Huntertown High School graduate and Ball State University graduate, and university professor, Dr. JANE HAMILTON-MERRITT, has been a tireless advocate for a persecuted and abandoned tribe of Laotian hill people, the Hmongs, for over 25 years.   She single-handedly kept the plight of the Hmong people in the forefront of world consciousness through her books, lectures, articles and government testimonies. 


Hamilton-Merritt, a former combat photo-journalist during the Vietnam War, came across these beleaguered people caught in the crossfire’s of communist atrocities and United States’ forced repatriation from refugee camps in Thailand


Dr. Jane’s constant vigilance on behalf of the Hmong’s resulted in Ball State University Provost, C. Warren Vander Hill, nominating her for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.   More than 100 individuals and organizations from several countries wrote in support of her nomination, including ten US Congress members, three former US ambassadors, dozens of authors, academics, foreign service officers, editors, journalists and publishers, and a score of Hmong tribes people and Laotians. 


She now lives in Connecticut, but still owns a farm near LaOtto.   Her parents and family still live in the area.