JOHN W. MALCOLM was born July 11, 1837 in Hamilton County, Ontario, Canada

He died, October 31, 1904. 




EMILY S. HITCHCOCK was born April 2, 1838 in Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England

She died August 4, 1896


John and Emily are both buried in Perry Township Cemetery, near Huntertown, IN.


Their children:


            JAMES W. MALCOLM, born 1860, died 1951


            EMMA ELIZABETH PRESTON, BORN 1856, DIED 1914, age 56  


                        MORLEY M. MALCOLM, born 1889, died Dec. 8, 1965

                        ETHEL MALCOLM, born 1886, died 1961

                        EUNA MALCOLM

                        EWING MALCOLM


                        James W. and Emma are buried in Perry Township Cemetery also.


            LIBBIE JANE MALCOLM, born about 1868

            WILLIAM MALCOLM, born about 1869

            ADELINE E. MALCOLM, born about 1873

            ROBERT S. MALCOLM, born about 1877, died 1960,

                        Married JENNIE E. , born 1882, died 1945 

            ELLA MALCOLM, born about 1874


            Also find in the Perry Township Cemetery these entries with John and Emily


            JENNIE L. MALCOLM, born August 18, 1868, died November 18, 1878

            MAUD MALCOLM, born Jan. 7, 1872, died Feb. 27, 1872

            MARY MALCOLM, born Oct. 4, 1878, died Feb. 4, 1881



1880 Census of Huntertown, Allen County, IN, page 191 D


John W. Malcolm      married          male, 45          born Canada              Carpenter

            Father born Scotland, Mother born England

Emily S. Malcolm     wife                 female, 40      born England            Keeps house

            Both parents born in England


James W. Malcolm   son, single      male, 20          born Canada              Carpenter

Libbie Jane Malcolm     dau.           female, 12      born IN                       At Home

William Malcolm      son, single      male, 11          born IN                       At Home

Adeline E. Malcolm daughter        female, 7        born IN                      

Ella Malcolm                         daughter        female, 6        born IN

Robert Malcolm        son                  male, 3            born IN



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 195 D


Edward Preston       married          male, 76          born England                 Retired Farmer

            Both parents born England

Jane Preston                         wife                 female, 54      born England      Keeps house


Emma E. Preston     dau, single     female, 24      born IN







MALCOLM, EMILY S.                    April 2, 1838-Aug. 4, 1896                wife of John


            PRESTON                             1856-1914        56Y    wife of James W. Malcolm

MALCOLM, JAMES W.                   1860-1951        91Y    wife, Emma

MALCOLM, JENNIE L.                  Aug. 18, 1868-Nov. 18, 1878

MALCOLM, JOHN                          July 11, 1837-Oct. 31, 1904              wife Emily

MALCOLM, MAUD                                     Jan. 7-Feb. 27, 1872                          Jennie




MALCOLM, EDNA C.                     1892-19___                 Morley

MALCOLM-DUNTEN, ETHEL     1886-1961                   Lohmon

MALCOLM, HORACE JACK         Nov. 12, 1881-Jan. 9, 1935                Leonora

MALCOLM, JACKIE LEE              1931-1934

MALCOLM, JENNIE E.                  1882-1945                   Robert

MALCOLM, KENNETH K.                        Dec. 8, 1921               4 weeks

MALCOLM, LEONORA                  1881-1972                   Horace J.

MALCOLM, MARY E.                     Oct. 16, 1916              1 week

MALCOLM, MORLEY M.               1889-Dec. 8, 1965      Edna

MALCOLM, ROBERT S.                 1877-1960                   Jennie





John William Malcolm was born July 11, 1837 in Hamilton County, Ontario, to JOHN MALCOLM and ELIZA WRIGHT.  John spent his childhood in Hamilton and developed a trade as a carpenter by 1858.  On April 16, 1859, he married EMILY SARAH HITCHCOCK in St. George the Martyr Church in Toronto, Ontario.  Emily Sarah was born in Suffolk, Eng.


