Presbyterian Church

Located on Cedar Canyon Road

North Side of Perry Cemetery


In March 1864, Danford Parker was ordered to procure suitable stone to mark the section corners of the Perry Township Cemetery. These stones are still in place. In June 1882, the association purchased from Mathias Saylor, the surviving member of the Cedar Creek Presbyterian Church, one-half acre of ground directly across the road for $1. The land had been used for church purposes. The church was destroyed by fire and by May 15, 1883, the church was ready for occupancy. Mrs. Sarah Fitch donated the organ and church bell.


This church was also destroyed by fire, but a more substantial structure of brick was erected in its place. In September, 1887, an iron fence was erected which is still in good repair. In December, 1900, steps were taken to erect a new brick church. By June 3, 1911, the building committee reported completion and was discharged from duty. This church fell into disuse and in Summer of 1936 it was dismantled.