Excerpts taken from a letter by a friend:


Charles T. “Tad” Parker, 81, Florida, resident since 1975 coming from Fort Wayne, IN, passed away April 2, 2002.


Mr. Parker served his country in the Navy during WWII.   On the surface he was a quiet man, not too big.   He was the possessor of a gentle soul and an ever-present smile.   This quiet man had an ornery smile and a great wit.   He could insert a quick zinger into a conversation and have you laughing out loud.


The cement that originally bonded Tad and I though, was our military experience.   Some of you may have first hand knowledge of the brotherhood that exists between combat veterans.   Even those who fought in different wars, at different times, in different places, feel it, and only other combat veterans can relate.   Like many combatants, Tad couldn’t talk about his wartime experiences to anyone but a fellow combat veteran.   So we did.


Recently, Tad invited me to Fort Myers, where along with his family, I watched as he received a long delayed medal he earned for his heroic actions while serving in the United States Navy during WWII.


Tad operated a landing craft during the Allied invasion of Normandy.  He made trip after trip from ship to shore repeatedly braving barrage after barrage of deadly enemy artillery and small arms fire.  


How would I describe Charles “Tad” Parker?

          Tad was an Honorable U. S. Navy, WWII Combat Veteran

          Tad was a Quiet Hero.

          Tad was an Unassuming Patriot.

          Tad was a True American.

          Tad was a Devoted Husband to Deloris

          Tad was a Loving Father to Judi.

          Tad was a Dear, Sweet Friend to us all.


I invite everyone to join me in a salute to TAD PARKER, one of the BIGGEST MEN I have ever known.