1950-1951  Varsity Team


Jack Meyers, guard

Jack Kelham, forward

Bud May, forward

David Witham, forward

Bob Spangler, forward

Paul Dice, forward

Franklin Huber, guard

Ray Tester, guard

Don Bloom, guard

Jerry Miller, guard

Jerry Buchanan, center

Roger Smith, center

Coonan, coach

Student Managers, C. Taner, A. Andrews, T. McCrea

Yell Leaders, J. Walcutt, M. Kell, B. Grimm   


The Huntertown Wildcats won the County Tourney this year defeating New Haven, Monroeville, Hoagland, and Elmhurst.   In the regular season they had 17 wins and 1 loss. 

In the Sectional Tourney the Wildcats won their first 3 games, only to go down to Central in the finals. 


1952-1953  Varsity Team


Richard Gordon, guard

Paul Brown, guard

Bob Harter, guard

Marvin Martin, guard

Terry Spade, guard

Bernie Konger, guard

Bud Shank, forward

Richard Heffelfinger, forward

Ronnie Farrell, center

Gary Muncy, center

Coach, Terry Coonan

Student Managers, Charles Taner and Kenneth Fritz

Cheer Leaders, Barbara Maloney, Mary Jane LaRowe, Mary Jane Freck 


Season record:  7 wins and 11 losses


1953-1954  Varsity Team


Terry Spade, guard

Dave Young, guard

Bernard Konger, guard

Burl Keener, forward

Gary Muncy, forward

Jim McCrea, guard

Wayne Wyss, guard

Ronnie Farrel, forward

Kenny Hoeppner, forward

Bill Miniat, center

Bud Shank, center

Larry Hoover, center

Terry Coonan, Coach

Cheer Leaders, B. Maloney,  M. LaRowe, and M. Freck  


The Huntertown Wildcats were the County Champs this year defeating Leo, Harlan, and Elmhurst.  The Wildcats had 15 wins, 3 losses in their regular season.


1954-1955  Varsity Team


Kenneth Hoeppner

Jerry Elser

Don Timmerman

Burl Keener

Gary Muncy

Jim McCrea

Lynn Martin

Phil Fiedler

Larry Dove

Dave Young

Bud Shank

Coach Schoeff

Student Managers, Kenneth Fritz, Ronnie Dickie

Cheer Leaders, Karen Jordon, Linda Dove


The Wildcats had 8 wins and 10 losses in the regular season. 



1955-1956  Varsity Team


Jerry Kreger, forward

Dave Holmes, forward

Eldon Dice, guard

Larry Dove, forward

Bill Schafer, forward

Lynn Bosler, guard

Roger Gross, guard

Larry Gump, guard

Lynn Martin, guard

Don Montooth, center

Ronnie Fiedler, center

Student Manager, Joe Grim

Cheer Leaders, Mary Jane Freck, Larry Griffis, Carolyn Dicke


Coach Schoeff’s Wildcats gave the basketball fans some exciting thrills during the 1955-1956 season.  Even though the team won only three games, they had a lot of spirit and worked very hard, losing several games by a narrow margin.   At the end of the year, several awards were made to the outstanding players on the team.  Larry Dove received the award as “All Around Wildcat”.   Bill Schafer was voted as the player who made the greatest improvement during the season.  Eldon Dice topped the other varsity players by sinking 69 percent of his shots from the free throw line. 


1956-1957  Varsity Team


Ross Gross

Roger Gross

Gene Kikly

David Holmes

Jack Witham

David Bockman

Ronnie Dicke

Larry Gump

Bill Archer

Eldon Dice

Bob McMonigal

Lynn Bosler

Coach Cherry

Student Managers, Tom Clark, Joe Grim, Dave Freck, Ronnie Eby

Cheerleaders, Joyce Hovarter, Carolyn Dicke, Linda and Sharon Dove


                                                THE WILDCATS TALE


The finish of another season came for the “Wildcats” when they were defeated by the Concordia Cadets in the sectional tourney.  The Wildcats of 1956-1957 did not enjoy a tremendously successful season, but they showed a lot of promise with a young ball club.  They played hard, fast, clean ball to wind up with a six won, fourteen lost record, which was good enough for fourth place in the newly formed Allen County Conference.  Their victims included such teams as Rome City, Churubusco, Leo, Arcola, Waterloo, and Woodburn.  Overtime games were lost to Harlan and Monroeville.  Close contests were played with such powerhouses as Central Catholic, Albion, Elmhurst, and Avilla.  Forming the nucleus of this team were juniors and sophomores which indicates a promising future for our teams.  Injuries played an important part in the past campaign as key players were slowed down in several contests.   A thrilling victory was won over Leo in their gym to highlight the season.  It was one of the three losses suffered by the County Champs. 


