Married February 3, 1842, in Allen County, Indiana, to REBECCA ELIZABETH CAINE.  Both were born in Greene County, Ohio.  REBECCA CAINE was the daughter of ABNER and BETSEY CAINE.  Rebecca was born June 24, 1824. 


ABNER CAINE was born February 13, 1797, and BETSEY CAINE, his wife, born June 26, 1894.  Other children of the Caine’s were:


AUGUSTINE CAINE, born March 22, 1820

EMALINE CAINE, born July 18, 1822

AUGUSTUS CAINE, born April 16, 1826

CALVIN CAINE born April 15, 1827

DANIEL JACKSON CAINE, born May 16, 1828

UNIAH JEFFERSON CAINE, born February 8, 1830

GEORGE W. CAINE, born May 9, 1832


EMALINE CAINE married JAMES TUCKER, November 22, 1837.  They came to Eel River township and lived close to the Hand farm.  REBECCA CAINE came to stay with her sister, EMALINE.  GEORGE W. and REBECCA became acquainted, thus ending in marriage.  Children of George and Rebecca were:


JOSEPHUS HAND, born February 3, 1843, died February 10, 1843

LUCETTA HAND, born March 24, 1844 in Allen Co., died 1909, Allen Co.

WILLIAM ERICKSON HAND, born December 28, 1845, died Feb. 22, 1916

SARAH ELIZABETH HAND, born May 6, 1848, died Oct. 4, 1849, in Allen Co., IN

MARY JANE HAND, born July 27, 1850, died 1929 in California 


LUCETTA HAND married ROBERT DOLIN.  They had 4 children, FLORENCE, EVA, GERTRUDE, and EMMA.   Robert Dolin died about 1878.  Lucretta married HENRY GOLDEN (1846-1896).  The had one daughter, EDITH, who later married WILLIAM BYERLEY.  They had a son, GEORGE and two daughters, LOIS and LEORA.  One daughter, ANNETTE, died at the age of 13.  LOIS married MAURICE FITCH of Huntertown and they had two sons.  LEORA married ISADORE BADIAC.

Lois died in 1952.  Leora died in 1944.  George Byerley married MARGARET SHEARER and have one daughter, LEAH.   Lucretta died in 1908 in Eel River Township. 




ALICE LUCILE HAND was born July 30, 1902 in Allen County, Indiana.  After graduating from Fort Wayne High School, class of 1919, she attended Indiana University in Bloomington.  She taught school one year after which she married JOHN AGGER, who had graduated from Indiana University and was teaching physics in the Jacksonville, Illinois high school.  Later he became assistant-principal, then principal, in which capacity he served until his retirement in 1962.  Alice continued her education, graduating from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois.  She then taught at MacMurry.  She and John were members of the Congregational Church in Jacksonville.  They had one child, a daughter ELIZABETH CAIN AGGER.  Alice was a member of the League of Women Voters and a former president of the American Association of University Women. 


After John Agger’s retirement in 1962, he and Alice spent winters in Florida.  She did volunteer work in one of the hospitals in Ft. Lauderdale for the Red Cross.  John died in Fort Lauderdale in 1971.  After his death, Alice continued to spend the winter in Florida through the winter of 1979-1980.  Illness prevented her from returning to Florida in the fall of 1980.  Alice died September 4, 1981, at the Passavant Hospital, Jacksonville, Illinois.  Burial was at Memorial Lawn Cemetery near Jacksonville. 



GEORGE WASHINGTON HAND was born December 11, 1882.  After graduating from Fort Wayne High School, he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, studying Civil Engineering.  Next he went to work for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Co., engineering department in Chicago.  While there, he met and married ELLA TESSEN, whose father also worked for the C&NW.  They lived in Chicago for a time, later moving to the suburbs Edison Park and finally to Park Ridge. 


