From B.J. Griswold, THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, and THE STORY OF THE TOWNSHIPS OF ALLEN COUNTY, by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 1917


The KELLS were of Franco-German descent.  JACOB KELL came to Perry in 1843, and entered, in all, 120 acres of land.  He earned the money with which to furnish his own house by splitting rails at 75 cents per hundred, furnishing the timber and boarding himself while doing the work.  JACOB KELL was a "Regulator" and served as township trustee for 4 years.  Industry, not speculation, was ever the method of Mr. Kell, who amassed thereby a 1000 acres of Allen county's best farming land, 800 of which was incorporated in his homestead farm.       


SOLOMON KELL, his son, received a good education at the Perry Centre Seminary, after which he taught for 5 years, a part of that time as a resident of Iowa, where he was honored with public office, returning to his native township in Indiana, and took a similar position to that of his father in the estimation of the community.  He was a constable, and a "Regulator", in both of which capacities he did his full duty. 


From THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE and ANNALS OF THE TOWNSHIPS, 1887 edition, Reprint by  Brant and Fuller, Madison, Wisconsin, page 325


JACOB KELL, an old and successful farmer of Perry township, is a native of France, born July 10, 1818, son of GEORGE and MAGDALENE KELL, both of German descent.  At 10 years of age he emigrated with his parents to America and first settled in Wayne county, Ohio.  In October, 1843, he removed to Indiana and settled on the farm where he now lives, buying 80 acres of land, and afterward entering forty acres, all timbered land.  He began work for MR. NEWHOUSE, making rails for 75 cents per hundred, and furnished the timber and boarded himself.  By this labor he bought his house furniture.  He cleared and fenced 10 acres and in the summer following he raised some corn and potatoes.  In a few years he had a beau-tiful farm.  In 1841 he was united in marriage with Catharine Weimer, and they had 5 children, 3 of whom are living:




This wife was born March 27, 1824, and departed this life November 2, 1852.  She was a member of the Cedar Creek Presbyterian church.  On July 7, 1855, he was married to CATHERINE M., daughter of JOHN and MARY (CROUS) FONER, and they had the following children:


MARY MAGDALENE, JOHN (died at the age of 17), EMMA, HIRAM A., (died aged 21), EDNA VIOLA (died at age 5), BERTHA MAY and FREDERICK JACOB. 


Mrs. Kell was born in Pennsylvania, April 19, 1828.  She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church at Huntertown.  Mr. Kell was a member of the Regulators for protection of property in Allen county.  He has served his township as trustee 4 years.  He makes a specialty of the best grades of all kinds of stock.  He has prospered in life, and now owns about 1,000 acres of fine farming land in Allen county, and his home place, being the old homestead, consisting of about 800 acres, is handsomely improved, with good buildings.  His accumulations have been by industry, not through speculation, and he is esteemed as one of the prominent citizens and representative farmers of his township.



SOLOMON KELL, of Perry township, was born August 23, 1842, son of the above named JACOB and CATHARINE KELL.  He was raised in Allen county, and received a good education, attending the Perry Center seminary 4 or 5 years, and studying all the higher branches, after which he followed the vocation of teacher for 5 years.  Part of this period subsequent to 1868, he was a resident of Iowa.  He was there elected trustee of his township, but after being in office 2 years, returned to Perry township.  In 1865 he was united in marriage with EMELINE, daughter of JOHN and ELIZA KRIDER, born in 1845.  Her parents were pioneers of Allen county.  This union was blessed with 5 children:




Mr. Kell is a constable, or one of the riders of the “Regulators” who have done much in the past to rid Allen county of outlaws.  Being a resolute man, he is very earnest in his work, and does his full share in helping to bring to punishment these enemies of law and good society.  Like his worthy father, he occupies one of the first places in estimation of his township.  He has a fine farm of 80 acres, with a good two-story frame dwelling house and commodious barn. 





