For their information on the Altekruse family





1.  Frederick Nicholas Altekruse  b: July 6, 1825 in Germany  d: May 6, 1913 in Fort Wayne

        married Dec. 31, 1848 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

            +  Sophia B. Peters  b: March 26, 1823 in Westphalia, Germany


                        2.  Sophie Friederike Altekruse  b: Dec. 31, 1850 in Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN                                          +  Frederick Herman Peters  b: abt 1843


                                                3.  Matilda Peters  b: 1876

                                                3.  John Henry Peters  b: 1878

                                                3.  Caroline Sophie Peters  b: abt 1881

                                                3.  Henry John Peters  b: abt 1882

                                                3.  Henry F. Peters  b: abt 1885

                                                3.  Otto T. Peters  b: abt 1891


                        2.  Henry Conrad Altekruse  b: June 6, 1852 in Fort Wayne  d: May 19, 1894

                                married July 11, 1878 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Emma Vodermark  b: Jan. 9, 1856  d: March 6, 1941


                                                3.  Evans Altekruse  b: abt 1879  (may be Ernst)

                                                3.  Henry C. Altekruse  b: abt 1882

                                                3.  Martin Altekruse  b: 1882  

                                                3.  Mertie A. Altekruse  b: 1882  (may be the same as Martin)

                                                3.  Florence Altekruse  b: 1884 or 1886

                                                3.  John Altekruse  b: 1888

                                                3.  Robert Altekruse  b: abt 1893  (family record says 1886)


                        2.  Frederick Conrad Altekruse  b: Nov. 15, 1884 in Fort Wayne  d: April 8,

                                1911 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Lusetta Seabold


                                                3.  Henrietta Altekruse  b: 1882

                                                3.  Arthur Altekruse  b: 1884

                                                3.  Augusta Altekruse  b: 1886

                                                3.  Esther Altekruse  b: 1888


                                    +  Amelia Seabold (sister of Lusetta)  married 1895


                        2.  Ernest Frederick Altekruse  b: Nov. 28, 1857 in Fort Wayne

                               d:  August 1946 in Fort Wayne   married about 1882 in Fort Wayne

                                    +  Mary Ellen Oswald  b: 1860 in Fort Wayne  d: Dec. 18, 1910


                                                3.  Walter Edgar Altekruse  b: abt 1883


                        2.  Ernest August Altekruse  b: Dec. 6, 1861 in Fort Wayne  d: Nov 13, 1932

                                    +  Mary Sarah Benz  b: Jan 14, 1863  d: March 29, 1940 in Ft. Wayne


Ernest August

Lindenwood Cem.

Partner in Stolte & Altekruse

Lived Eel River Twp

Mary Sarah

Lindenwood Cem.

Conf:  Christ Evang. Lutheran Church



                                                3.  Albert Nicholas Altekruse  b: Aug. 12, 1887  d: Dec. 9, 1965

                                                        married Sept. 26, 1913 in Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Clara M. Buckley  b: July 25, 1892 in Bluffton

                                                                   d:  July 14, 1962 in Fort Wayne, IN

Albert N.

Carpenter, Builder

Lindenwood Cem.


Clara May


Lindenwood Cem.




                                                                        4.  Neil Edward Altekruse  b: July 18, 1914

                                                                               d: June 1984 in Muncie, Delaware Co, IN

                                                                                    +  Margaret Adis Mahuren  b: Oct 23,

                                                                                           d:  April 16, 1965


                                                                                                5.  David Altekruse

                                                                                                5.  Carolyn Lou Altekruse


                                                                        4.  Kenneth Albert Altekruse   b:  Sept 14,

                                                                                1915  d: Dec. 5, 1992

                                                                                    +  Verda I. Pfeiffer  b: 1916

                                                                                           d:  Dec. 1, 2004


                                                                                                5.  Gene Edward Altekruse

                                                                                                5.  Edward Altekruse  

                                                                                                5.  Jack Lee Altekruse

                                                                                                5.  Richard Alan Altekruse


                                                                        4.  Marian Vivian Altekruse  b: Feb 7, 1917

                                                                               d: June 15, 1918 in Ft. Wayne, IN


                                                3.  Clara Marie Altekruse  b: Aug 1887

                                                            +  Kenneth Murray Brown  b: June 23, 1894 in St.