George became Chief Valuation Engineer, head of a department that railroads established to prepare detailed evaluations of all their properties in order to comply with a federal law passed in 1913 setting freight rates at a fixed percentage of the property value.  The government established a bureau to conduct their own evaluations in order to be able to challenge the railroads’ figures.  George spent so much time in Washington D.C. attending discussions between railroad and government people, mostly lawyers, that he decided to study law in night school, graduating from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.  In the meantime he was promoted to Assistant-to-the-President of the C&NW Railroad.  Incidentally, the railroads challenged the constitutionality of the 1913 law and made a test case of a small beltline railroad around St. Louis, Mo., the St. Louis & O’Fallon RR.  Result:  The law was declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1930 or 1931 and 15 or 17 years of work went out the window. 


GEORGE and ELLA had 5 children:




GEORGE, SR. died in 1964. 



JESSIE V. HAND was born August 19, 1888, in Allen County.  As a young man Jess played sandlot baseball with a team in the area where they lived.  This was a tem-porary hobby.  Jess was an extremely hard-working and successful farmer, first helping his father on the 320 acres home place (which included the part where grandfather GEORGE HAND had lived and built the large 9-room house, later occupied by WILLIAM and ARMINDA after grandfather Hand’s death in August 1901.  Grandmother Rebecca Elizabeth (Caine) Hand had died in 1894.)  Later Jess had his own farm.  He married MARY A. ROY.  They had 5 children:


HELEN, who died in infancy



MARY died August 6, 1960


JESS and MARY had a great love for beautiful flowers.  After retiring and moving off the farm, Jesse had a great number of various flowers and plants including 100 different rosebushes.  JESSE died June 23, 1969.  He and Mary are buried in the Huntertown, Indiana, Cemetery. 



LUELLA MAE HAND was born May 11, 1884.  After high school in Fort Wayne, she attended Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN., to obtain a teacher’s license.  Then she taught for several years in Allen County,   She married WALTER HURSH, also a teacher.  In later years Walter became a rural mail carrier out of the Huntertown Post Office.  They had 4 children:


GEORGE, who lived only a few months;  CHARLES, FRANK, and Marie


When Walter Hursh retired, he and Luella went to Florida for the winter months.  They maintained a mobile home at Palmetto, Florida, the year around but drove back to Indiana for the summers.  They started their wintering in Florida in the early 1950’s.  After returning to their home near Huntertown in 1963, Walter became ill.  He died in the Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana, in August 1863.  Luella did not return to Florida after that.  In 1970 she went to live with her sisters ZELPHA and GLADYS HAND at their home on South Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which their mother had bought and occupied in April 1920.  Luella’s doctor did not want her to live alone after cataract surgery.  She lived with Zelpha and Gladys until taken to a nursing home on recommendation by her doctor following illness.  Within a few days Luella died, in October 1878.  She was 94 years old. 

MARY JANE HAND married JEFFERSON SICKLER about 1870.  The Sicklers lived a half mile west of the Hand farm.  In 1883 the Sicklers moved to South Dakota to take up land from the government.  The land was near Wessington Springs.  The retired in later years and moved to Santa Crus, California.  The had 4 children and one of the children had a clothing store there.  Jefferson died in 1917.  One son was called EVERETT and a daughter SARAH, who later married a Jacobs.  She lived in Seattle, Washington, in the 1930’s.


 (Added note about Jefferson Sickler.  He was a cousin of the Fitch boys, sons of Nathaniel Fitch.  Nathaniel’s sister married Jacob Sickler in Wyoming County, PA, Nathaniel’s boyhood home.  His mother may have traveled west with them as she died in South Dakota, and was sent back to PA by train to be buried.)


Another version of Mary’s story:  MARY JANE HAND married JEFFERSON SICKLER about 1870.  Their children were:  CORA, GEORGE and SARAH.   They lived in the house later occupied by the PERRY family, located west of the Anderson School on what was later known as the “Carroll” road in Eel River Township.   In 1883 “Aunt Jane” and “Uncle Jeff” took up government land in South Dakota near Wassington Springs.  Uncle Jeff was successful there, then retired and moved to Santa Cruz on the California coast south of San Francisco, owning a home on Branciforte Avenue.  Uncle Jeff died in 1917.  Later Aunt Jane sent money to Zelpha Hand, asking her niece to come and visit her.  Zelpha did and stayed in California 4 years, part of which time she spent working in the Southern Pacific RR Office in San Francisco.  Zelpha then returned to Indiana. 



