NATHAN and LEAH (WAGNER) MYERS moved to Allen County between 1852 and 1858, from Seneca County, Ohio.  Both Nathan and Leah were natives of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, immigrating to Seneca County about 1840.  After settling in Allen County, Nathan and Leah lived the remainder of their lives there.  They are both buried in the Dutch Ridge Cemetery. All of Nathan and Leah’s children were born in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and all of them moved west with their parents.  Their children are as follows:


1.         HENRY MYERS married ELIZABETH SARAH FREEMAN in DeKalb Co.

            Henry and Sarah lived in Butler Township, DeKalb County, close to the Allen

            County line.  Children of Henry and Elizabeth were :



2.         FRANKLIN B. MYERS married ELIZABETH LIDGE in DeKalb County in

            1859.  Not much is known about Franklin and Elizabeth.  I don’t know if they

            lived in DeKalb County or in Allen County, but I suspect they were just

            across the county line, in DeKalb.  Children of Franklin and Elizabeth were:



3.         JOHN N. MYERS married MARGERETT BARNETT.  I don’t know where

            they were married.  Margerett died in 1874 and is buried in the Dutch Ridge

            Cemetery.  Their children were:




            I don’t know when or where they were married.  I saw one reference to

            Willoughby as being “William” living in Auburn.  There is a land transaction

            Between Willoughby and his brother, Franklin, in 1863, wherein Willoughby

            Sold Franklin 40 acres of land in Section 5 in Perry Township.  This may be

            When Willoughby moved to Auburn, but I don’t know for sure.  Willoughby

            and Elizabeth’s children were:



5.         DANIEL MYERS married SARAH FERGUSON on September 3, 1864 in

            DeKalb County.  Daniel and Sarah lived on the land once owned by Nathan. 

            In later years, they apparently lived near Huntertown.  Daniel and Sarah are

            Both buried in Huntertown Cemetery.  Their children were:



6.         NATHAN MYERS, JR. married SOLOME WARNER on November 18, 1868

            in Allen County.  Nathan and Salome lived in Perry Township.  Their

            children were:






            April 4, 1872 in Allen County.  Both Percila and Edward/Edwin are buried in

            Huntertown Cemetery.  Their children were:



8.         ISRAEL MYERS married CATHARINE (“KATE”) WHITEMAN on February

            29, 1872 in Allen County.   Israel and Kate are my gg-grandparents.  Not

            much is known about them other than what we discovered through census

            records.  They were members of the Salem Reformed Church but are not

            buried in Dutch Ridge Cemetery.  They are both buried in Huntertown

            Cemetery.  Their children were: 


                        EVELENA MAY MYERS married WILLIAM G. FREDERICKSON

                        On December 8, 1893 in Allen County.  After he was killed in 1928,

                        Evelena married SILAS DITMARS on December 24, 1931 in DeKalb

                        County.  Evelena apparently lived all of her married life in DeKalb

                        County, just south of Garrett.  To our knowledge, Evelena never had

                        any children.  She and William are buried in Huntertown Cemetery

                        with an identical headstone to that of her parents.


                        LILLIE BELL MYERS married JERRY G. GARMAN on April 21,

                        1892 in Allen County.  I’m not sure where Lillie and Jerry lived, but

                        I suspect it was in the Dutch Ridge area, as Jerry was a deacon at the

                        Salem Reformed Church and appears many times in their records.

                        Both Lillie and Jerry are buried in Dutch Ridge Cemetery.  Children

                        of Lillie and Jerry were:



                        EMANUEL A. MYERS married LOLA ABEL  on September 9, 1905

                        In Allen County.  Emanuel is my great-grandfather.  Emanuel and   

                        Lola divorced shortly after their son, RALPH, was born.  Lola and

                        Ralph moved to Michigan;  Emanuel remained in Indiana.  Emanuel

                        Died in 1952, while living in the Lawton Nursing Home.  He is buried

                        In an unmarked grave in the Allen County Cemetery (Infirmary

                        Cemetery) behind the Byron Nursing Home.  Sadly, there is no sign of

                        A cemetery and no way to find out exactly where he is buried.