                                                                   Joe, DeKalb Co., IN  (a grocer at time of wedding)


                                                                        4.  Richard Murray Brown  b: 1918

                                                                        4.  David Murray Brown  b: Dec. 19, 1928

                                                                        4.  Theodore Brown  b: May 29, 1931 


                                                3.  Minnie Frances Altekruse  b: Oct 17, 1893 in Ft. Wayne

                                                            +  Orlando Dever Barr  b: March 2, 1893 in

                                                                   Rochester, IN  d: July 30, 1932


                                                                        4.  Virginia Helen Barr  b: April 25, 1920

                                                                        4.  Margie Jane Barr  b: Dec 1, 1925

                                                                        4.  Gloria Jean Barr  b: Dec 14, 1928

                                                                        4.  Jack Lee Barr  b:  Feb 22, 1932


                                                3.  William Palmer Altekruse  b: Feb 14, 1894 in Zanesville

                                                        IN,  d: July 21, 1962 in Fort Wayne  

                                                            +  Ola Belle Wyrick  b: Sept 3, 1898 in Steuben Co.

                                                                   d: March 13, 1994 in Ft. Wayne

William P.

General Electric Co.

World War I veteran

Greenlawn Cem.

Ola Belle



Greenlawn Cem.



                                                                        4.  Max Lavern Altekruse  b: Aug 16, 1920

                                                                        4.  Betty Marie Altekruse  b: May 12, 1922

                                                                                    +  Kyle W. McCord

                                                                        4.  Ned Russell Altekruse  b: Sept 10, 1933

                                                                        4.  Mary Irene Altekurse  b: Aug 18, 1924         

                                                                                    +  Byrd

                                                                                    +  Rietdorf

                                                                        4.  Tommy Lee Altekruse  1935-1936


                                                3.  Frederick Benjamin Altekruse  b: Oct 2, 1896

                                                       d: Dec. 15, 1976 in Florida

                                                            +  Ruth Gertrude McBride  b: May 26, 1904

Frederick B.

General Electric

Died in Florida

Eel River Cemetery



                                                                        4.  Ernest Brenton Altekruse 

                                                                               b:  July 16, 1927


                                                3.  Kathryn Esther Altekruse  b: March 22, 1898 in

                                                       Zanesville, Allen Co., IN

                                                            +  Emerson Elsworth Whitehurst  b: July 1, 1893


                                                                        4.  Marshall Leroy Whitehurst  b: 1920

                                                                        4.  Robert Noel Whitehurst  1923-2006 

                                                                        4.  James Emerson Whitehurst  b: 1924


                                                3.  John Franklin Altekruse  b: Dec 1, 1900 in Zanesville

                                                       d: Sept 1987 in Fort Wayne, IN

                                                            +  Minnie Moore


                                                                        4.  Fred Altekruse

                                                                        4.  Unknown Altekruse


                                                3.  Francis Alice Altekruse  b: March 3, 1902 Eel River Twp,

                                                        Allen Co., IN on Johnson Road farm

                                                            +  William Benjamin Huber  b: Feb 1, 1903 in Illinois


                                                                        4.  Roger James Huber

                                                                        4.  Barbara Ann Huber

                                                                        4.  Doris Louraine Huber

                                                                        4.  Thomas Joseph Huber

                                                                        4.  Diana Rose Huber

                                                                        4.  Franklin Ashbrook Huber

                                                                        4.  Norma Jean Huber

                                                                        4.  Lloyd Russel Huber


                                                3.  Mildred Flora Altekruse  b: Sept 10, 1904

                                                            +  Ancel Clyde Worley  b: Jan 5, 1898 in Floyd Co IN

                                                                        (Ancel was a Doctor)


                                                3.  Helen Sarah Altekruse  b: Feb 5, 1907  Eel River Twp,

                                                        Allen Co., IN  d: Jan 1, 1916 in Fort Wayne

Helen Sarah

Died of Scarlet Fever

8 years old

Lindenwood Cem.