Although the boys were somewhat handicapped in size and experience, this was overcome by their speed, scrap, and spirit.  Bob Blanchard, Pete Tom, and Ross Gross were brought up from the second team to go along with Eldon Dice, Bill Archer, Dave Backman, and Ron Fiedler to give us experience for next year’s varsity.  It was a great season which came to a close for four seniors – Jack Witham, Lynn Bosler, Larry Gump and Ron Dicke.  These boys were awarded the customary honor jackets of Black and Gold.



1959-1960  Varsity Team


Ned Miller, forward

Bob Shank, forward

Phil Albright, forward

Bill Phillips, forward

Bill Garman, center

John Bockman, center

Ross Gross, guard

Duane Dove, guard

Gay Martin, guard

Mike McDougall, guard

George Cherry, coach

Student Managers, David Freck, Dean Gongaware, Robert Konger, Mike Freck and

            Jack Freeland


The Wildcats had 10 wins and 7 losses during their regular season of play. 

Some picture captions:

            The co-captains, Ross Gross and Gay Martin, did a good job of leading the Cats

            Through victories.


            Managers of this year’s basketball team are:  David Freck, Dean Gongaware,

            Robert Konger, Mike Freck, and Jack Freeland.


            The Most Valuable Basketball Player Award was enlarged this year so that two

            of our Wildcats could be honored.  Gay Martin, one of the leading scorers, often

            added two valuable points at a crucial moment with his outside jump shot.  A

            very hard working player, Ned Miller, just never quit.  He continued to be a

            leading scorer throughout the tournaments and was named to the sectional first



1961-1962  Varsity Team


Colin Aukerman, guard

Dave Bosler, guard       

Larry Gordon, guard

Mike Warner, guard

Gary Clark, forward

Paul Fox, forward

Larry Sordelet, forward

Tom Stonestreet, forward

Art Truman, forward

Mike Fitch, center

Dale Gordon, center

Bill Phillips, center

Coaches, George Cherry and Dean Gorsuch

Student Managers, Dean Gongaware, Dan Sloffer, Jack Freeland, Dan Holmes and

            Don Lindley

Cheer Leaders, John Yates, Sue Benward, Anita DeVeny and Gail Thompson


The Wildcats have had a good season.  They won some games and they lost some games but no matter what the score, the school spirit ran high.  The ’62 Cats have learned from experience that to play as a team, they must work as a team.  With their determination, the Cats have truly created a team sensation. 


Season record:  9 wins and 10 losses


1962-1963  Varsity Team


Mike Warner

Mike Downs

Tom Stonestreet

Tom Freck

Larry Sordelet

Mike Fitch

Gary Clark

Bob Yates

Steve Ruhl

Steve Freck

Colin Aukerman

Larry Gordon

Coach, Dean Small

Student Managers, Bruce Dunwiddie, John Buckles and Jim Green

Cheer Leaders, Sue Benward, Anita DeVeny, Norma Steinbarger, Vickie Leis  


                                                WILDCATS’ TALES


The ’63 Wildcats clawed their way to a 10-10 overall record and compiled a 4-2 ACAC record which netted Huntertown second place.  Despite the fact that the Cats’ record isn’t impressive, the cagers from H.H.S. weren’t pushovers in anyone’s book.  It took the Railroaders of Garrett three overtimes to win from the Cats, and Monroeville needed an overtime to claim an upset.  The netmen’s luck wasn’t all bad;  they can count some impressive victories.  The Cats lacerated the Auburn Red Devils 72 to 68, but the season’s biggest win came when Leo’s Lion’s fell before H.H.S. and lost their bid for an unblemished ACAC record. 