                        HERBERT B. MYERS married CORA JACKSON on May 24, 1902 in

                        Allen County.  They had one child together, OSCAR ALZO, before

                        They divorced.  Herbert married a second time to EMMA ROTH. 

                        They had no children together.  Herbert was apparently quite a

                        Carpenter and built campers on car and truck bodies.  He is buried

                        In Madison County, Indiana. 


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1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 195 D


Daniel Myers                        married          male, 35          born Ohio       Carpenter

            Both parents born PA

Sarah Myers              wife                 female, 35      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA 


Samuel Myers           son, single      male, 16          born IN           At home

Henry Myers             son, single      male, 10          born IN           At home

David Albert Myers son, single      male, 8            born IN

Eddie E. Myers         son, single      male, 5            born IN


Sidney A. Van Zile    single              male, 18          born IN           Servant

            Both parents born Ohio



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   184B


Nathan Myers           married          male, 67          born PA          Retired farmer

            Both parents born PA

Leah Myers               wife                 female, 68      born PA          Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Israel Myers      son, married         male, 27          born Ohio       Farmer

Kate Myers         dau-in-law            female, 26      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born PA 


Delsemer  Myers      gr son                         male, 12          born IN           At home

Lena Myers               gr.dau             female, 6        born IN

Lilla Myers                gr.dau             female, 4        born IN

Dennis M. Myers      gr.son                         male, 2            born IN


 1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  185 D


Solomon Myers         married          male, 62          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Harriet Myers           wife                 female, 52      born PA          Keeps house


Emma Myers                         daughter        female, 18      born IN           At home


 1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  185 D


Mandis Myers           married          male, 29          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Agnes Myers                         wife                 female, 20      born IN           Keeps house


Dora E. Myers           daughter        female, 4M     born IN          


William Badey          nephew          male, 9            born IN

            Father born PA,  Mother born IN


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   185 D


Nathan Myers           married          male, 32          born Ohio       Carpenter

            Both parents born PA

Solome Myers           wife                 female, 26      born IL           Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY


William Myers          son                  male, 7            born IN

Charles Myers          son                  male, 3            born IN

Celiann Myers          daughter        female, 1        born IN


1900 Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  taken June 25, 1900 

Samuel Rolston Myers


Rawl___ Myers



b. Feb 1865

Marr. 12 years


Born IN

Father b OH

Mother b OH


Nora Myers



b. March 1870

Marr. 12 years


Born IN

Father b. MI

Mother b. IN

4 child/4 living

Clyde Myers



b. June 1888


Danny Myers



b. July 1890


Ocie Myers



b. Aug 1892


Gercie  Myers



b. April 1896



1900,  Down the road in Perry Township


Daniel Myers



b. Sept 1849 ?

Marr. 27 years


Born PA

Father b PA

Mother b. PA


Sarah Myers



b. July 1945 ?

Marr. 27 years


Born OH

Father b PA

Mother b PA

4 child/4 living


1900, Next door in Perry Township

Milton Myers


William Myers



b. Feb 1847

Marr. 24 years


Born PA

Father b PA

Mother b PA


Mary A. Myers



b. July 1852

Marr. 24 years


Born IN

Father b PA

Mother b OH

4 child/4 living

Clarence Myers



b. Jan 1887

b. IN

Perry Myers



b. Jan/June ‘76

b. IN


1900,Two more households down, Perry Township

William Harvey Myers     


William H. Myers



b. July 1869

Marr. 3 years


Born IN

Father b IN

Mother b IN


Alpha Myers



b. Jan 1871

Marr. 3 years


Born IN

Father b IN

Mother b IN

1 child/1 living

Cecil Myers



b. Nov 1896

b. IN

Cecil was listed as a daughter, but he was an only son





MYERS, CATHARINE                    1851-1924                   Israel


MYERS, CHARLES A.                    Dec. 18, 1877-Sept. 12, 1951


MYERS, CORA M.                           1879-1972       O.E.S.                         Samuel


MYERS, DANIEL                             1844-1922                               wife, Sarah


MYERS, DANNY A.                         1890-                                       wife, Edith


MYERS, EARL G.                            1907-1978                               Bessie

                                                            m. March 10, 1930


MYERS, EDITH                               1892-1942                               wife of D.A.