                        2.  Caroline Altekruse  b: June 3, 1863 in Fort Wayne  d: Feb 23, 1926 in

                                Allen Co., married March 3, 1889 in Allen Co., IN 

                                    +  Adam Benz  b: abt 1861


                                                3.  Lillian Benz  b: 1888

                                                3.  Carl Edward Benz  b: 1890

                                                3.  Louella Benz  b: 1892

                                                3.  Chester Benz  b: 1894


                        2.  Amelia Altekruse  b: 1864 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN


                        2.  Anna Sophia Altekruse  b: April 5, 1869  d: Nov 8, 1916

                                    +  Frederick William Kroener  b: abt 1866


                                                3.  Clarence W. Kroener  b: abt 1893

                                                3.  William F. Kroener  b: abt 1895

                                                3.  Gertrude A. Kroener  b: abt 1897


                        2.  Louis J. Altekruse  b: 1872 in Fort Wayne  d: Nov 11, 1920 in Allen Co,

                                IN    married June 12, 1908 in Allen Co., IN

                                    +  Alma Baker






1860 Census of Wayne Township, Allen Co., IN 


Fred Altekruse

34 M


About 1826

Sophia Altekruse

37 F


About 1833

Henry B. B. Altekruse

11 M


About 1849

Fred Altekruse

6 M

Born IN

About 1854

Ernest Altekruse

3 M


About 1857

James C. Whitney

44 M


About 1816

Ann M. Whitney

37 F


About 1823

Almond M. Whitney

7 M


About 1853

Jessy L. Ramey

23 M


About 1837

W. K. Welson

25 M


About 1835

John Cook

22 M


About 1828

Catherine Arents

79 F


About 1781


1880 Census of Washington Township, Allen Co., IN


Fredrick Altekruse


Male, 54

Born Germany


About 1826


Father b GR

Mother b GR




Sophia Altekruse


Female 57

Born Germany

Keeps house

About 1823


Father b GR

Mother b GR




August Altekruse

Son, single

Male 19

Born IN


About 1861

Fredrick Altekruse


Male, 26

Born IN


About 1854


William Altekruse


Male, 23

Born IN


About 1857

Carline Altekruse

Daughter, single

Female, 17

Born IN

Keeps house

About 1863


Anny Altekruse


Female, 11

Born IN

At school

About 1869

Lewis Altekruse


Male, 8

Born IN

At school

About 1872


1900 Census of Washington Township, Allen Co., IN

Frederick is at the home of a daughter and son-in-law


Frederick H. Peters

Male, 57


About 1843

Sophia F. Peters

Female, 50


About 1850

Callie S. Peters

Female, 19


About 1881

Henry F. Peters

Male, 15


About 1885

Otto T. Peters

Male, 9


About 1891

Frederick Altekruse

Male, 74

Born Germany

About 1826


1900 Census of Adams Township, Allen Co., IN


Emma Altekruse

Female, 42

Widow of Henry

Born about 1858

Evans Altekruse

Male, 21


About 1879

Henry C. Altekruse

Male, 18


About 1882

Mertie A. Altekruse



About 1884

Florence Altekruse

Female, 14


About 1886

Robert Altekruse

Male, 7


About 1893

Mary Vodemark

Female, 58


About 1842 


HENRY ALTEKRUSE married EMMA VODERMARK on July 11, 1878 in Allen Co.

Emma’s parents were Ernst Wilhelm Vodermark and Christina Herr.



1900 Census of Wayne Township, Allen Co., IN 

Louis/Lewis is found at the home of his sister and brother-in-law


Frederick W. Kroener

Male, 34


About 1866

Anna S. Kroener

Female, 31

(Anna Sophia)

