WALTER & DOUG PRICE started Price’s Dairy in June of 1947.  It closed in July of 1971.  WALT and ELLEN had a small herd of milk cows and mom filled round bottles with a dipper out of a pan and we had people come to the house to get their milk at 9 cents a quart.

 At this time my dad was a milkman for Eskay Dairy in Fort Wayne.  We had a 100 gallon pasteurizer and we had to put 12 gallon of milk in to touch the paddle and we didn’t have that much business. 

WALT, DOUG and HACK WILSON took 2 years to build the building.  It was at the same time that EARL and ED MYERS were building theirs. 

We delivered milk house to house in Huntertown 6 days a week.  DOUG then went in the dairy and processed the milk and WALT went around in the country for more customers. 

In 1947 we got customers with more cream and better taste, and our skim milk we fed to our pigs.  Our slogan was “YOU CAN’T BEAT OUR MILK, BUT YOU CAN WHIP OUR CREAM”. 

The groceries sold a gallon of milk for loss leaders.  So we sold 4 quarts or a gallon to compete at 69 cents a gallon. 

We also made ice cream and sold that at the dairy.

We had 4 milk trucks.  One big one was to pick up 10 gallon milk cans from 11 farms from which we bought our milk.  Each driver had 2 routes to deliver – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – a 6-day work week.  Plus Sunday we had to pick up from the farms and unload milk.  Every Sunday we took all the milk to County Line Cheese. 

Ice cream making started in 1950 and continued until 1956.  We made 80 gallon once a week, making it in the evening.  We sold this for $1.50 a gallon.

Six days a week we processed 700 gallon of milk and tested the milk for butter fat and weighed and paid farms for the same. 

We sold half pints of milk to Huntertown and Arcola schools. 

We worked 10 hours a day, 6 or 8 hours on Sunday picking up the milk from the farms and had a 2 week vacation each year. 

Martha ran a milk route and did the payroll and the books. 


                         Thanks Doug, we were one of your customers!!