MYERS, EDWARD A.                     1874-1952


MYERS, ISRAEL                              1852-1922                               Catharine


MYERS, JAMES                               Aug. 6, 1975


MYERS, LARETTA B.                     1908-1945


MYERS, MAURICE D.                    1916-1935


MYERS, NORA DALE                     1870-Jan. 13, 1955 Noble Co., S. Rolston


MYERS, PEARL MAUDE               1914-1954                               Alva


MYERS, SAMUEL N.                      1872-1946       Mason             Cora       74Y


MYERS, SAMUEL ROLSTON       1865-1947                               Nora


MYERS, SARAH                              1845-1934                               wife of Daniel




MYERS, AGNES                              March 27, 1885,  24Y  11M  28D, wife of Mandis


MYERS, ANNIE                               1878-1908                               Henry


MYERS, CATHARINE L.                Oct. 17, 1871         6Y    9M  10D, dau. of

                                                            J. N. & M. D.


MYERS, CLYDE A.                          June 23, 1888-July 11, 1955             Mabel


MYERS, GEORGE E.                      April 11, 1872                    1Y   10M  14D  

                                                            Son of N. & L. S.


MYERS, HARRIET GARMAN       1828-1911                   wife of Solomon Garman


MYERS, HENRY TILMON                         1870-                           wife, Annie

                                                            Or Sept. 12-1868-May 28, 1918


MYERS, HIRAM                              1884-1944                   M. & A.


MYERS, LEAH                                 Jan. 28, 1811, Lehigh, PA- Oct. 3, 1890

                                                            79Y  8M  5D               Nathan


MYERS, MABLE L.                                     1896-1978                   Clyde


MYERS, MANDIS                            Feb. 23, 1903              51Y  11M  18D   wife, Agnes 


MYERS, MARGARET D.                Feb. 6, 1874                26Y  11M  24D, wife of J. N.


MYERS, MARTHA A.                      Nov. 23, 1865             11Y   7M   29D, dau S. & H.


MYERS, MARY                                1852-1929                   wife of Milton


MYERS, MILDRED L.                     June 9, 1909-April 29, 1910


MYERS, MILTON F.                        1847-1914                   wife, Mary

                                                            Ohio    8th Reg. Co., G., Vol. Inf.


MYERS, NATHAN                           April 29, 1812, Lehigh, PA-Oct. 6, 1886

                                                            74Y  5M  7D               Leah


MYERS, OLA E.                               1886-1920                   Perry


MYERS, PERRY E.                                      1876-1961                   wife of Ola


MYERS, SOLOMON                        1818-1900                   Harriet





MYERS, B. F.                                    b. Oct. 22, 1836          d:  July 23, 1897

MYERS, ELIZA J., his wife                         b: Apr. 30, 1844         d:  May 5, 1922 

            (believe this to be Franklin B. Myers, son of Nathan.  Are we correct??)


MYERS, CECIL R.                           1896-

MYERS, BERTHA J.                       1898-


MYERS, CORA J.                             1859-1940


MYERS, ELMA                                 1869-1937  (mother)

MYERS, FLOYD A.                          1902-1904   (brother)


MYERS, ELMER                              1869-1941

MYERS, EMMA J.                            1877-1934


MYERS, GOLDIE PEPPLE                        1887-1961


MYERS, HENRY T.                                     1834-1915

MYERS, ELIZABETH, his wife     1836-19



            Wife, of Franklin Jarrett     d.  Oct. 16, 1897 at age 28Y  4M  26D


MYERS, WILLIAM H.                     b:  July 8, 1869           d:  May 11, 1951

MYERS, ALPHA D.                          b:  Jan. 14, 1877         d:  Dec. 28, 1961




Possible gravesite of Franklin B. Myers and his wife Elizabeth is Cedar Chapel Cemetery at the corner of Road 68 and 11A in DeKalb County.  There is a B. F. Myers and Elizabeth buried there.  Assume his name was either Benjamin Franklin or Franklin Benjamin as they named a son Ben. 