About 1869

Clarence W. Kroener

Male, 7


About 1893

William F. Kroener

Male, 5


About 1895

Gertrude A. Kroener

Female, 3


About 1897

Louis J. Altekruse

Male, 28

Born IN   Brother-in-law

About 1872





1900 Census of Washington Township, Allen Co., IN


Adam Benz

Male, 39 

Head of house

About 1861

Caroline Benz

Female 36

Born IN

About 1864

Karl E. Benz

Male, 10


About 1890

Lillie A. Benz

Female, 7


About 1893

Luella E. Benz

Female, 4


About 1896

Chester J. Benz

Male, 2


About 1898


1900 Census of Lake Township, Allen Co., IN


Fred Altekruse

Male, 45


About 1855

Amelie Altekruse

Female, 31


About 1869

Henriette Altekruse

Female, 17


About 1883

Arthur Altekruse

Male, 15


About 1885

Augusta Altekruse

Female, 12


About 1888

Ester Altekruse

Female, 9


About 1891

Adam Seabold

Male, 73


About 1827


1900 Census


Ernest Altekruse

Male, 39


About 1841

Mary Altekruse

Female, 37


About 1843

Albert Altekruse

Male, 12


About 1888

Clare Altekruse

Female,  ??? 



William Altekruse

Male, 8


About 1892

Minnie Altekruse

Female, 5


About 1895

Frederick Altekruse

Male, 3


About 1897

Catharine Altekruse

Female, 2


About 1898

John Altekruse

Male, 6 months




1910 Census of Eel River Township, Allen Co., IN


E. A. Altekruse

Male, 49

Born IN

About 1841

Mary Altekruse

Female, 49


About 1841

Albert Altekruse

Male, 22

Born IN

About 1888

William Altekruse

Male, 18

Born IN

About 1892

Minnie Altekruse

Female, 15


About 1895

Frederick Altekruse

Male, 13


About 1897

Katie Altekruse

Female, 11


About 1899

John Altekruse

Male, 9 Male


About 1901

Francis Altekruse

Female, 7


About 1903

Mildred Altekruse

Female, 5


About 1905

Helen Altekruse

Female, 3


About 1907


1920 Census of Fort Wayne, Ward 9, Allen County, IN


Albert N. Altekruse

Male, 32



About 1888


Father b IN

Mother b IN



Clara M. Altekruse

Female, 27



About 1893

Neil E. Altekruse

Male, 5



About 1915

Kenneth A. Altekruse

Male, 4 years, 3 months



About 1916

Fred B. Altekruse

Male, 23

Born IN


About 1897


Father b IN

Mother b IN




ALBERT ALTEKRUSE  was a carpenter, builder and cabinet maker who built many fine homes in Fort Wayne, IN.



1920 Census of Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN


Louis J. Altekruse

Male, 48

Born IN

Head of house

About 1872


Father b GR

Mother b GR



Alma Altekruse

Female, 31



About 1889

Edna Baker

Female, 19  



About 1901


LOUIS J. ALTEKRUSE married ALMA BAKER, June 12, 1908 in Allen Co., IN


LOUIS ALTEKRUSE died November 11, 1920 in Fort Wayne at the age of 40 years.




1930 Census


John Altekruse

Male, 29


Born about 1901

Minnie Altekruse

Female, 28


About 1902

Fred Altekruse

Male, 6


About 1824






ALTAKRUSE FAMILY REUNION                    Journal Gazette, July 30, 1919 


The annual family reunion of the E.A. Altekruse family was held at their home on the Johnston Road, north of the city, on Sunday.   The event was in honor of their sons, who have returned from service in France.   A delicious chicken dinner was served and a pleasant time was enjoyed by every one present.






Miss CLARA ALTEKRUSE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Altekruse, and Mr. KENNETH BROWN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Brown, were united in marriage on Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock at the parsonage of Christ Lutheran Church by Rev. H. C. Hadley.   Immediate relatives of both bride and groom were present at the ceremony.   The groom is a grocer in South Broadway.   The bride and groom have gone to housekeeping at once at 1917 Organ Avenue.  








Obituary, January 2, 1916


HELEN S. ALTEKRUSE, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ERNEST ALTEKRUSE of Eel River Township, died yesterday morning at 9:15 o’clock at the residence on the Goshen Road, at the age of eight years.   Death was due to scarlet fever and followed an illness of but three weeks.   This is the second case of scarlet fever in the Altekruse family rencently.  A sister of the deceased having just recovered from the fever.   Surviving besides the parents are the following brothers and sisters:  ALBERT, WILLIAM, FRED and JOHN, at home;  Mrs. CLARA BROWN and Miss MINNIE ALTEKRUSE of this city, and KATHRYN, FRANCES an MILDREN at home.   Funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at 10:30 at the residence.   Burial at Lindenwood.






