GEORGE C. GUMP………from Ft. Wayne and Allen Co., History, Vol. II  


One of the fine farms of Perry Township is that owned and occupied by GEORGE CALVERT GUMP, and his prominent status as one of the substantial and progressive exponents of agricultural and live-stock industry in his native county is more interesting by reason of the fact that his present homestead is the one on which he was born and reared, the date of his nativity having been, July 31, 1856.  His parents were young when they came to Allen County, where their marriage was solemnized, and it was about the year 1856 when they established their residence on the well-improved farm now owned by the subject of this review.  At that time the land was little more than a forest and the father set to himself the Herculean task of reclaiming the farm from a virtual wilderness.  Indomitable energy and determination brought steady progress in their train and eventually the farm yielded forth its generous increase from season to season, and peace and prosperity found here an abiding place.  The parents, GEORGE and HARRIET (AGENBROAD) GUMP were honored pioneer citizens of Allen County, Indiana, at the time of their death.  GEORGE GUMP was a man of strong individuality and mature judgment, was influential in community affairs and commanded the unqualified esteem of all who knew him.  He served two terms as trustee of Perry township and was always ready to lend his co-operation in the furtherance of measures and enterprises projected for the general good of the community.  Of the fine family of thirteen children, two died in infancy;  FRANK, eldest of the number, is engaged in farming in Nebraska;  MRS. PRISCILLA JACKSON is a resident of Churubusco;  MRS. MARGARET PULVER is deceased;  MRS. ALICE FLANNIGN resides in Perry township;  MRS. JANE HURSE maintains her home in Perry township;  GEORGE C. of this sketch, was next in order of birth;  MRS. EFFIE BELOT is deceased;  MRS. CORA SHAMBAUGH is a resident of Fort Wayne;  and CELESTIA is deceased.


GEORGE GUMP was reared to manhood on the old home farm, early began to contribute his quota to its work, and his youthful educational advantages were those of the common schools of the locality and period.  The old homestead has continued as the stage of his vigorous and effective activities of independent order, and the property, comprising 184 acres in Section 15, Perry township, came into his posses-sion after the death of his father, he having purchased the interests of the other heirs.  He has made numerous  and valuable improvements of the place, including erection of his commodious and modern residence, which is cement construction, and which is one of the model farms of Perry township.  Mr. Gump is progressive and liberal in his civic attitude, is a Democrat in politics, but never has desired or held office of any description.


September 3, 1896, recorded the marriage of MR. GUMP to IVY B. MOUDY, who was born and reared in Cedar Creek township, this county, a daughter to the late MARTIN and MARTHA (UPDYKE) MOUDY, who passed their entire lives in this county, where the respective families were founded in the early pioneer period.  Mrs. Gump is one of 7 children and the surviving members of the same are MRS. SYLVIA VAN ZILE and MRS. NORA TREESE.  Mr. and Mrs. Gump have 7 children, all of whom remain at the parental home, namely:  RUSSELL J., FORREST R., CLARA B., MARTHA E., GEORGE E., WALTER C., and EVA F.


The home of George Gump located on the Gump Road, recent photo






1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN   #2704-2716  


Simion Gump

43 Male

Born MD


Abt 1807

Eliza Gump

32 Female

Born OH


Abt 1818

William W. Gump

19 Male

Born OH


Abt 1831

Mary Gump

14 Female

Born OH


About 1836

George Gump

9 Male

Born OH


About 1841

John Gump

1 Male

Born OH


About 1849


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2768-2780


Lucy Gump

49 Female

Born VA


About 1801

John Tucker

37 Male

Born OH


About 1813

Gustain Gump

14 Male

Born OH


About 1836

James Gump

12 Male

Born OH


About 1838

Margaret J. Gump

10 Female

Born OH


About 1840

Robert Gump

8 Male

Born OH


About 1842


Lucy may be Lucy Tucker, sister of Reason Tucker, and had been married to Ambrose Gump/Jump in Ohio.    In the 1860 census she was called Stacey Jump with John Tucker and the children Margaret and Robert are still living at home.   1860 census information is from John Rohde, at Tucker descendant.


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   #2786-2798


Jacob Gump

26 Male

Born OH


About 1824

Sarah Gump

23 Female

Born VA


About 1827

Louisa Gump

5 Female

Born OH


About 1845

David Gump

4 Male

Born OH


About 1846


1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN    #2787-2799


George Gump

24 Male

Born OH


About 1826

Harriet Gump

20 Female

Born OH


About 1830

Horatio Agentrade

22 Male

Born OH

Laborer, poss. Harriet’s bro.

About 1828


1850 Census of Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio


Jeremiah Gump

23 Male

Born OH


About 1827

Sarah Gump

17 Female

Born PA


About 1833


Daniel Gump

53 Male

Born MD


About 1797

Margaret Gump

47 Female

Born PA


About 1803

John Gump

22 Male

Born OH


About 1828 

Daniel Gump

19 Male

Born OH


About 1831

David Gump

17 Male

Born OH


About 1833

Elizabeth Gump

14 Female

Born OH


About 1836

Henry Gump

6 Male

Born OH


About 1844

Lavina Gump

18 Female

Born OH


About 1832


Next door to the Gumps in Miami Co., Ohio, lived a family by the name of Egenbroad.   This may have been the family of Harriet, who married George Gump.  


1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN   188B


George Gump


Male, 54

Born OH


About 1826


Father b MD

Mother b PA




Harriet Gump


Female, 50

Born OH

Keeps house

About 1830


Father b MD

Mother b OH




Alice Gump

Dau, single

Female, 23

Born IN

At home

About 1857

Jane Gump

Dau, single

Female, 19

Born IN

At home

About 1861

Madison Gump

Son, single

Male, 17

Born IN

Farm Laborer

About 1863

Marion Gump


Male, 13

Born IN

At school

About 1867

Calvert Gump


Male, 11

Born IN

At home

About 1869

Effie Gump


Female, 8

Born IN

At home

About 1872

Cora Gump


Female, 6

Born IN


About 1874

Lewis Jackson

Other, single

Male, 23

Born IN




1880 Census of Perry Township, Allen County, IN  185C


Jacob Gump


Male, 56

Born OH


About 1824


Father b MD

Mother b PA




Sarah Gump


Female, 53

Born VA

Keeps house

About 1827


Father b VA

Mother b VA




Emily Gump

Dau., single

Female, 23

Born IN

At home

About 1857

Perry Gump 


Male, 15

Born IN

At school

About 1865

Willie Gump

Gr. Son

Male, 8

Born IN

At home

About 1872

Jacob Hess

Other, single

Male, 26

Born PA

Farm Labor

About 1854


Father b PA

Mother b PA





1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN  179D


John Gump


Male, 54

Born OH


About 1826


Father b MD

Mother b PA




Sarah J. Gump


Female, 48

Born OH

Keeps house

About 1832


Father b PA

Mother b PA




Daniel Gump

Son, single

Male, 18

Born IN


About 1862


1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN   179D


Dora Gump


 ? 25

Born IN


About 1855


Father b OH

Mother b OH




Annie Gump


Female, 23

Born OH

Keeps house

About 1857


Father b Eng

Mother b PA




Dasa Gump


Female, 2

Born IN


About 1878


1880 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN  180B


Jeramia Gump


Male, 51

Born OH


About 1829


Father b MD

Mother b PA




Sarah Gump


Female, 47

Born PA

Keeps house

About 1833


Father b PA

Mother b PA




Anvilla Gump

Daughter, single

Female, 21

Born IN


About 1859

Alnora Gump

Dau., single

Female, 16

Born IN


About 1864

E. Henry Gump


Male, 14

Born IN


About 1866

Jessy Gump


Male, 11

Born IN


About 1869






Gump-Beasley, Adaline

March 26, 1858

August 9, 1880

Wife of George Beasley & dau of Jeremiah & Sarah Gump

Adell A. Gump


Sept. 24, 1869

15 yr, 14 days

Dau Jacob & Sarah

George Gump

Aug. 14, 1825

Sept. 28, 1912


George C. Gump




George E. Gump




Gloria M. Gump



Dau of F.R.

