U. S. Army  -  Staff Sergeant


1945 - 1946      Non-Combat


South Pacific, Iwo Jima


Military Honors and Awards:

Good Conduct Medal







I was drafted during the summer of 1944 and I got deferred for 6 months, which allowed me to finish my senior year at Huntertown.   I was in basic training in Oklahoma when my class at school graduated.


I took “field linement” training in basic training.   After a short furlough, I joined up with an infantry regiment in California and then shipped out to Fort Lewis, Washington as a replacement, and waited for many days out at Johnson Islands for another troop ship to catch up with us.   Then both ships sailed together shooting at several mines floating in the ocean on the way to Sipan Island.   From there we were replacing soldiers with many “points” and I boarded another ship that took us.