Obituary, June 16, 1918, Journal Gazette, page 12


MARLAN (MARIAN) ALTEKRUSE aged one year, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ALBERT ALTEKRUSE, 1835 Wells Street, passed away at the Lutheran Hospital shortly after 2 o’clock yesterday morning, death being due to obstruction of the bowels.   Funeral services will be conducted from the home, Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock, the Rev. Manford Wright officiating, followed by interment in the Lindenwood cemetery.




TOMMY LEE ALTEKRUSE   Obituary, Tuesday, May 26, 1936, Journal Gazette, page 3


TOMMY LEE ALTEKRUSE, nine-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM ALTEKRUSE of 1110 Irene Avenue, died at 7:40 o’clock, last night at the St. Joseph hospital following a short illness.   Surviving besides the parents are two brothers, MAX and NED, and two sisters, BETTY and MARY.   The body was taken to the C. M. Sloan & Sons’ Funeral Home.   Funeral arrangements will be announced later. 


(Tommy had pneumonia, went into septicemia.   Did not have antibiotics then to give him.   He was in the hospital about a week.   (information from his sister, Mary)







Obituary from Saturday Morning, March 30, 1940 Journal Gazette




Funeral services for MRS. MARY ALTEKRUSE, 77, 230 East Rudisill Boulevard, who died of heart disease at 1:30 o’clock Friday morning at her home, will be held Monday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock at C.M. Sloan & Sons Funeral Home and 2:15 o’clock at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Rev. Richard Henry Trojan officiating.   Burial will be in Lindenwood Cemetery.   Friends may view the body at the funeral home after 10 o’clock this morning.   Wayne Temple No. 432, Pythian Sisters, of which the deceased was a member, will hold services Sunday night at 7:30 o’clock at the funeral home.


The deceased was a lifelong resident of Allen County.   She suffered a fractured shoulder in a fall March 1.   She was a charter member of St. Luke’s Church and was a member of the Ladies Aid Society and Wayne Temple.   Her husband, ERNEST A. ALTEKRUSE, died in 1932.


Survivors include

Five daughters:

            Mrs. K. M. BROWN

            Mrs. MINNIE BARR

            Mrs. E. E. WHITEHURST

            Mrs. WILLIAM HUBER and

            Mrs. A. C. WORLEY of this city

Four sons:

            ALBERT N.

            WILLIAM P.

            FRED B. ALTEKRUSE of this city

            JOHN F. ALTEKRUSE at home

Two brothers:

            FRED C. BENZ  of Lakeworth, Fla.

            DANIEL BENZ of this city

A sister:

            Mrs. KATHERINE FELGER of this city

24 grandchildren







William was a foreman over Maintenance and later foreman of Utilities at the General Electric Plants from 1917 until he retired in 1956.


Obituary, July 22, 1962, Journal Gazette, page 6 A


WILLIAM P. ALTEKRUSE, 70, of 2617 West Drive was dead on arrival yesterday morning at Parkview Memorial Hospital.   He had been ill for seven years.   Born in Zanesville, he lived in Fort Wayne most of his life.   Mr. Altekruse retired after 38 years from the General Electric Co.   He was a charter member of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and a member of the GE Quarter Century Club, K of P Lodge 101, and American Legion Post 47.   Mr. Altekruse also was a veteran of World War I. 


He is survived by his wife, OLA B.


Two sons:

            MAX L. ALTEKRUSE of Detroit

            NED R. ALTEKRUSE of Fort Wayne

Two daughters:

            Mrs. BETTY McCORD, of Norristown, PA

            Mrs. MARY RIETDORF, of Fort Wayne

Three brothers:

            ALBERT, FRED, and JOHN ALTEKRUSE, all of Fort Wayne

Five sisters:

            Mrs. CLARA BROWN of Toledo

            Mrs. MINNIE BARR


            Mrs. FRANCIS HUBER

            Mrs. MILDRED WORLEY, all of Fort Wayne

12  grandchildren

Several nieces and nephews


Friends may call after 7 p.m. today at C.J. Sloan & Sons Funeral Home.   The family has requested that the memorials be in the form of contributions to the building fund at St. Matthew’s Church.