From Father's will of 1819:  (Father, William Hand)


“my land or real estate being the place whereon I now live to be equally divided between them, the said James, Benjamin, Samuel and John and to hold to them the said James, Benjamin, Samuel and John, their heirs and assigns forever all the land aforesaid under the following reserve.  If my personal property should not be sufficient to pay to each of my three daughters, Sarah, Phebe, and Serepta $50 each, then and in that case my will is that the said James, Benjamin, Samuel and John shall equally pay one hundred and fifty dollars which I will and bequeath to be equally divided between my three daughters viz:  To my daughter Sarah, $50, to my daughter Phebe, $50, to my daughter Serepta $50.  I will and bequeath to my daughter Betsy, $2, I will and bequeath to my daughter MARY, $2.  I will and bequeath to my daughter, Martha, $2, which is to be paid after the death of my beloved.............”.




Margaret Hawk's notes about Mary:  (Thanks, Maggie for all your help!)


Birth date is estimated, per 1830 census.  She was in her father's will, given a small bequest, which may indicate that she had received a previous settlement, perhaps when married.  The names of her first five children and the two from her second marriage were found in the article in the Bellbrook Moon which described the circumstances of her marriage to Joseph Vandolah.  She was known as "Polly"; probably was born in New Jersey.  Her divorce petition from her second husband was filed on December 28, 1829 in Greene County, Ohio (abstracted in "Ohio Divorces:


"The Early Years", by Carol W. Bell (1994) "and alleged extreme cruelty, that he had beat her and threatened her life.  She was granted custody of her two children, and her dower lands from her first marriage were restored to her.  In December 1835 her children sold the land they inherited from their father and included all their right in their mother's right of dower"  (Greene Co. Deed Book 17, page 36).  No burial record for Polly is found, but she was probably deceased before 1850.  (No, Mary was still living in the 1850 Census of Allen Co., IN, as Mary Fought)



Other information we know about Mary Polly Hand who married Joseph Vandolah:


From the biographical sketch of Joseph Vandolah in the "Bellbrook Moon" of Bellbrook, Ohio, Collection of 1893.


"Mr. Hand (her father) owned the farm where Newton Berryhill and John Underwood now live.  In a double log house.  Mr. Hand's daughter was named Mary, called "Polly" for short.


Joseph Vandolah showed up at his door one evening and asked to stay overnight.  Dressed in buckskin hunting shirt, homespun pantaloons, coonskin cap and barefooted and was carrying $200 silver dollars in a stocking leg. 


Joseph was on his way to Cincinnati to enter the quarter section of land opposite where the Hands lived.  Can be found on later  plat maps as being the property of Matthew Berryhill. 


Polly found Joseph quite attractive, whether it was Joseph or his $200, we cannot be sure, but they became engaged and planned to be married when he returned.  When Joseph returned to be married, they hardly recognized him as he was all fixed up.  So they were married and built their own log cabin on the land Joseph had purchased. 


By the birthdates of the children the year of their marriage must have been about 1804, which would indicate that the Hand family was living in Greene County, Ohio, at that time.  They had five children:

James, Joseph, William, Sarah and Benjamin.  William died at about age 12.  The rest came to Indiana.


Joseph died and to aid with her affairs, Mary Polly married William Whicker and she had two children by him, William and Stephen (both came to Allen Co., IN)  She finally concluded that "a man was not always what they were cracked up to be".  Eventually they divorced (about 1835).  William Whicker was quite a bit older than Mary Polly. 



An interesting marriage is noted from the DeKalb County, IN,  Marriages in the year 1841.

            August 26, 1841.........Samuel Fought to Mary Whicker


Then in the 1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN

            Samuel Fought.............55 M................born 1795.......Farmer.......born PA

            Mary ............................62 F.................born 1788..........................born New


They are nestled in with the Hands and James Vandolah and Lucy Gump and John Tucker.  The 1850 census is listed by areas and not alphabetically. 



1840 Census of DeKalb County, IN   No township is given.  Found on what may be page 501.  It is near the end of the list.   Note spelling,  but the spelling is notoriously bad on these entries. 