Harriet C. Gump

Oct. 3, 1864

Nov. 19, 1874

Dau. George & Harriet

Ida Ann Gump

Dec. 1, 1858

Feb. 14, 1861

Dau. George & Harriet

Icy B. Gump


Oct. 1968

George C.

Infant son Gump



Child of F. R.

Jackie B. Gump



Child of F. R.  (Forrest)

Harriet Agenbroad Gump

June 1, 1930

Oct. 17, 1894


Mary Ann Gump


May 6, 1879

12 yrs, 5 months

Dau. John W. and Jane

Phebe Gump (Vandolah)


July 31, 1877

32 yrs, 4 months Wife of David, dau. of James & Rebecca Vandolah

Rachel M. Gump


Oct. 21, 1853

1 yr, 2 months  dau. of J. & S.  & Adelia

Sarah Gump

July 5, 1826

Feb. 13, 1906





Clara McComb Gump



Forest J.

Forrest R. Gump

1900 – “Pete”

June 23, 1963


Francis M. Gump




James Lloyd Gump



Our Son

Kattie Gump




Loa Gump

Lot Owner 1966


F. M.

Mary E. Gump




Vonell Gump




Walter C. Gump



Mary E.




Amanda Gump



David Gump



Effie B. Gump



Lena May Gump



Gerry E. Gump



Belva L. Gump   (Surface)






1.  Johann George Gump  b: Oct 9, 1709, Immigrant from Huffenhardt, Germany 

       d: Sept 7, 1792 in York Co., PA    married July 24, 1731 in Germany

            +  Rosina Mack b: June 24, 1705 in Germany  d: June 6, 1769 


                        2.  George Gump  b: 1733  d: young

                        2.  Andrew Gump  b: Sept 15, 1735  d: 1760 unmarried in Bethlehem, PA

                        2.  Barbara Gump  b: April 19, 1737  d: Aug 16, 1829

                                    +  Friedrich Beckel

                                    +  Paul Munster          

                        2.  John Gump  b: April 10, 1739 near Frederick Co., MD  d: Dec 23, 1816

                                married Feb 2, 1762

                                    +  Elizabeth Juliana Weller  b: April 16, 1744 in MD  d: Dec 26, 1795


                                                3.  John-George Gump  b: Nov 25, 1766 in Frederick Co., MD

                                                       d: Oct 11, 1860   married Sept 1, 1789

                                                            +  Ann Elizabeth Frey  b: July 15, 1772  d: May 6,



                                                                        4.  John-Alexander Gump  b: July 29, 1790

                                                                              d: March 7, 1877

                                                                                    +  Elizabeth Shoemaker 

                                                                        4.  Anna Catherine Gump  b: Feb 27, 1792

                                                                                    +  Jacob Favorite

                                                                        4.  Isaac Gump  b: Feb 28, 1795  d: 1841

                                                                                    +  Maria Lohr

                                                                        4.  John-Daniel Gump  b:  Aug 5, 1797 in MD

                                                                               d: Oct 8, 1872   m: Sept 16, 1819

                                                                                    +  Margaret “Peggy” Studebaker

                                                                                          b: March 22, 1803  in Bedford, PA

                                                                                          d: Feb 18, 1879


                                                                        CHILDREN WHO WILL BE CARRIED



                                                                                                5.  Mary Gump, b: 1821

                                                                                                            +  Samuel Blickenstaff

                                                                                                5.  JACOB GUMP  b: 1823

                                                                                                5.  GEORGE GUMP b: 1825

                                                                                                5.  JOHN W. GUMP b: 1827

                                                                                                5.  JEREMIAH GUMP, 1829

                                                                                                5.  Daniel Gump, Jr. b: 1831

                                                                                                            +  Sarah Fisher  

                                                                                                5.  David Gump  b: 1833

                                                                                                            +  Catherine Huffer

                                                                                                5.  Elizabeth Gump  b: 1835

                                                                                                            +  John Warner

                                                                                                5.  Henry Gump b: 1844

                                                                                                            +  Lydia Studebaker


                                                                        4.  Maria Barbara Gump  b: Nov 25, 1800

                                                                                    +  Jeremiah Reese

                                                                        4.  John-George Gump, Jr.  b: March 1803

                                                                                    +  Sally Morris

                                                                        4.  John-Jacob Gump  b: Oct 25, 1805

                                                                                    +  Elizabeth Studebaker

                                                                                    +  Hannah

                                                                        4.  Simon Peter Gump  b: March 16, 1808

                                                                                    +  Martha Eliza Wells

                                                                        4.  Anna Margaret Gump  b: April 22, 1810

                                                                                    +  Jonathan Collins

                                                                                    +  John Smith 

                                                                        4.  Anna-Elizabeth Juliana Gump  b: Oct 8,


                                                                                    +  Samuel Michael Hillegas

                                                                        4.  Eva Rosina Gump  b: May 12, 1815

                                                                                    +  Jonathan Hartman

                                                                        4.   Sarah Gump  b: after 1815, died young


                                                3.  John Gump, Jr.  b: July 16, 1769  d: Aug 30, 1804

                                                            +  Anna Maria Williard

                                                3.  Anna Elizabeth Gump  b: Feb 12, 1772  d: Feb 28, 1852

                                                            +  Yost Harbaugh

                                                3.  John-Jacob Gump  b: Sept 5, 1774  d: Aug 13, 1775

                                                3.  John-Jacob Gump  b: Oct 8, 1776  d: Jan 8, 1835

                                                            +  Christina Favorite

                                                            +  Hannah (or Susannah)

                                                3.  Eva Rosina Gump  b: May 3, 1779  d: Jan 9, 1782

                                                3.  Anna Rosina Gump  b: July 3, 1782


                        2.  Daniel Gump  b: 1741  died young in Monocacy, MD

                        2.  Rosina Gump  b: Feb 16, 1742/3 in Frederick Co., MD  d: Aug 18, 1811

                                    +  Elias Williard  b: June 24, 1734  d: May 20, 1819

                        2.  Catherina Gump  b: July 16, 1745  d: June 11, 1811

                                    +  George Kast

                        2.  Margaretha Gump  b: Aug 11, 1747  d: Aug 12, 1815

                                    +  Leonhard Heil

                        2.  Dorothea Gump  b: Oct 11, 1749  d:  Dec 18, 1775

                                    +  John Rothrock 


2nd wife of Johann George Gump

            +  Salome Schwing Rummel  married July 16, 1770

                        2.  Anna Maria Gump  b: Oct 8, 1771  d: Oct 15, 1771  


Many thanks for the work of recording and printing information on his Gump family goes to ARLO  GUMP and his family.    The above is the background of just a few members of the family.  We continue on below with those we know who came to Allen and DeKalb Counties in Indiana.   Johann George Gump left descendants scattered throughout Pennsylvania and Miami County, Ohio, as well as in Indiana as they moved West.  