Tournament play was somewhat disappointing as the Wildcats were defeated by New Haven in the second game of the County Tourney after taking out Woodlan in the first game.  In the Sectional Harlan Hawks nipped the Cats in the last minutes to end the Cats’ basketball season.  The season’s honors weren’t at an end, however.  Mike Fitch, the most valuable players, was chosen as a member of the ACAC first team;  and Steve Freck, free throw champ, was placed on the ACAC third team.


1963-1964 Wildcat Varsity Basketball Team




The varsity basketball team handled many fine performances this season.  They finished the season with a record of 14 wins and 8 losses.  Their A.C.A.C. record was 4 wins and 2 losses.  This entitled them to a second place position in the conference.


Hard-fought battles with New Haven and Woodlan sent the Wildcats into the final game of the County Tourney.   The team finalized this exciting game by gracefully bowing out to a tough Leo team.


For their outstanding performances, Larry Sordelet, Mike Fitch, and Steve Freck were awarded positions on the A.C.A.C. All-Star Team.   Larry Sordelet received honors as our top free-thrower with a .621 average. 


The Varsity Wildcats:


Bob Warner

Jim Aven

Terry Howdyshell

Bill Lucas

Bob Yates

Larry Sordelet

Fred Ramsey

Mike Fitch

Denny Disler

Steve Ruhl

Sam Sloffer

Steve Freck

Tony Martin

Coach, Dean Small


The Varsity Cheerleaders:


Pam Sigler, Norma Stienbarger, Vickie Leis, and Linda Gump


1964-1965  Varsity Team


Bob Yates

Steve Freck

Bill Lucas

Terry Howdyshell

Tony Martin

John Buckles

Sam Sloffer

Jim Aven

Roy Wells

Bob Warner

Dan Freck

Gary Davis

Marv Schlatter

Coach, Dean Small

Varsity Cheerleaders, Janet McComb, Pam Sigler, Linda Gump, and Rita Frazier


                                                “CATS TALES”


The Varsity Basketball team had many impressive victories this year.  They finished the season with a fine record of twelve victories against six losses.   The finished second in ACAC with 5 wins and 2 losses.


In the County Tourney the Wildcats defeated Churubusco in the first game.  In the semi-final game they were defeated by Woodlan in an exciting game.   The Wildcats made a good try in the Sectional Tourney, too.  They were defeated by Fort Wayne South Side in a hard-fought overtime game.


The Cats have another award to be proud of too.  They were awarded a Sportsmanship Trophy by the Northeastern Indiana Referees Association for having the best conduct during games.  Bob Yates and Steve Freck were rewarded for their performances by being selected to the ACAC All-Star Teams. 



1965-1966 Wildcat Varsity Basketball Team




The varsity basketball team had an excellent record this year.   They finished the season with an impressive 16 wins and 7 hard fought losses.  The shared the A.C.A.C. crown with two other schools.  At the tourney they leaped into the final game after stomping Hoagland and Arcola.   The mighty Wildcats were then tamed by Ossian in a breath taking overtime battle.  At the Sectional Tourney they again showed their great teamwork by defeating Bishop Dwenger.   They lost to Monroeville in one of their best games ever.   The climax of the season was when four of our team members were selected for the A.C.A.C. All-Star Teams, showing our team is great! 




Arnold Bailey, Guard

John Gump, Guard

Marv Schlatter, Guard

Al Hamm, Forward

Tony Martin, Guard

Bob Warner, Guard, Forward

Curt Wilgus, Guard

Dan McComb, Forward

Bill Lucas, Forward

Terry Howdyshell, Center

Roy Wells, Forward, Center

Larry Jensen, Center

Mr. Holderman, Coach


Varsity Cheerleaders:


Janet McComb, Ruthie Dickes, Cindy Benward, Melody Downs




                        HUNTERTOWN, IN


Spirited Wildcats!


Coach Holderman

Tom Brunner

Jerry Gump

Terry Sands

Mark Stockman


Al Hamm

Marvin Schlatter, MVP 

Dave McComb

Dan McComb

Mike Mills

Tom Briggs

Larry Jensen

Student Managers:   Lloyd Hoot and Tim Thomas

Cheer Leaders:


Kathy Pulver, Melody Downs,Janet McComb, and  Kathy Bailey