1.  John George Kell b: May 21, 1789 in France/Germany  d: July 4, 1861 in Allen Co., IN

            +  Mary Magdelane Mutchler  b: 1791 in Alsace, France  d: 1875 in Allen Co., IN


                        2.  George Kell  b: March 26, 1816  d: May 5, 1886 in Allen Co., IN

                                married Feb 17, 1842

                                    +  Elizabeth Newhouse  b: Aug 8, 1815 in OH,  d: March 13, 1883


                                                3.  Eliza Jane Kell  b: Jan 10, 1861  d: April 4, 1927

                                                            +  Allen Sterling b: 1856


                        2.  Jacob Kell  b: July 10, 1818 in Alsace-Lorraine, France  d: Aug 31, 1904

                               in Allen Co., IN    married 1841

                                    +  Catherine Wimer (Weimer)  b: March 27, 1824 in PA

                                           d: Nov 2, 1852


                                                3.  Solomon Kell  b: Aug 23, 1842  d: Jan 31, 1915  m: 1865

                                                            +  Emeline Krider  b: June 14, 1846  d: July 29, 1912


                                                                        4.  Alice May Kell   b: abt 1866

                                                                        4.  Eliza Maud Kell  b: abt 1868

                                                                                married Jan 11, 1888 in Allen Co., IN 

                                                                                    +  Augustine E.M. Martin 

                                                                                           b: Aug 17, 1868 

                                                                        4.  Mabel Ellen Kell  b: abt 1873  m: 1899

                                                                                    +  Lewis Michael

                                                                        4.  Charles E. Kell  1874-1947

                                                                                    +  Lulu A.  1871-1961

                                                                        4.  Grace Gertrude Kell


                                                3.  George V. Kell  b: Feb 3, 1846  d: Sept 8, 1918

                                                        married Oct 1, 1867 in Fort Wayne, IN

                                                            +  Alice Hatch  b: Dec 8, 1846  d: Sept 8, 1906


                                                                        4.  Gertrude Wilma Kell  b: Feb 21, 1870

                                                                               in Taylor Co., Iowa   d: 1967

                                                                        4.  Louise Abigail Kell  b: April 16, 1872 in

                                                                               Iowa  d: Aug 26, 1954 in Garrett

                                                                        4.  Jessie Ellen Kell  b: Nov 25, 1874  d: 1968

                                                                        4.  Beatrice A. Kell  b: Sept 27, 1876  d: 1961

                                                                        4.  V. George Robert Kell  b: Sept 10, 1878

                                                                                d: March 6, 1953   married June 1909 KS

                                                                                    +  May Jenette Brown

                                                                        4.  Frank Basil Kell  b: May 2, 1881  d: Aug 13

                                                                               1954  m: Jan 11, 1902

                                                                                    +  Olive A. Williams  b: March 17,

                                                                                          1880  d: Nov 16, 1957

                                                                        4.  Walter Vincent Kell  b: March 24, 1889

                                                                                d: 1973    married Nov 28, 1913

                                                                                    +  Myrtle M. Snyder  1892-1986

                                                                        4.  Dorothy Alice Kell b: Nov 20, 1884

                                                                                married Sept 9, 1909

                                                                                    +  John Clinton Rundles


                                                3.  Amelia Ellen Kell  b: Jan 16, 1849  d: May 2, 1922

                                                        married Sept 28, 1869

                                                            +  Theron Versil Hatch  b: Oct 7, 1845  d: Aug 9, 1928


                                                                        4.  Clinton Jacob Hatch  b: May 1889  d: 1938

                                                                                    +  Lovetta  (from 1930 census)

                                                                        4.  Arthur Hatch  b: July 1872

                                                                                    +  Cora M.  b: Feb 1873  (1900 census)

                                                                        4.  Edwin Jason Hatch  b: Jan 27, 1874

                                                                                married May 1, 1907

                                                                                    +  Verne L. Bosler

                                                                        4.  Ethel May Hatch  b: Abt. 1877  D: Sept 16,



                                                3.  David Kell  b: april 16, 1851  d:  April 10, 1852

                                                3.  Isaac H. Kell  b:  Aug 16, 1852


                        2nd wife of Jacob Kell, married July 7, 1855 

                                    +  Catherine M. Foner,  b: April 19, 1828 in PA  d: March 5, 1912


                                                3.  Mary Magdalene Kell  b: July 29, 1856  d: Oct 1936

                                                       married April 11, 1889

                                                            +  Frank Rowley Pulver  b: Dec 15, 1851 in NY

                                                                  d: Jan 19, 1931


                                                                        4.  Harry J. Pulver  b: March 23, 1890

                                                                               d: Nov 27, 1977  m:  Oct 18, 1911

                                                                                    +  Grace Marie Tate  b: Feb 18, 1892

                                                                        4.  Edna Catherine Pulver  b: Oct 20, 1892

                                                                               d: Dec 7, 1987 in FL  m: Oct 15, 1913

                                                                                    +  Morley Milner Malcolm  b: Aug 23,

                                                                                          1889  d: Oct or Dec 1965

                                                                        4.  Carl T. Pulver  b: April 10, 1895  d: Aug

                                                                               1986   married June 5, 1919

                                                                                    +  Beulah Garman  b: abt 1904


                                                3.  John Arthur Kell  b: Nov 1, 1857  d: Aug 4, 1875 at 18

                                                3.  Emma Catharene Kell  b: Sept 1, 1858  d: Dec 5, 1928

                                                       married April 19, 1883 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  George Ellis Dunten  b: april 1858  d: June 3, 1938


                                                                        4.  Louis Herbert Dunten  b: Aug 3, 1889

                                                                                d: June 23, 1976 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Bess Devilbiss  b: Dec 7, 1890