1.  George Gump b: Aug 14, 1825 in Miami Co., OH  d: Sept 28, 1912 in Allen Co., IN

        married Feb 8, 1849 in Miami Co., OH

            +  Harriet Agenbroad  b: June 1, 1830 in OH  d: Oct 17, 1894


                        2.  Celestia Gump

                        2.  William Franklin Gump  b: Dec 16, 1851 in Perry Twp, Allen Co., IN

                                d: Nov 16, 1942   married Nov 20, 1873 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Mary Helen Dunten  b: Aug 31, 1854  d: Aug 19, 1932 in Nebraska


                                                3.  Bertram F. Gump  b: Aug 27, 1874  d: 1951

                                                            +  Eliza


                                                                        4.  Mildren Gump

                                                                                    +  Ed Riesebeck

                                                                        4.  Charles Gump

                                                                        4.  Pearl Gump

                                                                        4.  Bertram Gump, Jr.  died young

                                                3.  Charles Edwin Gump  b: April 28, 1876

                                                3.  Arthur Chester Gump  b: April 10, 1879  d: Feb 16, 1964

                                                        married Dec 25, 1900

                                                            +  Orra Agnes Bill  b: July 4, 1884


                                                                        4.  Ova Helen Gump  b: Dec 31, 1901

                                                                        4.  Millard Edwin Gump  b: Jan 29, 1904

                                                                        4.  Ruth Mildred Gump  b: Feb 5, 1907

                                                                        4.  Minnie Mae Gump  b: Sept 2, 1909

                                                                        4.  Vera Grace Gump  b: Feb 11, 1911

                                                                        4.  Eleanor Francis Gump  b: March 26, 1913

                                                                        4.  Nora Rose Gump  b: July 12, 1916


                                                3.  John Gump  b: April 15, 1881

                                                3.  Pearl Edith Gump  b: March 18, 1883  d: Sept 17, 1966

                                                        married March 31, 1904

                                                            +  William Rivett  b: Oct 3, 1870 in London, England

                                                                  d: Dec 20, 1954


                                                                        4.  William Arthur Rivett  b: Sept 26, 1905

                                                                        4.  Vesta May Rivett  b: May 25, 1907

                                                                        4.  Marjorie Augusta Rivett  b:  Aug 12, 1909

                                                                        4.  Charles Alfred Rivett  b: Sept 11, 1911

                                                                        4.  Frederick Franklin Rivett  b: July 8, 1914

                                                                        4.  Clancy George Rivett  b: July 29, 1917

                                                                        4.  Edith Fern Rivett  b: June 2, 1920

                                                                        4.  Mary Ellen Rivett  b: June 9, 1923


                                                3.  Clyde Harry Gump  b: Oct 27, 1886  d: Jan 20, 1972

                                                         married March 23, 1909

                                                            +  Maggie May Tyson  b: Dec 8, 1888 in Nebraska

                                                                   d: March 8, 1974


                                                                        4.  Mervin Arnold Gump  b: June 18, 1910

                                                                        4.  Margaret Isabelle Gump  b: Oct 1, 1911

                                                                        4.  Norine Evelyn Gump  b: July 29, 1915

                                                                        4.  Muriel Irene Gump  b: Nov 18, 1918

                                                                        4.  Janis Opal Gump  b: Sept 15, 1920

                                                                        4.  Dale William Gump  b: June 23, 1924 


                                                3.  George Friend Gump  b: Oct 8, 1889  near Lincoln, Neb.

                                                       d:  June 11, 1964  m:  July 8, 1923 in Sheridan, WY

                                                            +  Marian Florence Smith  b:  July 26, 1899 in Iowa


                                                                        4.  Stanley Elton Gump  b: May 6, 1927

                                                                        4.  Marilyn Patricia Gump  b: Aug 29, 1932


                                                3.  Raymond “Ray” Gump  b: Nov 18, 1891 in Nebraska

                                                       d: Jan 27, 1978   married April 15, 1914 in Nebraska City

                                                            +  Stella Hays Witty  b: May 5, 1894 in Iowa


                                                                        4.  Leonard Bruce Gump  b: Dec 14, 1914

                                                                        4.  Jack Calvin Gump  b: March 17, 1916

                                                                        4.  Leslie Everett Gump  b: May 6, 1918

                                                                        4.  Dorothy Evelyn Gump b: Oct 2, 1920

                                                                        4.  Doyle LaVerne Gump  b: Oct 24, 1922

                                                                        4.  Willa Lou Gump  b: Sept 9, 1929


                                                3.  Floyd Fayette Gump  b: May 2, 1896


                        2.  Priscilla Gump  b: Sept 20, 1853  d: April 6, 1939  m: March 15, 1874           

                                    +  Martin G. Jackson  born Sept 30, 1848  d: April 6, 1929


                                                3.  Effie Belle Jackson  b: May 30, 1881  d: March 13, 1966

                                                       married July 23, 1898

                                                            +  Luther McBride  b: Oct 18, 1867  d: April 21, 1949


                                                                        4.  Gladys Glenn McBride  1900-1982

                                                                        4.  Walter Luther McBride  1902-1952

                                                                        4.  Carl Omer McBride  1906-1967

                                                                        4.  Jennie Mabel McBride  1909-

                                                                        4.  Robert Jackson McBride  1911-

                                                                        4.  Howard Milo McBride  1915-

                                                                        4.  Ralph Ray McBride  1918-


                                                3.  Charles Milo Jackson  b: Jan 21, 1890  d: Dec 11, 1961

                                                       married Feb 1, 1910

                                                            +  Elsie Ethel Cobbs  b: March 5, 1889  d: May 1964


                                                                        4.  Nina Blanch Jackson  1911-

                                                                        4   Glenn Jackson  1913-

                                                                        4.  Forest Dale Jackson  1915-1981

                                                                        4.  Charles Martin Jackson  1917-

                                                                        4.  Nellie Jackson  1920-1920

                                                                        4.  Alice Jackson  1921-

                                                                        4.  Edith Jackson  1925-


                        2.  Margaret Gump  b: 1855 in Allen Co., IN  d: Dec 17, 1886

                               married Nov 21, 1872

                                    +  Frank R. Pulver  b: Dec 15, 1851 in NY  d: Jan 19, 1931


                                                3.  Olive May Pulver  b: May 18, 1874  d: 1917

                                                            +  Fred Philip Payton

                                                3.  John Rowley Pulver  b: June 30, 1875  d: May 16, 1946

                                                       married June 14, 1899

                                                            +  Lenora Elma Sheffer  b: June 6, 1876  d: Nov 7,



                                                                        4.  Anna Margaret Pulver  1900-

                                                                        4.  William Franklin Pulver  1902-1902

                                                                        4.  Mary Agnes Pulver  1903-

                                                                        4.  Ruth Elma Pulver  1905-1975


                                                3.  Bertha Pulver

                                                            +  Frank Connell

                                                                        4.  Levi Connell

                                                                        4.  Carey Connell

                                                            +  Calvin VanZant

                                                                        4.  John VanZant

                                                                        4.  Blanche VanZant  


                        2.  Alice Rachel Gump  b: 1857  d: 1931  married Oct 20, 1881

                                    +  John Flannigan  1853-1918


                                                3.  Hattie Flannigan

                                                3.  John Flannigan

                                                3.  Edward Flannigan


                        2.  Ida Ann Gump  b: Dec 1, 1858  d: Feb 14, 1861

                        2.  Arvilla Jane Gump  b: Sept 20, 1860 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                               d: 1951  married Dec. 30, 1880

