had two children:

1. Elizabeth C. (b. about 1845)

2. Osa W. (b. about 1845)

No further information