                                                                                          d: May 23, 1979

                                                                        4.  Alda May Dunten  1902-1933


                                                3.  Hiram Arthur Kell  b: March 10, 1862  d: Aug 2, 1883

                                                3.  Edna Viola Kell  b: June 2, 1867  d: Feb 1, 1873 at age 5

                                                3.  Bertha May Kell  b: June 20, 1869  d: Feb 8, 1956

                                                       married Sept 25, 1890

                                                            +  John Emrich (Emrick)  b: Aug 29, 1865 

                                                                  d: Feb 26, 1938

                                                3.  Frederick Jacob Kell  b: June 30, 1872  d: Aug 4, 1959

                                                       married April 10, 1900 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Florence Bessie Fitch  b: May 10, 1875 

                                                                  d: July 9, 1942


                                                                        4.  Carolyn Kell  b: June 8, 1901  d: May 11,

                                                                               1995   married June 9, 1923

                                                                                    +  Clarence Perry Davis  b: Nov 28,

                                                                                           1892  d: March 31, 1965

                                                                        4.  Sarah Elizabeth Kell  b: July 12, 1902

                                                                               married June 7, 1934 in Allen Co., IN

                                                                                    +  Earl Eugene DeBolt  b: Feb 13,

                                                                                          1896  d: May 19, 1957 in FL

                                                                        4.  Frederick Jacob Kell  b: March 16, 1904

                                                                               d: July 11, 1003  m:  Nov 15, 1930

                                                                                    +  Elsie Cornelia Aden  b: Dec 1, 1903

                                                                                          in IL   d: May 1, 1987 in Allen Co.

                                                                        4.  Mary Ellen Kell  b: Feb 2, 1907  d: Oct 18,

                                                                               2002   married Oct 27, 1935

                                                                                    +  Dewey Sylvester Arnold  b: Oct 19,

                                                                                           1900  d: March 16, 1984

                                                                        4.  Thomas Kell  b: Nov 9, 1908  d: Aug 30,

                                                                                1910 in Allen Co., IN


                        2.  Margaret Kell  b: 1820 in Alsace-Lorraine, France  d: 1881 not married

                        2.  Catherine Kell  b: June 29, 1824 in Alsace-Lorraine, France (or Jan 29)

                               d:  Jan 23, 1887   married May 16, 1850

                                    +  Phanuel White Jackson  b: May 19, 1827 in Maine  d: March 24,

                                           1911 in Allen Co., IN


                                                3.  Mercy Magdelene Jackson  b: 1851  d: 1939  m: 1874

                                                            +  William Oscar Ream  1850-1933


                                                                        4.  Jesse E. Ream  b: Aug 27, 1877 

                                                                                d: June 7, 1949

                                                                        4.  Pearl William Ream  b: Oct 12, 1879

                                                                               d: April 28, 1955 or 58  married 1906

                                                                                    +  Grace Odessa Tonkel 1886-1967

                                                                        4.  Katie Arloa Ream  b: Sept 30, 1881

                                                                               d: Nov 16, 1967  m: Feb 1, 1900

+  Marion Gump  b: Nov 3, 1866

       d: Aug 9, 1928  

                                                                        4.  Belle Ream  1893-1969   married 1924

                                                                                    +  George Aikens  b: Sept 24, 1898

                                                                                           d: Jan 1979

                                                                        4.  Carrie Ream

                                                                                    +  Dale Tonkel

                                                                        4.  Bertha V. Ream

                                                                                    +  Delmar Tonkel

                                                                        4.  Ivy or Irvy Ream

                                                                                    +  Moss


                                                3.  Cordelia M. Jackson  b: Aug 18, 1855  d: Jan 26, 1879

                                                3.  Margaret Delilah Jackson  b: abt 1859  d: 1946

                                                            +  Gillette

                                                3.  Ira Jackson  b: abt 1862

                                                3.  Amelia N. Jackson  b: Oct 2, 1864  d: 1941 

                                                        married Sept 15, 1885

                                                            +  John Samson McComb  b: July 7, 1855 

                                                                  d: Nov 1, 1932


                                                                        4.  Hubert J. McComb  b: July 12, 1886

                                                                                    +  Addie Shore

                                                                        4.  Cleo McComb  1889-1890

                                                                        4.  Forest Jackson McComb  b: Oct 2, 1896

                                                                                d: Aug 8, 1978  married Dec 31, 1918

                                                                                (farm was present site of Perry Hill Sch)