                                    +  John Wesley Hursh  b: July 15, 1855  d: May 8, 1906 


                                                3.  John Milton Hursh  b: Aug 7, 1881  d: Dec 31, 1952

                                                            +  Anna J. Bellinger  b: Jan 21, 1883  d: Aug 22, 1973


                                                                        4.  John Clark Hursh  b: July 7, 1910

                                                                                    +  Thelma Sherwood

                                                                                    +  Helen Sherwood

                                                                        4.  Ernest Ward Hursh  b: Jan 27, 1914

                                                                                    +  Martha Jane Shaffer


                                                3.  Donald C. Hursh  b: Aug 7, 1881  d: 1947

                                                            +  Myrtle B. Hand  b: 1886  d: June 5, 1971

                                                                        4.  Glenn Hursh  1906-

                                                                        4.  Wayne M. Hursh  1913-1964


                                                3.  George Solomon Hursh  b: Feb 6, 1882  d: 1962

                                                        married Feb 6, 1907

                                                            +  Audrey Estella Fitch  b: Aug 19, 1882  d: 1958


                                                3.  Bertie H. Hursh  b: March 6, 1886  d: June 5, 1971

                                                       married Aug 23, 1906

                                                            +  Harriet B. Hardisty  b: May 25, 1890  d: 1974


                                                                        4.  Jay W. Hursh  1907-1972

                                                                                    +  Pauline Bowser 1904-1972

                                                                        4.  Margorie Fern Hursh  1912-

                                                                                    +  Earl Stucky  1913-1967


                                                3.  Chauncy D. Hursh  b: July 2, 1897  d: Aug 30, 1945

                                                       married Sept 24, 1915

                                                            +  Mary G. Delagrange  b: 1898

                                                3.  Marie Hursh  b: July 2 or 22, 1897 twin with Chauncey

                                                        d:  Sept 5, 1898


                        2.  Madison Gump  b: Aug 20, 1862  d: Nov 15, 1939  m: Feb 7, 1884

                                    +  Ida Alice Warner  b: March 22, 1866  d: April 5, 1924


                                                3.  Eva Gump  b: Jan 29, 1885  d: June 13, 1972  m: 1905

                                                            +  Clarence Waterson  b: Feb 2, 1876  d: Oct 4, 1950


                                                                        4.  Velva Waterson 1908-

                                                                                    +  Philemon Smith

                                                                        4.  Edna Waterson  1919-1973

                                                                        4.  Zelma Waterson  1922-1977

                                                                                    +  Freeman Goodyear

                                                                        4.  Max Waterson  1926-

                                                                                    +  Marilyn Smith


                                                3.  Lina Jane Gump  b: 1886  d: Aug 8, 1955

                                                            +  Cyrus Barnhart  1884-1954

                                                3.  Josie Gump  b: Oct 21, 1898  married 1921

                                                            +  Archie Steward  d: 1925

                                                                        4.  Kenneth Steward Wollman  1923-

                                                                               adopted by Oriss Wollman

                                                            +  Oriss Wollman     married 1927

                                                                        4.  William Wollman  1930


                                                3.  Lois M. Gump  b: Feb 19, 1902  married 1921

                                                            +  George Ernest Armstrong

                                                                        4.  Carol Jean Armstrong

                                                                        4.  Phyllis Marie Armstrong 

                                                            +  Thomas Burtch    married 1930


                        2.  Harriet C. Gump  b: Oct 3, 1864  d: Nov 19, 1874 


                        2.  Marion Gump  b: Nov 3, 1866  d: Aug 9, 1928  m: Feb 1, 1900

                                    +  Katie Arloa Ream  b: Sept 30, 1881  d: Feb 2, 1966 


                                                3.  Mable A. Gump  b: May 12, 1905  d: Feb 1936  m: 1922

                                                            +  Lewis Ayres

                                                                        4.  Connie M. Ayres

                                                                        4.  Frances Joan Ayres 1932-1938


                                                3.  Carrie A. Gump  b: March 7, 1909  married 1926

                                                            +  Grover T. Diemer

                                                3.  Francis Gump  b: Nov 3, 1915   married 1933

                                                            +  Russell Book

                                                                        4.  Richard D. Book

                                                                        4.  Sandra J. Book


                        2.  George Calvert Gump  b: July 31, 1868 in Allen Co., IN  d: 1953 or 1954

                                married Sept 3, 1896

                                    +  Icy Belle Moudy  b: Jan 6, 1879 in CC township, Allen Co., IN 

                                           d: Oct 12, 1968


                                                3.  Russell Jennings Gump  b: July 6, 1898  d: Dec 23, 1973

                                                       married April 14, 1921

                                                            +  Viola Julia Martin  b: Feb 15, 1898

                                                                        4.  Beatrice Mary Gump 1923-1923

                                                                        4.  Donna Deen Gump 1925-

                                                                                    +  Jerry Miller

                                                                        4.  F. Thomas Gump  1933-

                                                                                    +  Clare Eichold


                                                3.  Forrest Ray Gump  b: June 12, 1900  d: June 23, 1963

                                                        married Oct 12, 1922

                                                            +  Vonell Heffelfinger  b: Oct 3, 1900  d: Aug 18, 1984

                                                                        4.  Marlow George Gump  1924-

                                                                                    +  Jean Maloney

                                                                        4.  Gloria Maxine Gump  1927-1928

                                                                        4.  Jackie Boyd Gump  1929-1929  

                                                                        4.  Infant son Gump  1932-1932


                                                3.  Clara Belle Gump  b: Feb 10, 1902  d: April 1, 1973 in

                                                       Allen Co., auto accident  married Dec 31, 1918

                                                            +  Forest Jackson McComb  b: Oct 1896 –Aug 1978

                                                                        4.  Richard Stanley McComb 1919-1998

                                                                        4.  Keith Leslie McComb

                                                                        4.  Harold Leroy McComb  1921-1996  

                                                                        4.  Bruce Lorraine McComb

                                                                        4.  Jackson Calvert McComb

                                                                        4.  Monty McComb  d: at birth


                                                3.  George Earl Gump  b: Feb 22, 1905  d: 1918 unmarried

                                                3.  Martha Mearl Gump  b: Feb 22, 1905  twin with George

                                                            +  Ralph Isadore Badiac  b: May 26, 1903  d: 1982

                                                                        4.  Ruby Joan Badiac  

                                                                        4.  Ruth Belle Badiac

                                                                                    +  James L. Warner


                                                3.  Walter Calvin Gump  b: April 14, 1907  d: June 15, 1976

                                                        married Oct 19, 1927

                                                            +  Mary Elizabeth Heffelfinger  b: May 31, 1908

                                                                        4.  Loyd Devere Gump 1928

                                                                                    +  Lorene Mae Bunn  

                                                                        4.  Marilyn Louise Gump

                                                                                    +  Richard Lee Maloney

                                                                        4.  Barbara Ann Gump

                                                                                    +  James Howard Blessing

                                                                        4.  Beverly Jean Gump

                                                                        4.  Larry Wayne Gump

                                                                        4.  Linda Kay Gump

                                                                        4.  John Walter Gump


                                                3.  Eva Fern Gump  b: Dec 17, 1913  m: Sept 28, 1935

                                                            +  Norbert Louis Huguenard

                                                                        4.  Ronald Eugene Huguenard

                                                                        4.  Gerald Lee Huguenard


                        2.  Effie Gump  b: 1872  d: March 29, 1901

                                    +  John C. Belot


                        2.  Cora Belle Gump  b: Jan 12, 1874  d: June 15, 1965  m: Feb 21, 1895

                                    +  Franklin Marion Shambaugh  b: Aug 12, 1873  d: Dec 27, 1959


                                                3.  Roscoe George Shambaugh  b: Sept 9, 1895  m: 1917

                                                            +  Goldie Irene Hossinger  b: Oct 27, 1894

                                                                        4.  Robert Franklin Shambaugh

                                                                        4.  Max Paul Shambaugh

                                                                        4.  Eugene Roscoe Shambaugh  

                                                3.  Blanche Shambaugh  b: May 23, 1897  d: Feb 18, 1901

                                                3.  Ward John Shambaugh  b: March 14, 1900

                                                            +  Haxel Baldwin

                                                3.  Leslie Shambaugh  b: Feb 14, 1902  d: Jan 2, 1903

                                                3.  Dorothy Belle Shambaugh  b: March 17, 1906  d: Aug 1906

                                                3.  Wayne Calvin Shambaugh  b: May 26, 1913   






Jeremiah Gump and his brother, Jacob, were instrumental in starting Cedar Creek Church of the Brethren.   As found printed in a booklet by the church in 1953 telling their history: 


“In 1853 some families moved from Miami County, Ohio, to Allen, DeKalb, and Noble counties in Indiana.   Among them were JEREMIAH and JACOB GUMP and their companions.   Elder George W. Studebaker, of Delaware County, soon came into this territory, preaching and the Gumps, with others, united with the church.   The same fall the two brothers, Jeremiah and Jacob were chosen to the ministry.   The meeting for this election was in the cabin loft and those who attended it reached the room by climbing up a ladder and through a small window.  


