As far as I know, no one has written a story of their Hollopeter family in Allen County, Indiana.  So I will attempt to write some of the background of the family in hopes that others will send in more information on their particular line.


Thanks to Jan Herbert, who has written “THE HOLLOPETER BROTHERS AND THEIR EDMONDS WIVES OF FOSTORIA, OHIO.   She goes into much detail of the family and has researched it thoroughly. 


The HOLLOPETER family probably originated in Germany and when they came to America they settled in York Co., PA.   It seems that if you follow the family across the country by the census reports you will find them all moving together from place to place with many of the original names being repeated over and over again, like Mathias, Andrew, Frederick, etc.  You can almost see them packing up and marching out across the country together. 


The first one we find is MATTHIAS HOLLOPETER who was born about 1728 in Germany and married in 1754,  BARBARA RUSZ/ROOSE,  in Pennsylvania.  They may have come to America about the same time or even traveled across the water together.   Matthias died in Pennsylvania in May of 1799 and Barbara died about 1823. 


Children of Matthias and Barbara were:


Mary, Susanna, Barbara, Catharine, John, Christina, Frederick, a 2nd Christina, Matthias, Jr., Andrew, Abraham, and a 2nd Barbara. 



Generation 2:


ANDREW HOLLOPETER, born 1777in York Co., PA.  Andrew married PHEBE BLATCHFORD, born 1782,  in 1799 shortly after the death of his father.  Andrew died in 1846 and Phebe in 1842, both near Fostoria, Ohio. 


Children of Andrew and Phebe were :


ABRAHAM, born May 20, 1800                  married Lydia Myers 

FREDERICK, born April 15, 1803             married Phoebe Edmonds

MATTHIAS, born March 3, 1806                married Rebecca Edmonds 

WESLEY, born, December 15, 1806           married Rosanna Edmonds 

ANDREW JR., born, June 22, 1808                        married Catherine Edmonds

MARGARET, born May 11, 1811                married Moses Wells

PHOEBE, born July 15, 1817                      married Moses G. Wells

ISAIAH, born September 3, 1822               married Sarah McWilliams


Of these children, all but Frederick and Mathias moved to Allen County, IN.  Frederick and Mathias stayed in Ohio with their families.



Generation 3: 


Abraham Hollopeter and Lydia Myers family:


            JACOB HOLLOPETER, born 1820, married ELIZA B. BURLEY

                        They lived in Springfield Twp., Allen Co., IN

            JOHN WESLEY HOLLOPETER, born 1822, married VIRGINIA WELCH 

                        And MARY KAZIA ZIMMERMAN.  They lived in Cedar Creek Twp.,

                        Allen Co., IN.

            ELIZABETH HOLLOPETER, born 1824, married JAMES WELCH

                        They apparently stayed in Ohio, and died there

            CATHERINE HOLLOPETER, born 1827, married OSCAR WHITNEY

                        They were married in Allen Co., IN

            CYRUS HOLLOPETER, born 1829, married LYDIA CONWAY 

                        They lived in Springfield Township, Allen Co., IN

            MARGARET HOLLOPETER, born 1831, died 1850

                        Probably never married, buried at Leo, IN

            MATHIAS HOLLOPETER, born 1833, married SUSAN E. HANNAN            and

                        MARY E. STEVICK.  They lived in Cedar Creek Twp., Allen Co., IN

                        Susan’s last name may also be HERRIN or HERIN

            ABEL LEE HOLLOPETER, born 1836, married MELINDA J. HERRIN.

                        They lived in Cedar Creek Twp., Allen Co., IN

            LEAH HOLLOPETER, born 1838, died in 1840, buried in Ohio

            ISREAL HOLLOPETER, born 1840, married JEMIMA STEVICK

                        They lived in Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN and are buried at

                        the Perry Township Cemetery, near Huntertown. 


Wesley Hollopeter and Rosanna Edmonds family:


            ELIZABETH HOLLOPETER, born 1832, married GEORGE W. SWARTZ

                        They were married in Allen Co., IN

            ANDREW J. HOLLOPETER, born 1833, married NANCY E. HYATT

                        Andrew died of typhoid during the Civil War at Murfreesboro, TN

            ENOCH HOLLOPETER, born 1840, married MARY E. STEVICK

                        Enoch died in 1873 and Mary remarried to Mathias Hollopeter, son

                        of Abraham.

            EMELINE/EMILY HOLLOPETER, born 1844, married SAMUEL

                        ZIMMERMAN, Lived in Allen Co., IN


Andrew Hollopeter, Jr. and Catherine Edmonds family:


            WILLIAM CURTIS HOLLOPETER, born 1833, married CYNTHIA ANN

                        MOORE, Lived in Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN

            MARY ANN HOLLOPETER, born about 1836, married GILBERT

                        RHODENBAUGH, Lived in Allen Co., IN

            MILTON B. HOLLOPETER, born 1844, died 1844

            JAMES F. HOLLOPETER, born 1847, married ALMIRA AND MAUDE

                        BOWSER.  Almira and son are buried at Union Chapel Cemetery

                        In Perry Township, Allen Co., IN


Andrew was REV. ANDREW HOLLOPETER.  He was a circuit rider for the Methodist Episcopal Church and preached in many of the churches around the area.  Several of the Hollopeters became preachers. 


