Daniel Steiner


From the Griswold-Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914

Compiled by B. J. Griswold       Page 550-551


DANIEL STEINER, as manager of the Huntertown Grain Company, of which he is a stockholder, exercises important influence touching the commercial and industrial activities of his native county and is essentially one of the representative and popular young business men of his native state. 


Mr. Steiner was born at Berne, Adams county, Indiana, on September 1885, and is the son of PETER D. and BARBARA (MOSER) STEINER, who are of staunch German lineage and who still reside on their fine homestead farm, near Berne, Adams county.    The names of their children are here noted in respective order of birth:  AMOS, SARAH, JUDITH, DANIEL, LEVI, NOAH, KATIE, EMMA, ALBERT, SAMUEL, EZRA, and JOHN.   All of the children are living except Noah, who died about 1901, and the subject of this review is the only one of the number not residing in the home county, Adams.  


DANIEL STEINER was reared to the sturdy discipline of the home farm and under the earnest guidance of his father he early learned the dignity and value of honest toil.   He profited by the advantages of the public schools of his native county and thereafter continued to be associated in the work and management of the home farm until he attained to his legal majority.   For nine months thereafter he was employed as a farm worker on another of the farms of his native county, and he then became associated with the Berne Hay & Grain Company, with which he maintained his connection about four years.   He then came to Huntertown, and here he has been the manager of the Huntertown Grain Company since September 1, 1911 an aggressive, energetic and resourceful young man who has wielded potent influence in the upbuilding of the substantial and important commercial enterprise with which he is thus identified.   The company was organized in January, 1910, and was incorporated with a capital stock of $8,000, the same having been increased to $30,000  in the spring of 1916.   The officers of the incorporation are as here noted, and they are its largest stockholders:  DR. FRANK GREENWELL, president;  CHARLES BLEEKE, vice-president;  C. E. PRESTON, secretary and treasurer;  and DANIEL STEINER, manager.   The business has shown a substantial expansion, and in 1916 it rendered to its stockholders a dividend of 10 per cent.   The enterprise included not only the buying and shipping of grain but also the handling of lumber and coal, and its material and commercial facilities are of the best.   The company has recently erected for the lumber department of its business a building 58 x 100 feet in dimensions, the grain elevator is of modern type, a new grain dryer has been erected, and the value of this physical property is about $6,000.    Continuous employment is given to three men and the force is increased at such times as the activities of the business demand.   Mr. Steiner gives his close supervision to all details of the business and also takes loyal interest in community affairs, his political allegiance being given to the Democratic party.


Both he and his wife hold membership in the Methodist Episcopal church.   October 31, 1913, recorded the marriage of Mr. Steiner to HULDA, daughter of CHRISTIAN and SOPHIA (BAILEY) STAUFFER, the former of whom is deceased and the latter of whom still resides on the home farm, near Monroe, Adams county, this state.   Mr. and Mrs. Steiner have a daughter, FRIEDA, who was born in 1915.