Article taken from the July 22, 1976 Tri-County Truth


Mrs. and Mrs. PAUL M. PARKER of R. 1 Huntertown have received a certificate from the State of Indiana designating theirs, a Hoosier Homestead Farm, one which has been owned by the same family for over 100 years.


The farm was a land grant purchase from the government, November 7, 1835, by Parker’s great-grandfather, BENJAMIN PARKER.  The deed to the original 40-acre tract was signed by President Andrew Jackson.


Acreage was added and the farm went to OMRI PARKER and his wife, MARIE, the first teacher in Perry Township.  From them it went to BURT PARKER, father of PAUL, and the farm has been in Paul’s name since 1969.


Parker says he remembers his grandmother well, though he was quite young when she died in 1903.  He said she used to tell of teaching and living in the homes of her pupils during the school term.  She was paid $1.25 a week for her duties.  She also told of seeing Indians moving through the county and of wagons transporting wheat up to their hubs in mud on Lima Road.


Parker said he began attending Central High School in Fort Wayne in 1914 and rode to and from school on the Interurban, a large trolley powered by overhead electric lines.  The Interurban ran across the southeast corner of the Parker farm en route from Fort Wayne to Huntertown, Garrett, Auburn, and Kendallville.


Parker also said he remembered the first car he ever saw………a buggy-like McIntyre which went on Lima Road in front of the farm.  As a matter of fact, it wrecked near the Parker home. 


The Parkers have been married 51 years, and they took a wedding trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a Model T in 1925.  Parker and his father were both born in the same house they now live in.


Until the main barn burned in 1969, the far was a working one.  During the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s, the Parker farm entered crops and animals in Allen County Fair competition, especially before the fair was moved from Huntertown in 1925.


Crops included certified wheat, oats, beans, and potatoes, and they sold open-pollinated corn for seed at $1 a bushel, shelled by hand.  They had Holstein and Jersey cattle for milk, some Shorthorn cattle, one of which was a grand champion in competition, Poland China hogs, Shropshire Sheep and Barred Rock and White Rock chickens.  At its maximum, the farm contained 120 acres, but some has been sold off now. 


The Parkers have one son, OSBORNE PARKER, of Richmond, VA, a faculty member at the Commonwealth University of Virginia.  During the years of active farming, when she wasn’t occupied with other chores, MRS. PARKER organized a pencil collection.  It is currently housed in numerous cases and contains about 3,000 entries.


The couple’s Hoosier Homestead Farm certificate, dated June 21, 1976, is signed by Gov. Otis Bowen and Lt. Gov. Robert Orr. Representatives of the Indiana Department of Commerce, Farm Bureau, Indiana Historical Bureau and the Museums and Memorial Division of the Department of Natural Resources helped process the award application. 








1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2662-2674


Omri Parker                          29 M                Farmer           born NY

Margaet                                 18 F                                         born Ohio


Manford                                  1 M                                         born IN


Alira Shaw                             21 F                                         born Ohio


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  #2663-2675


Danford Parker                    27 M                Farmer           born NY

Parmelia Parker                   27 F                                         born NY


Roxana                                    3  F                                         born IN


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2664-2676


Sarah Parker                         33 F                                         born NY


Albert W. Parker                  13 M                                        born IN

Allen Parker                                     10 M                                        born IN

Sarahetta Parker                   5  F                                         born IN


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2668-2680


Walter Parker                       31 M                Farmer           born NY

Lucy Parker                          33 F                                         born Ohio


Niersel Parker                      7 M                                         born IN

Oscar Parker                                      6 M                                         born IN

Thomas Parker                      3 M                                         born IN


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  #2677-2689


Benjamin Parker                  32 M                Farmer           born NY

Mary Ann Parker                 25 F                                         born NY


Josephine Parker                  7  F                                         born IN

Benjamin S. Parker               4 M                                         born IN

Sophroma Parker                  1  F                                         born IN


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2682-2694    (Parker??)


Valdestine Pakes                  27 M                Farmer           born NY

Cynthia                                  29 F                                         born NY


Sophomia                               50 F                                         born NY

            (appears this might be Sophronie, widow of A.F. Parker)


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2699-2711


S______  Parker                    22 M                Laborer          born NY

Elizabeth Parker                  19 F                                         born NY

Melvin Parker                        1  M                                        born IN




1880 Census of  Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   193 C


Sarah Parker             widow            Female, 60     born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Edgar Parker            son, single      male, 17          born IN           School teacher

            Both parents born NY


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  193 D


Danford Parker        married          male, 56          born NY         Farmer

            Both parents born New York

Permelia Parker       wife                 female, 56      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Wilson Parker           son, single      male, 28          born IN           Farm Laborer


Mabel Chaplin          other               female, 10      born IN

            Father born NY,  Mother born KY


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  194A


Omri Parker              married          male, 56          born NY         Retired farmer

            Both parents born NY

Maria Parker            wife                 female, 45      born PA          Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Stephen Parker        son, single      male, 28          born IN           At home

Celia Parker              dau, single     female, 22      born IN           At home

Burt Parker               son, single      male, 10          born IN          


1880 Census of Huntertown, Allen County, IN   193 C               (Abigail Parker)


Versal Hatch                         married          male, 65          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Abigail Hatch            wife                 female, 63      born NY         Keeps house

            Both parents born NY


Antha Hatch              dau, single     female, 23      born IN           At home

Florence Hatch         dau, single     female, 16      born IN           At home



1810 Census of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY


Amasiah Parker

            2 males 26 to 45            1765-1784

            1 female under 10         1800-1810

            1 female 10 to 16           1794- 1800

            1 female 16 to 26           1784-1794



1820 Census of Pamelia Township, Jefferson Co., NY


Amasiah F. Parker

            1 male under 10            1810-1820

            1 male 16 to 26             1794-1804

            1 male 26 to 45             1775-1794

            2 males over 45             before 1775

            1 female under 10         1810-1820

            1 female 16 to 18           1802-1804        

            2 females over 45          before 1775



1840 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN


Amojiah F. Parker   (Pronounced says "Amaziah")

            1 male 15 to 20................born 1820-1825

            1 male 20 to 30................born 1810-1820

            1 male 60 to 70................born 1770-1780............Amaziah F.