            2 Males 15 to 20...........born 1820-1825.......about the right age for William and Stephen

            1 female 40-50..............born 1790-1800.......pretty close for Mary Polly Hand





SARAH ELIZABETH HAND, born July 21, 1890, married HERBERT SAGE.  Their children are:


WILLIAM ARTHUR, always called Arthur


Another child died in infancy. 


Herbert, Sarah and family resided on a farm in Allen County, IN.  In addition to farming they raised fine Black Angus cattle.  Herbert died May 23, 1955, age 67;  his death was the result of a tractor accident in 1954.  Sarah died in August 1960 of heart failure.  They are buried in the Eel River Cemetery.




ZELPHA MARIE HAND, born February 15, 1893, died in March 1979, in a nursing home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, within a week of being taken there from the Parkview Memorial Hospital where she had been a patient since late January, 1979.  She had diverticulitis, then developed pneumonia.   Cause of death listed as “arterio-sclerotic heart disease”.    She was 86. 


After graduating from Fort Wayne High School in 1912, Zelpha attended Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana, to obtain a teacher’s license.  She taught in grade schools in Allen county, then did office work, first in Fort Wayne, and then in San Francisco during the latter part of her stay in California.  She was a member of Plymouth Congregational Church in Fort Wayne.  She took care of mother (Arminda Hand) and sister (Luella Hursh).  She is buried in Huntertown Cemetery.



GLADYS VIOLA HAND, was born January 9, 1896, in Allen County, Indiana.  After graduating from Fort Wayne High School she worked in offices there, then later attended Indiana University on the Bloomington campus and later at I U extension classes in Fort Wayne.  She married CURTIS RINEHOLD and moved to New Albany, Indiana, where he lived.  After Curtis’s death in 1975, Gladys returned to Fort Wayne to live with her sisters Zelpha and Luella.  Luella died in 1976 and Zelpha in 1979.  After this Gladys sold the home on South Harrison Street which she inherited and moved to Jacksonville, Illinois, to be near her sister Alice Agger and Alice’s family.  Gladys is a member of the Plymouth Congregational Church, Fort Wayne, and a member of Delta Zeta Sorority and former member of the Eastern Star Lodge of Huntertown, Indiana.  She did volunteer work at the Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne;  also at the Broward Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1979-1980 when she spent the winter there. 



WILLIAM HAND  (1760-1819) and PHEBE  (1761-1845)


WILLIAM and PHEBE were probably born on the eastern seaboard.  They had 10 children.  The census of 1790 has them living in Frederick County, MD.  The census of 1810 has them living in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Around 1816 they migrated to Green County, Ohio.  There they lived on a small farm in Sugar Creek Township.  William died in 1819 and Phebe and some of the children continued to live on the farm.  Their daughter, SARAH, born November 25, 1799, probably in Frederick County, Maryland, gave birth to a son, September 26, 1819.  She named him GEORGE WASHINGTON HAND.  On December 2, 1824, Sarah married WILLIAM  ERICKSON. 


In the early 1830’s JAMES VANDOLAH, Phebe’s brother (see notes at the end of biography about this), also from Greene County, Ohio, came to Allen County, Indiana, and bought land in the close vicinity, where JOHN HAND and later GEORGE W. HAND bought land from the government.  JOHN HAND also bought land in DeKalb County.  JAMES VANDOLAH also purchased land straddling Cedar Creek, a fairly good-sized creek.  He had built several water powered grist mills to grind flour and corn-meal, plus other animal feeds.  JOHN HAND bought the land but never lived on it.  He returned to Greene County, Ohio.  SARAH ERICKSON and her husband came and bought land very close to the other Hands.  JAMES VANDOLAH, JOHN HAND and GEORGE W. HAND had their land all joining each other’s.  So much of the land was swamp so they tried to get land that had a fair amount of high ground to build on.  Also the roads followed the ridges.  Land prices started at $1.25 an acre but didn’t sell, so the price was cut to 62 cents but still didn’t sell so cut it to 32 cents.


