DELPHIS MARTIN ………..Biography


MR. DELPHIS MARTIN and CATHERINE KRUGLER were married April 26, 1864 at Saint Vincent Catholic Church by Father Benoit, who was pastor of the Cathedral Congregation.  Mrs. Martin was the only daughter of MR. and MRS. NICHOLAS KRUGLER, natives of Germany, pioneers who did much to make this county what it is today.


To this union was born 6 children:  JOSEPH C., of Cedar Creek Township, WILLIAM and GEORGE of Perry Township.  Two daughters and one son having passed away. 


After living on the 50 acre farm in a log house with only one room for 4 years, they sold it out on March 3rd, 1868.  They moved to the 150 acre farm on the Auburn Road, 10 miles North of the city (Fort Wayne).  Paying for this, they built a large bank barn and in 1878, a home which was at that time the finest between Fort Wayne and Auburn.  Mr. Martin then turned his attention to buying land.  This he continued to do until he had 400 acres of land among the best in Perry and Cedar Creek townships.  Besides this he also had 6 pieces of city property bringing him a neat sum in the way of rentals.


In politics Mr. Martin was a Democrat.  His first vote was given to Stephen A. Douglas.  He will not vote for a man who makes a business of politics.  The word “politician” is despised by him.  He is a great admirer of men of means who put forth honest efforts for the betterment of mankind and who are continually striving to improve and develop this fair land of ours. 





From the Griswold-Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914

Compiled by B. J. Griswold  -  Biographical Sketches   pages 383-384


AUGUST E. MARTIN has been a resident of Allen County from the time of his birth, has contributed materially to the advancement of the agricultural industry in the county, and is now a successful exponent of the real estate business, with residence and business headquarters in the city of Fort Wayne.   On the homestead farm of his father, in Perry township, this county, AUGUST E. MARTIN was born August 17, 1868, and the family name has been worthily linked with civic and industrial advancement in the county for more than half a century.   Mr. Martin is a son of AUGUST J. and JOSEPHINE (RASSAT) MARTIN, both of who were born in France, both having passed the final decade of their lives in Fort Wayne.   The original settlement of the Martin family was made in Stark county, Ohio, from which they finally came to Allen county.   The first American representatives of the Rassat family settled in the state of New York, and then thence to Allen county. 


Mr. Martin was 13 and his wife 9 years of age at the time of the removal of the respective families to America.  August J. Martin finally purchased land in Perry township, and on this homestead he and his wife continued to reside until they had attained to an advanced age.   They became the parents of 9 children:  FRANK, JULIAN, ALEXANDER, CHARLES (who died at the age of 9 years), HENRY, NESTOR, AUGUST E., LOUISE, and JOSEPHINE. 


LOUISE is the wife of FRANK LAURENT, of Fort Wayne and JOSEPHINE is the wife of THOMAS KEHOE, who is with the Overland Automobile Company in Cleveland, Ohio. 


August E. Martin acquired his preliminary education in the public schools of his native township and supplemented this training by an effective course of study in the Academy of the Sacred Heart.   He continued to be associated with the work and management of the home farm and after his marriage he was engaged independently for a period of 12 years.  He then established his residence upon a farm of 200 acres in Washington township, and upon this he made many improvements, including good buildings, an effective drainage system and substantial fences.   On March 1, 1908, he removed with his family to Fort Wayne.   He still owns one of the fine farms of the county and gives much attention to the buying and selling of farm property, and has general supervision of operations on his farm.   Upon his removal to Fort Wayne, Mr. Martin identified himself with the substantial and prosperous real estate business of the Monroe Fitch Company, and he still continues active in this important line of enterprise.   As a loyal and progressive citizen he gives staunch allegiance to the Democratic party but he has never sought or held public office.   He is affiliated with Fort Wayne Lodge, No. 155, Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks;  is identified with the Franco-American Society of Allen county;  and both he and his wife are communicants of the Fort Wayne Cathedral parish of the Catholic church.


On January 11, 1888, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Martin and MISS MAUDE E. , a daughter of SOLOMON and EMMA (KRYDER) KELL, the former a native of Stark county, Ohio, and the latter of Cedar Creek township, this county.  Mrs. Kell passed to the life eternal July 30, 1910, and Mr. Kell’s death occurred January 31, 1915.   The children of Mr. and Mrs. Martin are FLOYD, the wife of JOHN GILLIE, of Fort Wayne;  Francis remains at the parental home;  SCOTT, the maiden name of whose wife was BESSIE PAYNE, is in the employ of the Tepper Dry Goods Company of Fort Wayne;  MAURICE is now a resident of Troy, Ohio;  and AUGUST E., JR. is at the parental home.  





From the Griswold-Phelps handbook and Guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914

Compiled by B. J. Griswold,   pages 386-387   Biographical Sketches


One of the most gratifying and consistent phases in the compilation of this history has been that it has been possible to incorporate within its pages specific mention of so appreciable a number of the representative exponents of farm industry in the county, and especially those who stand as scions of sterling pioneer families of this favored section of the old Hoosier commonwealth.   Such a one as Mr. Martin, who is one of the most substantial and progressive farmers and stock-growers of Perry township, where his well improved farm, comprising 160 acres is eligibly situated in Section 35.   His memory links the pioneer past with the present period of opulent prosperity and progress in Allen county, and in his youth he had his full share of the arduous work pertinent to the reclaiming of a farm from a virtual forest wilderness.   He has been in the most significant sense one of the world’s productive workers and has achieved success and substantial prosperity through his own ability and efforts.