Margaret Hollopeter and Moses Wells family:


            A son who died young

            MARY WELLS, married a MR. BATHER

            SARAH WELLS

            SUSAN WELLS


            RUSSELL WELLS, who married SOPHRONA BEIGHTLE (?)

                        They apparently moved back to Ohio


Phebe Arcola Hollopeter and Moses G. Wells  (prob. cousin of the Moses Wells who

            married Margaret above.)


            ELIJAH WELLS

            MARY WELLS

            ISAIAH WELLS

            AARON WELLS

            WESLEY WELLS


Isaiah Hollopeter and Sarah McWilliams family: 


            JOHN F. HOLLOPETER, born 1843

            WILLIAM H. HOLLOPETER, born 1847

            GEORGE W. HOLLOPETER, born 1848

            MARION L. HOLLOPETER, born 1853/1855



Biography on CYRUS HOLLOPETER, son of Abraham:


From Griswold, THE VALLEY OF THE UPPER MAUMEE, and ANNALS OF THE TOWNSHIPS by Mrs. Samuel R. Taylor, Chicago, Robert O. Law Company, 668 Springfield Township


"A notable group of Springfield settlers numbered several who came before 1840 to secure land, after which they returned to their families, and worked to save the necessary means for transference of their affairs to the new country.  CYRUS HOLLOPETER, whose parents settled in Cedar Creek earlier "bought" his majority from his father, when 19 years old, by clearing 7 acres of Cedar land.  In 1848 he bought 53 acres in Springfield, which he improved and traded for 40 better located ones, also in Springfield.  He developed into one of the township's best men, was married to Lydia Conway in Fort Wayne, by Squire DuBois, 1850, was a prominent Methodist, a Constable for 12 years, a school director for 20 years, a member of the Regulators."


Will attempt to add more of the local and later descendants of these Hollopeters and their stories and families.   Three of the local descendants of these families are:


            Shirley Underwood, who is a descendant of Abraham and his son Israel.

            Marna Jo Neuhouser Worman, a descendant of Isaiah and his son Wm. H

            Warren Fitch, a descendant of Rev. Andrew and his son, William C. 









From HISTORY OF ALLEN CO., IN by Thomas B. Helms, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers.

Township histories compiled by L. H. Newton

Reprint of 1880 edition, published by Kingman Bros., Chicago



CAPT. WILLIAM C. HOLLOPETER  is a son of Rev. Andrew Hollopeter, who was a native of Pennsylvania and a minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Episcopal Church for nearly fifty years.  His mother's maiden name was Catherine Edmonds, Ohio being her native state. 


William C. was the eldest of seven children, three yet living in Allen County and one, a sister, living in DeKalb County of this state.  A brother, still living in this county, was a veteran soldier in the Eleventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry during the late war.  The subject of our sketch was born in Wayne County, Ohio, August 24, 1833.  In youth he had moderate opportunities, only, for acquiring an education.  He improved well such opportunities, however, thus preparing himself to act a practical part in life's dealings.  His father, with family, removed from Ohio to this county in March 1847, making a choice of settling in Cedar Creek Township.  Farming was their pursuit, and William C. continued with his parents, aiding at this vocation, until the summer of 1854 when he became of age


For a period forward from that time, in the struggle for self-maintenance, he directed his energies alternately at teaching a district school during the winters and at farming during the summers.  He was joined in marriage, May 18, 1858 with Miss Cynthia A. Moore, of Allen County.  She was a native of Delaware County, Indiana, born April 22, 1839.  Seven children have been the fruits of this marriage, six of them still living viz:  Milton R. (deceased), Charles McPherson, Ophelia May, Walter M.M., Ellen Gertrude, Rosa Belle and Herbert Salon.


A patriot to his country, on August 28, 1862, to help maintain the Stars and Stripes, he enlisted as a private soldier in Company C, 88th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry.  At the organization of the company, he was appointed Corporal, on February 18, 1863 he was advanced to First Lieutenant of his company, and on October 24, following, was commissioned as Captain.  He was with his company and regiment during their entire service, the same being attached to the Army of the Cumberland.  He was in seventeen distinct engagements and received two severe wounds;  fought under Generals Rosecranz and Thomas, and participated in Sherman's march to the sea.  Remaining in the service til after the surrender, until the old flag was again unfurled to every state and every people of our broad Union (without dispute).  Captain Hollopeter received his discharge at Washington D.C., June 7, 1865.  Following his discharge, he immediately returned to the bosom of his family and to the quiet avocations of civil life in Cedar Creek Township.  Religiously he has been an exemplary member of the Methodist Episcopal Church since the age of 16 and his estimable wife since a young girl of nine years.   Has ever been a stanch friend of temperance.  In politics, a firm Republican, yet not an aspirant for political honors.  For the past fifteen years has belonged to the Order of A. F. & A.M.   He is an industrious, good citizen, one whose influence for the right is ever felt.  Is an ever willing advocate and supporter of that which elevates while he is just as ready and anxious to repudiate and defeat that which debases.  Within the large circle of his acquaintance he is universally esteemed.