                                                                                    +  Clara Belle Gump  b: Feb 10, 1902

                                                                                           d: April 1, 1973 auto accident

                                                                        4.  Fordyce McComb

                                                                                    +  Rosella Helwig

                                                                        4.  Charles Arthur McComb

                                                                                    +  Leta Valentine

                                                                        4.  Bertha McComb

                                                                                    +  Clyde Sheets


                        2.  Magdalena Kell  b: Feb 6, 1829  d: Feb 26, 1880  married Nov 18, 1858

                                    +  Alexander S. Stirlen  b: Dec 24, 1832 in Holmes, OH  d: 1909 in IN


                                                3.  Martha Stirlen  b: abt 1860

                                                3.  John Stirlen  b: abt 1863

                                                3.  William J. Stirlen  b: abt 1865  d: March 26, 1945

                                                            +  Blanche  b: about 1880


                                                                        4.  Richard Stirlen  b: 1910  d: Sept 22, 1929

                                                                        4.  Donald Stirlen  b: 1905  d: Dec 1965

                                                                                    +  Clara

                                                                        4.  Harold E. Stirlen  b: Jan 27, 1901  d: July

                                                                                15, 1980 in Rome City, Noble Co., IN

                                                                                 married June 18, 1927

                                                                                    +  Agnes Marjorie Hollopeter  b: May

                                                                                          7, 1907  d: March 28, 1994

                                                                        4.  Lena Stirlen  b: abt 1903


                                                3.  George Stirlen  b: abt 1867

                                                3.  Edgar-Edward Theron Stirlen  b: abt 1869

                                                            +  Catharine Cora Chapman  b: abt 1871  d: Dec 1942


                                                                        4.  Margaret Mary Stirlen

                                                                                    +  Bibby

                                                                        4.  Lucile Stirlen 

                                                                                    +  Waters

                                                                        4.  Georgia Stirlen

                                                                                    +  King

                                                                        4.  Roy D. Stirlen

                                                                        4.  Melvin O. Stirlen

                                                                        4.  Charles Rex Colorick Stirlen

                                                                        4.  Soloman Alexander Stirlen

                                                                        4.  Theron Stirlen

                                                                        4.  Robert Stirlen


                        2.  John Kell  b: abt 1831  d: 1898  (moved to Iowa and Texas)  

                                    +  Martha L.  b: abt 1842 in PA


                                                3.  Clifford Kell b: 1868 in Taylor Co., Iowa

                                                3.  Chester Kell

                                                3.  Guy Arthur Kell  d: Oct 1954 in the West

                                                            +  Maggie Kay Moutrey  d: Feb 1972

                                                3.  Magdalene Kell  b: May 27, 1891

                                                            +  Alton Hardin  b: March 1, 1878  d: June 10, 1958








George V. Kell    (1846-1918)


The Griswold, -Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914 / comp. by B.J. Griswold


