Everyone enjoys to be around Uncle Mort and Aunt Rosa.  This one time that I mention is only one time of many, which I have enjoyed.


The day at the park, so filled with joy,

Was some years ago and when Lynn was a boy


The carriage was packed, we hadnít much room,

But the merry bunch arrived a little past noon.


The horse was slow, but safe at that,

And every now and then Lynn rode on his back.


There was a sack of hay,  some corn for feed,

And a buggy whip to hasten Fredís speed.


The dinner was spread on a cloth in the shade,

And the two grand pies which Aunt Rosa made.


She had pickles, meat, cheese, rolls, and butter.

Iíll tell you the truth, nothing ever tasted better.


I think we had viewed every spot in the park,

And didnít start home Ďtill almost dark.


How much better our lives would be today,

If people were living in that same way. 


Uncle Mort was Mortimer McComb and Rosa was his wife, Rosetta (Bush) McComb

Such a picnic would have taken place about the turn of the century. 


I believe Estella would have been the wife of Warren Rowe, and daughter of Robert S. McComb.