The Cedar Creek congregation prospered under the preaching of the Gump brothers.   Elder George W. Studebaker took great delight in visiting and preaching for these members.   Jeremiah Gump was the great evangelist of those days.   He spent much time preaching in this large territory.   Many were brought into the fold and became pillars in the church of God.


By 1873 JACOB GUMP was given charge of the last three, while JEREMIAH retained charge of Pleasant Hill near his home.  


Presiding elders of the church were as follows:








 1.  Jacob Gump  b: Sept. 11, 1823/May 11, 1825 cem. records  d: March 13, 1896

         married Jan 30, 1845

            +  Sarah Detrick  b: July 5, 1826 in VA  d: Feb. 13, 1906


                        2.  Louisa Gump  b: Dec 7, 1845  d: 1935  married May 6, 1865

                                    +  Henry Kuhns  b: May 6, 1832  d: 1926


                        2.  David Gump  b: abt. 1847 in Miami or Montg. Co., Ohio  d: Sept. 14, 1928

                               married Jan. 16/18, 1872 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Phebe Vandolah b: April or March 1, 1845   d: July 31, 1877


                                                3.  William H. Gump  b: Jan. 14, 1873  d: May 14, 1945

                                                       married Jan. 2, 1898

                                                            +  Etta Ober  b: Oct 30, 1873  d: Aug, 1952


                                                                        4.  Forest William Gump  b: July 1, 1900

                                                                        4.  Nellie Elizabeth Gump  b: May 17, 1903

                                                                                    +  Unknown Swander

                                                                        4.  Jay Emmett Gump  b: June 8, 1908

                                                                               d:  May 17, 1934


                                                3.  Emma A. Gump  b: Aug. 1876 in Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN

                                                      d: June 12, 1952,  married May 12, 1932

                                                            +  Henry Yoder  b: Dec 25, 1872  d: Nov 17, 1964 


                                                3.  Orpha Gump  (no records found)


                              married Jan. 1879  or Feb 12, 1880 (2nd wife of David Gump)

                                    +  Amanda Rinehold  b: 1853 in Seneca Co., Ohio  d: 1923/24


                                                3.  Gerry E. Gump  b: Dec. 20, 1882 in DeKalb Co., IN  d: 1967

                                                            +  Belva L. Surface  b: 1884  d: 1905

                                                3.  Arthur Gump  b: May 1885  d: Feb 14, 1916   m: 1908

                                                            +  Mary Kelham

                                                3.  Perry A. Gump  b: March 17, 1887 in DeKalb Co., IN 

                                                       d: Feb 18, 1968  married Feb 20, 1910

                                                            +  Bertha Downend  b: Jan 17, 1890

                                                3.  Lena May Gump  b: May24, 1889  d: Sept 3,, 1929 unmarried

                                                3.  Effie B. Gump  b: Aug. 26, 1896  d: 1961  (teacher at Garrett)

                                                3.  Jeremiah Gump  b: in DeKalb Co.,  d: at age of 8 years



                        2.  Rachel M. Gump  b: about 1852  d: Oct 21, 1853

                        2.  Cynthia Ann Gump  b: about 1853

                                    +  Adam "Abe" G. Foote


                        2.  Emma Gump  b: Dec. 25, 1856  d: abt. 1947 ?  cem. records say she was 91

                                married Jan 2, 1882

                                    +  David M. Timberlin  b: March 22, 1843  d:  Dec. 17, 1892  dates in ?


                                                3.  Ford Timerlin  b: Nov. 11, 1883  d: an infant

                                                3.  Kennith Timberlin  b: Aug. 15, 1890  d: 1890

                                                3.  Ellsworth Timberlin  b: 1887  d: 1945

                                                            +  Dottie M. Feagler  b. Sept 30, 1887 d: Dec 9, 1975

                                                                        4.  Mary Elizabeth Timberlin

                                                                        4.  Clair Timberlin

                                                3.  Mary Bernice Timberlin  b: April 29, 1892  d: June 24, 1980

                                                            +Grayston Roy Ohmart   b: June 6, 1889  d: Sept 1955

                                                                        4.  James Grayston Ohmart  b: 1924


                              married July 25, 1902 in DeKalb Co., IN (2nd husband of Emma Gump)

                                    +  Carlton G. Fair  b: Aug. 10, 1864 


                        2.  Perry Gump  b: about 1866 

                                    +  Alice E. Hauck   married July 26, 1888

                                                3.  Clint Gump


                        2.  Adelia Gump  d: Sept 24, 1869

                        2.  Elizabeth Gump  b: abt. 1858  d: Sept. 29, 18







Gump family history says “Moved to Eel River Twp., Allen Co., IN in 1953.   Their residence was 1 mile south of Ari.   They built a log cabin with the nearest white neighbor 6 miles away.  Jeremiah was a farmer, a circuit rider for the Church of the Brethren, evangelist.  He founded 8 churches.   Presiding elder at Pleasant Hill Church 1873-1908.   Buried in Fairview Cemetery near Huntertown, Allen Co., IN.  


Jeremiah Gump and his brother, Jacob, were instrumental in starting Cedar Creek Church of the Brethren.   As found printed in a booklet by the church in 1953 telling their history: 


“In 1853 some families moved from Miami County, Ohio, to Allen, DeKalb, and Noble counties in Indiana.   Among them were JEREMIAH and JACOB GUMP and their companions.   Elder George W. Studebaker, of Delaware County, soon came into this territory, preaching and the Gumps, with others, united with the church.   The same fall the two brothers, Jeremiah and Jacob were chosen to the ministry.   The meeting for this election was in the cabin loft and those who attended it reached the room by climbing up a ladder and through a small window.  


The Cedar Creek congregation prospered under the preaching of the Gump brothers.   Elder George W. Studebaker took great delight in visiting and preaching for these members.   Jeremiah Gump was the great evangelist of those days.   He spent much time preaching in this large territory.   Many were brought into the fold and became pillars in the church of God.


By 1873 JACOB GUMP was given charge of the last three, while JEREMIAH retained charge of Pleasant Hill near his home.  


Presiding elders of the church were as follows:




There is also a photo in the 2007 Huntertown Historical Society calendar which shows a picture of the Reunion of the family of Jeremiah Gump and Sarah Shultz, dated October 21, 1893 and says this as a caption:   “The First annual Gump Reunion was held at the home of Jeremiah Gump, 5 miles northeast of Churubusco, or 1 mile south of Potters Station.   Representatives met those who attended at all trains at Potters Station on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning.   Potter’s Station is located on the Wabash Railroad about 4 miles east of Churubusco or 6 miles west of LaOtto.   The Gump family celebrated 100 years on August 1, 1999.”