Death Certificate of William C. Hollopeter:


            Died:  November 6, 1918

            Date of birth: August 24, 1833


            Age at death:  80 years, 2 months, 12 days


            Birthplace:  Ohio

            Father:  Andrew Hollopeter

            Birthplace of Father:  Pennsylvania

            Maiden name of mother:  Catherine Edmonds

            Birthplace of mother:  Ohio

            Cause of death:  Interstitial nephitis

            Duration:  2 years

            Contributory:  Arterio Selerosis

            Coroner:  M. H. Hostetler

            Address:  Grabill, Indiana

            Place of burial:  Leo, Indiana

            Undertaker:  Roy Delgard 


Death Certificate of Cynthia A. (Moore) Hollopeter


            Died March 17, 1915

            Female/white   Born, March 22, 1839

            Place of death:  Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN

            Age at death:  75 years, 10 months, 25 days

            Residence:  Cedar Creek Township

            Widow, of William C. Hollopeter

            Birthplace:  Delaware County, IN

            Father:  Phillip Moore

            Birthplace of father:  Indiana

            Maiden name of mother:  Sarah McCall

            Birthplace of mother:  Indiana

            Occupation:  Housewife

            Cause of death:  Pneumonia

            Duration of illness:  3 days

            Goiter:  20 years

            Coroner:  H. G. Erwin

            Place of burial:  Leo Cemetery, Leo, IN

            Undertaker:  E. E. Carrington, Harlan, IN


Cynthia’s Moore family has been traced to early settlers in Scioto Co., Ohio.  Though the above death certificate gives the birthplace of her father and mother as Indiana, it must be incorrect, as they were born in Ohio.  They moved to Delaware Co., as children, with their parents, but were born too early to have been born in Indiana.  But it is correct that Cynthia’s parents were Phillip Moore and Sarah McCall.  Both families were prominent in Scioto and Adam’s counties in Ohio. 


Note also from the above biography the absence of another son of William and Cynthia,  by the name of Lloyd, perhaps born too late to be included in the bio. 



MORE ON THE HOLLOPETER FAMILY HISTORY, written by the local families

This account may have information not found in other accounts, but also may be missing some information added elsewhere.  It is essentially the family of Israel Hollopeter who lived in Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN. 


MATHIAS HOLLOPETER was the founder of this line, in this country.  He came to America in 1753 and located in York County, PA.  He is said to have been born in Holland, about 1740, although that is not definite.  The date, however, seems to be supported by the further report that he died in 1800 at the age of 60, in York County, where he had spent his entire life in this country.  It would seem from this that he must have come to this country with parents or at least with relatives, as he would have been but 13 years old, but no record of any is available.  I have no name or date record of his wife, and only have the report that she was of Irish parentage.  It appears that there were 5 children born to this family, all sons.  The first was:

            FREDERICK, born September 13, 1770

            ANDREW, born in September, 1777

            ABRAHAM, born in 1780

            JOHN, born in 1790

            JOSEPH, I have no record of his date of birth or further record of him.  


ANDREW HOLLOPETER married in 1799.  We have only his wif’e first name, PHOEBE, and that she was born August 18, 1772 and died in February 1842.  Andrew died in March 1842.  There were 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls. 

ABRAHAM was the first, born May 20, 1800.

            FREDERICK was born April 15, 1803. 

MATHIAS was born March 6, 1805.  WESLEY was born December 15, 1806.             ANDREW was born August 22, 1808. 

MARGARET was the 6th, but we do not have the date of her birth.  She seems    

to have married a Mr. Wells, as did also the 7th child

 PHOEBE, who was born July 15, 1817. 

 The last ISAIAH, born September 3, 1822. 


ABRAHAM HOLLOPETER, born May 20, 1800.  Married LYDIA MYERS, November 18, 1819, and died in December 1869.  Lydia Myers was born February 18, 1802, and died in April 1883.  They were married in Pennsylvania and immediately moved to Ohio and later to Allen County, IN.  In this family there were 10 children, 6 boys and 4 girls.  They were:

JACOB, born October 22, 1820

JOHN WESLEY, born September 16, 1822

ELIZABETH, born December 18, 1824

CATHERINE ANN, born April 29, 1827

CYRUS, born February we, 1829

MARGARET, born July 1, 1831

MATHIAS, born November 18, 1833

ABEL, born April 17, 1836

LEAH, born February 23, 1838

ISRAEL, born August 30, 1840




ISRAEL HOLLOPETER, born August 30, 1840, married JEMIMA HANNA STEVICK, June 15, 1865, and died February 25, 1916, at Huntertown, Allen Co., IN.  Jemima Hollopeter was born April 7, 1849, and died August 29, 1933, at Huntertown, IN.  Both are buried in the Huntertown cemetery.  They were married in Leo, Allen Co., IN, after he had returned from service throughout the Civil War as a private in the 11th Indiana Infantry.  In this family there were born 11 children, 8 boys and 3 girls:

