1914 Common School Graduates


            Cedar Creek, Eel River, and Perry townships …


The Class of Nineteen hundred fourteen

                                                                        of the

Allen County Common Schools

                                                Requests your presence at the

                                                Ninth Annual Commencement

                                                to be held in the Princess Rink

                                           Saturday afternoon, June thirteenth

                                                                 at two o’clock

                                                            Fort Wayne, Indiana


Class Motto               Keep to the right within and without,

                                                With stranger and kindred and friend,

                                    Keep to the right and you need have no doubt,

                                                That all will be right in the end.


Class Colors              Yellow and blue

Flower                        Red Rose





Music – Rhode Island Boy Scout, Woodburn Orchestra                         Thornton

Invocation                                                                                          Rev. C. E. Boyer

Music                                                                                                  DeLuxe Quartet

Class Address – The Aristocracy of Work                                                Jonathan Rigdon

Music                                                                                                  DeLuxe Quartet

Presentation of Diplomas                                                               D. O. McComb

Music                                                                                                  DeLuxe Quartet

Benediction                                                                                       Rev. C. E. Boyer




            Cedar Creek Township                                           ETHEL AMSTUTZ

                                                                                                ELMER C. HARDISTY

                                                                                                DEETA M. SOUDER

                                                                                                JESSIE M. SCHWARTZ

                                                                                                THEODORE C. McCOMBS

                                                                                                RAMAS SCHLATTER

                                                                                                CHARLES J. DISHLER

                                                                                                ERA M. HOLLOPETER

                                                                                                ELMER F. AKEY

                                                                                                MAGGIE SCHLATTER

                                                                                                NITA M. KRYDER

                                                                                                GLADYS WILMONT

                                                                                                HARRIET E. AKEY

                                                                                                SAMUEL E. MASTERS

                                                                                                MARION REAM

                                                                                                ROSCOE HURSH

                                                                                                HAROLD B. SUMNEY

                                                                                                MELBA M. ROY

                                                                                                GEORGE W. SCHLATTER

                                                                                                MARY SCHLATTER

                                                                                                SOLOMON GERIG

            Eel River Township

                                                                                                EDWARD F. FOGEL

                                                                                                HOWARD WOOD

                                                                                                WILMA E. HOSLER

                                                                                                HAWARD DICE

                                                                                                HOWARD BOSLER

                                                                                                ROSCOE D. GORDON

                                                                                                DAVID R. SMITH

                                                                                                FOREST J. HOSLER

                                                                                                GOLDA HAZZARD

                                                                                                JOHN TILL

                                                                                                CARRY RENNECKER

                                                                                                ALBERT STOLTE

            Perry Township

                                                                                                CLINTON ROOT

                                                                                                BESSIE HOLLOPETER

                                                                                                GEORGE DAUM

                                                                                                RALPH CLARK

                                                                                                FREEDONNA DUNTEN

                                                                                                GLADYS RUNYAN

                                                                                                CLAUDE HARDING

                                                                                                CAROLYN KELL

                                                                                                LOTTIE KLINGER

                                                                                                GERRY TONKEL

                                                                                                VELMA ROY

                                                                                                FRED PRESTON

                                                                                                VARA HOLLOPETER

                                                                                                AULDINE MARTIN