On November 9, 1859, John William Malcolm emigrated from Toronto, Ontario, to Fort Wayne, Indiana, by way of Port Huron, Michigan.  His first address was a rooming house on West Washington St. in Fort Wayne.  His wife and firstborn son, JAMES WORTHINGTON MALCOLM, arrived from Ontario sometime later;  the family lived on Baker St. in Fort Wayne before moving to Huntertown about 1870.  John was a brick mason and a carpenter and built their house on Edgerton St. in Huntertown.  He also built Huntertown’s first brick school house in 1890.  His career included the position as Superintendent of Universalist Church in Huntertown. 


JOHN W. MALCOLM and EMILY had a family of 10 children:

            JAMES W.








            MARY ELLEN



JOHN W. MALCOLM died on October 31, 1904 and his wife

EMILY MALCOLM died August 16, 1890

They are both buried in the Old section of Perry Township Cemetery




James Worthington Malcolm was born February 5, 1860 in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Allen County with his family as a boy.  JAMES W. married EMMA ELIZABETH PRESTON on December 12, 1885, in Huntertown, Allen County, IN.  The had four children:







JAMES W. MALCOLM was a carpenter and a farmer.  He had a farm of approximately 180 acres on Lima Road about one mile north of Huntertown.  His granddaughter remembers him making a toy musical instrument out of cornstalk and rosin.  He was a lifelong member of the Huntertown Methodist Church.  He died on December 2, 1951.  His wife, Emma, died on February 10, 1914.  They are both buried in the Old Section of Perry Township Cemetery.




Morley Malcolm was the second oldest of four children born to JAMES WORTHINGTON MALCOLM and EMMA ELIZABETH PRESTON.  He was born on August 23, 1889 in Perry Township.  He was educated in a one room school located one quarter mile south of the farm home.  On October 15, 1913 MORLEY married EDNA CATHERINE PULVER at the Trinity M.E. Church parsonage in Fort Wayne.  EDNA was born on October 20, 1892.  She was the second of three children born to FRANKLIN R. PULVER and MARY M. KELL at their home on Coldwater Road in Perry Township.  After their marriage MORLEY and EDNA lived across the road from the home farm on Lima Road.  To them the following nine children were born:


            MARJORIE R. MALCOLM (1914) married LESTER POOL

            MARY ELIZABETH (1916) died at birth

            DONALD J. MALCOLM (1917) married HILLIS KNAFEL

                                                            And P. RITA LEATHER

            JOHN H. MALCOLM (1919) married PHYLLIS SIBLE

                                                            And MARIETTA RATHERTY

            KENNETH R. MALCOLM (1921) died at birth

            MAURICE E. MALCOLM (1923) married ALBERTA VEAZY

            JEAN I. MALCOLM (1927) married DONALD PONTIUS

            ROBERT M. MALCOLM (1929) married BEVERLY GILLEN

            JACKIE L. MALCOLM (1931) died at age three


They had 16 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.

MORLEY MALCOLM died on October 31, 1965;  his wife, EDNA died on December 7, 1987

They are both buried in the New Section of Perry Township Cemetery


(submitted by Jean I. Malcolm Pontius, daughter of Morley Malcolm)




Ralph and Bernice Malcolm, Route 1, 3533 Shoaff Road, Huntertown, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on August 28 in St. Vincent’s gym on Wallen Road from 1-5 p.m. with an open house.


The couple was married in St. Vincent’s Church on August 26, 1933.  Mr. Malcolm is a retired farmer.


Children of the couple are:


            RICHARD MALCOLM, Fort Wayne

            DAVID MALCOLM, Fort Wayne

            JOSEPH MALCOLM, Huntertown

            KENNETH MALCOLM, LaOtto

            RAYMOND MALCOLM, LaOtto

            MARY SMITH, Fort Wayne

            THERESA RIVIR, LaOtto

            BARBARA RICHARDSON, Huntertown


There are 21 Grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.