On both the paternal and distaff side Mr. Martin is a scion of pioneer families that were founded in Allen county in a very early day, and there is much interest attaching to his genealogical history.   Mr. Martin was born in Perry township, this county, January 29, 1855, a son of AUGUST J. and JOSEPHINE (RASSAT) MARTIN, both of whom were born in France, the stage of much of the stupendous military operation in the great European war that is fiercely raging at the time of this writing.  AUGUST J. MARTIN was a lad of 12 years at the time of the family immigration to America and his future wife was 11 years old when she accompanied her parents to this country.   The Martins came to Stark county, Ohio, and the Rassatts settled in New York state, and it was from those localities that these two families came, by medium of state and ferry boat, to Allen county, Indiana – about the year 1844.


Settlement was first made at Fort Wayne, which was then little more than a forest hamlet that clustered about the side of the old fort that gave to the present city its name.   On the south line of Perry township AUGUST J. MARTIN purchased a tract of heavily timbered land, at the rate of $1.25 an acre, and there instituted the reclaiming of a farm from the wilderness.   He bore the full tension of pioneer life and aided in laying the foundation for the great superstructure of prosperity that later generations in the county were to enjoy, both he and his wife having passed the remainder of their lives on the old homestead farm.   Of the children the subject of this sketch is the first born and the other surviving members are JULES J., ALEXANDER, HENRY, NESTOR, AUGUST E., MRS. LOUISE LAURENT and MRS. JOSEPHINE CAHOE.   CHARLES is deceased.   The boyhood and youth of FRANK C. MARTIN were passed under the conditions and influences of the pioneer epoch in Allen county history, and it was his to gain the fullest fellowship with arduous toil and endeavor, to endure hardships with fortitude and otherwise improving the home farm, his educational advantages were very limited, but his ambition and vital mentality were such as to overcome this handicap in large measure, for he has made the best use of self-discipline and has become a man of broad mental ken and mature judgment.   He has studied and read with discrimination and speaks and reads French as well as English, thus showing a loyalty to the land of his ancestors.   With passing years Mr. Martin made his labors count for advancement toward the goal of definite independence and prosperity, and he is now the fortunate owner of one of the finely improved and valuable farms of his native township and county.   


As a youth he assisted in the erection of the log house that was the family abode for a long term of years, and it is interesting to note that he and his brother, JULES, felled the trees and hewed the timber that were utilized in the construction of the present barn on his farm.   He has since remodeled the structure, and has also modernized the house on his farm.   When he reverts to the conditions that were in evidence in pioneer days and then recalls that at the present time he utilizes in his farm enterprise the best of modern implements and machinery, even including a traction engine, Mr. Martin must realize that he has himself been an exponent of progress and has played well his part in furthering civic and industrial prosperity in his native county.    In connection with well ordered agriculture of diversified character, Mr. Martin has been especially successful as a breeder and grower of fine live stock, including short-horned cattle, Poland-China swine, and registered Cotswold sheep.   The buildings on his farm are of a type that further indicates his progressiveness, and everything about the place betokens thrift and prosperity.  


In a general way Mr. Martin supports the Democratic party, but in local affairs is independent of partisan lines and votes for men and measures meeting the approval of his judgment.   He and his wife are zealous communicants of St. Vincent’s Catholic church in Washington township.   It is pleasing to note that Mr. Martin has given to his fine homestead the attractive and consistent name of Oak Lane Farm.   On May 8, 1877, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Martin to MISS LOUISE A. URBINE, daughter of JOHN B. and ADELE (LITOT) URBINE, natives of Alsace-Lorraine, France, which is now a German province.   The parents of Mrs. Martin were young when they came with their parents to America and established their home in Allen county, and both the paternal and maternal grandfathers of Mrs. Martin assisted in the construction of the pioneer canal that afforded to Fort Wayne its first definite medium for transportation, besides which the paternal grandmother likewise assisted in the arduous work, with payment equal to that paid to her husband, and she sturdily used a wheelbarrow and other primitive implements with remarkable vigor.   The parents of Mrs. Martin were honored members of the farming community in Perry township until their death and their names merit enduring place on the roll of the pioneers of this county.   Their surviving children are JAMES, MRS. MARY MORRELL, MRS. LOUISE A. MARTIN, and MRS. CLARA BOBAY.   FRANK is deceased.   


In conclusion is given record concerning the large and interesting family of Mr. and Mrs. Martin:


LEONORE L.  was born September 30, 1877, and on February 13, 1900, became the wife of VICTOR SORDELET.   They reside in Perry township and have 3 children – ALFRED, HUBERT, and CRYSTLE.


FLORENCE I., who remains at the parental home, was born August 3, 1879.