ELDER JEREMIAH GUMP  written by Sadie Ober, his granddaughter


Printed in The Gospel Messenger November 30, 1912




Elder Jeremiah Gump, of Churubusco, Ind., was born May 7, 1829, in Miami County, Ohio, and died Nov. 18, 1912, aged 82 years.  He was married to Sarah Shultz, of Huntingdon, Pa., in 1850, and three years later moved to Allen County, Ind., where he resided until his death.   They moved into the woods and built up a very pleasant Christian home.


Bro. Gump and his wife united with the Church of the Brethren June 21, 1854.   He was elected to the ministry in November of the same year, and advanced to the second degree of the ministry in 1857.   In 1862 he was ordained to the eldership, and remained faithful to his calling, though in limited circumstances, and having but very little education.   Only those who lived in those early days can know the many hardships endured.  He cut the trees with which to build their large frame house, and cleared the fields.   They raised a family of ten children.


When one of their daughters died, leaving two little children, Grandpa and Grandma Gump took the little ones into their home and cared for them until they were grown, and moved into homes of their own.   They lived on the same farm for fifty-nine years.   Bro. Gump and his companion lived together sixty-two years less two months.


He often said that much of his success in the church work was due to his faithful wife, who would take care of the children and the home many days and nights, while he would go on horseback, through heat and cold, far and near, over bad roads and through all kinds of weather, to preach the blessed Gospel to a lost world.   He baptized many and preached a great many funeral sermons, of people both in and out of the church.


He visited the sick and anointed many, and also united many in the holy bonds of matrimony.   The writer was the eldest granddaughter and the first of the grandchildren whom he united in marriage.   He was elder of the same congregation for almost fifty years, and had the care of many other congregations.   He was active until just one week before he died.   He attended council meeting at the Pleasant Hill church, very near his home, where he loved to be and labor, and where he seldom missed a meeting.   He took an active part in the meeting and as he passed out, his youngest child, Jesse A. Gump, took his place as elder of the Pleasant Hill church.


Grandpa Gump was a large man, weighing about 200 pounds, and was well proportioned.   He stood erect and his step was a quick and firm as that of many a young man.   His sight and hearing were splendid.   He had a very friendly nature, which won for him a great many friends.   He was always talkative, and loved to converse on religious subjects.   He was also fond of company, of which they had a great deal.   Sometimes, on love feast occasions, their house and barn  would be crowded with visitors, but all were welcome. 


He spent many days as well as many dollars in the building of the Pleasant Hill church.   He prayed earnestly that the members might be faithful in all things.   He was always glad when the time came to go to the house of God.


Sometimes he and his son and two grandsons, who were called to the ministry a few years ago, sat side by side in the stand.   For a number of years there were four generations of his own family represented at almost every meeting.   Nothing seemed to do him so much good as to see the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren give their hearts to  Christ.


He was given much to visiting the sick.   On Tuesday, before he died on Saturday, Bro. Gump and wife visited the sick people in their little home town.   He made it a rule of his life to speak to everyone he met.   One time, as he was passing someone, he spoke, and the man who was with him said:  “Did you know those people?”  “No,” was his reply.   “Then why did you speak to them?”    He said, “It did not cost me anything.”


He was a great lover of children and young people.   He always had something of interest about which to talk to them.   He loved to get a little child on his lap and talk and sing for it.   He loved good singing, and greatly enjoyed the old hymns.   It almost seems as though I could still hear him sing:


            “Our troubles and our trials here

                        Will only make us richer there,

                                    When we arrive at home.”


            “Take your companion by the hand

                        And bring the children in a band

                                    And bring them up at Jesus’ call,

                                                To own, to bless and save them all.”


            “Moments and mercies multiplied

                        Have made up all this day,

                                    Moments came fast, but mercies were

                                                More fleet and free than they.”


I also remember “How Firm a Foundation,” “Jesus Shall Reign,”  “Asleep in Jesus,” “Arise, My Soul Arise,”  “Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide,” and a great many other hymns that he delighted in singing.


Grandpa was a man of very clean habits.   He often said he believed that “cleanliness was next to Godliness,” and that “order was one of heaven’s first laws.”   Everything about his person, his home, and his church work, proved that he practiced what he preached along those lines.


When some were talking of a division in the church he made this remark to me:  “Well, Sadie, we do not want division, but union upon gospel principles, -- In union there is strength.”   He then said: “I  have labored long and hard, trying to preach a plain Gospel, and have not shunned to preach it as best I could.   If the good ship Zion must be wrecked, I am going to try to hang on to the pieces.”


When news of his death came,  a man that had long been a neighbor of his said:  “I have lived all my life close to Uncle Jerry, and I don’t think he ever gave anybody a word of wrong advice.”


The dear wife and mother, who will now soon be eighty years old, and who misses him so much has the sympathy of all who know her.   They always enjoyed each other’s company so much, and often said, “ If I miss all the feasts of the earth, I want to be present at the marriage supper of the Lamb.”  


Grandpa Gump enjoyed good health until the last sickness came, which only lasted a few hours.   Then he took his departure to the heavenly home.


                        Granddaughter, Sadie Ober – LaOtto, Ind.  


Sadie (Pepple) Ober was the wife of David T. Ober

Her parents were Analiza (Gump) and Albert Pepple

Analiza was the daughter of Elder Jeremiah Gump and Sarah Shultz








1.  Jeremiah Gump  b: May 7, 1829  in Miami Co., OH  d: Nov 18, 1911 in Allen Co., IN

       married January 17, 1850 

            +  Sarah Shultz  b: March 22, 1833 in Huntingdon, PA  d: Oct 7, 1924 in Allen Co.


                        2.  Almina Gump  b: April 22, 1851  d: May 3, 1923  married July 4, 1869 

                                    +  William Finney

                                                3.  Henry Finney

                                                                        4.  Lawrence Finney

                                                                        4.  Lucile Finney

                                                3.  Albert “Bert” Finney

                                                3.  Frank Marion Finney   married 1902 

                                                            +  Elizabeth Ohmeck

                                                                        4.  Mary Delilah Finney   b: June 1, 1903

                                                                                    + George Charleswood

                                                                        4.  May Emma Finney  b: Oct 22, 1906

                                                                                    +  Earl Greenlee

                                                                        4.  Helen Violet Almina Finney  b: Jan 1,

                                                                                1911  d: unmarried

                                                3.  Jeremiah C. Finney   married June 2, 1902

                                                            +  Josephine Mills

                                                3.  William D. Finney  d: Roanoke, IN at age 100 years

                                                3.  Sarah Finney

                                                3.  Della Finney


                        2.  Rachel Gump  b: Aug 21, 1852  d: Oct 21, 1853 from diphtheria 

                        2.  Analiza Gump  b: March 12, 1854  d: Oct 10, 1925  m: Dec 7, 1873

                                    +  Albert Pepple  b: Nov 19, 1847  d: Jan 17, 1917  (son of Wm??)