            2 females 20 to 30...........born 1810-1820

            1 female 40 to 50.............born 1790-1800............prob. wife, Sophronie




1870 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN  taken July 15, 1870


Omri Parker

45, Male


Born New York

About 1825

Maria Parker

40, Female

Keeps house

Born Ohio

About 1830






Manford Parker

19, Male

Works on farm

Born IN

About 1851

Lewis Parker

17, Male

Works on farm

Born IN

About 1853

Charles Parker

16, Male

Works on farm

Born IN

About 1854

Cecile Parker

11, Female

At home

Born IN

About 1859

Bert Parker

9 months


Born IN

About 1869

Mary Parker

50, Female


Born PA

About 1820


Danford Parker

49, Male


Born New York

About 1821

Pamelia Parker

47, Female

Keeps house

Born New York

About 1823






Roxy Parker

23, Female

At Home

Born IN

About 1847

Wilson Parker

18, Male

Works on farm

Born IN

About 1852

Etta Parker

11, Female

At School

Born IN

About 1859

John Parker

46, Male

Works on farm

Born New York

About 1824



1850 Census of Eldorado Co., California on the Consumnes River, taken Oct. 7, 1850


Hiram L. Parker

37 M


Born NY

About 1813

Norman V. Hatch

26 M


Born PA

About 1824

John Stone

23 M


Born OH

About 1827


Note that while Hiram is in California, his wife, Sarah, and family are back in Perry Twp.


1860 Census of White Oak Township, El Dorado, CA ………… Post Office, Clarksville


H. L. Parker

46 M

Born NY

About 1814

Sarah Parker



About 1817





Allen Parker


Born IN

About 1841

Sarah Parker



About 1846



1870 Census of Mud Springs Twp., Edorado Co., CA  taken July 12, 1870    371-321


Hiram L. Parker

55 M


Born NY

About 1815

Sarah Parker

52 F

Keeps house

Born NY

About 1818






Allen Parker

29 M


Born IN

About 1841

Edgar Parker



Born CA

About 1863


By the 1880 Census, Sarah is a widow, and she and Edgar are back in Indiana and Edgar is a teacher.   




1870 Census of Putah, Yola Co., CA


Sewell W. Parker

40 M

Born NY

About 1830

Jane Parker

38 F

Born CAN

About 1832





Melville Parker

19 M


About 1851

William Parker

12 M


About 1858

Pomroy Parker

3  M


About 1867



1880 Census of Hamilton, Butte, CA   280A


Sonet W. Parker


Male, 51

Born NY



Both parents born NY




Eliza J. Parker


Female, 48

Born CAN

Keeps house


Both parents born NY




William D. Parker

Son, single

Male 21

Born CA


Sewel Parker


Male, 13

Born CA

Apprentice Blacksmith


“Sonet” is no doubt Sewell




Perry Township Cemetery, Huntertown, Allen Co., IN                         Old Section

A. F. Parker

1775  Mass.

January 23, 1819   should be 1849


Parker-Hatch, Abigail



Wife of Newman Hatch

Parker-Miller, Adeline


September 23, 1840

Dau. of A. F.   Consort of Philander Miller

Alice Parker



S.B. & M.B.   #294A

Allen C. Parker




Alvord H. Parker


July 16, 1854

16 yrs, 3 mos, 26 d   son H.L. & S.R.

Ann Parker

April 16, 1787  VT

February 11, 1842

Consort of Benjamin

Benjamin Parker

March 1, 1785  VT



Benjamin Parker


May 1, 1871

54 yrs, 3 mos, 14 d   Walter & Mary

Bernard Parker


August 14, 1976

Ellen T.    Lot 77A

Bernice Parker



Charles H. and 4 infants

Bert O. Parker




Charles Parker



Harriet, Bernice and 4 infants

Danford Parker



Wife, Permila

Danford Ballou Parker



Lot 77A

Edgar H. Parker

July 13, 1862

January 17, 1948

Lila, (Klaehn Rec. Eldorado Co.

Parker-Vandigrift Eliza S.

April 1817   Jefferson Co., NY

June 23, 1850

DAR records

Ellen T. Parker



Bernard  77A

George M. Parker




Mrs. Gerry Parker

Purchased lot 381A

On March 8, 1916


H. Manford Parker "Nicky"


January 24, 1875

24 yrs, 1 mo, 8 days son of O. & M.

Infant dau. Parker



Of D. & P.

Parker, 4 infants



C. H. & B.

Lila U. Parker

January 19,1862  Ill.

March 7, 1939

Edgar, Klaehn rec.

Margaret Parker

Lot records

July 4, 1982  

Lot 290A

Margaret Parker Moody


June 22, 1863

31 yrs, 9 mos, 14 d  wife of O.

Maria Moody Parker



Wife of Omri

Parker-Fay, Martha P.



Wife of J. P. Fay

Mary Jane Parker


August 30, 1865

38 yrs, 10 mos, 8 d  wife of Benj. Jr. & Walter

Mary B. Parker

January 25, 1846

February 27, 1918

A. & S.B.   OES  (Klaehn rec.    Elyna, OH

Mary E. Parker




Omri Parker


November 18, 1880

Wife, Margaret        58 yrs, 25 days

Parker, Permila Richards



Wife of Danford

Parker-Knott, Roxanna E.



Wife of Samuel Knott  Lot 204A

Samuel M. Knott


February 1, 1892

50 yrs, 2 mos, 22 d    Lot 204A

Sarah E. Parker




Sheldon B. Parker



A. & M.B.  Mason   Lot #294

Sophronie Parker


April 17, 1953

 58 yrs, relick of A.F.

Stephen L. Parker

July 25, 1852, Perry Twp.

December 22, 1916

63 yrs, 4 mos, 28 d  (Klaehn rec.)