            B. F. Myers born October 22, 1836, died July 23, 1897

            Elizabeth Myers, born April 30, 1844, died May 5, 1922



From an e-mail of Max Myers about his family history and the e-mail he received from his sister.



“She sent me this email several months back.  It was based upon some notes she took when she sat Danny down and made him tell her about the family tree:


Hi Guys,

 Well, I dug out my notes from interviewing Grandpa in 1969 and here is the gist.  Some of the dates he gave me on the children were marriage and not births, I think, because there are little "m's" beside them.  But, here is my best data:


 Nathan (4/29/1812 to 10/6/1886) married Leah (1/28/1811 to 10/3/1890) and left Lehigh, PA to come to Indiana.


 Their children, I believe, were

    Henry who married Elizabeth Freeman on 9/5/1856;

    John who married Barbara McEndortler on 5/8/1845;

    Joseph who married Margaret Sawvil on 11/6/1851;

    James who married Sarah Slentz on 8/14/1851;

    Daniel (1844-1922) who married Sarah Ferguson (1845-1934)


 We come from Daniel and Sarah.  Their children, I believe, were

    Henry (1870 - 1918)

    David (1863 - 1938)

    Edward (1874 - 1952)

    Samuel Rolston (1865 - 1947)


 We come from Samuel Rolston who married Nora Daley Green (3/4/1870 to 1955)


Nora's parents were Henry Lyman Green and Maria Miller Green.  They had five children besides Nora.  They were:  Maybelle (died at 7 yrs), Judson, Stanley, Charles, & Irwin (1876 - 1963)

Samuel & Nora's children are:


    Clyde Alfred (6/3/1888 to 1955) married Mabel Leone Schrader (Born 10/29/1892)

        Two daughters Ethel & Mildred (died at age 8)  Ethel married Irwin Morris and lives in Ohio

    Sarah Ocie (8/5/1892 - 9/30/1964)

    Gercie May (4/6/1896 - 1951)

    Danny Albert (7/6/1890 to 4/1985) who married Edith Amanda Dunten (4/16/92 to 7/20/1942)


Danny and Edith's children are:

    Maurice Dale (4/10/16 to 5/23/35)

    Eugene Allen (5/14/18 to 2/3/72) married June, father to Linda and Fred

    Betty Aileen (7/22/19) married Thurlo (Frog) Gaff, mother to Samuel & Louise

    Samuel Albert (9/1/20 to 12/10/97) married June Perry, father to Rex Lloyd, Michael Albert,

        Jane Ann and William, now deceased.   Sam divorced then married Paula Rosales of Texas and   they had a child Patti Jo.

    Calvin (1/12/26 to 2/13/26)

    Robert Lee (1/11/27 to 6/30/52) married Doris Wolf, father to Max Allen & Carolyn Kay


 Rex asked Paula (Samuel Allen's second wife) about Grandpa's bible with all the dates in it and I think she told him he could have it.  We'll retrieve it and verify the above info.


Betty:  If my sister and Rex come up with the old family bible, I'll let you know.  Here are some more interesting facts that I know:


    After Edith died, Grandpa married Goldie Pepple.  They were married for perhaps 20 years when she died.  Grandpa married a nice lady name Ruth (can't remember the last name) and she developed dementia after about 5 years and died after about 7 or 8 years.


    Maurice was killed in a farming accident at the farm just north of LaOtto on SR 3.  That farm was cut in half by the new SR 3 and the barn and farm house can be seen on the west side of the road as you approach hwy 205 when south bound on new SR 3.


    Eugene's  children: Linda is now married and her last name is Amstutz.  She lives in Auburn.  Fred married and moved to Arizona.  I think Gene may be buried in a catholic cemetery in the LaOtto/Avilla area.