SEREPTA ERICKSON, one of SARAH and WILLIAM ERICKSON’S daughters, married a William Thrush.  Most the the Thrush families are living in DeKalb and Noble Counties now.  BOB THRUSH of Laotto, IN, has much of the history of the Thrush family.  He showed me a picture of SARAH HAND ERICKSON.  The  Historical Library in Columbus, Ohio, has the history and whereabouts of most people who ever lived in Ohio.  Most of William and Phebe’s sons remained in Greene County, Ohio.  Many of the above people are buried in the Huntertown Cemetery one mile east of Huntertown, Indiana, in the old section.


Compiled by RUSSELL HAND SAGE,  February 2, 1990



Since this was written more has been discovered about this family.  Phebe Hand, wife of William, was probably a “Jennings” and not a Vandolah.  At least she was not the sister of James Vandolah.  She was actually his grandmother.  She was the mother of his mother, Mary Polly Hand who married his father, Joseph Vandolah in Greene County, Ohio.   The William Hand family was living in Greene Co., Ohio, before 1804 as there is an interesting story (see above) of how Joseph Vandolah met Mary Polly Hand met.    She was living across from some land he wished to buy and when he stopped in to talk to her father, they met and became engaged on the spot.  After his trip to purchase the land, they were married.   


A few more notes about the family.  Phebe moved here with her daughter, Sarah, but also her daughter, Mary Polly (mother of James Vandolah) also came to Allen County to live.  After Joseph Vandolah died, Mary Polly remarried to a man by the name of William Whicker and had 2 sons by him.  She finally divorced him and she and the 2 sons came to Allen County to live near the rest of the Hand family.  She did not learn her lesson, I guess, and she tried marriage again……….she married a Samuel Fought and the 1850 census find them living close to her son, James Vandolah in Perry Township.   (additions by Betty Fitch)





Married in Allen County, Indiana, February 14, 1882 to ARMINDA MAE ESSEX, daughter of SARAH  ELEANOR WAGONER (RENNECKER) and DAVID ORLANDO ESSEX.  Arminda was born January 30, 1859 in Henry County, Ohio.  Her mother, Sarah, was of German ancestry.  Arminda attended the Methodist College in Fort Wayne and taught school in Eel River township.  After her father’s death, her mother married a STEPHEN WHICKER and they lived about a half mile west of the Hand farm.  William farmed and at one time or the other owned land in 3 different sections, along with his father George W.  The land was in Sections 24, 25, and 26 in Eel River township.     William and Arminda had 8 children:


GEORGE WASHINGTON, born December 11, 1882, in Allen Co.

            Died January 12, 1964 in Park Ridge, Illinois

LUELLA MAY, born May 11, 1884 in Allen Co.

            Died October 23, 1978 in Allen Co.

JESSE VALENTINE, born August 19, 1888 in Allen Co.

            Died June 23, 1969 in Allen Co.

SARAH ELIZABETH, born July 21, 1890 in Allen Co.

            Died August 2, 1960 in Allen Co.

ZELPHA MARIE, born February 15, 1983 in Allen Co.

            Died March 29, 1979 in Allen Co.

GLADYS VELMA, born January 9, 1898 in Allen Co.

WILLIAM ERICKSON, born November 8, 1904 in Allen Co.

ALICE LUCILLE, born July 30, 1902 in Allen Co.

            Died September 5, 1981 in Jacksonville, Illinois


The Hand farm consisted of two sets of buildings.  One was called back the lane and the other one was called up the road.  Originally, the road went past the farm back the lane.  When the early homesteaders built homes and roads they kept to the high and dry land.  Allen county was mostly swamps and brush and was harboring about as many wolves and friendly Indians, along with plenty of deer, as there was settlers.  One bear was reportedly seen by George W.  He was an avid hunter and told of the time he shot a deer in the vicinity of the north border of the farm.  There was a foot bridge across Eel River he had to cross to get home.  He had field dressed the deer and the wolves had picked up the scent and were in pursuit of it.  When he came to the foot bridge he heard the howl of a number of wolves and knew that he couldn’t keep the deer and shoot all the wolves too.  He dropped the deer and ran for home.  The next morning he went back to the foot bridge and all that was left was a pile of bones.  In those days the settlers had only muzzle loading guns and it took time to reload them.  It was said that more Indians were shot with ram-rods than musket balls as sometimes the settlers had to shoot fast and didn’t have time to put the ball in, so shot the rod. 