Walter Parker

July 13, 1820

March 31, 1859

Benj. & Mary

Wilson D. Parker





Perry Township Cemetery      New Section

Robert Lee Parker



R.P. & R.L.

Robert Paul Parker 




Ruth Lillian Parker

January 25, 1893,  Allen Co., IN 

June 22, 1953

Klaehn Service


Fairview Cemetery, Huntertown, Allen Co., IN

Elsie E. Parker




Russell M. Parker

February 18, 1914

July 9, 1962

Elsie,   IN Pfc. Hq. Co. K, 71 Inf.


Riverview Cemetery, Eel River Twp., Allen Co., IN

Edwin E. Parker



Ila,   flag

Ila E. Parker





Eel River Cemetery, Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN

Della D. Parker




Douglas K. Parker

December 5, 1950

December 31, 1971


James F. Parker



Della, buried at Baudette, Minn.

Linnie A. Parker

August 12, 1896

June 18, 1978


W.W. Bill Parker

October 23, 1896

November 23, 1981







PARKER, DANFORD S. obituary 






Well-Known Resident of Allen County for Seventy-five Years – Seemed in Excellent Health


One of the pioneer residents of Allen county, DANFORD S. PARKER, died suddenly of apoplexy at 1 o’clock Monday morning at his home in Huntertown, aged eighty-six years, four months, and twenty-two days.   Mr. Parker came to Allen county 75 years ago and spent three-quarters of a century as a resident of the county.


Death came unexpectedly.   Mr. Parker had been in excellent health Sunday, and Sunday evening enjoyed a hearty dinner with the members of his family.   About midnight he complained of stomach trouble, but little was thought of the incident at the time and simple home remedies were administered to relieve him.   When, a little later, relatives went to the room they discovered he had suffered a stroke of apoplexy and death came in a short time. 


The deceased was born in Jefferson county, New York, in 1822 and came with his parents to this county in 1834.   The family settled on the Perry township farm near Huntertown, where death occurred.   In 1855 Mr. Parker got the gold fever and went to California, where he lived 3 years before returning to Allen county.   In 1844 he was united in marriage to PERMELIA RICKERT, who, with two children preceded him in death.   The two children surviving are Mr. Wilson Parker and Mrs. Harvey Fitch, with whom he made his home. 


Mr. Parker was for years a democrat in politics but later turned to the cause of prohibition.   He was one of the most widely known men in the county, and he lived a model life.   For years he was a conspicuous figure in religious work at Huntertown.  Mr. Parker was the first president of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Association in Allen county.


Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock from the Universalist church at Huntertown.  







The following paragraphs in the local history books tell a little about the PARKER family:


NATHANIEL FITCH  who first came to Allen County in 1832 entered Perry in 1836.  His marriage to MISS SARAH DELONG was the first celebrated after the organization of the township, and within the township borders.  MR. FITCH, was a self-made blacksmith, and a man of all-around ability, whose forge was the first to be set up in Perry, the date being 1837.  At nearly the same time, JAMES VANDERGRIFT, engaged in the manufacture of plow points and steel traps, both useful implements in a pioneer community.  BENJAMIN AND AMAZIAH PARKER followed the DUNTENS from Jefferson County, New York, in 1834, and soon became prominent in the affairs of the settlement.  MR. AND MRS. JASON HATCH from Pennsylvania came with their son, NEWMAN HATCH, in 1834.  NEWMAN HATCH was married in 1839 to MISS ABIGAIL PARKER, daughter of the Benjamin Parkers.  PHILEMON RUNDELS, who came the same year, GEORGE SIMON, and JAMES VANDOLAH and family credited to 1836, were valuable additions to the colony.  A notable year was 1837 during which arrived WILLIAM HUNTER, who purchased a large tract of land, including that part which subsequently was platted as Huntertown.  MR. HUNTER at once became an active citizen.  The years immediately following this witnessed a sudden increase in immigration, and names can scarcely be mentioned in detail.  Most of them are still familiar, however, to Allen County citizens, the BOWSERS, the TUCKERS, the GLOYDS, JAMES THOMPSON, ISAAC BENWARD, RAPIN ANDREWS, JACOB HILLEGASS, VACHEL METCALF, DR. E. G. WHEELOCK, AUGUST MARTIN AND SAMUEL SHRYOCK are among them.  Dr. WHEELOCK was of course the first physician of the colony.


The first school taught, in 1835, though housed in a log cabin like many other pioneer schools, was far superior to the common run of such schools.  It is said that the first term was taught by EBENEZER AYERS, but this is probably incorrect, and the honor should be give to MISS ELIZA PARKER, the daughter of BENJAMIN

BENJAMIN AND AMAZIAH PARKER came from Jefferson County, N.Y. in the spring of 1834, and were prominent movers in many of the improvements subsequently inaugurated in the township.  In the same season, EPHRAIM DUNTEN, JR. located near the present sight of Huntertown, where he erected a building in which he kept the first tavern in the township.  Subsequently he moved to Fort Wayne, where he engaged in business for a short time.  Returning to Perry Township, he made it his home until 1854, when he fell victim to cholera and died.


THE FIRST MARRIAGE—-In 1836, NATHANIEL FITCH AND SARAH DELONG were married in the residence of the bride’s parents.  (Actually they were married in 1840 and it was may have been at the home of her sister, CHRISTINA FAIR or cousin, GEORGE W. DELONG). This was the first marriage solemnized in the township.  In the same year, HORACE F. DUNTEN was united in marriage with MISS ALMENA TIMMERMAN, in Swan township, Noble County, Indiana and at the same time HIRAM L. PARKER, a resident of Perry township married MISS SARAH RICKARD, in the same township and county.  ROBERT BLAIR AND MISS LUCY DUNTEN, residents of Perry township, were married in the same year.