    Frog and Betty Gaff lived in LaOtto for all of my recollection (back to early 50's) in a house just west of the intersection of old SR 3 and 205.  Frog just died about 6 months ago.  Betty was the last of the Danny Myers kids to die and she passed about 5 years ago.  Their children:  Sam and Louise.  Louise married a Rennecker and she and Sam both live in the LaOtto area.  I can find out where Frog and Betty are buried but at present I don't know


    Sam died about 8 years ago after retiring from the Air Force as a Lt. Colonel.  Sam is buried in San Antonio, TX


    Robert L. died at age 25 of Luekemia and is buried in a cemetery just northwest of Avilla.  His children Carolyn had 3 children (Leeson):  Dawn, Darren and Jarrod.  Max (me) had 2 children:  Robert L. Myers II (7-7-73)  and Chadwick Allen Myers (4-19-78).  Chad has 2 children:  Daniel Patrick (4-30-2000)  Rachel Elizabeth (2-27-2003).



     By the way, Grandpa told me that his uncles owned all of the land that is north and south of present Chapman Rd west of Old Auburn Rd.  He told me that one or more of his uncles donated the one acre plots on the corner of Chapman and Old Auburn.  One for the school and one for the Church.  Just about 3/4 mile west of there on Chapman on the south side of the road is a red brick house with a white cupola.  Grandpa said that his uncle owned that and a hundred or more acres surrounding it.  He also told me that if you go south on Old Auburn about 300 yards from the cemetery that on the west side of the road you will find a white farm house and farm.  That is where my grandpa grew up.


    I'll try to track down that bible and get back to you.





 ANOTHER FAMILY??   Can anyone make a connection with this Myers family who also lived in the area of Dutch Ridge??



            WILLIAM HARVEY MYERS, born July 8, 1869, died May 11, 1951


ALPHARETTA  DAISY PENCE, born January 14, 1877, died December 28,



William was supposed to be an only child with no brothers or sisters.  William and Alpharetta had a son they named


            CECIL ROY MYERS, born in 1896

            Cecil married BERTHA DAMMANN of DeKalb Co., IN

            They lived and farmed in northern Perry Township.   

Cecil had no brothers or sisters. 



Does anyone have the ancestors/parents  of Nathan, Benjamin, and Solomon Myers? 


Benjamin and Solomon were brothers.    Nathan is about the same age but do not know if he was a brother to Benjamin and Solomon or not.   Can anyone tell us??




1.  Unknown Myers 


                        2.  Benjamin Myers

                                    +  Elizabeth 


                                                3.  Milton T. Myers  b: Aug 31, 1847 in Allentown, PA

                                                       d: July 8, 1914 Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Mary Ann Garman  b: abt 1852  d: 1929


                                                                        4.  Laura B. Myers  b: abt 1874

                                                                                    +  Boren

                                                                        4.  Perry E. Myers  b: abt 1876  d: 1961

                                                                                    +  Ola E.  b: 1886  d: 1920

                                                                        4.  Eli H. Myers  b: abt 1879

                                                                        4.  Clarence Myers  b: Jan 1887


                                                3.  Hiram Myers

                                                3.  Amandis Myers


                        2.  Solomon Myers  b: abt 1818 in PA  d: 1900

                                    +  Harriet Garman  b: Aug 23, 1828  d: 1911


                                                3.  Mary A. Myers  b: abt 1849

                                                3.  Sarah Myers  b: abt 1853

                                                3.  Julia Myers  b: abt 1861

                                                3.  Emma Myers  b: abt 1862




Obituary of Milton Myers




Milton Myers of Perry township, Allen Co., Indiana, died at his home near Collingwood, July 8, 1914, at 4:30 p.m. after a severe suffering of less than one hour.  He was born in Allentown, PA., August 31, 1847, closing life's journey at the age of 66 years, 10 months and 7 days.


He was a son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Myers, his parents having both died when he was quite young, and he was left to the mercy of neighbors and relatives for his youthful guidance.