1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN   181 D


George Hand                         married          male, 60          born Ohio       Farmer

            Both parents born MD

Elizabeth Hand         wife                 female, 55      born Ohio       Keeps house

            Both parents born Ohio


William Hand           son, single      male, 34          born IN           At home


David Faiqnar           other, single male, 21          born MD         Farm hand

            Both parents born MD


This is the home of George Washington Hand and Rebecca Elizabeth Caine.






1.   William Hand  b:  1760 in Essex Co., N.J.  d:  Dec. 16, 1819 in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene

       Co., Ohio, married June 3, 1786 in Westfield, Essex Co., N.J. 

            +  Phebe Jennings  b: 1761 in N.J.   d:  Jan. 14, 1845 in Allen Co., IN,  burial Perry

                 Township Cemetery, near Huntertown, IN


                        2.   Mary Polly Hand  b:  Abt. 1788 in Essex Co., N.J.  d: unknown but was

                               still living at time of 1850 census in Allen Co., IN  married about 1804 in

                               Greene Co., Ohio 

                                    +   Joseph Vandolah  b:  Abt. 1771 in Hunterdon, N.J. or Fayette Co.,

                                          PA  d:  Abt. 1814 in Greene Co., Ohio,  burial 1814 Zenia, Greene

                                          Co., Ohio  (from Linda Schlatter)


                                                3.  Joseph Vandolah  b:  June 14, 1805 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                      d:  May 10, 1887 in Allen Co., IN  burial Perry Township

                                                      Cemetery, Allen Co., IN  married March 14, 1839

                                                            +  Druscilla Nickerson  b:  June 19, 1820  d:  Nov. 10,

                                                                 1886,  burial Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN

                                                3.   James Vandolah  b:  Jan. 22, 1807 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                       d.  Oct. 24, 1851 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN, burial

                                                       Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN,  married May 12,

                                                       1832 in Greene Co., Ohio, by Squire John James at the

                                                       home of the bride at Washington Mills

                                                            +   Rebecca Tucker  b:  May 1, 1812 in Jefferson Co.,

                                                                  VA/WVA (or June 1)  d:  Feb. 16, 1884 in Perry

                                                                  Twp., Allen Co., IN,  burial Perry Twp. Cemetery

                                                3.   Saran Ann Vandolah  b:  Sept. 1, 1811 in Sugar Creek

                                                       Twp., Greene Co., Ohio   d:  April 16, 1888 in Perry Twp.

                                                       Allen Co., IN,  burial Perry Twp. Cemetery,  married

                                                       Feb. 27, 1836 in Green Co., Ohio

                                                            +   William W. Anderson  b:  Abt. 1815 in Scotland

                                                                  d:  Abt. 1864

                                                3.   William Vandolah  b:  1812 in Greene Co., Ohio 

                                                       d:  1824 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                3.   Benjamin Vandolah  b:  Feb. 7 1812 in Sugar Creek Twp.,

                                                       Greene Co., Ohio  d:  Aug. 5, 1876 in Drury Twp., Rock

                                                       Island, IL,  burial Illinois City Cemetery, Rock Island

                                                       Married July 3, 1842 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +   Mary Ann Faustine  b:  1816 or 1826, poss. PA or

                                                                 Greene Co., Ohio  d:  1897


                                    See more on the Vandolah family under Vandolah Descendants


                        2nd husband of Mary Polly Hand, married April 5, 1819 Greene Co., Ohio  

                                    +   William Whicker b:  Aug. 27, 1760  d:  Nov. 2, 1851 in Delaware

                                          Co., IN,  burial Strong Cemetery, Delaware Co., IN


                                                3.   William H. Whicker, Jr.  b:  Feb. 14, 1819  (census give bd

                                                       as 1821)  d:  Nov. 24, 1906 at the home of son-in-law F.

