U. S. Army Medical  -  S/Sgt


1941 1945   -   Non Combat


ETO England, France, Belgium


Military Honors and Awards:

American Defense Medal

Good Conduct Medal

European-African Middle

       Eastern Service

French Liberation Medal

50th Anniversary Battle of Bulge

WWII Victory Medal





I was drafted into the Army on March 13, 1941 as part of  the Reserve.   I was assigned to the Medical Corp into Reserve Hospital 214.   Field transferred to 298th Evacuation Hospital after Pearl Harbor.   I landed in Liverpool, England, on Oct. 20, 1942.   I was raised to a Corporal.   I got caught in buzz bombardment attack on London while escorting an ambulance convoy of mental patients to

Edinboro, Scotland to be transported by air to the United States.   After D_Day I was transferred to staging area.   I came over Normandy Beach on July 15th to set up Evacuation Hospital 298th in old French Naval Hospital in Cherbourg, France.   We received first patients 7 days after arrival.   We moved to Leige, Belgium after France was liberated to a tent evacuation hospital.   I got caught in the Battle of the Bulge with Germans just 80 miles from unit.   Received Buck Sergeant rank after Project Ambulance.   Later was promoted to S/Sgt and put in charge of A & D and ER of 298th hospital after previous S/Sgt was sent home for a medical discharge.  I spent four Christmas holidays in various parts of the world.   In 1941 I was in Little Rock, Arkansas Camp Robinson.   In 1942 I was in London, England in bomb shelter during rain and buzz bombing attack by Germany.   In 1943 I was in Cherbourg, France, and in 1944 in Leige, Belgium.


Honorable discharge in September 20, 1945.