With all of appreciative consistency may it be said that Hon. George V. Kell is one of the prominent, influential and representative of his native county, and his loyalty and progressiveness have been shown along lines that have tended greatly to conserve civic and material advancement and prosperity in his home county and state. The owner of a splendidly improved landed estate in Eel River township, Mr. Kell here stands exemplar of the best in modern and scientific agricultural and livestock industry; he is president of the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association; is a member of the directorate of the Citizens’ Trust Company of Fort Wayne, and has not only represented Allen county in the lower branch of the state legislature but has also given equally loyal and public-spirited service as a member of the state senate. Thus it will be seen that there are many salient points that make consonant the according of special recognition to this sterling and popular citizen within the pages of this history. He is a scion of one of the sterling pioneer families of Allen county and on the old homestead of his parents, in Perry township, this county, his birth occurred, February 3, 1846. While the ancestry of Mr. Kell is in large measure of German order he takes pride in reverting to the fact that his great-great-grandmother on the paternal side was a near kinswoman of the Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Mr. Kell is a son of Jacob and Mary Katherine  (Weimer) Kell, the former of whom was born in Germany and the latter was a native of Ohio, but of German ancestry. The father of Mr. Kell settled in Allen county when much of this section of the state was little more than a forest wilderness, and developed a productive farm in Perry township, where both he and his wife passed the residue of their earnest and useful lives. George V. Kell was reared to the invigorating discipline of the pioneer farm and in his youth was favored in receiving good educational advantages, as he was able to attend the Perry Center Seminary, which occupied a site on one corner of his father’s farm and which was in its day one of the best educational institutions in Indiana. Mr. Kell’s father and two other specially liberal and influential citizens of the county established this admirable school and for a considerable period provided for its maintenance. The principal of the seminary was Professor Timothy Titus Tilden, who had been graduated in Dartmouth College and was an educator of exceptional ability and enthusiasm, his name meriting high place in the records of educational history in Indiana. At the age of sixteen years George V. Kell completed the curriculum of this excellent school, and in the meanwhile the Civil War had been precipitated. He was unable to prevail upon his parents to permit him to enlist and go forth as a soldier of the Union, as he was but fifteen years old when the war began, and this parental refusal did not dampen his youthful patriotism and loyalty, though it made impossible their desired fruition in action. Until he had attained to his legal majority Mr. Kell continued to assist in the work and management of the home farm during the summer seasons and during the intervening winters did effective service as a teacher in the district schools. At the age of twenty-one years, in 1867, was solemnized his marriage to Miss Alice Hatch, and their bridal tour or honeymoon trip was made through the medium of a team and covered wagon, a veritable “prairie schooner,” which they became pioneer settlers and Mr. Kell purchased a tract of two hundred and forty acres of land. To the reclaiming, improving operation of this farm he continued to give his attention for the ensuing six years, and the ill health of Mrs. Kell then led them to return from the west to the old home in Allen county. Here they established themselves the fine estate comprises two hundred acres of the most fertile land in Eel River township, the while the improvements of permanent order are of the best type, including a large and attractive farm residence that has become widely known  as a center of generous and unostentatious hospitality, with Mrs. Kell as its gracious and popular chatelaine. Apropos of Mr. Kell’s sojourn in Iowa in the pioneer days, it may be noted that while there he again gave his attention to teaching school for a time, and an indication of the sparsely settled condition of the country in that period is conveyed in the statement that his school district embraced four townships in four different counties and that in this pioneer district, comprehensive in area, there were only twelve children to be mustered as pupils in the little school house. Mr. Kell became influential in public affairs in his community and, though he was the only Democrat in his township, his popularity was such that he was elected township trustee, an office of which he continued the incumbent four years. He was still a resident of Iowa at the time of the national election of 1872, notable as that in which Horace Greeley appeared as presidential candidate on a fusion ticket, against General Grant, the Republican candidate, Charles O’Conner, of New York, as the “straight-out” Democratic candidate, besides which a Temperance was in the field also. In this election Mr. Kell gave his support to O’Conner, and from that time to the present has invariably voted the regular Democratic ticket in all national elections as well as in state elections. He has been one of the strenuous and well fortified workers in the ranks of his party, has been a delegate to many of its state and congressional conventions in Indiana, has been a member of executive committee of the party for this state and has served with characteristic loyalty and ability in both houses of the Indiana legislature, in which his record has become a very part of the legislative history of this commonwealth. While a member of the house of representatives he became widely known as the author of the Kell bill for the promotion and regulation of farmer’ mutual fire insurance companies, and he also introduced and ably championed several other bills that came to enactment and have proved of enduring value to the state. While in the senate he earnestly supported the Nicholson bill, for the regulation of the liquor traffic in the state, though his championship of this measure brought protest from some of the leaders of his party. Without fear or favor, in his legislative career, as in all other relation of a signally active and useful life, Mr. Kell invariably took his stand in consonance with his judgment and conscientious convictions, and to do the right as he has seen the right has been an intrinsic functioning of his very nature. He and his wife have long been zealous members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and for nearly forty years he has been a member of the board of trustees of the church of this denomination at Huntertown, which thriving little city is his post office address. He is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, including Scottish Rite bodies, and was formerly an active member of the Patrons of Husbandry. In connection with his well ordered operations as a progressive agriculturist and stock-grower Mr. Kell has achieved more than local prominence and reputation in the breeding of standard-bred horses, and from his farm have gone forth many fine roadsters as well as trotting horses that have made excellent turf records. The marriage of Mr. Kell to Miss Alice Hatch was solemnized in 1867, as before noted, and Mrs. Kell likewise was born and reared in Allen county, her parents, Newman and Abigail Hatch, having come to his county in the pioneer days from the state of New York. Mr and Mrs. Kell became the parents of eight children, all of whom are living, namely: Gertrude, Louise, Jessie E. Beatrice, George Robert, Frank B., Dorothy, and Walter. Dorothy was for four years a successful teacher in the schools of the Philippine Islands and is now the wife of J. C. Rundles, of Eel River township.




1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN


George Kell               62        Male               Farmer           1500                born France

Mary M.                     60        Female                                                           born France

Magdalena                 21        Female                                                           born Ohio

John                            19        Male               Laborer                                  born Ohio



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN


Jacob Kell                  married          male, 63          born Alsace, FR        Farmer

            Both parents born Alsace

Catherine Kell          wife                 female, 53      born PA                      Keeps house

            Father born New Jersey, Mother born PA


Mary Kell                  dau, single     female, 23      born IN                       At home

Emma Kell                dau, single     female, 19      born IN                       At home

Arthur Kell               son, single      male, 18          born IN                       Farm laborer

May Kell                    daughter        female, 10      born IN

Fred Kell                   son                  male, 7            born IN


Anthony Ganglief     other               male, 20          born Ohio                   Farm laborer



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   188 B


Solomon Kell             married          male, 36          born Ohio                   Farmer

            Father born Alsace, Mother born IN

Emma Kell                wife                 female, 34      born IN                       Keeps house

            Father born Ohio, Mother born IN


Alice Kell                   daughter        female, 14      born IN                       At home

Maud Kell                  daughter        female, 12      born IN                       At school