            CORA MAY, born May 4, 1866

            ELMER JACOB, born February 3, 1869

            HIRAM ELBRIDGE, born September 30, 1870

            CHARLES WILSON, born April 28, 1873

            ANNA LUELLEN, born June 18, 1870

            MARY EULTHA, born June 13, 1877

            ALFRED MONROE, born September 2, 1879

            ZEND AVETUS, born August 9, 1881

            ARTHUR LEE, born September 17, 1883

            ALBERT EUGENE, born September 26, 1885

            HERSCHEL AMBROSE, born April 5, 1889


ELMER JACOB HOLLOPETER, born February 3, 1869, married MINA HOLLOPETER, June 12, 1895, died March 15, 1909 at Leo, IN.  Mina Hollopeter died January 14, 1945.  In this family there was born one daughter:

            EVA MAY, born May 10, 1899.  Eva May Hollopeter married JOE NEW-

            HOUSER, December 29, 1915.  Joe Newhouser was born May 29, 1897.  In

            This family there was born 1 son and 2 daughters


HIRAM ELDBRIDGE HOLLOPETER, was born September 30, 1870, married MINNIE VANCISE, August 30, 1904, and died February 15, 1935.  Minnie Hollopeter was born January 29, 1875.  In this family there were born 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter:

            HAZEL, born June 19, 1905

            RALPH, born May 23, 1907

            ROBERT LEE, born May 6, 1912


CHARLES WILSON HOLLOPETER, born at Fort Wayne, IN, April 28, 1873, married EMMA ALTICE PAULUS, October 6, 1895.  Emma Altice Hollopeter was born at Columbia City, IN, March 15, 1877, and died October 24, 1932.  In this family were born 11 children, 5 sons and 6 daughters:

            FLORENCE AUDRY born at Churubusco, IN, March 15, 1896

            OPEL ADRIL, born at Huntertown, IN, December 8, 1897

            GLADYS BELL born at Churubusco, IN, March 5, 1899, died October 1, 1899

            DOROTHY MAY born at LaOtto, IN, May 10, 1900, died May 12, 1900

            SIMON ALBERT born at Collins, IN, February 25, 1903

            ISRAEL PAULIS born at Arcola, October 21, 1908

            EMMA ROSETTA born at Churubusco, IN, April 6, 1911

            VIRGINIA GARLENDINE born at Churubusco, IN, July 26, 1913

            HANNA JEMIMA born at Jerome, Idaho, March 6, 1916

            JAMES ELDON born at Jerome, Idaho, November 29, 1918

Charles married 2nd, LELA MARY ARMSTRONG, March 22, 1935

ANNA LUELLEN HOLLOPETER, born June 18, 1875, married JOHN SHERMAN HEFFELFINGER, January 24, 1892.  In this family were born 6 children, 1 son and 5 daughters:

            PEARL MAY, born July 8, 1892

            ISRAEL FRANKLIN, born May 19, 1895, died November 4, 1896

            ADA VIETTA, born August 23, 1897

            EVADNA ORMINDA, born September 12, 1899

            LUCILLE BERNICE, born September 6, 1901

            ALICE MARGARET, born October 16, 1910


MARY ELIZABETH HOLLOPETER, born June 13, 1877, married A. W. HEFFEL-FINGER, September 25, 1895.  A. W. Heffelfinger born January 17, 1873.  In this family were born 9 children, 2 sons and 7 daughters:

            FRANCES MARIE, born May 29, 1897

            IVA IRENE, born January 12, 1899

            VENELL, born October 3, 1900

            LAURA INEZ, born July 24, 1903

            HERMAN TAFT, born December 15, 1908

            RUTH GERALDINE, born July 29, 1911

            MARY KATHERINE, born June 17, 1913

            KEITH MILES, born September 19, 1916

            BETTY REBECCA, born October 13, 1918


ALFRED MONROE HOLLOPETER, born September 2, 1879, married CORDA BELL KAISER, December 23, 1939


ZEND AVETUS HOLLOPETER, born August 9, 1881, married FLORENCE NEVADA MYERS,  February 17, 1907, at Albion, DeKalb Co., IN.  Florence Nevada Hollopeter was born November 7, 1887.  He has been a farmer all his life, residing in Allen Co., IN.  In this family were born 9 children, 5 sons and 4 daughters.


ARTHUR LEE HOLLOPETER, born September 17, 1883, in Allen Co., IN, married IDA MAY HIPPENHAMER, September 22, 1910.  Ida May Hollopeter born October 27, 1891, Allen Co., IN.  In this family there was born 1 daughter.


ALBERT EUGENE HOLLOPETER, born September 26, 1885, married SYLVIA FREEMAN, November 11, 1906.  Sylvia Hollopeter was born August 4, 1886, died August 28, 1943.  In this family were born 10 children, 6 sons and 4 daughters.


HERSCHEL AMBROSE HOLLOPETER, born April 5, 1889, married EMMA LOUISE TILDEN, December 14, 1912, at Huntertown, IN.  Emma Louise was born December 23, 1892.  In this family there was born 1 daughter.  





 Hollopeter burials at Leo Cemetery, Leo, Allen Co., IN….Old section


Abraham Hollopeter                     Dec. 16, 1869                         69-6-26 

Rev. Andrew Hollopeter              Dec. 18, 1892                         84-5-28   wife, Catherine

Angeline Hollopeter                     May 1, 1854 – Feb. 26, 1933    

                                                            Wife of W. H. and M. G.

