A subscription paper for the purpose to raise funds to build a fence to enclose the lot consind  (consigned) to the Baptist Church in Eel River Township, comprising the grave yard and church home.


We the undersigned Bind ourselves their (heirs) and apines (assigns) to pay the several somes annext our names to the trustees of said Baptist Church to be paid when calendar year September the 30, 1851.




A.S. Bingham                           two days work

Jacob Diffendafer                      seven dollars in logs and labor

Tompson Jackson                      two dollars in labor

Samuel Diffendafer                   three days work

Absolom Bennet                        1 dollar in cash

Jacob Diffendafer                      2.50 in sawing

F.L. Herlinger                          1 dollar worth of nails

Capt. John Heffelfinger 1 dollar in cash

John Mcmahon                         four logs

Caleb Folkingburgh                  four logs

Yaney Stanton                          will furnish 8 logs

John A. Savage                         4 logs seven feet long

David Oplytke                           five hundred feet of bouites (boards?) and posts

John Orendorf                           two logs cut


Eel River, Nov. 30, 1856


Work performed in fencing the graveyard.


Jacob Diffendafer                      sieg two days

William Wolf                            one day

David Milton and son                1 day

John Himan                             one day

Samson Jackson                       one day

A.S. Bingham                           one day

S. Bingham                              two days Wm. David Craig