Ella Kell                    daughter        female, 7        born IN          

Charles Kell              son                  male, 5            born IN


John Nusdorfer         other, single  male, 34          born Prussia              Farm laborer



1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen County, IN 179 D


V. George Kell          married          male, 34          born IN                       Farmer

            Father born France,  Mother born PA

Alice Kell                   wife                 female, 33      born IN                       Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born NY


Gerty Kell                 daughter        female, 10      born Iowa 

Loua Kell                   daughter        female, 8        born Iowa

Jessey Kell                daughter        female, 6        born Iowa

Beatrice Kell                         daughter        female, 3        born IN

V. George Kell          son                  male, 1            born IN


Jefferson Bricen       other, single  male, 21          born Ohio                   Farmhand

            Both parents born Ohio

Harlon Hartwell       other, single  male, 19          born IN                       Farmhand

Lina Benton              other, single  female, 18      born IN                       Servant

            Father born England, Mother born Ohio



1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN, page 196 B


George Kell               married          male, 63          born France  

            Both parents born in France

Elizabeth Kell           wife                 female, 63      born Ohio                   Keeps house

            Father born PA, Mother born MD


Eliza Jane Kell         dau, single     female, 19      born IN



From Perry Township Cemetery, near Huntertown, IN


GEORGE KELL, born 1816, died May 5, 1886, aged 70 years, 3 months, 25 days

ELIZABETH KELL, born 1816, died March 13, 1883, aged 67 years, 7 months, 9 d

                                    Elizabeth born Wayne Co., Ohio “wife of George”


Marriage recorded as February 17, 1842 in Perry Township, Allen Co., IN





ALICE HATCH KELL                     1846-1906, wife of G. V.

ARCHIE E. KELL                            Aug. 15, 1896, Sept. 8, 1897, son of C. & L.

MAY B. KELL EMRICH                 1869-1956

BEATRICE A. KELL                       1876-1961

CATHARINE KELL                                    1828-1912

CHARLES E. KELL                                     1874-1947

EDNA V. KELL                                June 2, 1867 – Feb. 1, 1873 

ELIZABETH KELL                                     March 13, 1883, 67y 7m 9d, wife of George

                                                               Wayne Co., Ohio

EMMELINE KELL                          Allen Co., June 14, 1846 – July 29, 1912 

                                                               Solomon (Klaehn Rec.)

FLORENCE BESSIE KELL                       1875-1942, Thomas and Frederick

                                                               (Klaehn Rec:  Perry Twp., May 10, 1875-

                                                                July 8, 1942)

FRANK B. KELL                              1880-1954      

FREDERICK KELL                                     1872-1959, Thomas and Florence

GEORGE KELL                               May 5, 1886, 70y 3m 25d, Elizabeth

                                                               (Peltier Rec:  Alsace, Germany)

GEORGE V. KELL                          1846-1918, wife Alice Hatch

GEO. V. KELL                                  1905-1975

GERTRUDE W. KELL                    1870-1967

JACOB KELL                                   July 10, 1818 – August 31, 1904

                                                               (Klaehn Rec., Germany)

JACOB VICTOR KELL                   1933-1934, Perry Twp., Dec. 10, 1933 –

                                                               Jan. 28, 1934

JAMES B. KELL                              1913-1932

JESSIE E. KELL                              1874-1968

JOHN A. KELL                                Nov. 1, 1857 – Aug. 4, 1875, 18 y, Peltier Rec.

JOHN G. KELL                                July 4, 1861, 72y 1m 13d, Mary

LOUIE A. KELL                               1872-1954      

LULU A. KELL                                 1871-1961,  Chas. E.

M. ARTHUR KELL                          March 10, 1862 – Aug. 2, 1883, 21 y

MARGARET KELL                          1820-1881

MARY CATHARINE KELL            April 19, 1828 – March 5, 1912 (Klaehn Rec.)

                                                               See Catharine Kell above

MARY M. KELL                               1791-1875  J. G.

MARY M. KELL-PULVER              1856-1936

MYRTLE M. KELL                          1892 -              Walter, O.E.S.

OLIVE A. KELL                               1880-1957 (Nov. 11, 1957, 77 y)

SOLOMON KELL                            Wayne Co., Ohio, Aug. 23, 1842 – Jan. 31, 1915

                                                               Emmeline (Klaehn Rec.)

THOMAS KELL                               1908-1910,  Frederick & Florence

VICTOR KELL                                 (Lot Records;  Jacob’s son)

WALTER V. KELL                           1889-1973, Myrtle, Masonic Emblem



Kell’s Roots run deeply into Huntertown’s history


By Julia Scher as printed in the Northwest Allen County News, April 22, 1987


Jacob Kell’s roots run deeply into the soil of Huntertown’s history.  His memories of the last 80 or so years are also the memories of Huntertown and an age past.


