1903 Perry Township Graduates


You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Commencement of Perry Township Schools to be held at M. E. Church, Huntertown, Ind., at 8:00 o’clock p.m., Saturday, June 20, 1903


School Officers                   Trustee                                  MORTON T. McCOMB       

                                                County Superintendent       HENRY G. FELGER


The piano will be furnished by the GEORGE JACOBS MUSIC HOUSE, Fort Wayne


Graduates                            ADDIE SCHORR                 VERNE WYATT

                                                GLENNA WARCUP                         GUSTIN PACHIN

                                                LIZZIE ROOT                       FORDICE NOONAN

                                                ETHEL MALCOLM                         EDNA TILDEN


Teachers                              EDWARD METCALF

                                                ASBURY BUNTING

                                                EARL RUNDLES




 Class Motto:  “Not Finished But Begun”             Class Colors:  Pink and pea green

                                                                                    Flowers:   Carnations


March – “The Jolly Student”                                   ELLA SIMON

Invocation                                                                  REV. N. P. BARTON

Salutatory                                                                  ADDIE SCHORR

Song – “Lenora”                                                        EDITH GELLER

Recitation – “The Way to Succeed”                                    GLENNA WARCUP

Piano Solo – “LaGazelle”                                         MINNIE GELLER

Recitation – “Step by Step We Gain the Height” LIZZIE ROOT

Duet – “When Life is Brightest”                            BESSIE TOWSLEY AND

                                                                                    EVA SCHAEFFER

Recitation – “Spring”                                               ETHEL MALCOLM

Mandolin and Guitar –

            “When Knighthood Was in Flower”           MINNIE & EDITH GELLER

Recitation – “A Nickel Behind the Bar”                VERNE WYATT

Piano Duet – Overture – “Light Cavalry”                         ELLA SIMON & LILLIE BALLOU

Valedictory                                                                EDNA TILDEN 

Instrumental Music

Class Address                                                           JUDGE O. N. HEATON

Presentation of Diplomas                                       HENRY G. FELGER, Co. Supt.

Song – “The Swallows”                                            ELLA SIMON