                                                3.  Leah Pepple

                                                3.  Sadie A. Pepple  b:  Nov 29, 1875 in Noble Co., IN 

                                                       d: May 3, 1941  (also called Sarah)  m: July 4, 1897/8

                                                            +  David T. Ober  b: June 10, 1864  Bedford Co., PA

                                                                   d: Aug 10, 1931


                                                                        4.  Manford J. Ober  b: Feb 10, 1900  d: 1970

                                                                                    +  Valera B. Lung  1904-1982 

                                                                        4.  Jesse Emmert Ober  b: July 29, 1903

                                                                               d: Oct 18, 1952  married June 10, 1927

                                                                                    +  Olive Shank  1905-1973

                                                                                                5.  Richard Lee Ober

                                                                                                5.  David Ober

                                                                        4.  Mary E. Ober  b: Aug 16, 1905

                                                                                    +  Harry Davis Brumbaugh 1893-1963


3.  Elmer Gump Pepple  b: July 25, 1877  d: Sept 29, 1954

        married May 4, 1905

            +  Nellie Ann Bosler  b: Feb 18, 1887  d: Jan 10, 1958


                        4.  Arlo Elvin Pepple 1906-1977

                                    +  Ora Gibson

                        4.  Lloyd Albert Pepple  1907-1982

                                    +  Mary Jane Coleman

                        4.  Sarah Analiza Pepple  b: June 19, 1912

                        4.  Ruth Esther Pepple  1913-1957

                                    +  Willard Bloom

                        4.  Russell Elmer Pepple  1915-1970

                                    +  Delia Ruth Cripps

                        4.  Archie Lincoln Pepple  1918-1970

                                    +  Louise Grogg

                        4.  Gladys Lucile Pepple  1920-

                                    +  Clarence Alfred Barnhart

                        4.  Glen Edward Pepple  1921-1972

                                    +  Marie Grogg

                        4.  Mary Ilene Pepple  1923-1980

                                    +  Glen Stauffer

                        4.  Paul Lee Pepple  1925-1962

                                    +  Alice Flowers Inlow

                        4.  Catherine Edith Pepple  1926-

                                    + Leon Clingenpeel

                        4.  Elma Jane Pepple  1929-1931

                        4.  Marjorie Ann Pepple  1935-

                                    +  Fred P. Scroggs


3.  Adeline Pepple  b: March 25, 1879  d: Dec 1950

            +Joseph Morningstar  b: April 14, 1879

                        4.  Georgia Morningstar


3.  Chester William Pepple  b: Nov 18, 1881  d: Nov 28, 1961

        married Feb 24, 1909

            +  Sylvia Eugenia Bosler  b: Aug 11, 1889

                        4.  Ethel Ellen Pepple

                        4.  Hilda June Pepple

                        4.  Lois Anna Pepple

                        4.  Kenneth Albert Pepple

                        4.  Martha Jane Pepple

                        4.  George Alton Pepple


3.  Mary Elizabeth Pepple  b: Nov 24, 1883  d: Sept 8, 1963

         married March 22, 1934

            +  Dannie Kaiser  b: Aug 21, 1887

3.  Jeremiah “Jerry” Pepple  b: Sept 6, 1885 

            +  Luella Sherman  b: July 23, 1891


                        2.  Albert Newton Gump  b: March 6, 1856  d: Sept 7, 1931

                                    +  Clara Lehman

                                    +  Lydia Jane Brown  married Oct 17, 1878  b: May 1, 1960  in OH


                                                3.  Merle Elvin Gump  b: March 11, 1891  d: May 5, 1979

                                                         married April 27, 1914 in Noble Co., IN

                                                            +  Gertrude A. Gause  b: Oct 7, 1893

                                                                        4.  Mary Jane Gump

                                                                        4.  Laura M. Gump                                          

                                                                        4.  Virginia Gump

                                                                        4.  Elvin Gump

                                                                        4.  Helen Marie Gump

                                                                                    +  Wayne Arthur Waters

                                                                        4.  Pauline Gump

                                                                        4.  Elias Gump


                                                3.  Charles Ora Gump  b: Oct 8, 1879  d: March 31, 1964

                                                        married Sept 8, 1901

                                                            +  Gertrude McBride  b: May 30, 1883  d: Feb 11, 1959

                                                                        4.  Infant Son Gump  b: 1902

                                                                        4.  Edith Mae Gump  b: July 30, 1904

                                                                                    +  Howard A. Bosler

                                                                        4.  Mabel Ilene Gump  July 1908 lived 1 week

                                                                        4.  Arlo Kenneth Gump  b: July 7, 1909

                                                                                    +  Dorothy C. Hostetter

                                                                        4.  Herbert Glenn Gump  1914-1963

                                                                                    +  Marjorie Fogel

                                                                        4.  Grace Leona Gump  b: Dec. 16, 1916

                                                                                    +  Jacob J. Moneyheffer

                                                                        4.  Blanche Leora Gump  b: July 23, 1920

                                                                                    +  Ralph A. Sherman 

                                                            +  Bertha Ellen Imbody Mauzy  (2nd wife of Charles)

                                                                  (married by son Arlo Gump)


                                                3.  Della M. Gump  b: abt 1883

                                                3.  Roy B. Gump  b: abt 1893

                                                3.  Leslie W. Gump  b: abt 1896


                        2.  Adaline Gump  b: March 26, 1858  d: Aug 9, 1880  m: April 18, 1877 

                                    +  George Beasley

                                                3.  William Beasley

                                                3.  Gertrude Beasley


                        2.  Anvilla Gump  b: July 2, 1859  d: Jan 22, 1951   m: Nov 13, 1881

                                    +  Alva Calvin Disler

                                                3.  Estella Disler

                                                3.  Enlow Disler

                                                3.  Mahlon Disler

                                                3.  Ray Disler

                                                3.  Aldia Disler

                                                3.  Forest Disler

                                                3.  Ernest Disler


                        2.  Adella Gump  b: Dec 5, 1862  d: Feb 24, 1869

                        2.  Alnora Gump  b: April 9, 1864  d: May 5, 1928

                                    +  Miles Curt McCurdy

                                                3.  Vada McCurdy

                                                3.  Troas McCurdy

                                                3.  Thelma McCurdy

                                                3.  Floyd McCurdy

                                                3.  Jesse McCurdy

                        2.  Henry Ernest Gump  b: April 10, 1866  d: March 28, 1899  m: Jan 31, 1892 

                                    Sabia A. Brown

                                                3.  Wave Gump 

                                                3.  Ruah Gump

                        2.  Jesse A. Gump  b: March 8, 1869  d: June 10, 1966

                                    +  Mary Alice Shively

                                                3.  Zelma Gump

                                                3.  Iva Gump

                                                3.  George Gump

                                                3.  Ruth Gump   





Back Row:  Jesse Ober,  sister, Mary (Ober) Brumbaugh and Harry Brumbaugh

        David Ober and Sadie (Pepple) Ober with a foster daughter

        Jesse Ober was the principal of the Garrett Elementary Schools and the school

            was named for him.   Photo taken mid-1920s




Sadie Adella Ober was born November 29, 1875, in Swan Township, Noble County, Indiana.  She was the daughter of ALBERT and ANALYZA (GUMP) PEPPLE, who represented two of the pioneer families of Noble County.   She spent her childhood days in Swan Township where she completed her education in the local schools after which she attended Tri-State Normal College and taught school several years in Noble County.


On July 4, 1897, she was united in marriage to DAVID OBER who preceded her in death, August 10, 1931.   After her marriage, she moved with her husband to Butler Township, DeKalb County, where she reared her family and spent the remainder of her life.   To this union were born two sons and two daughters, one daughter who died in infancy.   She not only desired the blessings of her home for her own children, but shared it with two foster daughters. 


In her early teens, she felt a desire to live her life to the fullest extent and joined the Church of the Brethren at Pleasant Hill.   She was active for many years as a teacher in the Sunday Schools and always filled her place in any capacity in which she could promote her Master’s work.   On several occasions in her life she called for the anointing service so that she might have a closer fellowship with her Lord.   On last March 24, she again called for the anointing service and renewed her desire that God’s will be done in her life.


Although she had suffered her share of sickness and adversity in this life, she was unusually joyful and happy through her entire life, and always deeply concerned about the welfare of others.   On March 17 she became ill with a fever and was bedfast until the time of her death.   During her illness she was very patient and had full confidence that her life was being guided by a Hand from above.   Saturday afternoon about five-thirty she suddenly suffered a heart attack and about half an hour later she joined her friends and loved ones in eternity.   She had attained the age of 65 years, 5 months, and 4 days.