THE FIRST SCHOOL was taught by ELIZA PARKER, in 1835, a log cabin on Section 6. The tuition fund was contributed by residents of the town-ship, whose children attended the school, and it was the place where some of the best farmers of the township received their education.  It was greatly in advance of the subscription schools of that period;  its teacher was a lady who had acquired a good education in the East, and its scholars were led beyond the ordinary routine of reading, writing, and elementary arithmetic.  Among its surviving pupils are DANFORD, OMRI, SUEL PARKER, LUCINDA DUNTEN AND MALINDA HUNTER.  Lucinda Dunten subsequently became a teacher, and in this capacity was identified with the schools of the township for a number of years. 





PARKER, AMAZIAH   1775-1849


AMAZIAH and BENJAMIN PARKER were two of the early settlers of Perry Township in the area of Huntertown.   Local histories say they followed the Dunten’s from Jefferson Co., New York about 1834.    One Amaziah Parker was a settler of Jefferson Co., NY.    Among the settlers of the county of Jefferson were several Parker names:


Amaziah Parker of Champion Township, Jefferson Co. NY

Amaziah Parker of LeRay, Jefferson Co.  (where the Duntens came from)

Ezra Parker of Watertown, Jefferson Co.

James Parker of Antwerp, Jefferson Co.

Joseph Parker of Alexandria, Jefferson Co.

Leonard Parker of Worth, Jefferson Co.

Nancy Parker of Brownville, Jefferson Co.

Nathaniel Parker of Theresa, Jefferson Co.

Samuel Parker of Rutland, Jefferson Co.

Solomon Parker of LeRay, Jefferson Co.

William Parker of Watertown, Jefferson


But our histories name just BENJAMIN AND AMAZIAH as the early settlers to this area.  


We find a short genealogy for AMAZIAH FASSETT PARKER at which says:


            His father was JOSHUA PARKER

            His mother was either MARY BOYNTON or HANNAH KIDDER/JACKMAN

            Marriage of Joshua and Mary was March 15, 1764 and they had children:

                        Joshua, born 1764

                        Patty, born 1766

                        Mary, born 1769

                        Amaziah Fassett, born 1775

                        Hannah, born 1778


            Children listed for Hannah were Polley, Betsye, Levi, Abner, Joshua, and John W. 


None of it has been proven as far as I know, and if this is the same Amaziah who came to IN.

We do find A. F. Parker in the Perry Township Cemetery, and Amojiah F. Parker here in the 1840 census.   Also that the records show that many of those younger Parkers who came to this area were born in Jefferson Co., New York.     Though the date of death for A. F. Parker in the cemetery records  is 1819 that has to be incorrect as he was here in 1840 for the census and none of them were here in 1819 anyway.   Probably misread from the tombstone or records.   It probably should read 1849.  


Amaziah Parker is found on the 1810 Census of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY

            2 males 26 to 45 ……….. born 1765 to 1784   (Amaziah would be 35)

            1 female under 10……….born 1800-1810

            1 female 10 to 16…………born 1794-1800

            1 female 16 to 26…………born 1784-1794


Amaziah F. Parker is found in Permelia Township, Jefferson Co., NY in 1820 census


            1 male 0 to 10

            1 male 16 to 26            

            2 males over 45

            1 female under 10

            1 female 16 to 26

            2 females 26 to 45


Amojiah or Amoziah F. Parker is found in the 1840 census of Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

            1 male 15 to 20…………born 1820-1825

            1 male 20 to 30…………born 1810-1820

            1 male 60 to 70…………born 1770-1780………Amaziah F.

            2 females 20 to 30………born 1810-1820

            1 female 40 to 50……….born 1790-1800………prob. wife, Sophronie







From the Helm’s History of Allen County we find among the settlers of the Huntertown area were BENJAMIN and AMAZIAH PARKER who came from Jefferson County, New York.  


Benjamin appears to have been born in VT but Amaziah in MA.     It may show the family moving from MA to VT and then to NY.   Were they brothers?    The lineage shown on line doesn’t indicate that they are.    But that lineage is not complete.  


We need more information about those two Parkers from the local family if they have researched it carefully.    We are looking for copies of the wills  of the Parker family, plus land contracts and abstracts that might give more on the family connections.


From the article “Parkers have Hoosier Homestead Land” from the Tri-County Truth we find that Omri Parker is listed as the son of Benjamin Parker.  


“Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Parker of R. 1 Huntertown have received a certificate from the State of Indiana designating theirs, a Hoosier Homestead Farm, one which has been owned by the same family for over 100 years.   The farm was a land grant purchase from the government, November 7, 1835, by Parker’s great-grandfather, BENJAMIN PARKER.   The deed to the original 40-acre tract was signed by President Andrew Jackson.”     From that article we are shown that:


PAUL PARKER, whose father was BURT PARKER

Whose father was OMRI PARKER

Whose father was BENJAMIN PARKER.   


We still need to find the rest of the children.  

Was DANFORD a son of Benjamin??

Was SUEL/SEWELL a son of Benjamin??

And HIRAM L. ?

Also find a MARY Parker born 1820 in the home of Omri Parker at age 50

And JOHN PARKER born 1824 in the home of Danford Parker at age 46.  (from 1870 census)

And WALTER, born about 1820??


A diary written by Danford’s wife, Permelia, as they went West to California says that DANFORD, HIRAM, and SUEL are brothers, but says nothing about OMRI except that they wrote to him while on this trip.   In the end it appears that SUEL stayed in California or at least moved there.  HIRAM L. also stayed to live in California. 


1840 Census lists Ann (wife of Benjamin) in one household and Amaziah and family, in another


1850 Census lists Omri, Benjamin Jr., S_______ (prob. Suel), Danford, and Sarah.   Sarah was probably the wife of Hiram Parker who was in California at the time.     


From the burial records we find that BENJAMIN PARKER, born 1785, died 1834 to probably be one of the earliest to die in this area.    Born VT with wife (consort) Ann, also born VT.   Ann died in 1842 so was not in the 1850 census but was in the 1840 census with 5 males and 2 females in her household including herself.     So indicates that Benjamin died between the time they moved to Allen Co. and the 1840 census.   Then Ann died between 1840 and 1850.   Cemetery records indicate the dates of death.    