STELLA M., who was born November 26, 1880, is the wife of EDWARD SCHRADER, of New Haven, their marriage having been solemnized May 1, 1900, became the parents of 6 children, all of whom are living except the fourth, ROBERT.   The names of the surviving children are – WALTER, FRANK, EDNA, MAURICE and JOHN.  


ALICE M., the fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. Martin, was born October 15, 1882, and remains a member of the home circle.


GRACE A., born November 14, 1884, is the wife of GEORGE HARDEST,  of New Haven, their marriage having occurred July 26, 1911.


CLARENCE A., who was born September 10, 1888, resides in Bluffton.   His marriage to MISS ADELINE SORDELET  was made a matter of record on November 25, 1916.


FRANCES H., who was born May 17, 1891, was united in marriage to JOHN B. SURFACE, March 5, 1912, and her death occurred on the 23rd of the following month.


EUNICE F., born May 17, 1891, a twin of Frances H., became the wife of ADLORE CARL, July 2, 1912 and they have 3 children – HAZEL, MARTIN and WANDA.


EDITH C., born February 27, 1895


VIOLA J., born February 15, 1898


MARGARET J., born April 4, 1900 and are the younger members of the gracious home circle.


LOUISE B. died at the age of 4 months and MOSES E., who was born September 1, 1892, died September 10, 1901.  





1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2736-2748


Charles Martin                     50 M                Farmer           born France

Elizabeth Martin                  45 F                                         born France


August Martin                      20 M                Laborer          born France

Constantin Martin               18 M                Laborer          born France

Elizabeth Martin                  16 F                                         born France

Delphius Martin                   14 M                                        born France

Mary Martin                          12 F                                         born IN

Jane Martin                           10 F                                         born IN

Ann Martin                             8  F                                         born IN


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   186 B


Frances Martin                     Widow            Female, 77     born France

            Both parents born France


Christina Martin                  Daughter       Female, 34     born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born France


(living next to the Vandolahs on Auburn Road)


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   186 B


Delphis Martin                     Married          Male, 42         born France   Farmer

            Both parents born France

Catharine Martin                 wife                 Female, 35     born Prussia Keeps house

            Both parents born Prussia


Joseph Martin                       son                  Male, 15         born IN           Farm laborer

Willie Martin                        son                  Male, 10         born IN           At home

Gerry Martin                                    son                  Male, 8           born IN

George Martin                      son                  Male, 6           born IN

Alice Martin                          daughter        Female, 4       born IN


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN    186 B


Frank C. Martin                   Married          Male, 25         born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born France

Louisa Martin                       wife                 Female, 25     born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born France


Leonore Martin                    daughter        Female, 2       born IN          

Florence Martin                   daughter        Female, 9M    born IN


1880 Census of Huntertown, Allen Co., IN   191 D


William W. Martin               Married          Male, 24         born IN           Farm laborer

            Father born IN,  Mother born Ohio

Ella Martin                            Sister              Female, 17     born IN           Keeps house

            Father born IN,  Mother born Ohio

William Martin          Widower, father      Male, 58         born IN 

            Both parents born Ohio

1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   188 A


Augustus J. Martin married          male, 50          born France               Farmer  

            Both parents born France

Josephine Martin     wife                 female, 49      born France               Keeps house

            Both parents born France


Julius Martin            son, single      male, 23          born IN                       Farm Labor

Alexander Martin     son, single      male, 21          born IN                       Farm Labor

Andrew Martin         son, single      male, 17          born IN                       Farm Labor

Nestor Martin           son                  male, 14          born IN                       Farm Labor

Gustine Martin         son                  male, 11          born IN                       At school

Louisa Martin           daughter        female, 9        born IN                       At school

Josephine Martin     daughter        female, 7        born IN                       At school




1.  Jean Nicholas Martin

            +  Jeanne Claude Bouhelier


                        2.  Charles Joseph Henri Martin  b: Oct 1, 1802 in Belvour, Doubs, France

                               d: Feb 26, 1861  (drowned in a wagon accident in the river)

                               married July 27, 1826 in France

                                    +  Jeanne Francois Maunier  b: Apr 10, 1801 in France  d: Feb 2,

                                          1892 in Perry Twp, Allen Co, IN


                                                3.  Francois Joseph Martin  b: June 29, 1827  d: Feb 13, 1828

                                                3.  Jean Baptiste Theodule Martin  b: Nov 21, 1828

                                                        d:  Dec 15, 1828 in France


                                                3.  Augustus Joseph Martin  b: March 10, 1830  d: Aug 1,

                                                        1905 in Perry Twp, Allen Co, IN  m: Feb 21, 1853, Allen

                                                            +  Josephine Virginia Rassat  b: Aug 15, 1831 in FR


                                                3.  Constantin Martin  b: abt 1832 in France, moved Neb.

                                                            +  Lucy Panyard


                                                3.  Elizabeth Martin  b: 1bt 1834 in France  d: June 20, 1909

                                                       married May 9, 1856 in Perry Twp, Allen Co, IN

                                                            +  Felix Roy  b: abt 1836 in France  d: March 9, 1891


                                                3.  Delphin Francois Martin  b: Feb 3, 1838 in Doubs, France 

                                                       d: March 24, 1925   married April 26, 1864 Allen Co, IN

                                                            +  Catherine Krugler  b: 1845 in Rhineland, Germany

                                                                   d: Jan 30, 1915 in Allen Co., IN


                                                3.  Mary Martin  b: 1839  d: 1860


                                                3.  Eugenie Jane Martin  b: 1841  d: Jan 26, 1926

                                                            +  Pierre Bobay


                                                3.  Marie Clare Martin  b: Dec 1843 in Canton, Stark, Ohio

                                                        married March 9, 1861 in Allen Co., IN


                                                3.  Christine Martin  b: June 10, 1847  in Perry Twp

                                                       married May 5, 1891

                                                            +  Francois Lordier


Generation 3 families are continued below: 