                                                       Fisher, Ft. Wayne, IN,  burial Coesse Lutheran Cemetery

                                                       Whitley Co., IN, married Oct. 22, 1844 in DeKalb Co., IN 

                                                            +   Clarissa Adeline Thorp  b:  Abt. 1827 in Ohio

                                                                   Sept. 23, 1899, burial Coesse Lutheran Cemetery

                                                                        4.   Eliza Ann Whicker  b:  Abt. 1846, married

                                                                                Unknown Robinson

                                                                        4.   Angelina Whicker  b:  Abt. 1848 or March

                                                                               1850  d:  April 20, 1927 in Ft. Wayne, IN

                                                                                    +   Benjamin Denner

                                                                        4.   Sarah Ann Whicker  b:  Aug. 1850  d:  May

                                                                               23, 1919

                                                                                    +   Charles E. Damon

                                                                        4.   Cynthia Minnie Whicker  b:  Abt. 1852

                                                                                    +   William Harshbarger

                                                                        4.   Charles E. Whicker

                                                                        4.   George W. Whicker  b:  May 30, 1859

                                                                               d:  Feb. 9, 1900 in Whitley Co., IN

                                                                                    +   Jessie


                                                3.   Stephen Whicker  b:  Abt. 1823 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                       d:  before April 14, 1890, married about 1848

                                                            +   Julia A.  b:  Abt. 1828 in PA  d:  Bet. 1870-1872

                                                2nd wife of Stephen Whicker, married Sept. 27, 1872 in Adams

                                                 Co., IN

                                                                        4.   Louisa Whicker  b:  March 25, 1850

                                                                               d:  Aug. 16, 1854

                                                                        4.   Adah Whicker  b:  Nov. 29, 1859

                                                                               d:  June 29, 1867

                                                                        4.   Thomas Whicker  b:  1855

                                                                        4.   John M. Whicker  b:  1859  d:  1929

                                                                                    +   Minnie W.

                                                                        4.   Emma Whicker  b:  1868 


                                                            +   Sarah Eleanor Waggoner  b:  Sept. 14, 1825 in

                                                                   Stark Co., Ohio (or 1827)  d:  Jan. 3, 1896 in

                                                                   Adams Co., IN


                        3rd husband of Mary Polly Hand, married Aug. 27 1841 in DeKalb Co., IN

                                    +   Samuel Fought b:  Abt. 1795 by 1850 census records in Allen Co.


                        2.  Sarah Hand, b:Nov. 25, 1799  d:  Sept. 27, 1865 in Allen Co., IN, burial

                              Perry Twp. Cemetery near Huntertown, IN,  married Dec. 2, 1824 in

                              Greene Co., Ohio

                                    +   William Erickson, born poss. Delaware  d:  Oct. 9, 1865, burial in

                                           Perry Twp. Cemetery, Allen Co., IN


                                                3.  George Washington Hand  b:  Sept. 26, 1819 in Greene Co.

                                                      Ohio  d:  Aug. 7, 1901 in his home in Eel River Twp., Allen

                                                      Co., IN, married Feb. 3, 1842 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +   Rebecca Elizabeth Caine  b:  June 24, 1824 in

                                                                  Greene Co., Ohio  d:  About 1894

                                                3.   Serepta Erickson  b:  Oct. 10, 1830 in IN  d:  April 23,

                                                       1897 in Auburn, IN,  burial in Perry Twp. Cemetery,

                                                       Allen Co., IN, married Dec. 25, 1856 

                                                            +   William Thrush  b:  July 5, 1830 in PA   d:  Aug. 31

                                                                   1891 in Auburn, IN,  burial Perry Twp. Cemetery


                                                                        4.  Charles W. Thrush  b:1866  d: Jan 15, 1891

                                                                        4.  Jesse J. Thrush  b:  1868, d:  Aug. 8, 1870

                                                                        4.  Anna Thrush  d:  Feb. 14, 1865

                                                                        4.  John H. Thrush  d:  Oct. 5, 1865

                                                                        4.  Albert N. Thrush  b:  Feb. 22, 1860 in

                                                                              Noble Co., IN, d:  1942, married Jan. 1,

                                                                              1882 in New Era, DeKalb Co., IN by Rev.