PARKER, DANFORD   1823-1909


DANFORD PARKER is mentioned as a student of one of the first schools in Perry township which was taught by ELIZA PARKER.    Three of the Parker children are mentioned as going to this first school, DANFORD, OMRI, AND SUEL.   


We know that OMRI is the son of Benjamin and Ann, but are DANFORD and SUEL also sons of Benjamin??   


DANFORD made a “gold rush” trip to the West in April of 1855 and stayed until April 1858. 


There is a very interesting diary written by Permelia when they were on their trip to the west in 1855.  You can find this and read the whole diary in "The DeKalb County History 1837-1887" written by John Martin Smith.  It is a 3-volume edition.  The diary is found in Vol. 2, pages 1242 to 1252 under items about the "gold rush".  Danford and Permelia left for the West on April 17, 1855 taking with them their two children, Wilson and Roxana, along with HIRAM Parker and SUEL Parker and their families. and James Dunten, Ephraim Cone, Vincent Hatch, Mr. Word, Mrs. Hargrove and Mr. Axtel. 


They started back on April 5, 1858 so gone a little over 3 years.  Daughter Etta Parker, who married Harvey Fitch, was the one who transcribed the journal in 1934.  Etta would have been born about a year after they had returned to Indiana......or at least a year after they started home as she was born in April of 1859.    Our "Etta Fitch" was probably named for her mother whose first name was Permelia and this was also "Etta's" first name.  The Etta may come from Hiram's wife who was "Sarah Etta", and probably Permelia’s sister.   (This 3 volume set of DeKalb Co. History will be found in the local libraries probably.   Sets were still available to buy about 10 years ago in Auburn.)


The diary answers some of our questions about relationship of these early pioneers.    It says that DANFORD, HIRAM and SUEL were brothers.    Though it does not say that OMRI was their brother, they wrote to him while on their trip.    This diary also solves the mystery of the Sarah who was listed alone with her children in the 1850 census.   Apparently she was the wife of HIRAM PARKER.    The children in the diary match Sarah’s children.   I always wondered why Sarah did not have a husband, yet had another younger son born much later on.  Two of Hiram and Sarah’s children mentioned were Allen and Melvin.   I do not have a Melvin except for Suel’s son, but could be there was another one.       Did find Hiram in the gold fields in the 1850 census as well as in 1860 and 1870 where he and his family were living.   By 1880 he must have died as Sarah was a widow and back in IN.


The 1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN

            Danford Parker………..27 M…………..born NY

            Parmelia, wife…………27 F……………born NY

            Roxanna, dau…………..3 F…………….born IN


1870 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN






            John……………………...46……..Works on farm……..need relationship


1880 Census of Huntertown



            Wilson…………………..28 and single


There is one LDS entry that says that Danford’s parents were Benjamin Parker and Ann Shumway.   They were also said to be the parents of Omri, born Oct. 24, 1822.  


Need some kind of record to say that this was true and that all three, OMRI, DANFORD, AND SUEL were children of BENJAMIN and ANN.    Also now we can add HIRAM to that list.   We also know that ELIZA, the school teacher, and ABIGAIL, wife of Newman Hatch were daughters of Benjamin and Ann.  






SUEL PARKER is listed as one of the Parkers going to the first school of Perry Township while ELIZA PARKER was the teacher.   He is listed with DANFORD and OMRI.


1870 Census of Putah, Yola Co., CA


Sewell W. Parker…………40 M………..born NY………about 1830

Jane Parker……………….38 F…………born CAN…….about 1832          

Melville Parker……………19 M…………………………..about 1851

William Parker……………12 M…………………………..about 1858

Pomroy Parker……………. 3 M…………………………..about 1867


Sewell W. Parker married Eliza Ann Bently………June 26, 1848 in Allen Co., IN




1880 Census of Hamilton, Butte, CA    280A


Sonet W. Parker………..married………male, 51……..born NY……….Blacksmith

            About 1829……..both parents born NY

Eliza J. Parker………….wife……………female, 48……born CAN…….Keeps house

            About 1832……..both parents born NY


William D. Parker………son, single…….male, 21……..born CA………Painter………abt. 1859

Sewel Parker……………..son……………..male, 13……..born CA… Appr. Blacksmith…….1867


Obvious that this is Sewell though the name was spelled as Sonet.

1880 shows son Melville, Melvin was living in Butte and also on the census there




The 1850 Census which I believe belongs to Sewell/Suel follows:


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN


            S__________  Parker……….22………….born NY…………Laborer

            Elizabeth Parker…………….19…………..born NY

            Melvin Parker……………….. 1 ………….born IN



Bits and pieces of this family are put together by a dairy written by Danford Parker's wife, Permelia, who went with several families to go west to the gold fields.    In it it says that DANFORD, HIRAM and SUEL are brothers though it doesn't add that Omri is a brother too.    But Omri wasn't on the trip so perhaps that was why he wasn't mentioned.    They did mention writing to Omri while on their trip though.    Suel and his family is mentioned several times in this diary.    The whole diary is of the year (1855) it took to travel west to California.  They ended up staying with Hiram L. Parker and his family for 3 years.   Probably Hiram was their guide to get there as he had been there as a miner.   Suel also must have decided that California appealed to him as they were there in 1870 and 1880.  


Am still looking for a mention of the parents of any of the three………DANFORD, HIRAM, or SUEL.     Need a legal paper or something to tell us that.    Perhaps Etta, Harvey Fitch’s wife, had more of the family written out.   Anyone out there have that proof of parentage??


The diary of Permelia Parker about 1855 is found in the 2nd Volume of a 3-volume set of the History of DeKalb County by John Martin Smith.   It was written and printed about 1987 and yet a few years ago was still for sale in a book store in Auburn.    Also will probably find copies in the local libraries, Garrett, Auburn, and ACPL.    Look under the “gold rush” section.     







HIRAM must have had a busy life with all his traveling.