3.  Augustus Joseph Martin  b: March 10, 1830 France  d: Aug 1, 1905 in Perry Twp, Allen Co, IN

       married Feb 21, 1853 in Allen Co, IN at St. Vincent's

            +  Josephine Virginia Rassat  b: Aug 15, 1831 in France  d:1909 in Montpelier, IN


                        4.  Claude Virginie Martin  b: 1853  d: 1853 as an infant in Allen Co, IN

                        4.  Francois Charles Jean Martin  b: Jan 29, 1855 in Allen Co., IN

                               d: March 22, 1919   married May 8, 1877 at St. Vincent’s Catholic Ch.

                                    +  Louise Agnes Marie Urbine  b: Jan 29, 1855 d: May 23, 1924


                                                5.  Louise Elelanor Martin  b: Sept 30, 1877

                                                5.  Florence Elizabeth Martin  b: Sept 13, 1879

                                                5.  Martha Stella Martin  b: Dec 26, 1880

                                                5.  Mary Alice Martin  b: Oct 15, 1882

                                                5.  Grace Halilah Martin  Nov. 14, 1884

                                                5.  Louise Belle Martin  B. Spet 8, 1886

                                                5.  Clarence August Martin  b: Sept 10, 1888

                                                5.  Eunice Faith Martin  b: May 17, 1891

                                                5.  Francis Hope Martin  b: May 17, 1891

                                                5.  Moses Henry Emory Martin  b: Sept 1, 1892

                                                5.  Edith Charity Martin  b: Feb 17, 1895

                                                5.  Viola Julia Martin  b: Feb 15, 1898  m: Apr 14, 1921

                                                            +  Russell J. Gump  b: abt 1898 in IN

                                                5.  Margrett Jesse Martin  b: April 4, 1900


                        4.  Julius Martin  b: March 29, 1857  in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Josephine Guiff


                        4.  Alexander August Martin  b: June 10, 1859  m: June 4, 1884 Allen

                                    +  Jane G. Glynn         


                        4.  Henry Joseph Andrew Martin  b: Jan 17, 1863  m: Nov 22, 1887 Allen Co, IN

                                    +  Josephine Matilda Pepe  b: abt 1868 in IN

                                            5.  Georgia Martin

                                                    +  William Blume

                                            5.  Hubert Martin

                                                    +  Esther Sordelet

                                            5.  Charles Martin

                                            5.  Gerald Martin


                        4.  Nestor Edward Louis Martin  b: May 5, 1866  in Allen Co, IN

                                    +  Dora Celcilia Frye  b: abt 1872


                        4.  Augustine Emil Edward. Martin  b: Aug 17, 1868  m: Jan 11, 1888 in Allen Co

                                d:  January 16, 1934 in Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Eliza Maud Kell  b: abt 1868

                                            5.  Floyd C. Martin 

                                                    +  John Gillie

                                            5.  Francis Martin

                                            5.  Scott Martin  b: about 1894

                                                    +  Bessie Payne

                                            5.  Maurice Martin

                                            5.  August E. Martin, Jr.  b: abt 1909


                        4.  Louisa Seraphine Martin  b: March 20, 1871  d: Oct 15, 1931

                                    +  Francis Laurent   m: July 10, 1894


                        4.  Josephine Marie Martin  b: June 22, 1873  m: Feb 17, 1903 in Allen Co.

                                    +  Thomas J. Kehoe 

                        4.  Possible a Charles Martin who died at the age of 9 years


3.  Constantin Theodule Martin  b: Dec 12,  1832 in France, went to Nebraska from IN

            +  Lucy Panyard


3.  Elizabeth Martin  b: April 15, 1835 in France  d: June 20, 1908 or 1909  m: May 9, 1856

            +  Felix Roy  b: about 1836 in France  d: March 9, 1891  married at St. Vincent's


