September 1941 – June 1943


Tech. Sgt         Combat 


Military Honors and Awards:

Bronze Star

Six Battle Stars







Tech. Sgt. Robert A. Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Young of Huntertown, has been awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in direct combat operations from July 10, 1943 to January 25, 1945 in Sicily, Italy and France.


The citation accompanying the award reads in part:  “As radio operator and driver during this period, Sergeant Young’s untiring efforts and conscientious devotion to duty were of great aid to his organization.   He assisted in the organization of advance command posts and in reconnaissance for wire and march routes.   His calmness and reliability under fire and his ability to relay messages promptly and accurately were material contributions to his battalion’s successes and are deserving of praise.”


In addition to the Bronze Star, Sergeant Young holds six Battle Stars.   He entered the service in September 1941 and was sent overseas in June, 1943. 




From a newspaper article archive reprinted August 8, 1955


HUNTERTOWN MAN FIRST TO ENTER FRENCH VILLAGE  with Allied Armies in France – The war had by-passed the little village in the French Alps.   The natives had heard the boom of artillery in the valley below, but not even a reconnaissance patrol had honored them with a visit. 


Therefore, when Cpl. Robert A. Young (Huntertown, Indiana) a 45th Division veteran drove his jeep down a main street, the whole village turned out with flags, flowers and wine to pay him homage.


He was the first American soldier they had seen.   At last they had been officially liberated and he was their hero.   The mayor gave him an official welcome.   The women insisted on holding their babies up to kiss him and the children covered his jeep with flowers.


“After all the celebrating was over,”  Cpl. Young explained, “ I couldn’t very well confess that my only reason for coming there was to find some eggs.”