J. E. Ballou, Township Trustee

Frank Greenwell, Physician and Surgeon

L. Houghton, Physician

W. M. Clutter, Salesman for McCormick Harvesting Company

J. C. Hunter, General Merchandise

W. Dunten, Postmaster

J. A. Noonan, General Merchandise

W. Ketchum, Barber and Jeweler

N. Glazier, Wagonmaker and Blacksmith

Charles Myers, Blacksmith

Maurer & Snyder,             Builders and Contractors

Maud Latham, Fancy Work

Flint Knot, Dry Goods Clerk

Naomi F. Myers

Mellicent Myers

G. V. Kell, Senator

Miss Ella Smith, Dressmaker

H. Hillegass, Trustee Union Church

Jake Kell, Trustee Union Church (Retired)

J. W. Carey, Champion Pie Eater

G. Robert Kell, Champion Walker

T. J. Clutter, Teacher

Miss Ethel Walker, Teacher, Decatur, Ind.

Miss Agnes O’Rourke, Jefferson Township, Teacher

Allen Jackson Smith, Shoemaker

William Fremont Zent, Student

John Cahill, Tinnier

W. J. Dillon, Elnora, Ind., Principal Huntertown School

L. C. Hunter, County Treasurer, Fort Wayne, IN

J. Myers, General Agent Butler Wind Mill, Auburn, Ind.

G. S. Miller, Salesman for McCormick Harvesting Company, Fort Wayne, Ind.

W. A. Smith, Draughtsman, Fort Wayne, Ind., with J. F. Snell Loan and Investment

Mr. and Mrs. Versal Hatch,  Only surviving original Members of the M.E. Church

Miss Carrie Warcup, Deaconess, Minneapolis, Minn.

R. C. Lyman, Dealer in Hard and Soft Lumber

A. G. Dunten, Groceries and Notions

Joseph Hyatt, General Merchandise

George B. Robinson, Telegrapher

Clarence Myers, Schoolboy

Bon Myers, Schoolboy