In 1850 we find his wife, SARAH, and children were here in Perry Township


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN    2664-2676


Sarah Parker

33 F

Born NY

About 1817





Albert W. Parker

13 M

Born IN

About 1837

Allen Parker

10 M

Born IN

About 1840

Sarahetta Parker

 5 F

Born IN

About 1845


At the same time we find HIRAM in California


1850 Census of Eldorado County, California on the Consumnes River taken Oct. 7, 1850


Hiram L. Parker


Born NY


About 1813

John Stone


Born OH


About 1827

Newman V. Hatch


Born PA


About 1823


So that explains why Sarah was alone in 1850.   Hiram was taking advantage of the gold rush in California


1860 Census of White Oak, El Dorado, California   P. O. Clarksville      


H. L. Parker



About 1814

Sarah Parker



About 1817





Allen Parker


Born IN

About 1841

Sarah Parker


Born IN

About 1846


1870 Census of Mud Springs, Eldorado, CA taken July 12, 1870    371-321                     


Hiram L. Parker


Born NY


About 1815

Sarah Parker


Born NY

Keeps house

About 1818






Allen G. Parker


Born IN


About 1841

Edgar Parker


Born CA


About 1863


By 1880 Sarah and Edgar are back in Perry Township, Allen Co., IN and Edgar is teaching school.   Sarah says she is a widow and 60 years old. 


Local histories say that in 1836 HIRAM L. PARKER , a resident of Perry Township, married MISS SARAH RICKARD in the same township and county.     Are Sarah and Permelia, who married Danford Parker sisters??   


We later find that probably Allen G. Parker was in DeLamar, Lincoln Co. Nevada in the 1900 Census.   Still apparently in the mining business as the men in the group he is with are all listed individually and some were day laborers, barbers, miners, and one was even a gambler.     Allen  is listed as a bartender.   On this census he shows that he was born June 1840, is 60 years old,  and both of his parents were born in New York.  


EDGAR H. PARKER is in Allen Co., in Wayne Twp. in 1900

Says he was born in CA, his wife is Lila and has children:


            Martha, Gregor, Carl D., Cora A., and Edgar M.


In 1910 they are in Fort Wayne and have added Ruth and Dorothy to their family. 


In 1920 they are still in Fort Wayne and looks like son Edgar has married Dallie, and

            Daughter Ruth has married William Henderson and Dorothy is still at home.


In 1930, still in Fort Wayne, and Dorothy at 24 is the only child left at home. 


Lila was Lila Dunten.     







Taken from Allen Co. histories:


“ The first school was taught by ELIZA PARKER, a log cabin on Section 6.  The tuition fund was contributed by residents of the township, whose children attended the school, and it was the place where some of the best farmers of the township received their education.  It was greatly in advance of the subscription schools of that period;  its teacher was a lady who had acquired a good education in the East, and its scholars were led beyond the ordinary routine of reading, writing and elementary arithmetic.  Among its surviving pupils and DANFORD, OMRI, and SUEL PARKER, LUCINDA DUNTEN, AND MELINDA HUNTER.   Lucinda Dunten subsequently became a teacher, and in this capacity was identified with the schools of the township for a number of years.”  


We have also noted that ELIZA or ELLEN PARKER, married JAMES VANDERGRIFT, who was one of two blacksmiths in Perry Township.   That marriage took place April 6, 1843 in Allen Co.   We find that Eliza S. was buried as Eliza Vandergrift in the Perry Township Cemetery.  Later James Vandergrift remarried (twice) and moved to Illinois.     


ELIZA was born April 1817 in Jefferson County, New York and she died June 23, 1850. 


It is also noted that we have this little bit of added information about Eliza………


Log Cabin School 1835

1st teacher was Ebenezer Ayres ??  Caswell school ??

Eliza Parker, (father - Benjamin Parker)

1st teacher, Parker Schoolhouse #3.  


From this information we assume that Eliza Parker was the daughter of Benjamin and Ann and that she was an early school teacher of the township and that she married James Vandergrift but died early in her life, 1850, at about 33 years of age.   






DESCENDANTS OF AMAZIAH F. PARKER  ………… First Generation in Allen Co


1.  Amaziah F. Parker   b: Dec 28, 1775 in Westford, MA  (Amaziah Fassett Parker)

        d:  Jan 23, 1849 in Allen Co., IN  (buried Perry Twp. Cem.)

            +  Sophronie  b: abt 1795  d: April 17, 1853


                        2.  Adelene Parker  b: abt 1809  d: Sept 23, 1840

                                    +Philander Miller


There may be more children.   Need more information on this family.




DESCENDANTS OF BENJAMIN PARKER  …………  First Generation in Allen Co


1.  Benjamin Parker  b: March 1, 1785 in Vermont  d: Sept 6, 1834

            +  Ann Shumway  b: April 16, 1787  d: Feb 11, 1842


                        2.  Abigail Shumway Parker  b: 1818 in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY

                               (or June 27, 1815)  died Jan 21, 1908    m:  Jan 31, 1840, Allen Co.

                                    +  Newman Versal Hatch  b: Oct 18, 1815 in PA or NY

                                           d: June 21, 1900


                                                3.  Chloe Ann Hatch  b: abt 1841 

                                                            +  Daniel Webster Hatch  b: March 20, 1841 in

                                                                   Hatch Hollow, Erie, PA 

                                                3.  Theodore J. Hatch  b: abt 1844  d: Oct 21, 1882

                                                            +  Mary D.  b: abt 1849 or 1851 (cem. records) -1929


                                                                        4.  Harry C. Hatch  b: abt 1871            

                                                                               d:  May 21, 1883

                                                                        4.  Emmett E. Hatch  1872-1921

                                                                                    +  Ida Lenora  1874-March 19, 1926


                                                                                                5.  Carlton Aylmer Hatch

                                                                                                        b: Oct 23, 1894

                                                                                                        d: Oct 30, 1921

                                                                                                        m: June 9, 1913

                                                                                                            +Daisy P. Chapman



                                                                        4.  Theodore Hatch (Ernest) 1874-1952

                                                                        4.  Clyde Hatch  1878-1917

                                                                        4.  Edith M. Hatch  d: Sept 12, 1878 


                                                3.  Theron Versil Hatch b. abt 1845  d: 1928 

                                                         married Sept 28, 1869 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Amelia E. Kell  1849-1922