                        4.  Joseph Charles Roy  b: December 18, 1858 

                        4.  Julian J. Roy  b: Dec 25, 1858 in IN  d: June 21, 1895 (Francis Julian Roy)

                                    +  Melena Huguenard    

                                                5.  Charles Roy  b: Oct 28, 1885

                                                5.  Julian Felix Roy  b: Sept 28, 1895  d: Feb 2, 1908


                        4.  Frank D. Roy  b: Feb 26, 1861 in IN  d: Aug 4, 1892  m:July 29, 1884

                                    +  Elizabeth Zimmerman


                                                5.  Frank C. Roy  b: june 6, 1889  d: Sept 23, 1960

                                                       married June 21, 1911

                                                            +  Carrie C. Vachon


                                                                        6.  Dorothy Olive Roy  b: Feb 13, 1912

                                                                                    +  Laurence Maxwell  m: 1933

                                                                        6.  Wayne Erwin Roy  b: Nov 5, 1913

                                                                                d: May 18, 1998  m: July 29, 1931

                                                                                    + Velma Ruth Coolman

                                                                        6.  Jessie Marie Roy  b: June 24, 1915

                                                                               d: Sept 30, 1969  m: June 15, 1935

                                                                                    +  Glenn Hobbs

                                                                        6.  Francis Howard Roy  b: June 16, 1917

                                                                                married Jan 13, 1939

                                                                                    +  Gertrude Warnick

                                                                        6.  Jeanette Roy  b: March 13, 1919

                                                                                    +  Gordon Maxwell

                                                                                    +  Wayne Johnson


                                                5.  Mary Amelia Roy  b: July 7, 1887  d: Aug 6, 1960

                                                        married 1910 in Moweaqua, IL

                                                            +  Jesse Valentine Hand  b: Aug 19, 1888 Allen Co

                                                                   d: June 23, 1969 in Allen Co., IN


                                                                        6.  Helen Hand  d: Dec 10, 1910 as infant

                                                                        6.  William Joseph Hand  b: Oct 21, 1911

                                                                               d: Nov 5, 1989  m: Jan 3, 1935

                                                                                    +  Estella Marie Warstler

                                                                                          b: July 10, 1918 in DeKalb Co

                                                                                          d: June 11, 2004 Ft. Wayne, IN

                                                                        6.  Kenneth Earl Hand  b: March 31, 1914 

                                                                        6.  Ruth Irene Hand  b: Dec 22, 1916

                                                                        6.  Betty Mae Hand  b: May 22, 1924


                        4.  Charles Peter Roy  b: Feb 22, 1862 in Washington Twp, Allen Co., IN 

                               d: Feb 23, 1945    married Feb 10, 1891

                                    + Olive G. Schuler  b: 1872  d: Jan 15, 1953


                                                5.  Mabel Gertrude Roy  b: 1894  d: 1936

                                                            +  Adrian H. Weaver


                                                                        6.  Olive Katherine Weaver


                                                5.  Velma Leona Roy  b: 1900  d: March 31, 1949 in IN

                                                            +  Crates S. May  d:  March 1950


                                                                        6.  LaVerne May

                                                                        6.  Ramona May

                                                                        6.  Charles Franklin May

                                                                        6.  Georgia May

                                                                        6.  Daughter (May) Opliger


                                                5.  Hilda Alma Roy  b: Jan 7, 1903  d: March 1984

                                                            +  Alfred James Sordelet


                                                                        6.  Eugene F. Sordelet  b: Aug 6, 1923

                                                                        6.  Harold P. Sordelet  b: abt 1928  d: 1939


                        4.  John B. Roy  b: Dec 18, 1863  d: June 10, 1892

                        4.  Henry L. Roy  b: Dec 28, 1865  d: Aug 9, 1892

                        4.  Amelia J. Roy  b: abt 1868   married Jan 1891

                                    +  Charles I. Fox

                        4.  Alexander C. Roy  b: March 3, 1870  d: March 12,  1950

                        4.  Edward F. Roy  b: abt 1872  d: 1958

                                    +  Blanche M.

                        4.  Mary A. Roy  b: Feb 1874  d: Nov 11, 1874 as infant

                        4.  Alice Clara Roy  b: 1876  d: Oct 24, 1942

                        4.  Albert Frederick Roy  b: Feb 7, 1881  d: Aug 27, 1892


3.  Delphin Francois Martin  b: Feb 3, 1838 in L’isle Sur, Doubs, France  d: March 24, 1925

        in Allen Co., IN   married April 26, 1864 at St. Vincent’s Catholic Church

            +  Catherine Krugler  b: abt 1845  in Rhineland, Germany  d: Jan 30, 1915, Allen Co.


                        4.  Joseph Charles Martin  b: Feb 6, 1865 in Perry Twp  d: 1939

                               married Aug 15, 1899

                                    +  Laura Ann Gorman  b: Feb 7, 1871  d: Jan 24, 1950


                                                5.  Delpha W. Martin  b: abt 1893

                                                5.  Benjamin Martin  b: abt 1902

                                                5.  Gladys Martin  b: abt 1905

                                                5.  Mildred Martin  b: abt 1908


                        4.  William Henry Martin  b: Dec 17, 1869  d: June 8, 1957 

                                    +  Unknown First wife  

                                    +  Clara A. Wertman  married Feb. 24, 1900   


                        William married twice.   Not sure what children belonged to the first wife but

                        assume at least Bernice did as she was born in 1899.   Frances and Kathryn

                        may also belong to the first wife.   Does anyone have their birthdates??   The

                        married names of the daughters are found in the will of William in 1957.  We find

                        that Frances was given a birth year of about 1897 in the census right after she was

                        married, so assume that she also belonged to the first wife.   She was probably the

                        first born in the family.  