Ardella E. Hollopeter                   March 14, 1873          14y-22d

                                                            Child of Matthias and Susan

Birtrum Hollopeter                       Jan. 2, 1878 – June 30, 1949 (Bertram)

Cary E. Hollopeter                        Sept. 7, 1873              1-1-8    Dau. of E. & M.

Catharine Hollopeter                   Feb. 4, 1886                78y-5m  wife of Andrew

Charles Hollopeter                       1862 – March 6, 1950  Mary-Nellie             DAR

Charles W. Hollopeter                 Sept. 20, 1869 – July 23, 1897          27-10-3

Cynthia A. Moore Hollopeter     1839 – March 17, 1915                      75-10-25

Daisie M. Hyatt Hollopeter         Nov. 22, 1881 – May 24, 1953           Lloyd 

Daisy Hollopeter                           1881 – 1958                Frank

Elmer Hollopeter                           Feb. 3, 1869 – March 15, 1909

Enoch Hollopeter                          April 24, 1873            32-8-16

Franklin Hollopeter                     1880 – March 20, 1930                      Daisy

George Hollopeter                        1848 – Oct. 19, 1928                          Father

George Hollopeter                        1869 – June 20, 1957                         Lydia

Hattie V. Hollopeter                      Feb. 15, 1866 – Nov. 17, 1884           DAR

Henry Jackson Hollopeter         Dec. 12, 1850 – April 19, 1930

Hettie Hollopeter                          Nov. 12, 1884 – June 1, 1967

Herbert S. Hollopeter                  Feb. 13, 1932              Indiana, 28th Batry

                                                            L. Arty, Sp. Am. War

Homer Hollopeter                                     March 11, 1873          6-8-21   with Ardella

                                                            Child of Matthias & Susan

Ida M. Hollopeter                          1873 – March 25, 1950                      Luther

Isaiah Hollopeter                          Sept. 3, 1822 – Sept. 2, 1884   wife, Sarah

Jerome Hollopeter                        1879 – 1888

John Hollopeter                             DAR: Feb. 8, 1843 

                                                            With Isaiah, Susan, Hattie, Walpole

John M. Hollopeter                       DAR:  March 13, 1873          7-10-28

                                                            Son of J. W. and M.

John S. Hollopeter                        Oct. 27, 1913 – Nov. 21, 1975   Cox:  US Navy

                                                            WW 2

John W. Hollopeter                       Sept. 16, 1822 – Oct. 31, 1893   wife, Mary

                                                            Masonic emblem, born York Co., PA

Joseph A. Hollopeter                    March 12, 1855   1 year son of C. & L.

Lloyd H. Hollopeter                      Feb. 16, 1880 – Feb. 4, 1923             Daisie

Luther S. Hollopeter                    1870 – April 25, 1955                        Ida

Lydia Hollopeter                           March 28, 1873          71-1-2   wife of Abraham

Lydia Hollopeter                           1868 – Nov. 15, 1938                         George

M. Hollopeter                                  Nov. 18, 1833 – April 23, 1898  wife, Mary E.

Malinda J. Hollopeter                  1844 – Jan. 13, 1937   Mother         Abel

Margaret Hollopeter                    Aug. 31, 1850             19 y, 2 m,  Dau. of A. & L.

Martha E. Ashley Hollopeter    

Martha J. Hollopeter                    Aug. 13, 1879 – Jan. 6, 1937             Bertram

Mary Hollopeter                            Dec. 21, 1833 – June 1, 1910            wife, John

                                                            76-5-10,  born Bedford Co., PA

Mary Ellen Hollopeter                 1847 – March 31, 1933          wife of M.

Mathias Hollopeter                       April 23, 1898            64-5-5

Milton R. Hollopeter                     April 1, 1874              15 yr  

Mina G. Hollopeter                       1871 – Jan. 14, 1945              W.F. -  A.

Mort Hollopeter                             1864 – 1928

Myrtle Bell Hollopeter                 1875 – Sept. 29, 1945           

Nellie Hollopeter                           1868 – 1924                with Charles Hollopeter

Rosanah Hollopeter                      June 19, 1872             68-4-23            wife, Wesley

Sarah Hollopeter                           April 5, 1829 – Dec. 27, 1891           wife, Isaiah

Susan Hollopeter                           1850 – June 15, 1936             Mother

Susan E. Hollopeter                      Jan. 27, 1873              37-5-20

Virginia Hollopeter                       Feb. 6, 1852                26-4-7              wife of J. W.

W. H. Hollopeter                            Feb. 25, 1847 – Dec. 15, 1911           Father

                                                            Angeline – M. G.

Walpole C. Hollopeter                  DAR:  Jan. 22, 1878 – May 10, 1906

Wesley Hollopeter                                     April 8, 1873              66-3-23            wife, Rosanah

William C. Hollopeter                   1833 – 1913    Indiana, 98th Vol. Inf.  GAR


New Section


Levi L. Hollopeter                         1876 – Feb. 16, 1954              Minnie

Minnie Dell Hollopeter                1877 – Nov. 12, 1958             Levi

Dale Hollopeter                             Aug. 5, 1968, burial in Hollopeter section

                                                            May be in the old section


At Perry Township Cemetery, near Huntertown, IN


Israel Hollopeter                           1840 – 1916    wife, Jernima                        Father

Jernima H. Steevick Hollopeter   1849 – 1933  Israel                                    Mother


At Cedar Chapel Cemetery, Butler Township, DeKalb Co., IN

                                                Corner of Rd 68 and 11 A


James F. Hollopeter                     1841 -  1920       Co. E, 11th Reg. Ind. Inf.