At a youthful age he found his way to the state of Ohio where he resided until September 21, 1863, when he enlisted as a private in Co. G, 8th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, in which he served three years until the close of the war in 1865.  He was in service in the battles of the Wilderness, at Spottsylvania Court House and Cold Harbor, and was also before the fortification at Petersburg.  He was honorably dis-charged from the service, July 12, 1865.


At Jeffersonville he was visited by his elder brother, Hiram, who insisted on him coming to Perry township, Allen County, where they and a younger brother, Amandis, made their home with their uncle, Solomon Myers until 1873, when he was united in marriage to Mary Ann Garman.  To this union were born four children, Clarence and Eli, at home, Perry, and Mrs. Laura Boren of Cedar Creek township, whom together with their mother and six grandchildren are left to mourn their deep sorrow.  Four brothers have preceded the deceased to the beyond.


Many years ago, he and wife united with the Salem Reformed Church and some years later, they became members of the Mt. Olivet M.E. Church, in which he remained faithful until called to his reward, which is promised to the faithful.


There were about 400 people in attendance at the funeral, about half that number being relatives.  The choir consisting of Eli Gerig, Howard Hilkey, Mesdames David Grosh, of near Hopewell, J. E. Lochner and Miss Ina Warner, furnished the music and singing for the occasion.  The pallbearers were O. H. Widney, and Mr. Simpson of Auburn, W. H. Bender of Viberg Corners, Benwell Schwartz of Leo, Jacob Miller and James Hollopeter.


The funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Mt. Olivet M. E. Church, conducted by Revs. Edwin Diedson, of Etna-Green, Ind., and E. J. Maupin, of Leo, the former delivering the sermon.  Interment in the Dutch Ridge Cemetery.






1.  Nathan Myers  b: April 29, 1813 in Lehigh County, PA  d: Oct 6, 1886  m: 1835

            +  Leah Wagner  b: Jan 28, 1811 in Lehigh County, PA  d: Oct 3, 1890


                        2.  Henry Myers  b: in PA or OH   married Sept 5, 1856 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +  Elizabeth Sarah Freeman  b:  Butler Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