                                                5.  Bernice Martin  b: 1899

                                                            +  Forrest Hosler

                                                5.  Frances Martin  (1897 by census)

                                                            +  Harry E. Romick

                                                5.  Kathryn Martin

                                                            + Unknown Berghoff

                                                5.  Garnet C. Martin  b: abt 1904

                                                            +  Unknown Chaney

                                                5.  Alice R. Martin  b: abt 1906

                                                            +  Clem H. Voors

                                                5.  Beatrice E. Martin  b: abt 1909

                                                5.  William D. Martin, Jr.  b: abt 1915

                                                            +  Olive L.

                                                5.  Virginia A. Martin  b: abt 1920


                        4.  George Charles Martin  b: Dec 28, 1873  d: May 5, 1942  m: June 5, 1900

                                in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Elizabeth A. Hosler  b: Jan 2, 1879  d: June 22, 1942 in Fort Wayne, IN


                                                5.  Adaline K. Martin  b: May 4, 1901  m: Oct 31, 1942

                                                            +  William Sobraski

                                                5.  Maria Elizabeth Martin  b: June 12, 1902  d: March 1978

                                                            +  Oscar Bobay  b: Aug 15, 1901 in IN

                                                5.  Juanita Magdalene Martin  b: abt 1904 or Sept 30, 1902

                                                       (date conflicts with birth of sister Maria)

                                                5.  Harry William Martin  b: Dec 17, 1909  in Perry Twp

                                                            +  Eileen Freck

                                                5.  George Sam Glen Martin, Jr.  b: Aug 14, 1914

                                                        d: March 15, 1975

                                                            +  Lois Beck

                                                5.  Ralph P. Martin  b: Oct 13, 1917  d: May 1, 1986

                                                            +  Theo Merriman

                                                5.  Delphis John Martin  b: Jan 20, 1908  d: July 2, 1977

                                                        married Aug 20, 1931

                                                            +  Martha Alice Sloffer b: Sept 26, 1912

                                                5.  Gerry Lynn Paul Martin  b: Sept 15, 1911  d: May 20, 1969

                                                        married June 25, 1935

                                                            +  Louise Margaret Young  b: June 18, 1913 

                                                                   d: July 5, 1995 in Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN


                                                                        6.  Lynn Paul Martin

                                                                        6.  Gay Edward Martin

                                                                        6.  Tony Allen Martin


                        4.  Gerald Martin  b: Aug 12, 1871  d: April 10, 1890

                        4.  Alice Matilda Martin  b: Nov 21, 1875  d: 1895

                        4.  Emilie Martin  b: 1867  d: May 8, 1880


3.  Mary Martin  b: 1839  d: 1860

3.  Eugenie Jane Martin  b: Oct 17, 1840 in Doubs, France  d: Jan 26, 1926 in Allen Co., IN

        married Feb 13, 1863

            +  Pierre Bobay  b: 1837 in France  d: 1917 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN


                        4.  Sophia Bobay

                        4.  Joseph Bobay

                        4.  Nester Bobay

                        4.  Frank Bobay

3.  Marie Clare Martin  b: Dec 1843 in Stark Co., OH  d: Sept 29, 1919 in Fort Wayne

        married March 9, 1861 at St. Vincent dePaul

            +  Louis Seraphin LaCroix  b: Aug 17, 1832 in Courchaton, France  d:  June 16, 1916

                   (Claude Louis Seraphin)


                        4.  Francis LaCroix  b: Nov. 17, 1866  (Marie Francoise Josephine)

                        4.  Clarra LaCroix  b: June 27, 1868 in St. Joseph Twp., Allen Co. IN

                                (Marie Claire)  married Feb 7, 1888

                                    +  Edward Victor Gushman

                        4.  Juiline LaCroix  b: Jan 4, 1871  (Julie Eugenie)

                        4.  Joseph LaCroix  b: April 22, 1874  d: Aug 2, 1944  (Joseph Francois)

                                married  Oct 17, 1896 in DeKalb Co

                                    +  Anna Florence Hathaway  b: Nov 1877 in Eel River  d: July 19, 1939

                        4.  Louis LaCroix  b: abt 1877

                        4.  Mary LaCroix  b: Aug 2, 1878  d: June 18, 1882  (Marie Emilie)

                        4.  Marie Francoise LaCroix  b: Oct 24, 1861  d: March 22, 1947 

                                married April 21, 1885

                                    +  Charles Bricker

                        4.  Melanie Augistina LaCroix  b: July 2, 1863

                        4.  Sophie Louise LaCroix  b: July 4, 1881  d: Feb 26, 1975 in Allen Co.

                                married May 11, 1898

                                    +  Willard F. Faulkner  b: Sept 20, 1869 MI  d: Feb 14, 1935

                        4.  John Charles LaCroix  b: June 5, 1883

                        4.  Henry Xavier John LaCroix  b: Aug 2, 1885  married Oct 4, 1915

                                    +  Mattie M. Drive

                        4.  Edward Constantine LaCroix  b: July 22, 1889  d: Dec 26, 1963 

                                married July 15, 1911 in Noble Co., IN

                                    +  Blanche Martin  b: about 1890 

                                    +  Josephine Walchalk  married Oct 12, 1927 in Noble Co., IN


3.  Christine Martin  b: June 10, 1847 (or Aug. 25)  d: July 16, 1913 or 1918  m: May 5, 1891

            +  Francois Lordier





 More Descendants of Jean Nicholas Martin;  some  brought their families to the Fort Wayne Area.  


