U. S. Navy  - submarine service


1948 Ė 1952






                                                Russell Lyon, Jr.


I joined the Navy in 1948 because I was sure to be drafted, and I didnít want to be in the Army.  I had 14 weeks in boot camp.  Then I tested high enough to go to electricians mate school for another 16 weeks.  I never saw the oceans, or even one of the Great Lakes before enlisting.  In electricians mate school they asked for volunteers for submarine service.  I had never seen a sub, but I volunteered for the silent service. 


After 8 weeks of school and training I was sent to the USS Spinax SSR489, an almost new diesel boat 312 feet long, drew 26 feet to keel.


I was to spend the rest of my four years on this same boat.  In the North Atlantic, two tours on the Mediterranean Sea, 1949 and 1950.  Then through the canal to the Pacific Ocean.


I checked on the internet about a year ago, on the 489ís voyages.  There was still two months in 1951 that is still classified.  I did not see the light of day for those two months off the coast of eastern Russia.


What I missed most was not being home for four Christmases!