More than 70 major maintenance projects were undertaken at the Allen County Home and the Allen County Farm since January 1, 1949.  These two institutions rank high among important responsibilities delegated to the County Commissioners by the authority of their office.  Mr. Goeglein and his fell Commissioners have long recognized the many problems which are associated with the care and comfort of the aged, the sick, the infirm and those afflicted with failing mental health. 


Constant Improvements Made


Maintaining a proper program for the health and welfare of the residents at the County Home has meant constant attention to both big and little things.  Painting and decorating is underway somewhere in the Home almost every week of the year.  During 1949, the kitchens were equipped with stainless steel cooking utensils, designed for providing better cooked, better tasting food.  Indeed, the program at the Home ranges from such a comparatively simple thing as installing rubber treads on all stairways to a more major matter like negotiating a contract for two fire escapes to be installed at the north and south wings of the home this fall.


Meets All Requirements


The hub of the several county institutions is the County Farm which provides much of the fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and other foodstuff’s necessary for the well-being of the residents and patients at the Irene Byron Sanatorium, the Children’s Home, the County Home, and the County Infirmary and Isolation Hospital.


During the past year some of the major improvements undertaken at the Farm include a complete paint job on the inside of the dairy and hog barns;  the calf barn was replaced;  all buildings were repainted white on the exterior;  the fire-fighting equipment was completely overhauled and 700 feet of new fire hose and nozzles were added;  a new heating plant was installed in the butcher shop, and the dairy herd was developed to the point where it now meets the most exacting standards established by the State.


Many Economics Effected


Backed by their own keen knowledge of proper farming methods, the County Commissioners have been able to effect thousands of economics in the operation of the various institutions because of the successful maintenance of the County Farm and its bountiful 1,000 acres.  Yes, all of these things have been accomplished on behalf of you, the taxpayers of Allen County, in fulfillment of our humanitarian obligations to our fellowmen, and they have been accomplished at no increase in taxes.