She leaves to mourn her departure, one daughter, MRS. HARRY BRUMBAUGH of southwest Garrett;  two sons, MANFORD of near Albion, and JESSE of southwest Garrett; two foster daughters, MRS. WALTER DAVIDSON of northwest Garrett, and MRS. RICHARD KRIBBS of Chicago;  three brothers, ELMER PEPPLE of Swan township, CHESTER PEPPLE of Garrett, and JERRY PEPPLE of north of Garrett;  two sisters, MRS. JOSPEH MORNINGSTAR of Churubusco, and MRS. DANIEL KAISER of Edon, Ohio; and one foster sister, MRS. FRANCIS HOGUE of southwest of Garrett.   She also leaves seven grandchildren besides a large number of more distant relatives and friends. 


“I cannot say, and I will not say

            That she is dead, -- She is just away;

With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand,

            She has wandered into an unknown land.


And left us dreaming how very fair

            It needs must be, since she lingers there.

And you – O you, who the wildest yearn

            For the old-time step and the glad return, --


Think of her faring on, as dear

            In the love of There as the love of Here;

Think of her still as the same I say:

            She is not dead – she is just away.”  





We find little about John W. Gump at this time except that he was on the Miami Co., Ohio, 1850 census with his parents and siblings.   Then in 1880 we find that John is in Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN and that he dies in 1888. 


In the 1880 census he is listed as:


John Gump, married, male 54, born Ohio, and a farmer

Sarah J. Gump, wife, female, 48, born Ohio and keeps house

Daniel Gump, son, single, male 18 and born in Indiana


1.  John W. Gump  b: April 19, 1827  in Miami Co., OH  d: Oct 8, 1888  

        married Dec 12, 1850 

            +  Sarah Jane “Jennie” Krise  b: Feb 8, 1833 in Ohio  d: Feb 2, 1901


                        2.  Harriet Gump  b: abt 1851

                        2.  Caroline Gump  b: abt 1852

                        2.  Charles Gump  b: abt 1853

                        2.  Dayton Gump  b: abt 1859

                        2.  Isaac Gump  b: April 1859

                        2.  Daniel Gump  b: 1862

                        2.  Mary Ann Gump  b: June 1, 1866  d: May 6, 1879

                                    (Mary Ann is buried at the Perry Twp Cem at Huntertown as

                                    aged 12 years 5 months)





 Because we find a Simion Gump on the 1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN we want find his place in the family.  


The Gump family history tells us that Simon Peter is the son of John-George Gump and Ann Elizabeth Frey.   And that he married Martha Eliza Wells.  


The 1850 Census of Perry Township, Allen Co., IN gives us this information about him:


Simion Gump, 43 Male, Farmer, born in MD………..about 1807 by age

Eliza Gump, 32 Female, born OH……………………..about 1818

William W. Gump, 19 Male, born OH…………………about 1831

Mary Gump, 14 Female, born OH …………………….about 1836

George Gump, 9 Male, born OH………….…………….about 1841

John Gump, 1 Male, born OH…………………………..about 1849


We find a reference to Simeon Gump’s marriage to Martha E. Wells, married July 20, 1829 in Miami Co., Ohio.   Family history shows Eliza was born in 1814.   Her census ages make it almost impossible for her to have been married in 1829. (at age 11/12)   Perhaps they have been misread.    


Also find reference to his death, Aug. 4 (no year given) and is buried at Norris Cemetery, Big Creek Township, Henry County, Missouri.      (Simon P. Gump, born 1805 in MD)

His wife was given as Eliza

Children as John H. Gump born about 1850 in Ohio

Margared D. Gump about 1852 in Indiana

Jane Gump about 1856 in Ohio

Samuel Gump about 1861 in MO




In the 1880 Census of Bogard, Henry Co., MO we find a Simeon Gump as follows:


Simeon Gump, married, male, 75, born MD, farmer

Eliza Gump, wife, female 61, born OH, Keeping house

Jane Gump, daughter, single, 24 female, born Ohio, at home

Samuel Gump, son, single, 19, born MO, Farmer

Mary Bixler, other, female 13

Rosa Gump, other, female 2, born MO, father born IN,   Mother born OH





Also find that the son George, born Oct. 7, 1843, (parents Simon Gump and Mary Wells) married Elisabeth Anglemyer, born May 13, 1843.   They were married Nov. 15, 1866 in Noble County, IN.    They had a child Mary A. Gump born Aug. 31, 1867.   George then married the 2nd time on April 28, 1881 in Noble Co., IN, to Mary McCartney.  


1.  Simon Peter Gump  b: March 16, 1808 in MD  d: Aug 4, 1884  married July 20, 1829

            +  Martha Eliza Wells  b: Oct 20, 1814 in OH


                        2.  Levi Oliver Gump  b: May 9, 1830  d: Oct 25, 1907  m: May 12, 1850 

                                    +  Malinda Davis 

                                    +  Mariah Bills   married March 10, 1865

                                    +  Sarah P. Hughes   married March 12, 1867

                        2.  William R. Gump  b: abt 1832     Lived in Texas

                        2.  Mary Gump  b: abt 1837   Lived in Churubusco, IN

                                    +  Johnson

                        2.  George Gump  b: abt 1841/43   Lived in Churubusco, IN

                                    +  Elizabeth Anglemeyer  b: 1843    married Nov 15, 1866

                        2.  Grace Gump

                        2.  John H. Gump  b: about 1849  d: 1936

                                    +  Elizabeth James

                        2.  Margaret Dedlina Gump  b: Sept 13, 1852

                                    +  Barton Ballard

                        2.  Jane “Jennie” Gump

                                    +  George Todd

                                                3.  Frank Todd

                                                3.  Jessie Todd

                        2.  Sarah Gump

                        2.  Samuel Gump  b: abt 1860  d: 1944

                                    +  Mary Musteen

                                    +  Sarah Musteen

                        2.  Bart B. Gump    Lived in Holden, MS


We find that Simon Peter and Eliza were in Allen Co., IN in the 1850 census

They are in Henry Co., MO, in the 1860 census as well as the 1870 and 1880.

Two of the children must have stayed locally, Mary and George.   





GUMP, FORREST (PETE)  …             As written by Marlow Gump


FORREST RAY (PETE) GUMP was born on June 12, 1900.  The son of  GEORGE CALVIN GUMP and ICEY MAUDY GUMP, he was born in the Gump farm house on Gump Road between Coldwater Road and Old Auburn Road.  He was a lifetime farmer and a very good one.  In those days a small farmer had to be good in order to make a good living.


In 1922 he married VONNELL (PEG) HEFFELFINGER.  They had three boys and one girl.  Two boys and the girl died when they were infants.  One son, MARLOW, survived and had five children and nine grandchildren.  Pete enjoyed children and loved talking to and teasing them.  Pete would have enjoyed his grandchildren if he had lived longer.  He died at the age of 63.  One of his grandsons was named Peter and Peter named his son, George, in honor of his great-grandfather.  


One of Pete’s side jobs was driving a school bus, which he did for thirty some years.  He enjoyed doing this and several years he drove the players bus for the Huntertown basketball team. 


When he had some spare time, he loved playing cards with some of his friends at the Huntertown Grain Elevator.  In the winter, he worked for DICK McCOMB and at lunch time they enjoyed playing cards. 


Pete always said, “Someday Fort Wayne will meet Huntertown”.  I think we are there.  Pete would have been happy if he were here when the Forrest Gump movie came out.  The best part was that it was a very good movie.  When I’m asked my name and people asked are you related to Forrest Gump, I say, “yes, he’s my dad.”   Of course, no one believes me.  I just tell them to drive out the Cedar Canyon Road to the cemetery and they can see his name on a tombstone.


He was an avid member of the Masonic Lodge.  He enjoyed his short time on earth and everyone was his friend.