Kell’s grandfather, also named Jacob, was an early settler in the area, coming from Alsace Lorraine in France in the 1880’s.  The original family name was KOEHL.  He bought an 80- acre farm, a 100-acre farm and an additional 20 acres for around $5,000.  “That was the going price back then,” Jacob said.


His father, Fred Kell, “somewhere along the line after he got out of gradeschool, he got music in his head.”  Fred went to St. Louis to study the guitar.  “About that time my mother, Bessie Fitch, got out of high school, granddad Kell kind of got in his head there wasn’t much money in music so he gave dad a talking to and moved him out here,” Jacob said.  Fred built the house where Jacob now lives in the year his son was born.  Jacob lived most of his life either in his father’s house or in one across the road.


His grandfather died when he was about 85 years old.  He was a hard worker until the day he died.  “They were building a barn and they were all gone one Sunday.  He got out there to work and he fell and cracked his head.  He only lived three or four days.”


“My grandfather Fitch, that’s another story.  I can’t remember him working very much after I got around.  One branch of Cedar Creek ran in back of Grandfather Fitch’s house.  My father never went fishing, period.  If we kids wanted to go fishing, we’d go up there and he’d take us down by the creek.  If we didn’t catch any rock bass or anything, he generally had some he’d caught and threw up in the old horse tank.  He died in 1920 or ’22   (it was 1923).  He never got to see our electric lights.  We got ours in 1939.  Grandfather Fitch ran a water-powered sawmill on the Fitch Road.  “It was still there when I was a kid, but it wasn’t in operation any more.”


Jacob’s oldest sister, Carolyn Davis, went to school at Central High School in Fort Wayne, riding the old interurban.  She taught for a time and then married and raised a family.


His sister, Sarah Elizabeth DeBolt, attended Garrett High School for a while and then went to Huntertown where she was a member of the second graduating class.  She attended school in Cleveland in library science and ran the Huntertown library for a time, when it was in the current Town Hall building.  She then took nursing training at St. Joseph’s Hospital and was a nurse at the Irene Byron Sanatorium, on Lima Road, when it was famous as a hospital for people with tuberculosis.  Sarah married Earl DeBolt and the couple moved to Florida.


His youngest sister, Mary Ellen Arnold, also attended Garrett and Huntertown.  She studied the piano and gave lessons for a time.  She married Dewey Arnold.  She lives on the Johnson Road.  His sister recently helped Jacob celebrate his 85th birthday in March.  Jacob went to school and worked for his father.  He and Elsie were married during the height of the Depression in 1930.


Elsie tells how they met at the old Barr Street Market in Fort Wayne.  Her family ran a bakery on Illinois Road and sold their goods at the market.  Jacob and his father sold apples at the market.  “My mother, I don’t know if she did it on purpose, but anyway, she needed apples for the pies, so she sent me around the old city hall there, to see about the apples.

Well, Jacob that’s where he was selling apples.  They had an orchard out here, beautiful fruit.  That’s how we got acquainted.  I just often wondered if she didn’t meet him and might have had ideas about getting me acquainted with him.  She thought it was time I was getting married because I was almost 26 years old when I got married.”


“So right at the bottom of the Depression we decided to get married,” Jacob said.  “The bottom just dropped out.  The stock market wasn’t near as wild as it is today, but it just, Blewey!”  “It was terrible back then,” Elsie said, “They told us we were fools to try and get married at that time.”


“We didn’t suffer.  I mean, we were on a farm;  you couldn’t starve to death.  You know how to get food,” Jacob said.  “You take some of the people from town who had good jobs and they didn’t even know they could go to the elevator and get some corn ground and have mush and milk.  They were that dumb.  It’s pretty hard to starve farm people out.”


The couple’s wedding was postponed a week because “dad had 10 acres of corn over here and he decided to run it through the shredder and I had to be there to help.  After we got married, we had 30 acres of corn to shuck by hand.  The way you get that done is you get your chores done and you get out there when the sun’s coming up and work until it goes down.”


“We knew what it was to get up at 4 a.m. and we haven’t gotten out of the habit yet,” Elsie said.  “That’s the best time of the day for me still.”


The couple moved into the house across the road and worked the farm there.  They have two children.  Ann Lyons, who lives in the house she grew up in, and Jacob Frederick (Fred), who lives next door.  A son, Victor, died in infancy.


In the 1940’s, Willard Knop, approached Jacob about starting a well digging operation.  “They found an old piece of junk, to start the well drilling and it just grew so fast, they had to begin improving their machinery,”  Elsie said.


“I had been helping Mr. Knop do some plumbing and he wondered if he bought that old well rig if we couldn’t do some well work,” Jacob said.  “We used that old piece of junk for a year and then had another one made.  We gathered up parts and took them to a welder in Huntertown named Pat Hagy.”  That’s still on the truck;  they still use it.


