1906 Graduates


Cedar Creek, Eel River, Perry townships


First Annual Commencement of the Public Schools of Allen County, Indiana.held at Princess Rink, Fort Wayne, June 16, 1906 at 2 P.M.


Township Trustees:

            Cedar Creek Township                   GEORGE TONKEL

            Eel River Township                                     D. W. BAIRD

            Perry Township                                G. E. DUNTEN



            Cedar Creek Township                   ANNA M. GOLDSMITH

                                                                        BESSIE T. SHOAFF

                                                                        PERSIDA CONRAD

                                                                        ATLEE D. REAM    

                                                                        MINA E. TONKEL

                                                                        LAWRENCE KLOPFENSTEIN

                                                                        MINA M. MOUDY

                                                                        ROY F. MOUDY

                                                                        HERMAN CONRAD

            Eel River Township                                     CORA BARNHART

                                                                        MARY E. JOHNSON

                                                                        ORPHA M. JOHNSTON

                                                                        ROY A. DAWSON

                                                                        HERBERT SAGE

            Perry Township                                ROSZA O. TONKEL

                                                                        GLADYS L. SIMONS

                                                                        JOSIE OTTO

                                                                        EDITH HUFF

                                                                        GEORGIA D. SAYLOR

                                                                        GOLDA M. MOSS

                                                                        NORMA D. GLOYD

                                                                        HOMER G. BOWSER

                                                                        MYRTLE MARIE SNYDER

                                                                        BELLE GARMAN

                                                                        DORA BELLE HURSH

                                                                        MABEL MARIE HURSH



            Instrumental Music                                     Rockhill Bros.

            Music Selected                               Temple Quartette

            Invocation                                          Rev. Henry B. Master

            Music Selected                               Temple Quartette

            Class Address                                   Dr. Edwin H. Hughes

            Presentation of Diplomas               Dr. Robert J. Aley

            Music Selected                               Temple Quartette

            Son America                                   by Audience, led by Temple Quartette



Princess Rink from the Upper Maumee Valley, Vol. II, page 285


Opened April 1876.  Largest place for holding meetings in northern Indiana, with a seating capacity of 2,800 at the southeast corner of Main and Fulton St.  The Princess was lighted with electricity and natural gas. 


The graduates also included those from

            Aboit Township

            Adams Township

            Jackson Township

            Jefferson Township

            Lafayette Township

            Lake Township

            Madison Township

            Marion Township

            Maumee Township

            Milan Township

            Monroe Township

            Pleasant Township

            St. Joseph Township

            Scipio Township

            Springfield Township

            Washington Township        

            Wayne Township  


The County School Superintendent at that time was HENRY G. FELGER.