Generation 2

 2.  Barbe Martin b: 1800 in Doubs, France  d: Oct 22 1883 in Fort Wayne, married abt 1821

        +  Claude Francois Cour    (Came to Fort Wayne)

 2.  Antoine Joseph Martin  b: June 27, 1903 in Doubs, France  d: Feb 3, 1804

 2.  Francoise Josephine Emilie Martin  b: May 10, 1810 in Doubs, France

 2.  Auguste Joseph Martin  b: March 28, 1812 in Doubs, France

 2.  Josephine Eulalle Martin  b: April 24, 1814 in Doubs, France

 2.  Joseph Lazare Martin  b: Oct. 16, 1816 in Doubs, France

 2.  Virginie Augustine Martin  b: April 1, 1819 in Doubs, France 


 Barbe Martin and Claude Francois Cour's family


        3.  Claude Joseph Aime Cour  b: May 19, 1822 in Doubs, France  d: April 27, 1905 in Ft. Wayne,

               IN     married Nov 6, 1849 in Ohio

                    +  Anne Generose Eugenie Marchal  b: abt 1830 in Ohio   d: May 13, 1896 Ft. Wayne


                            4.  Francis Cour b: about 1851

                            4.  Ferdinand Cour  b: abt 1855

                            4.  Claude Alexander Cour  b: abt 1856    

                            4.  William Alexander Cour  b: abt 1862

                                    +  Icie L. Johnson  b: 1867 in Michigan

                            4.  Mary Barbara Cour  b: 1864  d: abt 1886

                            4.  William H. Cour  b: 1867

                            4.  Henry J. Cour  b: 1870

                            4.  Joseph P. Cour  b: 1872  d: July 7, 1899 in Ft. Wayne  m: Sept 8, 1896    

                                    +  Mary Heffer  b: Dec 29, 1874  d: July 21, 1900 in Ft. Wayne

                            4.  George Edward Cour  b: 1873


        3.  Claude Auguste J. Cour  b: Nov 11, 1826 in Doubs, France  d: Jan 2, 1899 in Ft. Wayne

                married June 11, 1850 in St. Augustine Catholic Church, Ft. Wayne

                +  Felicite Bequette  b: Sept. 23, 1827  d: Aug 21, 1869


                            4.  Mary A. Cour  b: abt 1853

                            4.  Amelia Cour  b: abt 1854

                                    +  George W. Simonton  b: abt 1854

                            4.  Barbara Cour  b: abt 1856

                            4.  Victorene Cour  b: abt 1857

                            4.  Elizabeth Cour  b: 1863

                                    + Unknown Kell

                            4.  Ceclia H. Cour   b:  abt 1866

                                    + Unknown Kinley

                            4.  James Cour   b: abt 1869

                            4.  Edward Cour  b: abt 1869

                            4.  Geneve Cour  b: abt 1869  d: 1869 in Ft. Wayne, IN


                +  Martha E. Keever (2nd wife of Claude Auguste J. Cour)  married April 20, 1880

                       b: Aug 20, 1838  d:  Feb 15, 1929 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN


        3.  Joseph H. Cour  b: 1827 in Doubs, France  d: Jan 7, 1913 in Saginaw Co., Michigan

                married Aug 3, 1857 in Fort Wayne, IN

                +  Euphrasine Marie Roussey   b: Aug 22, 1826 in Doubs, France  d: Oct 30, 1911

                        in Chesaning, Saginaw County, Michigan


                            4.  Joseph L. Cour

                            4.  Louise Cour

                            4.  Emile Cour

                            4.  Henry Felix Cour

                            4.  Aneiza Hannah Cour

                            4.  Peliagia Anastasia Cour

                            4.  Amos Charles Cour  b: July 21, 1871 in Wayne Co., MI  d: April 21, 1927

                                    in New Haven, Allen Co., IN   m:  Sept 25, 1894 in Adams Twp

                                    +  Mary Elizabeth Becker  b: July 16, 1871  d: Feb 24, 1905 


        3.  Eugene J. Cour  b: 1828 in Doubs, France  d: March 12, 1895  married 1849

                +  Victoire Petit  b: 1827 in France  d: April 15, 1905 in Ft. Wayne, IN 


                            4.  Frank Cour  b: Dec 23, 1854 in Ohio  d: Jan 22, 1916 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                                    married May 13, 1880 in Fort Wayne, IN

                                    +  Louise W. Petzinger  b: Feb 9, 1862  d: May 12, 1940 in Ft. Wayne

                            4.  Joseph Eugene Cour  b: May 15, 1856 in Ohio  d: Oct 7, 1906 Ft. Wayne

                                    married November 27, 1879

                                    +  Rose Duffy

                            4.  Adaline Cour  b: April 14, 1859 in Ohio  d: Feb 16, 1915 in Chicago, IL

                                    married April 27, 1875

                                    +  George Getty  b: Jan 17, 1855  d: 1926

                            4.  Charles Cour  b: April 14, 1859 in Ohio

                            4.  Mary Ann Cour  b: Jan 20, 1861 in Ohio  d: July 17, 1879 in Ft. Wayne

                                    married August 27, 1878 in Fort Wayne, IN

                                    +  Frederick J. Petzinger, Jr.  b: about 1849  d: July 1, 1904 in VA

                            4.  Eugene James Cour  b: 1864  d: April 14, 1901 in Marshalltown, Iowa

                            4.  Victoria Cour  b: March 23, 1869 in IN  d: July 2, 1927 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                                    married October 18, 1887    