Mary Hollopeter, his wife                        1857 -  1945


            At Union Chapel Church Cemetery, Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                                On Coldwater Road


Almira Hollopeter                                     Sept. 13, 1877            35-6-1

                                                            Wife of J. F. Hollopeter

Theodore Hollopeter                    July 30, 1877              1-3-29

                                                            Son of J. F. and Almira Hollopeter







1850 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  #2877-2889


Isaih Hollopeter                   28 M                Farmer           born PA

Sarah Hollopeter                  30 F                                         born Ohio

John F. Hollopeter                7  M                                        born Ohio


Isaiah is the son of Andrew and Phebe.


1850 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  #3889-2901


Abraham Hollopeter                        50 M                Farmer           born PA

Lydia Hollopeter                  48 F                                         born PA


Catharine Hollopeter          23 F                                         born Ohio

Mathais Hollopeter              17 M                                        born Ohio

Abel Hollopeter                    14 M                                        born Ohio

Israel Hollopeter                  10 M                                        born Ohio


1850 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  #2902-2914


Wesley Hollopeter               44 M                Farmer           born PA

Rosanna Hollopeter                         47 F                                         born Ohio


Elizabeth Hollopeter           18 F                                         born Ohio

Andrew Hollopeter              17 M                                        born Ohio

Enoch Hollopeter                 10 M                                        born Ohio

Emeline Hollopeter                          5  F                                         born Ohio


1850 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  #2903-2915


John W. Hollopeter              28 M                Farmer           born PA

Virginia Hollopeter                         25 F                                         born VA


James R. Hollopeter                         4  M                                        born Ohio

Oscar Hollopeter                   2  M                                        born Ohio

Hiram Hollopeter                 1  M                                        born IN


1850 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  #2913-2925


Rev. Andrew Hollopeter     42 M                Farmer           born PA

Catharine Hollopeter          43 F                                         born Ohio


William C. Hollopeter         17 M                                        born Ohio

Mary A. Hollopeter              14 F                                         born Ohio

James F. Hollopeter                         9  M                                        born Ohio

Narcissa M. Hollopeter        5  F                                         born Ohio


1850 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  #2912-2924


Moses G. Wells                     40 M                Farmer           born PA

Phoebe (Hollopeter)                         33 F                                         born PA


Elijah Wells                           13 M                                        born Ohio

Mary Wells                            10 F                                         born Ohio

Isaih Wells                             8  M                                        born Ohio

Aaron Wells                                                                          born Ohio


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN  #2778-2790


Moses Wells                          40 M                Farmer           born Ohio ?

Jane (Marg. J. Hollopeter) 35 F                                         born Ohio ?


Mary Wells                             7  F                                         born Ohio

Sarah Wells                            6  F                                         born Ohio

Susan Wells                            4  F                                         born Ohio


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 202A


Andrew Hollopeter           married          male, 71          born PA     Retired Farmer

            Both parents born in PA

Catherine Hollopeter          wife                 female, 72      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born ME, Mother born NY


James F. Hollopeter                        son                  male, 38          born Ohio       Carpenter

M. Adella Hollopeter           Gdau               female, 12      born IN


Elizabeth Sander                  other               female, 24      born IN           Housekeeper

            Both parents born Ohio


1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  page 201D


William Hollopeter            married          male, 46          born Ohio       Farmer

            Father born PA, Mother born Ohio

Cynthia A. Hollopeter         wife                 female, 41      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Charles Mc. Hollopeter       son, single      male, 18          born IN           Farming

Ophelia M. Hollopeter        daughter        female, 14      born IN          

Walter M. M. Hollopeter     son                  male, 12          born IN           Farming

Ellen G. Hollopeter                         daughter        female, 8        born IN

Rosa B. Hollopeter               daughter        female, 6        born IN

Herbert S. Hollopeter         son                  male, 3            born Ohio ??

Floyd H. Hollopeter                         son                  male, 3 mo.    born IN



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 202A


Isaiah Hollopeter              married          male, 56          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Sarah Hollopeter                  wife                 female, 58      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ireland


John F. Hollopeter               son, single      male, 30          born Ohio       Farmer



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  208A


George Hollopeter                        married          male, 31          born IN           Farmer

            Both parents born Ohio

Susan Hollopeter                 wife                 female, 28      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Myrtle Hollopeter                daughter        female, 5        born IN

Jerrome Hollopeter                         son                  male, 1            born IN



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN  page 209C


William Hollopeter            married          male, 32          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA, Mother born Ohio

Angeline Hollopeter                        wife                 female, 27      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Ermina Hollopeter               daughter        female, 7        born IN


Elizabeth Bishop                  widow                         female, 37      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born NJ,  Mother born Ohio

