WILBUR SPANGLE is the town board president.  He was elected as a trustee for the town board in Huntertown.   There are three wards in Huntertown with one trustee elected from each of the three wards.   These three people then form the town board with the president selected from the three persons.   The main responsibility of the president is to look after the well-being of the entire town.


Mr. Spangle moved to Huntertown when he was 15 years of age.   He graduated from Huntertown High School in 1934.   Mr. Spangle went into business for himself in 1935 as the operator of a gas station in town.   He is the oldest living businessman in Huntertown.   Before he bought this station, it sold gas and Willis Knight cars.   There was also a livery stable behind the station, however, both the gas station and livery stable burnt down in 1926.   The service station was rebuilt in 1935.


Huntertown was a day’s journey from Fort Wayne.  People would settle here for the night and then proceed on to Fort Wayne the next day.   Huntertown had 4 or 5 saloons at one time. 


In 1837 a man by the name of HUNTER built a house and a tavern.   In 1908 the interurban was put in and Mr. Spangle stated that it cost 15 cents in 1934 to go to Fort Wayne and 5 cents to go from Huntertown to Wallen.