                                                3.  Edward Myers

                                                3.  John Myers

                                                3.  Martha Myers

                                                3.  Roseann Myers

                                                3.  Priscilla Myers


                        2.  Franklin B. Myers  b: Oct 22, 1836  d: July 23, 1897    m: 1859

                                    +  Elizabeth Jane Lidge  b: april 30, 1844 in IN  d: May 5, 1922


                                                3.  Jane Myers

                                                3.  Mary Myers

                                                3.  Juneby Myers

                                                3.  Ben Myers  b: abt 1865

                                                3.  Helen Myers

                                                3.  Sam Myers  b: abt 1873

                                                3.  Sarah Myers

                                                3.  Dora Myers  b: abt 1877


                        2.  Willoughby N. Myers  b: abt 1842

                                    +  Elizabeth Ferguson  b: abt 1847 in Ohio


                                                3.  Mary A. Myers  b: abt 1864

                                                3.  Amanda A. Myers  b: abt 1866   married June 12, 1881

                                                            +  Thomas Cool

                                                3.  Carrie A. Myers  b: abt 1867

                                                3.  Nita Myers

                                                3.  James Myers

                                                3.  Minerva A. Myers  b: abt 1870


                        2.  Daniel Myers  b: Sept 1844 in PA   d: 1922   m: Sept 3, 1864 in DeKalb Co.

                                    +  Sarah Ferguson  b: July 1845 in OH  d: 1934


                                                3.  Samuel Rolston Myers  b: Feb 1865 in IN   d: 1947

                                                            +  Nora Daley Green  b: March 4, 1870  d: Jan 13,



                                                                        4.  Clyde Alfred Myers  b: June 3, 1888 

                                                                                d: 1955

                                                                                    +  Mabel Leone Schrader b: Oct 29,



                                                                                                5.  Ethel Myers

                                                                                                            +  Irwin Morris

                                                                                                5.  Mildred Myers  d: age 8


                                                                        4.  Danny Albert Myers  b: July 6, 1890 in

                                                                                Huntertown, IN  d: April 1985

                                                                                    +  Ruth

                                                                                    +  Edith Amanda Dunten  b: April 16,

                                                                                           1892  d: July 20, 1942


                                                                                                5.  Maurice Dale Myers

                                                                                                5.  Eugene Allen Myers

                                                                                                5.  Betty Aileen Myers

                                                                                                5.  Samuel Albert Myers

                                                                                                5.  Calvin Myers

                                                                                                5.  Robert Lee Myers


                                                3.  Henry Myers  b: 1870  d: 1918

                                                            +  Fanny

                                                3.  David Albert Myers  b: abt 1872  d: 1938

                                                3.  Edward A. Myers  b: 1874  d: 1952


                        2.   John N. Myers  b: abt 1845

                                    +  Margaret Barnett  b: abt 1846  d: Feb 6, 1874


                                                3.  Catherine Myers  d: Oct 17, 1871

                                                3.  Delbert Myers

                                                3.  Bill Myers

                                                3.  Arthur Myers


                        2.  Nathan Myers, Jr.   Born abt 1848  d: 1892 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                 married Nov 18, 1868 in Allen Co., IN     

                                    +  Salome Warner  b: abt 1854 in IL  d: Oct 22, 1932  Allen Co., IN


                                                3.  George Myers

                                                3.  William Myers  b: abt 1873

                                                3.  Charles A. Myers  b: Dec 18, 1876  d: 1951

                                                3.  Celia Ann Myers  b: abt 1879  d: Garrett, DeKalb Co., IN

                                                3.  Anna Myers

                                                3.  Minnie Myers  b: Oct 31, 1881  d: Feb 28, 1967 in Angola

                                                3.  Bertha Myers  b: Jan 1884 in Allen Co., IN

                                                3.  Eva Myers  b: Jan 1887


                        2.  Israel Myers  b: 1852   d: 1922   married Feb 22, 1872 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Catharine Whiteman  b: 1851 in PA  d: 1924


                                                3.  Evelena May Myers  b: abt 1874  d: 1944

                                                            +  Silas Ditmars  b: Oct 1874

                                                            +  William G. Frederickson  b: 1867  m: Dec 8, 1893

                                                                    d: 1928


                                                3.  Emanuel A. Myers   d: 1952  married Sept 9, 1905

                                                            +  Lois Abel

                                                                        4.  Ralph Myers


                                                3.  Herbert B. Myers

                                                            +  Emma Roth

                                                            +  Cora Jackson   married May 24, 1902

                                                                        4.  Oscar Alzo Myers


                                                3.  Dennis M. Myers  b: abt 1878

                                                3.  Lillie Bell Myers  b: 1876  d: 1927   m: April 21, 1892

                                                            +  Jeremiah Garman  b: 1870  d: 1963


                                                                        4.  Florence Garman

                                                                                    +  Walter Tonkel

                                                                        4.  Ralph Garman  b: 1896  d: 1948

                                                                                    +  Martha Kruse  b: 1894 

                                                                                          d: Jan 9, 1969

                                                                        4.  Raymond G. Garman  b: 1901

                                                                                    +  Frieda M.  b: 1901

                                                                                           d:  Nov 6, 1947

                                                                                                5.  Weldon R. Garman


                                                                        4.  Vinnie M. Garman  b: 1892  d: 1955

                                                                                    +  Ward C. Garman  b: Aug 1890

                                                                                           d: 1947


                        2.  Percila (Priscilla) Myers  b: April 10, 1852  d: abt 1910

                                married April 14, 1872 

                                    +  Edwin G. Gloyd  b: Feb 19, 1850  d: Feb 19, 1920 (1922?) in

                                           Kendallville, IN


                                                3.  Silvey (Silvia) Gloyd

                                                            +  Isaac Henry

                                                3.  Daughter Gloyd

                                                            +  Tracey McMarrell

                                                3.  Daughter Gloyd

                                                            +  Thurlow Berhalter

                                                3.  Charles A. Gloyd   b: abt 1880

                                                3.  Gertrude Gloyd

                                                3.  Grover Gloyd