Mary C. Bishop                     other               female, 20      born IN           At home

            Both parents born Ohio

George Watson                     cousin                         male, 10          born IN    Attending School



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 202A


Marion Hollopeter            married          male, 25          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio

Isabel Hollopeter                 wife                 female, 24      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born PA,  Mother born Ohio


Homer Hollopeter                son                  male, 1            born IN



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 202B


John W. Hollopeter           married          male, 57          born PA          Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Mary Hollopeter                   wife                 female, 46      born PA          Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Brenton S. Hollopeter         son, single      male, 22          born IN           Teacher of

                                                                                                                        C. S.

Clinton L. Hollopeter          son, single      male, 19          born IN           Farmer

Samuel E. Hollopeter          son, single      male, 17          born IN           Farmer

Luther S. Hollopeter           son                  male, 10          born IN           Farmer

Clarence H. Hollopeter       son                  male, 8            born IN          

Levi Hollopeter                    son                  male, 4            born IN                                  


Mary Fredrickson                other, single female, 30      born IN           Housekeeper



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 200 A


Eli Arnold                             married          male, 42          born IN           Farmer

            Father born Ohio, Mother born VA

Marcissa (Narcissa)          wife                 female, 34      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born PA, Mother born Ohio


Clarence A. Arnold              son                  male, 5            born IN

Berth E. Arnold                    dau                  female, 2        born IN

Merton W. Arnold                son                  male, 7 mo.    born IN


Charles Aronold                   brother           male, 15          born In           Farmer

            Father born Ohio, Mother born VA


            (The above is Narcissa Hollopeter, daughter of Rev. Andrew Hollopeter)



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 213 D


Hiram Hollopeter              married          male, 29          born IN           Farmer

            Father born PA,  Mother born VA

Sarah A. Hollopeter                         wife                 female, 18      born IN           Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


Blanche Hollopeter              daughter        female, 9 mo. born IN


Millison M. Myers                other, single  female, 5        born IN

            Both parents born PA

Eunice Myers                        other, single  female, 3        born IN

            Both parents born PA



1880 Census of Pleasant Lake, Steuben County, IN, page 295 B


James A. Hollipeter          married          male, 34          born Ohio       RR laborer

            Both parents born PA

Sarah Hollipeter                  wife                 female, 29      born PA          Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Ada Hollipeter                      daughter        female, 10      born IN           At school

Lillie Hollipeter                   daughter        female, 9        born IN

Justa Hollipeter                   daughter        female, 6        born IN          

Bertha Hollipeter                daughter        female, 4        born IN

John L. Hollipeter                son                  male, 1            born IN



1880 Census of Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co., IN,  page 210 B


Matthias Hollopeter         married          male, 45          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Mary E. Hollopeter              wife                 female, 32      born PA          Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Charles E. Hollopeter         son                  male, 10          born IN           At home

Oly M. Hollopeter                daughter        female, 12      born IN

George Hollopeter               son                  male 10           born IN           At home

Milton J. Hollopeter                        son                  male, 5            born IN

Bertrum Hollopeter                         son                  male, 2            born IN


Samuel Lysher                      other, single male, 22          born Ohio       Laborer

            Both parents born MD



1880 Census of Auburn, DeKalb Co., IN,  page 112A


Abel L. Hollopeter             married          male, 44,         born Ohio       Carpenter

            Father’s birthplace not listed, Mother born PA 

Jerusha M. Hollopeter        wife                 female, 35      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born Ohio, Mother born MD


Florence Hollopeter                        daughter        female, 11      born IN           At home

Marilla Hollopeter               daughter        female, 8        born IN

Rolla Hollopeter                   son                  male, 5            born IN

Ina Hollopeter                      daughter        female, 11 mo.           born IN



1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN


Iserel Hollopeter               married          male, 40          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Jemina Hollopeter               wife                 female, 32      born PA          Keeps house

            Both parents born PA


Cora Hollopeter                   daughter        female, 14      born IN

Elmor Hollopeter                 son                  male, 11          born IN

Elbridge Hollopeter                         son                  male, 9            born IN

Charles W. Hollopeter        son                  male, 7            born IN

Annie L. Hollopeter                         daughter        female, 5        born IN

Mary E. Hollopeter              daughter        female, 3        born IN

Alfred Hollopeter                 son                  male, 1            born IN



1880 Census of Springfield Twp., Allen County, IN


Cyrus Hollopeter               married          male, 52          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born PA

Lydia Hollopeter                  wife                 female, 49      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Father born VA, Mother born NY


Cildon Hollopeter                son                  male, 18          born IN                                  

Avra A. Hollopeter               son, single      male, 24          born MI          Farmer

Rosan Hollopeter                 daughter        female, 13      born IN





Will of Isaiah Hollopeter                                      Vol. 5, page 483

                                                                                    Allen County, IN, records 

                                                                        WD 5-9-1884              PD 8-27-1886


Heirs:  wife, Sarah Hollopeter

Sons:   Marion S. Hollopeter

            John F. Hollopeter

            William H. Hollopeter

            George W. Hollopeter

Executor:  Sarah Hollopeter

Witnesses:  Mathias Hollopeter, Daniel F. Opdyke, John Douglass



Will of J. W. Hollopeter                                        Vol. 8, pages 77-78