                                                                        4.  Arthur Hatch  b: July 1872

                                                                                    +  Cora M.  b: Feb 1873  (poss. wife as

                                                                                           seen on 1900 census


                                                                                                5.  Howard K. Hatch

                                                                                                        b: Nov 1896

                                                                                                        m: May 12, 1920

                                                                                                            + Leah Elva Sloffer

                                                                                                                  b: Nov 12, 1896


                                                                        4.  Edwin Jason Hatch  b: Jan 27, 1874 

                                                                               m: May 1, 1907 Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Verne L. Bosler


                                                                                                5.  Versil E. Hatch1908-1963

                                                                                                        m: Nov 25, 1928

                                                                                                            +  Mary M. Rhodes

                                                                                                                   b: 1909 Noble Co.


                                                                        4.  Ethel May Hatch  b: 1877-Sept 16, 1879

                                                                        4.  Clinton Jacob Hatch  May 1889-1938

                                                                                    +  Lovetta  from 1930 census


                                                                                                5.  George Robert Hatch

                                                                                                5.  Marie Hatch           

                                                                                                5.  Vera Agnes Hatch 


                                                3.  Alice Hatch  b: 1846  1846-1906  m: Oct 1, 1867

                                                            +  George V. Kell  1846-1918


                                                                        4.  Gertrude W. Kell   Feb. 1870-1967

                                                                        4.  Louie A. Kell  Apr 1872-1954

                                                                        4.  Jessey E. Kell  b Nov 1874-1968

                                                                        4.  Beatrice A. Kell  b: Sept 1876-1961

                                                                        4.  V. George Kell  b: Sept 1878

                                                                        4.  Frank B. Kell  b: May 1881

                                                                        4.  Dorotha A. Kell  b: Nov 1884

                                                                        4.  Walter V. Kell  1889-1973

                                                                                    +  Myrtle M.  b: 1892


                                                3.  Klezia Hatch b: 1848

                                                3.  Samuel Brenton Hatch  b: abt 1851  d: 1933

                                                            +  Althea L.  1851-1917


                                                                        4.  Mabel A. Hatch  b: abt 1874  d: 1959

                                                                                    +  Merlin C. Wood    b: Sept 14, 1886

                                                                                           d: Dec 1966 

                                                                        4.  Hugh W. Hatch  b: abt 1876

                                                                        4.  Alice A. Hatch   1877-1971

                                                                               married Aug 19, 1908  

                                                                                    +  Carl Ira Sloffer  b: Dec 6, 1876

                                                                                           d:  Aug 6, 1966 


                                                                                                5.  Walter Brenton Sloffer

                                                                                                        b: Dec 10, 1915

                                                                                                            +  Audrey M. McComb

                                                                                                5.  Martha Alice Sloffer

                                                                                                        b: Sept 26, 1912

                                                                                                            +  Delphis Martin


                                                                        4.  Herman S. Hatch  d: 1943

                                                                                    +  Jennie  1883-Feb 16, 1983


                                                3.  Antha Hatch  b: 1857

                                                3.  Mary Gertrude  b: May 30, 1859  d: Oct 30, 1902

                                                            +  Fremont L. Jones  m: Oct 11, 1879  

                                                3.  Florence Hatch  b: abt 1864


                        2.  Omri Parker  b: abt 1822 in Jefferson Co., NY  d: Nov 18, 1880

                                married March 7, 1850 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Margaret Moody  b: abt 1831 in PA  d: June 22, 1863


                                                3.  Manford Parker  b: abt 1849  d: Jan 24, 1875

                                                3.  Stephen Lewis Parker  b: abt 1852  d: Dec 22, 1916

                                                3.  Charles Parker  b: abt 1854 in Indiana

                                                            +  Ella  b: abt 1859


                                                                        4.  Celia Parker  b: Feb 1890

                                                                        4.  Margaret Parker  b: Aug 1891

                                                                        4.  Danford Parker  b: May 1893

                                                                        4.  Angeline Parker  b:  Feb 1895

                                                                        4.  Mary Parker  b: Nov 1896


                                                3.  Celia Parker  b: abt 1858

                                                3.  Sarah Parker  b: abt 1853  (given on world tree – may

                                                        or may not belong)


                                    +  Maria Moody, 2nd wife of Omri Parker,  b: 1828  d: 1904


                                                3.  Burt O. Parker  1869-1967

                                                            +  Sarah Emrich  1871-1941 


                                                                        4.  Paul M. Parker  b: abt 1890

                                                                                    + Cressa


                                                                                                5.  Osborn Parker  b: 1920


                        2.  Benjamin Parker, Jr.  b: abt 1818 in NY  d: May 1, 1871 

                                married Aug 29, 1843 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Mary Ann Maltby  b: abt 1825 in NY  d: Aug 30, 1865