“I was with Willard Knop for five years.  The week Fred graduated from high school, he’d helped some in the summer, why, Mr. Knop wanted to sell out.  I guess that’s getting it thrown in your lap.  We, Fred and I, were in that partnership for quite a while until five years ago.  Fred still owns the business.  We thought we could farm and drill wells, but that became too much.  About the time you wanted to milk, someone would come around and talk wells.”


The couple didn’t take a trip until 1932 when they went to the World’s Fair in Chicago.  The next trip was to the Black Hills in 1939.  “That’s what got us started,” Elsie said.  “We went on a trip every fall from that time on.” 


“That’s what you want to do,” Jacob said.  “When you’re young, if there’s someplace you want to go, why, get going.  That’s the time to do it.  We didn’t always have a lot of money, but we went.”


Huntertown used to have three grocery stores and a meat market.  Instead of walking the aisles and shopping, you handed the grocery list to a clerk who got your groceries for you.  “You didn’t have the selection you have now,” Elsie said.


“My folks went to Fort Wayne about once a week,” Jacob said.  “Us kids were lucky to get there once a year.  At Huntertown, on Saturday night, a lot of times you’d go up there and get ice cream or something at the ice cream parlor.”


“We have pictures of Huntertown when it was mud streets,” Elsie said.  “The roads were terrible back then,” Jacob added.  “For awhile they had a beer parlor where the post office is now,” Jacob said.  “I helped clean the mess up from that one time.  My dad and I carted beer kegs out of the basement.  I guess when the town had the bars, it was pretty rough, but that was before my time.”  


“I understand they hunted horse thieves around here and even lynched a few,” Elsie said. 


Huntertown had its own telephone system and its own exchange in a house across from the town hall.  A bell exchange system was located above the old store.  “That’s when they had the old party lines with a bell on the phone,” Jacob said.  “Back then, if you had a fire or someone got hurt, you’d just go in there and practically ring that thing off the wall and then tell all your neighbors where the trouble was and everybody would come.  It was the signal for everyone to take their phone off the hook.”


The old grain elevator had a steam engine to run the grinder and corn sheller.  Cobs were burned for fuel.  The old elevator burned down since then.  The interurban went through Huntertown.  “That’s how we got around before we had cars,” Jacob said.


“I still have the old wringer washer,”  Elsie said, “I still use it.  I like it.  You have to watch when you’re wringing clothes so they don’t get tangled in there.  It suits me.  Sometimes changes are awfully sudden and I want to get used to it first.  My family got a car in 1927.  I can remember because it was the year Lindbergh flew to Paris.  I remember I told the salesman, ‘There’s one thing I want to learn first.’  He asked what that was and I said, ‘How to stop it.’  He looked at me like I was coo-coo.  After awhile, he said, ‘You know, that makes sense.’ “


The lake areas in northeastern Indiana were as popular then as they are now.  “You couldn’t believe the dust on Sundays when all those people got to coming back from the lake, down Coldwater Road.  “The dust never settled,”  Jacob said.  “Places like Rome City, Lake James, places like that, most of the cottages weren’t plastered back then, just a shed.  People went there.  The railroad that used to be in front of our house, it ran six passengers a day.  In the summer, they ran one or two excursions up to Cedar Point.  People would just practically hang out the doors.  Back then it was something to get out of town.  You didn’t have a car.  My dad raised potatoes and he took them to Fort Wayne in a wagon.  That was a good three-hour trip.”


Jacob told of three-foot pike caught in Cedar Creek and nearby gravel pits.  There are eels in the creek too. 


The couple has nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.  “We’ve had a wonderful life.  It’s fulfilled.  We’ve been through the bad and through the good,” Elsie commented. 


(Elsie Kell died May 1, 1987

Jacob Kell died July 11, 2003)




Passport of JOHN GEORGE KOELL (KELL) who came to America at age 39


General Police of France

Passport Good for a year

Dept. of Bas Rhin

Register #3  #1170


                                                            In the name of the King           

                                                            The executive of the State, head of the Dept. of Bae

                                                            Rhin.   Request from the military and civil authorities

                                                            Of allied or friendly countries of France, give the right

                                                            To freely pass to Mr. Koell (George), day laborer born

                                                            In Mulhausen, Bas Rhin, living in the same, going to

                                                            New York (USA) with his wife and 4 children, and

                                                            give him help and protection if necessary.   The

                                                            present passport is good for 2 months to leave the

                                                            kingdom.   Done in Strasbourg, July 17, 1828

                                                            Price of Passport – 10 francs    




39 years


5 ft – 9 inches
























This journey to New York to be embarked upon from LeHavre, August 29, 1828, with the approval and through his authority.     Carl Depepaliu (German official)   

French identity clearance from LeHavre on August 16, 1828 (signed by French officials)