                                                                                    Allen County, IN, records

                                                                        WD 3-19-1890            PD 11-4-1893


(Land in Allen County)

Heirs: Wife, Mary Hollopeter

Sons:   James A. Hollopeter

            Oscar E. Hollopeter

            Hiram S. Hollopeter

            Brenton S. Hollopeter

            Samuel Hollopeter

            Luther L. Hollopeter

            Clarence H. Hollopeter

            Levi L. Hollopeter

            Clinton L. Hollopeter

Dau:    Lydia R. Myers

            Mary V. Lowle

Executors:  James A. Hollopeter, Brenton L. Hollopeter

Witnesses:  Joseph Klopfenstein



Some Hollopeter History by Shirley Underwood, descendant of Israel Hollopeter


Mathias Hollopeter was the founder of this line, in this country. He came to America in 1753. From his gravestone we learned that he had been born in 1728. The date, however, seems to be supported by his tombstone that he died in May 1799, at the age of 71 years, in York County from where he spent his entire life in this country. It is confirmed that he was here in 1754 in Pennsylvania archives.  It would seem that he came to this country with parents or at least with relatives, as he would have been but thirteen years old, but no record is available. He married Barbara Roose (Rusz), daughter of Frederick and Catherina Rusz on November 30, 1754, in St. Mathews’s Lutheran Church of Hanover, PA. There were five sons born of this parentage. The first was Frederick, born September 13, 1770, another was Andrew, born in September, 1777, Abraham, was born in 1780, John, was born in 1790, and the fifth one was Joseph (no record of him). There were five daughters born to Mathias and Barbara. The birth dates of the first four children were secured from the baptismal records in the Lower Bermudian Union Church-on the Lutheran side of the records, and they are as follows: “On February 17, 1759, Barbara Hollopeter was born to Mathias and Barbara (Ruoss Hollopeter). She was baptized November 18, 1759. On January 17, 1763, Catharina, daughter of Mattheis and Barbara Hollopeter was born and baptized on April 30, 1763. On November 9, 1769 Friderich Hallepeter was born to Mattheis Hallepeter and Barbara Hallepeter., with Frederick and Christina Russ, grandparents, as sponsers. Mentioned in the will are these children: Mary, Susannah, Christina, Barbara, John, Frederick, Matthias Jr., Andrew, and Abraham.


Mathias was appointed Collector of Warrington Township, in 1776. In this document his name is spelled Holliper. In 1776 he was appointed Constable of Warrington Township. He refused to give a warrant to his neighbor and was prosecuted for not doing so, and fined 25 lier.


Andrew (son of Mathias) was born 1777 in York Co., Pennsylvania. He married Phoebe Blackford on the 12th of August, 1799. Phoebe was born August 18, 1772 and died on March 11, 1846. Andrew died on March 11, 1846. Phoebe’s parents were Richard and Elisabeth (Hobson) Blackford. There were born eight children to this family, six boys and two girls. Abraham was born on May 20, 1800, Fredrick was born April 15, 1803, Mathias was born March 6, 1805, Wesley was born on December 15, 1806, and Andrew was born August 22, 1808. Margaret was the sixth, but no date of her birth. She married a Mr. Wells, as did Phoebe, who was born July 15, 1817. The last Isaiah, was born on September 3, 1822.


Phoebe was a twin, and her twin sister Margaret, was married to Andrew’s brother, Abraham, in Dec. 1801. The Society of Friends frowned upon marriages that were not in unity with their church. Phoebe, Margaret, and Rachel, wife of Frederick Hollopeter, lost their standing in the church and were excommunicated. The records state that Hollopeters were not Quakers. The Wesley movement spread from Baltimore, after the Christmas meeting of 1784, so the Hollopeter brothers and their wives became Methodists 22 years after the church was secured in 1806.


Phoebe’s father, Friderick Roose, was born on January 19, 1712 and came to America on the ship “Osgood” which landed at Philadelphia on September 29, 1750. He took the oath of allegiance on that date. As early as August 30, 1751, Friderick Roose and his wife Christiana, stood as sponsors for Anna Clauer at Lower Bermudian Union Church. He is listed among the German Communicants of that church, July 30, 1758. Friderick Roose died  March 24, 1785, aged 73 years, just four days before the death of his wife Christiana. She was 69, and born on January 9, 1716. They are buried in the Bentz Burying Ground, Warrington Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania, which is also the burial place of Matthias Hollopeter.


In 1824 Andrew’s family moved from York Co. to Wooster, Ohio. Andrew later moved to Seneca, Ohio around 1834, where he spent the rest of his life.


Abraham (son of Andrew) married Lydia Myers, November 18, 1819. They were married in Pennsylvania and immediately moved to Ohio and later to Allen County, IN. In this family there were ten children, 6 boys and four girls. Jacob, born October 22, 1820, John Wesley, born September 16, 1822, Elizabeth, born December 18, 1824, Catherine Ann, born April 29, 1827, Cyrus, born February 23, 1829, Margaret, born July 1, 1831, Mathias, born November 18, 1833, Abel, born April 17, 1836, Leah, born February  23, 1838, and Israel, born August 30, 1840.