                                                3.  Josephine Parker  b: abt 1843

                                                3.  Benjamin S. Parker  b: abt 1846

                                                3.  Sophronia Parker  b: abt 1849

                                                3.  Volney Parker  b: abt 1853

                                                3.  Warren Parker  b: abt 1855

                                                3.  Wallace Parker  b: abt 1858

                                                3.  Elmer Parker  b:  abt 1861

                                                3.  Ellis Parker  b:  abt 1864


                        2.  Eliza Parker  b: abt 1817 in Jefferson Co. NY  d: June 23, 1850

                               married June 1843

                                    +  James Vandergrift



DESCENDANTS OF HIRAM L. PARKER  …………  2nd Generation  


1.  Hiram L. Parker  b: abt 1813 in New York  d: before 1880  m: 1836 in Allen Co., IN

            +  Sarah Etta Rickert/Rickerd  b: abt 1820 in NY


                        2.  Albert W. Parker  b: abt 1837

                        2.  Allen G. Parker  b: June 1840 in IN, still living in Nevada in 1900

                        2.  Sarahetta Parker  b: abt 1845

                        2.  Edgar H. Parker  b:  July 13, 1862 in Eldorado Co., CA  d:  Jan 17, 1948

                                in Allen Co., IN      married Feb 1, 1881 

                                    +  Lila U. Dunten  b: Jan 19, 1862  d:  March 7, 1939 in Huntertown


                                                3.  Martha Pearl Parker  b: 1881  d: Feb 12, 1921

                                                            +  James P. Fay

                                                3.  Gregor E. Parker  b: abt 1884

                                                3.  Carl D. Parker  b: abt 1886

                                                3.  Cora A. Parker  b: abt 1892

                                                3.  Allen C. Parker  1894-1895 Huntertown

                                                3.  Edgar M. Parker  b: abt 1898

                                                3.  Ruth Parker  b: abt 1903

                                                            +  William Henderson  b: abt 1895

                                                3.  Dorothy Parker, b: abt 1906


                        2.  Melvin Parker  b: abt 1850




DESCENDENTS OF DANFORD S. PARKER   1823-1909  …………  2nd Generation


1.  Danford S. Parker  b: 1823 in Jefferson Co., NY  d: 1909 at home at Huntertown, IN

        married October 27, 1844 in Allen Co., IN

            +  Permelia Rickert  b: 1823 in NY  d: 1902


                        2.  Roxana Parker  b:  1845-1847  d: 1906  m:  1872

                                    +  Samuel M. Knott  b: 1841 in Crawford Co, OH  d: Feb 11, 1892


                                                3.  Robert D. Knott  1874-1904

                                                3.  Fred W. Knott  1877-1966

                                                            +  Cora E.   1874-1922

                                                3.  Flint D. Knott  b: 1879

                                                3.  Lena M. Knott

                                                            + Haynes

                                                3.  Infant Knott  (may have been named Sammie according

                                                        to the KNOTT Bible)


                        2.  Wilson D. Parker   b: abt 1851  d: 1915

                                    +  Mary  1858-1885


                        2.  Permelia Etta Parker  b: April 15, 1859 in Huntertown, IN   d: Nov 10,

                                1942   married Aug 30, 1879

                                    +  Harvey Fitch  b: July 15, 1853  Perry Twp   d: Sept 13, 1948


                                                3.  Audrey Estella Fitch  b: Aug 19, 1882  d: Dec 19, 1958

                                                       married Feb 6, 1907 

                                                            +  George Solomon Hursh  b: Feb 6, 1882  d: 1962


                                                3.  Nina Luella Fitch  b: Aug 16, 1884  d: Aug 29, 1969

                                                        married Oct 24, 1910

                                                            + Henry Albert Emrick  b: Dec 20, 1872  d: Feb 16,



                                                                        4.  Alice Emrick  b: Feb 8, 1916-Feb 23, 1916


                                                3.  Parker Eugene Fitch  b:  March 22, 1886  d: April 14, 1974

                                                        or 1975   marriedJan 11, 1910

                                                            +  Mary Alma Urbine  b: Aug 14, 1885  d: Aug 3, 1967

                                                                  in Avilla, IN 


                                                                        4.  Mary Louise Fitch  b: March 31, 1911

                                                                               d:  March 28, 2001 at St. Mary’s Convent

                                                                               at Notre Dame, IN

                                                                        4.  Etta Philomena Fitch  b: Nov 30, 1915



                                                3.  Cecile Fitch  b: June 23, 1892  d: Oct 16, 1980

                                                        married June 3, 1914

                                                            +  Vernie Edgar McComb  b: Dec. 14, 1892 in Leo

                                                                   d: July 28, 1963


                                                                        4.  Marjorie Etta McComb  b: July 13, 1915  

                                                                                d:  May 11, 1976  m:  Aug 7, 1937

                                                                                    +  Loren Woodrow Freck

                                                                        4.  Audrey Marscelle McComb  b: Jan 29, 1917

                                                                                    +  Walter Brenton Sloffer

                                                                        4.  Barbara Ann McComb  b: Sept 19, 1918

                                                                                    +  Russell Edward Kelham

                                                                        4.  Phyllis Ruth McComb  b: Sept 9, 1920

                                                                                    +  Francis Edward Brown

                                                                        4.  Danford Maurice McComb  b: Feb 21, 1911

                                                                                    +  Betty May Frasier

                                                                        4.  Russell Kenneth McComb  b: Sept 26, 1923

                                                                                    +  Juanita Scheean

                                                                        4.  Dorothy Luella McComb  b: Feb 28, 1925

                                                                                    +  Jack Edward Lucas


                                                3.  Cleo Fitch  b: Nov 7, 1894  d: Jan 6, 1895


                                                3.  Earnest Harvey Fitch  b: June 27, 1900   d: Jan 25, 1969

                                                       married Oct 2, 1919

                                                            +  Bernice Louise Strayer  b: july 3, 1898  d: in OR


                                                                        4.  Richard Walter Fitch

                                                                                    +  Phyllis M. Pulver

                                                                        4.  William Harvey Fitch

                                                                                    +  Phylis Coral Keibler

                                                                        4.  Alice Suzanne Fitch

                                                                                    + Todd Henry Enyeart

                                                                        4.  Cleo Fitch  1927-1928



DESCENDENTS OF SUEL/SEWELL W. PARKER    1830-   …………2nd Generation


1.  Sewell W. Parker  b: abt 1830 in New York,  married June 26, 1848 in Allen Co., IN

            +  Eliza Jane Bentley   b: 1832 in Canada


                        2.  Melville Parker  b: abt 1851

                                    +  Lydia A.  b: abt 1857 in CA


                                                3.  Jennie L. Parker  b:  abt 1876

                                                3.  Roy Parker  b: abt 1878


                        2.  William D. Parker  b: 1858

                        2.  Sewell Pomroy Parker  b: 1867   married 1897 in Sacramento, CA

                                    +  Sallie Ann Thurston