                                    +  William Schoppman  b: 1866  d: Aug 11, 1928


        3.  Jacques Francois Cour  b: Doubs, France

        3.  Rose Cour  b: 1835 in Doubs, France  d: April 9, 1915 in USA  m: Sept 16, 1852

                +  Eleonor Morel

        3.  Claude Francois Alexander Cour  b: July 20, 1836 in Doubs, France  d: June 18, 1915 

                married July 18, 1863

                +  Marie Melanie Beuret  b: 1836 in Switzerland

                            4.  Claire Celestine Louise Bouverat Cour  b: July 7, 1857 in Ft. Wayne

                                    d: Dec 14, 1940 in Ft. Wayne (dau???   adopted dau????)

                            4.  Mary Cour  b: abt 1865

                            4.  Peter Cour  b: abt 1871

                            4.  Isabella Beuret Cour  b: abt 1875

                            4.  Emma Cour  b:     bt 1875

                            4.  Julian Cour  b: abt 1877


        3.  Julian Cour  b: 1838 in France

        3.  Jean Francois Cour  b: 1839 in France 






FAULKNER BURIALS .......... Descendants of Marie Clare Martin


Clara R. Faulkner

Huntertown, Perry Twp Cem., New

Indiana, Sept 10, 1903-Dec 27, 1928

D.M. and W.F.

Lot 134 B

Dorothy M. Faulkner

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

June 16, 1907-

Jan. 20, 1957

Lot 134 B

Grace E.


New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

1898- 1994


Lot 285 B

Merlin A. Bunting

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

1905-July 24, 1969


Lot 285 B

Myrtle M.


New Section, Perry

Twp Cemetery

May 10, 1900

Feb 15, 1993


Lot 285 B

Ralph R. Overly, Sr

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

March 5, 1894 –

March 6, 1974


WWI Veteran

Nettie Sophia Faulkner

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

July 4, 1881 –

Feb. 26, 1975

Lot 332 B

Willard F. Faulkner

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

Kosciusko Co, Sept 20, 1869 – 1935

(Chalfant)  D.M.

Lot 134 B

Verda B. Deal

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

May 7, 1905 –

Jan. 17, 1977


Lot 332 B

Leonard F. Deal

New Section, Perry Twp Cemetery

Jan. 25, 1898 –

Sept 20, 1975


Lot 332 B



MARTIN BURIALS at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Cemetery – Old Section  


Amelia Martin

1866 … 13 years


August Martin

Aug. 1, 1905   

75 years, 4 mos, 22 days


Carole Martin



Catherine Martin

1844 – 1915  Feb. 2, 1915

70 years


Catherine V. Martin

1896 – 1899


Charles J. Martin

Sept 9, 1801 –Feb 19, 1861

Wife, Frances, Amelia & Gerry

Christena Martin-Lardier

July 16, 1913 --   67 years

Wife of Francois

Clara A. Martin

1883 – 1955

William H.

Delphis Martin

1838 – 1925


Delphis C. Martin

1893-1903   (CR:  Apr.)


Elizabeth A. Martin

1879 – 1942


Florence Martin

1879 – 1957


Frances Martin

France April 10, 1801

Feb. 22, 1892


Frank C. Martin

1855 – 1919

Louise A.  CR: Mar 26, 1919

George C. Martin

1873 – 1942


Gerry Martin

1870 – 1889

Amelia, Chas, Frances

Infant Son



Joseph C. Martin

1865 – 1939


Josephine Martin

Oct 20, 1909

78 years, 2 mos, 5 days


Juanita Martin

1903 – 1922

Church Rec.  Dau. of George

June 27

Laura A. Martin

1871 – 1950


Leon Martin

Ch. Rec:  Feb 27, 1919


Louisa Bella Martin

Ch. Rec:  Jan 5, 1887 

6 months

Daughter of Frank and Louise

Louise A. Martin

1855 – 1924

Frank C.

Moses Martin

Church Rec: Sept 10, 1901


Nona Martin

Feb 29, 1876 – Dec 23, 1899

23 years, 9 months, 23 days

Wife of William H.

Ollie Martin

Perry Twp. 1875 – 1907

31 years, 1 month, 28 days

Jan 19, 1907

Peltier and Church records

William H. Martin

1868 – 1957

Clara A.


MARTIN BURIALS  -  St. Vincent – New Section


Adeline F. Martin

1892 –1972


McComb Funeral  

Clarence A. Martin

1888 – 1964



MARTIN BURIALS – Perry Township Cemetery  


Tillie Martin

1906 – 1967

O. E. S.

George R. Martin

Feb 25, 1981

Sheets Funeral Marker

Grace & Harold Martin

Lot owners