                                                                              W. L. Meese

                                                                                    +   Ellie Pepple

                                                                        4.   George W. Thrush  b.  Oct. 6, 1862  d:  Oct.

                                                                                6, 1862

                                                                        4.   Ella May Thrush  b:  Nov. 11, 1873  d: Nov

                                                                               11, 1873

                                                                        4.   Ira A. Thrush ??  b:  Abt. 1876 and found

                                                                               in 1880 census of William and Serepta 


                        2.   James Hand  b:  Abt. 1792 in New Jersey

                                    +   Ann


                        2.   Benjamin Hand  b:  About 1790 in Essex Co., N.J.  d:  Aug. 1, 1841 in

                               Miami Co., Ohio, burial Curtis Cemetery, Lost Creek Twp., Miami Co.,

                               Ohio,  married April 10, 1816 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                    +   Sarah Sackett  b:  May 24, 1795 in KY  d:  Jan. 8, 1872 in Miami

                                          Co., Ohio


                                                3.  Cyrus Hand  b:  Abt. 1818 in Greene Co., Ohio  d:  before

                                                      1860 in Miami Co., Ohio, married July 11, 1843 in Miami

                                                      Co., Ohio

                                                            +   Harriet D. Suber  b:  About 1811  d:  Before 1860 in

                                                                   Miami Co., Ohio

                                                3.   William Hand  b:  Abt. 1821 in Greene Co., Ohio   d:  Abt.

                                                        1850 in Miami Co., Ohio, married March 1, 1849 in Ohio

                                                            +   Matilda Luce


                                                3.   Nancy Hand  b:  Oct. 23, 1825 in Greene Co., Ohio 

                                                        d:  Sept. 11, 1903 in Fletcher, Miami Co., Ohio, burial

                                                        Fletcher Cemetery, Miami Co., Ohio, married Jan. 8,

                                                        1846 in Miami Co., Ohio

                                                            +   Daniel Brelsford


                        2.   Samuel R. Hand  b:  June 7, 1805  in Ohio  d:  June 12, 1858 in Greene

                                Co., Ohio, burial Glen Forest Cemetery, Yellow Springs, Greene Co.,

                                Ohio, married about 1830 in Ohio

                                    +   Mary


                        2.   John Hand  b:  About 1803 in KY or Ohio  d:  1837 in Greene Co., Ohio

                               married Oct. 6, 1831 in Clark County, Ohio

                                    +   Sarah Jane Johnson


                                                3.   Samuel R. Hand  b:  Aug. 25, 1832 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                       d:  March 3, 1862, burial Clifton Cemetery, Green Co.,

                                                       Ohio,  married Oct. 16, 1855  in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                            +   Caroline Knott

                                                3.   Margaret Jane Hand   b:  July 27, 1835 in Greene Co.,

                                                       Ohio  d:  May 18, 1892 in Clifton, Greene Co., Ohio, burial

                                                       Clifton Cemetery, Greene Co., Ohio, married April 18,


                                                            +   Andrew Hood White  b:  April 27, 1835 in Chester

                                                                  Co., S. C.   d:  1926 in Clifton, Greene Co., Ohio

                                                                  Burial Clifton Cemetery, Greene Co., Ohio


                        2.   Phebe Hand   b:  Abt. 1800 in New Jersey

                               married June 5, 1826 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                    +   Matthew Erickson  b:  Abt. 1800, prob. Delaware

                                                3.   Charles Erickson  b:  Abt. 1829 in Greene Co., Ohio

                                                            +   Elizabeth

                                                3.   Serepta Erickson  b:  Abt. 1829

                                                3.   William Erickson  b:  Abt. 1831

                                                3.   James Erickson  b:  Abt. 1833

                                                3.   Francis I. Erickson  b:  Abt. 1834

                                                3.   Mary Erickson  b:  Abt. 1836

                                                3.   Samuel Erickson  b:  Abt. 1840

                                                3.   Elizabeth Erickson  b:  Abt.  1843

                                                3.   Martha A. Erickson  b:  Abt. 1846


                        2.   Betsey Hand  b:  Abt. 1794 in New Jersey

                        2.   Martha Hand  b:  About 1796 in New Jersey     

                        2.   Serepta Hand  b:  Abt. 1807 in Ohio  d:  About 1819