Variety of Services, latest equipment featured at Huntertown Auto Sales


The subject for the first “Meet Your Huntertown Merchant” series is a man who was born and raised in Huntertown’s largest suburb – Fort Wayne.  He moved to Washington Township in 1954 where he decided the neighborhood was conducive to building a home and settling down with his wife, GLADYS, and two children, CHARLES, aged 9, and CLAIRE, 6. 


Have you guessed who the spotlight is on this week?  Other clues – He is a member of Elks Lodge, No. 155 in Fort Wayne, and secretary-treasurer of the newly formed Huntertown Business Association.


BUD HAYNER didn’t come to Huntertown Auto Sales as a novice in December of ’52.  The six and one-half years’ experience he gained while running his own used car lot in Fort Wayne was a thorough apprenticeship for his post as a Chevrolet dealer in Huntertown.  In fact, he has been in the car business ever since he wound up his three years in the Air Force in ’46.


Incidentally, experience at Huntertown Auto Sales is a thing Bud is most proud of.  For the way he sees it, the degree of experience in a business determines to a large extent the quality of service that it is able to offer. 


The point is well-taken – especially when Bud can say that he and his seven employees have accumulated 109 years in the automobile business.  Salesman, ROY LANEY was selling cars in Illinois as early as 1910.  Now there’s a real veteran!


Besides Laney, Bud’s competent staff includes RANDALL HOUSER, JR, shop foreman;  RONALD KRIDER, mechanic;  KENNETH MITCHELL, body shop;  MRS. CLETA HAIRE, bookkeeper, and CHARLES RICHARDS, JR., salesman.


The variety of services and latest equipment are other important advantages that Huntertown Auto Sales offers the customers.  It carries genuine Chevrolet parts, and offers a complete body and fender shop and glass installation.  It always has a good selection of used cars and trucks.  It is also the only outlet in this area for Barto’s lubricated gasoline.


So if you feel that the old jalopy needs repair or that it’s about time to get rid of it for a new Chevrolet or a good used car, HUNTERTOWN AUTO SALES is the firm to do business with!




                        USED CAR SPECIALS:


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57 Chevrolet -- $1995.00                                       55 Plymouth -- $1095.00

    210 4-door, V-8, Powerglide, 11,000 miles                       Belvedeere 4 door, V-8, Power Flite  

                                                                                        transmission, 2 tone paint


56 Chevrolet -- $1595.00                                       54 Chevrolet -- $795.00

    Bel-Air, 4-door, power brakes, powerglide                       Bel Air, 4-door, powerglide, radio

    V-8 engine                                                                    and heater, 1 owner


56 Ford -- $1395.00                                                 53 Chevrolet -- $595.00

    Fairlane, 4-door, V-8 straight drive, local car                 Bel Air, 4-door, powerglide, dark 

    Local car, green and white                                            blue and white                          


53 Pontiac -- $695

    Chieftan, 4-door, Hydromatic, 8 cyl., clean


                                    HUNTERTOWN -  PHONE 2653