OLA B. ALTEKRUSE      Obituary, News Sentinel, March 14, 1994  page 10A


OLA B. ALTEKRUSE, 95, of Fort Wayne died yesterday in Courtland Health Center.   The Steuben County native was the widow of WILLIAM who died in 1962.   She was a member of St. Matthew Lutheran Church. 


Surviving are daughters:

            MARY RIETDORF of Fort Wayne

            BETTY McCORD of Norristown, PA


            NED R. of Fort Wayne

            MAX L. of Detroit

15 grandchildren

21 great grandchildren


Services are 11 a.m. Wednesday in the church, with burial in Greenlawn Memorial Park.   Calling is 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow in D.O. McComb & Sons Lakeside Park Funeral Home and 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesday in the church.




FREDRICK BENJAMIN ALTEKRUSE     Obituary, Saturday, Dec. 18, 1976, Fort Wayne

            Journal Gazette, Page 4 C


Services for FRED B. ALTEKRUSE, 80, of Tavares, Fla., formerly of 2604 Sherman Blvd., will be at 1:30 p.m. Monday in C. M. Sloan & Sons’ Funeral Home.   He died Wednesday in Leesburg, Fla., Community Hospital.   Mr. Altekruse, a Fort Wayne native, had resided in Florida since 1969.  He retired from General Electric Co. in 1961 after 42 years’ service.


Surviving are his wife, RUTH

A son:  ERNEST B., of Columbia, S. C.

Four sisters:

            MRS. CLARA BROWN

            MRS. MINNIE BARR

            MRS. FRANCES HUBER, all of Fort Wayne and

            MRS. MILDRED WORLEY, of Plantation, Fla

A brother:

            JOHN, of Fort Wayne

Friends may call from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday.   Burial will be in Eel River Cemetery.






Obituary from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1987, Page 2C


JOHN F. ALTEKRUSE, died at 11:07 p.m. Monday in Lutheran Home.   Born in Zanesville, he lived in Fort Wayne most of his life and retired from General Electric Company.   He was a World War I veteran. 


Surviving are

Three sisters:

            MINNIE BARR

            FRANCES HUBER, both of Fort Wayne

            MILDRED WORLEY, of Plantation, Florida


Services at 10 a.m. Thursday in Klaehn’s Wayne Street Chapel;  calling 4-8 today.   Burial in Covington Memorial Gardens.   Memorials to the Lutheran Home.






Obituary, Saturday, April 17, 1965, Journal Gazette, page 6B


Services for MRS. MARGARET ALTEKRUSE, 49, of 5137 S. Anthony Blvd, will be at 3 p.m. Monday in D. O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home, Rev. Raymond Brown officiating.


Mrs. Altekruse died at 4:45 a.m. yesterday at her residence.   A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she was a member of Christ Methodist Church. 


Surviving are her husband, NEIL

A son:  DAVID, at home

Her parents:  MR. AND MRS. B. WAYNE MAHUREN, Fort Wayne


Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. today.   Preferred memorials are gifts to Christ Methodist Church and Allen County Cancer Society.  






Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Dec. 2, 2004


VERDA I. ALTEKRUSE, 88, died Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004, at University Park Nursing Center in Fort Wayne.   Born in Fort Wayne, she was a homemaker and member of Fort Wayne Herb Gardeners, via deChristo Ministries, Gethsemane Lutheran Church and the Quilting Ladies at Gethsemane Lutheran Church.


Survivors include daughter:

            GAIL HARSH of Fort Wayne


            JACK ALTEKRUSE of Evansville

            GENE ALTEKRUSE of Chilton, WI

            RICHARD ALTEKRUSE of Parkton, MD

10 grandchildren and

6 great-grandchildren

A sister:

            MILDRED MARTIN of Charleston, S.C.


She was preceded in death by her husband, KENNETH A. ALTEKRUSE, in 1992.   Service is 11 a.m. Friday, with calling one hour prior, at Gethsemane Lutheran Church.   Calling also from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at D.O. McComb & Sons Pine Valley Park Funeral Home.   Burial in Covington Memorial Gardens.   Memorials to Gethsemane Lutheran Church.