During April of 1952, MYERS SERVICE STATION, was opened for business by EARL MYERS (Deceased May 1978) and EDWARD MYERS, son of EARL and BESSIE (WELLS) MYERS.  The building was built on a tract of land which had been at one time the fairgrounds.   The ground was purchased by BURT WELLS, father of Bessie Myers.  


The business opened with Gulf as its brand of gasoline and since has switched from that brand to Sinclair to Arco to the present (1981) Conoco.   The station is owned and operated by ED MYERS.


In the same building complex BESSIE MYERS opened the restaurant in the spring of 1953.  Bessie operated this establishment for approximately 2 years, and then sold to GEORGIA RICHARDS, who then sold to HENRITTA ENGLEHART and ETHEL NOWAK (sisters), who operated the restaurant for approximately 10 years, and then sold to several other people which included MARGARET BAILEY in 1973 and is still operating the restaurant at this time. (1981)